Where to Stay in Turin

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Where to stay in Turin?  Staying in Turin without spending a lot is easy. The capital of the Piedmont region is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, so we believe that your visit is worth it. Why do we love Turin? Because it is not a crowded city, it is surrounded by the Alps and the atmosphere is beautiful. We also leave you a post with 25 things to do in the city so that you can enjoy it as it deserves.

Where to Stay in Turin

Turin is one of my favorite cities in Italy, I lived in Turin for three beautiful years and I remember it very fondly. It is a stately, elegant city, the center of important Italian companies such as Fiat.

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What’s the Best Area to Stay in Turin, Italy?

Turin is a large and well-organized city. Its streets create a perfect and orderly network. It is very difficult to get lost in Turin since its long avenues run from end to end. It is a modern city, with a stately historic center that still remembers its glory years as the capital of Italy and as the home of the last kings of Italy.

Turin’s train, bus and metro services work perfectly, with few delays and problems. It is a city where you can easily get around by bus or metro, so you can look for accommodation in areas a little further from the center if you want good prices. However, thanks to the beauty of its historic center, I recommend sleeping close to the main attractions, walking during the day and at night, and enjoying a typical Turin aperitif in one of the countless bars. It is one of the best experiences to do in Turin.

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The best thing about Turin is that it is quite easy to find accommodation at a good price without spending a lot.

1. Staying at Lingotto – University, Cars, Eataly

The Lingotto area is located around via Nizza, following the metro from Porta Nuova. It is an area dominated by the shopping center that bears the same name, where the Fiat factory once stood. This historic building is home to the shopping center, the car museum, the Giovanni e Marella Agnelli gallery and part of the engineering faculty of the Politecnico di Turin. I adore this area because in that same building I studied a Master’s in E-business for a year at the Turin Politecnico.

Opposite the shopping center is the first ” Eataly ” in Italy, I even remember the opening. It is a store dedicated to the excellent food and wine of Italy, they have several restaurants and the food is very, very good. From Lingotto, they can move by metro or bus to the Porta Nuova station or the center of Turin. It is a good area to stay to find good prices in Turin.

2. Stay Near the Allianz – Juventus Stadium (Juventus Stadium

For lovers of “calcio italiana” or Italian soccer, if you visit Turin to see a game of the Juventus team. The Juventus stadium is located far from the historic center, in fact, it is much closer to Venaria Reale than to the city center. The closest streets to the Allianz – Juventus stadium where to stay are “Corso Grossetto”, “Corso Ferrara”, “Via Druento” and “Strada Altessano”. It’s not exactly an area with a lot of accommodation, but it’s the best if you’re going to a Juventus game.

3. Staying at Borgo Po

Borgo Po is an area or neighborhood of Turin that is located on the other side of the Po river, it is a residential area, quite quiet and stately, with beautiful houses and buildings. It is an area little frequented by mass tourism, so it is an ideal area to stay in Turin for lovers of tranquility. In this area of ​​Turin, you can visit the Gran Madre di Dio Church, easily recognizable via Po and from the Murazzi area, the church of Santa Maria del Monte dei Cappuccini, a famous viewpoint of the city. Also the Villa Della Regina, and the Villa Genero public park. The area is located in front of Parco Valentino and Castello del Valentino.

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4. Staying in the Historical Center of Turin

The best option at all is to sleep in the historic center of Turin. It is a wide, flat area, easy to walk and move between the main streets and attractions. The historical center is considered to be the rectangle created between “Largo Vittorio Emmanuele II”, “Corso Inghilterra”, “Corso Regina Margherita”, Corso S. Maurizio and “Corso Cairoli” next to the Po river. It is a large area, close to the Porta Nuova (Turin’s main) and Porta Susa train stations. It encloses all the tourist points.

In this large area to stay in Turin, I recommend the streets parallel to via Roma (the shopping street in Turin), the areas near the Egyptian Museum, Palazzo Madama and via Po, where you will find good nightlife. Avoid all the areas near the train stations, they are usually full of people all day and night, with some areas of slight danger (nothing alarming).

5. Surroundings of Torino Porta Nuova, the Smartest Option to Stay in Turin

Turin is not a very big city, so you won’t have a problem if you go a little further from the historic center. Our choice is always to stay around the Torino Porta Nuova station. It is not an area with great attractions, but it is only a 15-minute walk from the central Piazza Castello. There are not as many shops and restaurants as in the center, but being close to the station it is not completely deserted.

In this area, you will find a lot of nice and cheap apartments to stay in Turin for only around €50 per night. If you prefer a hotel, the price difference with the center is also quite noticeable. There are double rooms from €60 in nicer hotels than those that cost twice as much in the center. The value for money around Torino Porta Nuova is the best in the city.

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In addition to the savings, the best thing is how well communicated the area is. In addition to the train station, there are several bus and tram stops that will take you to any point in Turin. If you arrive in the city by train, the most comfortable thing is to be close to the station so you don’t have to carry your luggage for a long time on the way to the hotel.

6. Aurora, a Good Option Near the Center


To the north of the historic center is the Aurora neighborhood, a magnificent option to stay in Turin. Divided in two by the river Dora, it is a very lively area. You cannot miss the Porta Palazzo market, the largest open-air market in Europe. You will also have one of the most beautiful basilicas in Italy nearby, that of Mary Help of Christians. If you like to mingle with the locals on your vacation this is the perfect neighborhood.

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