Where to Stay in Tuscany, Italy

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If you plan to go to any of these sites belonging to Italian Tuscany, we recommend you find out about where to stay in Tuscany and what are the best areas in this region. With this objective, we have created this article, entirely dedicated to the best areas and charming hotels to stay in Tuscany.

Where to Stay in Tuscany

Tuscany is a region of Italy, made up of the central part of the country, among the subdivisions that belong to it are: Florence, Prato, Siena, Pistoia, Massa-Carrara, Pisa, Lucca, Grosseto, Livorno and Arezzo. All of the mentioned are tourist destinations, due to their charm in what has to do with beautiful hills, unique vineyards, delightful landscapes and their richness in art.

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Best Areas to Stay in Tuscany

Regardless of the needs and the budget available to travel to Tuscany, there are some areas of this region that are charming when it comes to spending your tourist visit and choosing the best accommodations to stay in Tuscany, be sure to sleep without any type of concerns, with luxuries and beautiful buildings. Next, you will see the different areas that are considered the best to choose where to stay in Tuscany.

1. Staying in Florence

Florence has long been considered the biggest tourist destination in the Tuscany region. This is because its streets and places to visit are full of history, beauty and art. It is easy to get lost in its beautiful streets and be able to enjoy several days as a tourist, visiting different places.

As for accommodation, it has a large number of hotel rooms, an estimate has been made that there are more than 500 hotels and a great variety of other types of accommodation. The prices are reasonable, it is easy and simple to find the hotels based on your budget.

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2. Staying in Siena

In case of Siena, it is considered one of the most visited cities by tourists due to its history and peculiar charm. Staying in this area is ideal because you will be close to architectural riches, cathedrals, museums, great designer stores and any type of entertainment venues, as well as popular gastronomy.

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You will also find a complete hotel offer since you will have at your disposal 5-star hotels, a little lower or luxury. The hotels are usually beautifully and located in old mansions of the nobility, although if you want cheaper accommodation you can also find some apartments with more affordable prices.

3. Montepulciano

Montepulciano is located in the Chiana valley, it is ideal in the case of visitors who do not want to travel very long distances and enjoys a car-free environment since you can reach any place on foot, among these sites are different historical places, a gastronomic area and beautiful landscapes.

Where to stay in Tuscany, Montepulciano

Staying in this area is an ideal option since it has houses and villas that have been remodeled and are dedicated to agrotourism, so you will have an experience surrounded by nature and healthy products, here you can also find quality hotels and even amenities and luxuries.

4. Chianti

This valley is located between Florence and Siena and is known for its large production of well-known wines made right there. You can easily find wineries where you will enjoy tasting different typical Italian dishes, making it an ideal place to sleep for those who want to enjoy hills, medieval villages and vineyards.

In the area, agrotourism houses are common as accommodation, these houses have aspects of medieval villas that have been restored and are fully equipped. Ideal in the event that you go with a group of friends or with your family, although the hotel offer is not its forte, staying in Chianti will be completely authentic and an unforgettable experience.

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5. Val d’Orcia

The Orcia Valley is located in the hills south of Siena, it is a World Heritage Site area and has beautiful hills, medieval villages and streams. In addition, it is an ideal place for movie fans, since important movies have been shot there.

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Staying in the Orcia Valley is ideal since it is a strategic point if you want to get from Siena to Florence, it also offers you a calm and stress-free environment, where you can choose from farmhouses to villas with variable and reasonable prices.

The Most Charming Hotels in Tuscany

1. Residence of the Amarcord Muse

This hotel located in Florence has room service, and free breakfast, is suitable for children, has air conditioning, a bar and is smoke-free. The atmosphere is not only charming but also authentic, genuinely warm, welcoming and familiar.

2. Castle of Spaltenna

You can find this 4-star hotel in Chianti, it has free parking, a swimming pool, indoor, breakfast, air conditioning, a business center, laundry service, room service, a restaurant, a bar, spa, it is suitable for children and is smoke-free. In the place, you can enjoy attractive views with a calm atmosphere and a professional and friendly staff.

3. Palazzo Niccolini al Duomo

This hotel is located in Florence, it has air conditioning and buffet breakfast, its rooms are elegant and have a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi connection, minibar, seating area, excellent views and it is very close to the main monuments and museums in the area.

4. Ville Sull`Arno.

This hotel is also located in Florence, it has an indoor and outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, laundry service, air conditioning, pets allowed, room service, restaurant, jacuzzi, spa, gym, bar, and suitable for children. Its rooms are renovated and spacious, the beds are comfortable, the rooms enjoy quite attractive views, the staff is friendly and the most visited places are the sauna and the pool.

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5. Hotel La Tabaccaia

This Florence hotel features a spa, indoor pool, free parking, and free Wi-Fi and is suitable for children. The views that they enjoy in each room are one of the most mentioned by their clients and the staff that attends is friendly. This 4-star hotel also offers a golf course, tennis courts, a restaurant and a small supermarket.

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What You Should Take Into Account When Choosing Where to Stay and Sleep in Tuscany

Bearing in mind the best areas of Tuscany to stay and some lovely hotels, you should also keep in mind some suggestions so that the accommodation you choose suits your needs and is not a problem when visiting this region. Here are some things you should take into account when choosing accommodation:

  • Mainly you must analyze what type of area you want to visit in Tuscany, something that will help you is to research each one and thus have a basic knowledge of what type of things you can visit in that place.
  • By keeping in mind the area you want to visit, you should investigate in depth the hotels or villas that meet your needs and that enjoy the services that you want.
  • Keeping the above in mind, it is time to choose the accommodation according to the budget, for this you must be realistic and sincere with the money you have for the trip and how much you have for the hotel.
  • If you have already chosen the hotel to stay in Tuscany that is closest to your requirements, you should book the room in advance, since these areas are usually crowded with tourists, especially in the high season.

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