Where to Stay in Syracuse, Italy

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Where to stay in Syracuse: If you visit the city of Syracuse, in this post you will find to stay in Syracuse during your trip. We will see the best areas to stay, whether in the historic center or on the outskirts, including nearby towns where you can find accommodation.

Where to Stay in Syracuse

Syracuse is an important city on the Ionian coast of Sicily, ideal for sleeping in the South of Sicily and getting to know its surroundings, with important attractions such as the Archaeological Park of Neapolis, the Maniace Castle, the Cathedral and the old town of Ortigia. It is a city full of beauty, history, good food and excellent prices to sleep. Known for being the city of Archimedes as well as an ancient Greek city (the second oldest in Sicily, after Naxos).

The 4 Best Areas to Stay in Syracuse

Syracuse is a city that can be easily visited in two or three days, so I recommend choosing accommodation in the city to enjoy its attractions and experience the beauty of its nights.

1. Sleep on the Island of Ortigia

Ortigia is the “island” of Syracuse, the most beautiful area to visit, where you will find the main attractions such as the Syracuse Cathedral and the Maniace Castle. Most of the island is pedestrianized, if you are traveling with a lot of luggage consider that you will have to walk to get to the hotel or apartment.

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Why stay in Ortigia? Because of the atmosphere, the narrow streets, its historical beauties, the sea and the sunset, and the numerous restaurants where you can taste typical food. It is my favorite area of ​​Syracuse, almost magical. Truly the best area to sleep in Syracuse. In summer it is the most expensive area, luckily there are many hotels and apartments, b&bs and pensions. So they can find accommodation for all tastes and budgets.

If you are traveling with children, Ortigia is excellent since it is almost entirely pedestrianized, children, will be able to walk (or run!) through the center in complete peace of mind. My children love Ortigia!

2. Sleep in the Center of Syracuse

In Syracuse, if you want to find cheap hotels and a better price compared to Ortigia, you can sleep in the “new” part or modern center. It is the area of ​​the town that remains on the “mainland”, before reaching Ortigia. It also includes the area of ​​the train station and the area of ​​the archaeological park. It is a good area if you travel by car since you will find free parking or at better prices compared to Ortigia.

3. Sleeping Near the Syracuse Train Station

The area of ​​the train station offers several accommodation options, be it 4 and 3-star hotels or apartments. It is a good area if you travel by train and do not want to take your luggage by bus to the center or to Ortigia. I also recommend it if you leave or arrive very late at night or very early in the morning, it is quite comfortable to stay near the train station.

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Consider that the train station is not far from Ortigia, you can even walk there. It depends on the amount of luggage and your physique.

They can move by train to reach nearby cities such as Catania, or Noto and others a little further away such as Taormina or Palermo. The bus station is in this area.

4. Sleeping in the Vicinity of Syracuse

If they move by car they can also opt for the hotels and tourist structures that are on the outskirts of the center of Syracuse. Especially in the coastal area, you will find various types of structures. On our last trip to Syracuse, we stayed outside in a resort with lots of apartments, ample free parking, a pool, and a spa. Really a great option because we travel as a family and we want to have the kitchen available to cook for our little one.

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