Where to Stay in Ostuni, Italy

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Where to Stay in Ostuni: Ostuni is a famous town in Apulia, in southern Italy. Its old town is known as the “white city” for its characteristic historic center that in the past was completely painted with white lime. Its most picturesque view is admired on the road before reaching the city.

Where to Stay in Ostuni

Best Areas to Stay in Ostuni

Ostuni is a small city, with a well-defined old town, which is presented on a hill, most of it pedestrian. It also has a larger and more modern area, outside the old town, where most of the local people live, with more modern hotels and apartments, a swimming pool, parking, etc.

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How to choose the ideal area to stay in Ostuni? In my opinion, sleeping in the old town allows you to enjoy the city at all times of the day, from dawn to night, walk through the old town, and enjoy dinner or breakfast in a historic place, all without worrying about the schedule. In summer especially it is the best area to stay live in Ostuni. The only negative note is the stairs and climbs that can be found in some areas of the old town. Always check if the hotel has a lift or if the apartment is on a high floor without a lift, these are the main problems in this area of ​​Ostuni. If you have walking problems, it is best to look for a hotel outside the old town.

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If you travel by car, or if you want to find cheaper prices and more accommodation options, you can choose the most modern area of ​​the city, outside the old town. Obviously, by “modern” we mean newer than the old town, but in many cases also old!

Both areas are very close, and it is easy to move between them, either on foot or by means of transport. A bicycle is usually a good option if you don’t mind going up a bit in some areas.

There are many apartments and houses to stay in in Ostuni, many of which are in the old town and run by families. There are also “horizontal” aparthotels or as they are called in Italy “difusi”, that is to say, a company manages several apartments that are distributed in various areas of the city. Generally, they have to pick up the key at the main office and from there walk to the apartment.

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Extra Costs Such as Tourist Tax

In Ostuni, as in most Italian cities, you have to pay a tourist tax to sleep in the city. The amount changes according to the category of the hotel, the number of days and the number of people.

It is important to calculate the total before traveling, since the tourist tax (in Italian Tassa di soggiorno) is paid in cash, at the time of check-in. This often surprises tourists who do not travel prepared for this extra cost.

The tourist tax of the Ostuni City Council provides for the payment of 1.50 euros per person and night in hotels from 1 to 3 stars and in non-hotel facilities, such as bed and breakfasts, hostels, apartments, vacation homes and farmhouses ;

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The amount is 2 euros per person for overnight stays in 4 and 5-star hotels and 1 euro per person for overnight stays in campsites.

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All those who decide to spend the night in the territory belonging to the Municipality of Ostuni must pay the rate for a maximum of 5 consecutive nights (in the same hotel/apartment/etc).

Nearby Cities to Stay to Visit Ostuni

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If you want to visit Ostuni in one day (one way), you can stay in one of the tourist cities near Ostuni. Among the best known, undoubtedly Locorotondo, Brindisi, Fasano, and Monopoli. Other cities a little further away: Bari, Polignano a Mare, Taranto, Alberobello, and Lecce. From these cities, you can arrive by car, train, or private tour.

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