Where to Stay in Milan

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Where to stay in Milan? If you visit Milan to enjoy the best of the city, we will talk about the best areas to staythe best hotels and apartments with the 3B (good, beautiful and cheap) so that your trip is unforgettable in this year 2022.

Milan offers many options for cheap accommodation, luxury hotels, good and cheap hotels, and family apartments, both in the center and on the outskirts of the city.

Where to Stay in Milan

Milan is one of the most visited cities in northern Italy. Capital of fashion (does the Fashion Quadrangle tell you something?), the economic and industrial heart of Italy, and home to the most important international fairs in Italy. Milan is located in the Lombardy region and has three international airports: Malpensa, Linate and Orio-Al-Serio. An important city with a large number of tourist attractions to visit.

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Where to Stay in Milan – Best Areas

Without a doubt, the center of Milan is the best area to stay, being the most touristic and exclusive area of ​​the city. The center of Milan is quite large, it includes luxurious areas such as the Milan Cathedral, the Fashion Quadrilateral, the Sforzesco Castle, and the Brera neighborhood, among others. Areas with generally expensive accommodation, at almost all times of the year. The cheapest areas to stay in Milan to find cheap hotels usually include the central train station, and peripheral areas such as Sesto San Giovanni, San Donato Milanese, and Rho, among others.

Let’s see in detail the best areas to stay in Milan:

1. Milan Cathedral – Historic Cente

Sleeping in the center of Milan, the Milan Cathedral, the Victor Emmanuel II Gallerythe Teatro Alla Scala, the Museum of the 900, the Royal Palace, and the fashion quadrilateral, are just some of the wonderful attractions that you can visit in the heart of Milan

They can be easily reached by metro (yellow line from the train station or red line from other destinations). You can also take a taxi or a tourist bus.

Waking up seeing the ancient palaces, having breakfast in a typical bar, seeing the characteristic trams, admiring the Duomo at night, walking through the center at any time and the “businessmen” who walk in a hurry and are distracted by the center. Quite an experience!

Piazza Duomo (Duomo Square) is the center of many demonstrations, parties, fairs and more, so you will always be up to date with what is happening in Milan. They will be able to move around the city comfortably with the subway and enjoy an excellent dinner in the many restaurants in the center.

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It is usually a more expensive area compared to the rest of Milan, but it is worth it, you will save time and gain experience!

2. Central Station – the Most Comfortable and Cheapest Option to Move Around

Staying near Milan’s central train station is the most popular option, thanks to a large number of hotels and apartments available. It is an excellent area to reach by train or by bus directly from Malpensa airport, Linate airport and Orio al Serio airport.

North of the Duomo and east of Parco Sempione is the busy area of ​​Porta Garibaldi and the bustling Central Station. One of the most popular attractions here is Corso Como 10, a multi-level concept store among the city’s most chic addresses, offering today’s brands, perfumes, cosmetics, and bookstores.

From the central station, there are direct buses to the Milan airports, making the area a convenient starting point for those wishing to book a hotel in Milan. South of the station you can visit the delightful Indro Montanelli Public Gardens, once known as the Porta Venezia Public Gardens, and the Galleria d’Arte Moderna.

3. Porta Nuova Isola – the New, Modern Milan

The Porta Nuova area is the new business district in Milan. The best place to stay is Milan for business travelers. Combining the Garibaldi, Varesine and Isola neighborhoods, the skyscrapers in Porta Nuova include the Unicredit tower and the famous “Bosco Verticale”: a skyscraper with hanging gardens that won the 2014 International Highrise Award.

In this area is the luxurious Corso Como: an important pedestrian thoroughfare lined with restaurants, bars and clubs. During the day, you will find all kinds of shops while at night the best bars where you can have an aperitif and party. Famous clubs in the area, such as Hollywood Milano, Loolapaloosa, Executive Lounge Milano and Shocking Club, among others. It is very close to the Garibaldi train station, and the Monumental Cemetery of Milan, among others.

Staying in Porta Nuova is the best way to get to know the new, modern, business-oriented Milan, with important shops and the best clubs.

4. Brera & Sforzesco Castle – Art, Culture and Environment

Brera is located just north of Milan’s Duomo, famous for its style and atmosphere. It is the place to stay in Milan if you want to enjoy the nearby Sforzesco Castle and Sempione Park, the Botanical Ortho, the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and the Brera Art Gallery, as well as the famous “Pinacoteca di Brera” museum. In fact, it is traditionally known as a bohemian and artistic area. With its art and design galleries, Brera has become an elegant and high-class area. It’s a great place to dine or have an aperativo amid luxury apartments, closet-sized boutiques and lively galleries.

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Why stay in Brera? If they want to experience Milanese art, they want to shop in small boutiques and design workshops instead of huge designer showrooms; they are looking for great nightlife; they want to be centrally located without the tourist crowds.

5. Corso Mangenta – Leonardo Da Vinci and the Last Supper

In and around Corso Magenta you will find the beautiful Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio, a Romanesque church dedicated to the patron saint of Milan, as well as the Catholic University and its beautiful campus. Corso Magenta, in fact, has been around since the 3rd century AD, when Milan was the capital of the Western Roman Empire.

Beautiful shops and cafes line the streets, but perhaps the biggest draw to staying in this neighborhood is the Renaissance church Santa Maria Delle Grazie, home of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper. It is an ideal area to stay in Milan if you want a quiet area that is very close to the city center; plan to visit some of the main churches in Milan; you want the nightlife of the Navigli, without the annoying noise of its nightlife.

6. The Navigli in Porta Genova

The Navigli was a network of canals that stretched through the city of Milan to transport goods and supplies. They were the main transporters for the marble used to build the Duomo. Today only two remain, but they are at the heart of Milan’s nightlife. During the day you can visit the many craft shops and vintage shops. On the last Sunday of every month, the Navilgio Pavese is lined with an open-air antique market featuring some of the best antique shops in Milan.

When the sun goes down, the area is transformed into a gigantic and bustling terrace of bars and restaurants, where you can taste the best aperitifs in Milan. It is an ideal area to stay in Milan if you want to live the Milanese nightlife, you are looking for a place to stay in the original center of the city of Milan; you don’t mind a rowdy crowd and a bit of noise; You don’t mind taking public transportation to see the sights.

7. Fierce, San Siro

This area to stay in Milan is divided into two very distinct neighborhoods: San Siro, together with the Hippodrome and the Fiera Milano City, and the more residential areas of “De Angeli and Wagner”. It is an area located in the northwest of Milan, it has become a residential center known for its schools and parks. Mainly used to participate in the Fairs, the games at the San Siro stadium and Casa Milán (the headquarters of the AC Milan team), among others.

It is an ideal area to stay if you like Italian football; You are traveling with children and want to walk through a residential neighborhood with parks; You don’t mind taking the metro to get to the city center.

8. Porta Romana Area

Just outside the center of Milan, in the direction of Porta Romana, you will find the State University and the Guastalla Gardens, the oldest public park in Milan. This neighborhood is often overlooked when travelers are looking for where to stay in Milan, but it’s relatively close to the center and less expensive. Ideal for sleeping if you want to be close to the center, but have a tight budget, want a quiet residential neighborhood and don’t mind using the metro to get to the center of Milan.

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9. Ticinese Zone

Ticinese is the best area to stay in Milan if you want to meet people from all walks of life in the city. Just outside of central Milan and right at the start of the Navigli, this neighborhood’s social scene is an exciting mix of young artists and intellectuals, professionals, students, and tourists.

Here you will find two buildings from the 4th century: the Basilica of San Lorenzo and the Church of Sant’Eustorgio. They will be able to move between the center of Milan and the area with the best nightlife (Navigli). Ideal if you want to enjoy the nightlife, you don’t mind a little noise at night, and you want to explore the alleyways and the lively atmosphere.

10. Chinatown (Milan’s Chinatown)

Milan’s Chinatown, known simply as Chinatown, is located behind Parco Sempione, near the Garibaldi train station. Between World War I and World War II, a large Chinese population settled in the area, selling ties and scarves made from Como silk. Since then, the area has become quite a commercial district. Although not a particularly fancy area, this area offers good prices. Via Paola Sarpi is the main street in Milan’s Chinatown and the best for shopping in the endless Chinese stores.

You will find literally everything, and with the signs written in Chinese, you will forget you are in Italy! This area is ideal if you have a tight budget; they don’t mind walking a bit (there are no subway stops directly in Chinatown, but there are others about five minutes from the center of the neighborhood). You want to be close to the Garibaldi station and have a different experience in Italy. Surprisingly, you will also find luxurious hotels including a 5-star! Let’s say that it is an area where you can find prices for all tastes!

11. Sesto San Giovanni

Sesto San Giovanni is a “satellite” town of Milan, an excellent option to find cheap hotels. What I like the most about sleeping in Sesto San Giovanni is that you can easily get there with the red metro line: it has three stations: Villa S. Giovanni, Sesto Marelli, and Sesto Rodó. It also has a train station from which you can reach Milano Centrale in a few minutes. In my experience, the prices turn out to be much cheaper. If you travel by car it is also a good option as it offers accommodation with parking. In addition, the hotels and apartments in Sesto San Giovani tend to be newer and in much more recent buildings.

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