Where to Stay in Mallorca

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Where to Stay in Mallorca? Mallorca is a large island with areas and beaches that are very different from each other and that offer very different things from each other. If you are thinking of spending your holidays on the island, you should find out a little about the best areas to stay in Mallorca before booking your accommodation.

Without a doubt, it is the most complete island of the Balearic Islands, since you find absolutely everything, from lively beach areas to coves or inland areas where you can enjoy a lot of tranquility. This is probably what makes Mallorca such a valued destination.

Where to Stay in Mallorca

The island offers you all kinds of landscapes and experiences. You can enjoy its beautiful and elegant capital, Palma de Mallorca, its white sand beaches and turquoise waters, lose yourself in the bucolic interior of the island, enjoy the landscapes and breathe the fresh air of its mountains, and visit the rich heritage that various civilizations left on this island throughout history, or do any activity you can imagine.

It is not surprising that Mallorca is one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain. As such, it has one of the most important hotel offers in the country. The island, in addition to quantity, has a huge variety of tourist establishments, and their prices are quite moderate compared to other Mediterranean destinations.

In addition to the traditional urban and beach hotels, you will find the famous “all inclusive”, holiday apartments and villas, campsites, hostels, and farmhouses. Rural houses and agrotourism have become a very popular options to stay in Mallorca.

The 15 Best Areas to Stay in Majorca

As in any other place, the decision on where to stay in Mallorca will depend on the type of trip you are looking for. If you are looking to relax and spend a few days with your family, the northern beaches can be a good option among the many that are scattered throughout the island.

For young people looking for a party and a beach, the Bay of Palma is perfect with hot spots such as Can Pastilla, Playa de Palma and Arenal, or Magalluf.

Some beaches have a bit of everything, such as Cala Millor, which combines good beaches and a family atmosphere with some nightlife. Most urbanites can choose the city of Palma de Mallorca as a base, and those seeking glamor and exclusivity will be satisfied with Puerto Portals.

Rural and inland tourism is also an excellent option, especially if you have a car to get around the island.

The South Coast

The south coast is divided into two very different parts. On the one hand, there is the part of the Bay of Palma, which is by far the most touristic point of the entire island, with well-known beaches such as Playa de Palma and Arenal, Magaluf, Palma Nova, or Puerto Portals, among others.

On the other hand, the southeast part is very little exploited. There are some of the wildest and most beautiful beaches in Mallorca, such as Trenc. A good place to stay in this part is Colonia de San Jordi.

1. Palma De Mallorca, the Best Area to Stay in Mallorca in Winter

Palma De Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the island. Most likely, in summer you will choose a beach area to sleep in Mallorca. Even so, even in summer, it has its advantages. It is a very nice city, with a very nice old town, with shops, and good restaurants.

On the other hand, it has beaches very close to its urban areas, such as Playa de Palma and El Arenal. It is also the best-connected point on the island so you will not have problems

It also has the best nightlife on the island if you want to escape from the typical foreign clubs, and enjoy the class and good atmosphere of its bars and clubs. If you have a car or don’t mind traveling by public transport, you can enjoy the island’s beaches during the day and Palma’s atmosphere at night.

Palma is also an ideal place to go shopping. Come to Paseo del Borne, known as Palma’s Golden Mile, the Plaza Mayor area or Avenida Jaime III, to name a few, and you’ll enjoy its boutiques, shops, cafes and, ultimately, life in Palma.

In terms of cultural visits, you cannot miss La Seu, its Cathedral, Bellver Castle, with its round floor plan, its Jewish quarter, the Baluart Museum, the Joan I Pilar Miró Foundation, the Almudaina Royal Palace, the Lonja or its promenade among other things.

Palma is without a doubt the best place to stay in Mallorca during the winter, and also in those months when you don’t know if the days will be good enough to go to the beach or not.

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In summer it is not a bad option either since it offers you a lot and is very well connected. If you don’t have a car and want to visit the island, it is undoubtedly your best alternative. Even so, personally, in summer I would prefer to be in a beach area, where it is to leave the hotel and be able to take a dip in the sea.

At the accommodation level, as you can imagine, you have everything. First-class hotels and more affordable options.

2. Playa De Palma and S´arenal, Are Cheap and With a Lot of Nightlife

Playa De Palma and S´arenal

The beach is located in the bay of Palma. It is a very long beach, or rather several united beaches, which add up to almost 6 kilometers in length and is one of the most touristic points on the island. It starts in C’an Pastilla and ends in the S’Arenal area.

It is an area with a reputation for cheap tourism and drunkenness, very popular among Germans. In my opinion, it is not by far one of the best areas to stay in Mallorca, however, for those looking for cheap accommodation, a beach that is not bad, and a lot of parties, it is an option to consider.

Perhaps it is not being fair to the area, since it is also necessary to recognize the effort of repositioning towards higher quality tourism and improvement of the image of the destination. It should also be emphasized that in its 6 km length you find yourself from familiar areas, to other very local ones, to areas with a lot of noise.

As a mature destination that has been attracting mass tourism for decades, it offers you a thousand restaurants, bars and nightclubs. There is also a shopping center and endless sports and water activities.

To highlight the Aquarium in Can Pastilla and Aquapark a hilarious water park. Also that Palma de Mallorca is right next door.

In terms of accommodation, it is one of the areas where it is easiest to find cheap accommodation in Mallorca. Many tourist packages are marketed and there are many all-inclusive resorts.

3. Magaluf, Where to Stay in Mallorca if You Are Looking for Nightlife


The atmosphere of Magaluf is very similar to Playa de Palma but dominated by the English. It is a good place for those who go looking for a night out and pass the hangover lying on the beach.

Magaluf offers you the busiest nightlife on the island in summer. It is a real rampage that combines bars aimed at English people where everything is allowed with bars and clubs of a higher level such as the Nikki Beach beach club or the BCM mega-club that attracts the best DJs in the world.

Like Playa de Palma and Arenal, Magaluf not only attracts partygoers but also families and other types of travelers. Removing the hot spots where the revelry is concentrated such as Punta Ballena, it seems to me a more elegant destination than Playa de Palma.

Magaluf has a good beach and all the leisure possibilities you can imagine. Also during the day. The destination offers all kinds of water sports, shopping, good restaurants and also theme and water parks such as Aqualand and Western Water Park. It is impossible to get bored in Magaluf.

For my taste, it doesn’t seem like the best place to stay in Mallorca either (I prefer quieter beaches without so much crowding). However, it is a good option for young people who want to party.

4. Palmanova, Where Family Holidays and Nightlife Are Compatible


This is one of the best beach areas in Mallorca, well in fact it is a destination made up of three beautiful beaches: Son Maties, Na Nadala and Es Carregador. White sand and turquoise waters with all the services you could wish for.

It is much quieter than Magaluf, although it also has its dose of daytime and nighttime entertainment. Palmanova has a more familiar and calmer profile than its neighbor Magaluf. In the middle of summer, you will not escape the crowds, but the number of people on its beach is more bearable than that of Magaluf.

If I wanted to enjoy the night in Magaluf I would choose Palmanova without thinking twice to sleep in Mallorca. Given its proximity to it, it is easy to get around to enjoy its crazy nightlife, without having to stay in the middle of all the hustle and bustle.

In addition to families and people looking for a balance between tranquility and leisure, it also attracts golfers. Nearby are the golf courses of Santa Ponsa and Cala Vinyes.

Palmanova has a wide range of hotels and vacation rentals, so any budget can find accommodation in this tourist destination.

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5. Santa Ponsa, an Elegant Area of ​​Mallorca, With an Excellent Beach, Nature, Golf and Yachts

Santa Ponsa

It is a long beach of 1,300 meters and 100 wide with shallow waters and located in a bay that protects it from the open sea. These characteristics make it highly appreciated by families with children and also by golf lovers, as there are several excellent 18-hole golf courses.

The beach is super equipped with all kinds of services and has a wide variety of possibilities to practice water sports, the typical banana boat rides, or pedal boats, among other usual services.

Santa Ponsa is an elegant and laid-back tourist destination that doesn’t share the boozy tourist appeal of Magaluf or Arenal. The proximity to Port Adriano, where superyachts dock, its golf courses, and the proximity to the Sierra de Tramuntana attract more refined tourism.

6. Puerto Portals, Where to Stay in Mallorca if You Are Looking for Luxury and Exclusivity

Puerto Portals

Puerto Portals with its exclusive marina is one of the most famous spots among the international jet set and their yachts. If what you are looking for is famous, people with pasta, luxury hotels, good restaurants and sophisticated nightlife this is your place.

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In addition to its marina, there is a small beach, exclusive boutiques and, as I have already mentioned, restaurants and a very sybaritic nightlife and an atmosphere to match it.

The Majorcan coast is huge and contains an endless number of beaches that are worth visiting. Would you be interested in a small selection of those that you cannot miss? Take paper and pencil and take note of this list: The best beaches in Mallorca

7. Colonia De Sant Jordi, Nature and Active Tourism

Colonia De Sant Jordi

Located in the southeastern part of the island, this is one of the best places to stay in Mallorca if you are a lover of nature, hiking, cycling, water sports, or fishing, and want to get away from mass tourism.

It is a very little exploited enclave in which its strength is nature. It attracts families with children, mature couples, and many sporty people looking for an active vacation that combines sports and hiking with relaxing on the beach.

The town is home to several beaches such as  Platja d’Es Port,  Es Caragol,  Es Carbó and  Ses Roquetes, which offer calm waters and protection from the wind. In addition, in its surroundings, there are some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, such as Es Trenc.

There are some very cool hotels but in general, the hotel offer is more modest and affordable than that of other areas of the island. There are also many apartments for vacation rental. It is an area that I particularly like.

The East Coast

The east coast is also quite a popular area, although quieter and less crowded than the south coast. In this part there are all kinds of beaches, there are long beaches and small coves, quite lively beaches and others where you can relax. All share very clear water perfect for bathing. Some of the best-known points are the following:

8. Cala Ratjada, Family, Good Services, and Very Pretty Coves

Cala Ratjada

The northeast of the island is one of the best areas to stay in Majorca for those who seek tranquility and get away from the overcrowding of other areas (if that is possible in the high season months) and a very Mediterranean nature with pine trees and white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

Cala Ratjada is inserted in this environment. It is a purely tourist population and lives off tourism. It is a place where nothing is missing and you have both daytime entertainment and some nightlife.

It attracts a lot of German tourists, and especially families. It is a good base camp from which to enjoy its beaches and at night to have some atmosphere.

In addition, in the surroundings, you have very beautiful natural areas and fantastic coves. There are beaches as beautiful as Font de Sa Cala, Canyamel, Cala Mesquida or Cala Agulla.

9. Cala Millor, Where to Stay in Majorca for a Perfect Sun and Beach Holiday

Cala Millor

Cala Millor is a long beach of about 2 km. long of golden sands and turquoise waters that has everything for everyone. It is a very fun destination that combines hustle and bustle with tranquility and is loved by young people, families and the elderly.

It is a destination with a great complementary offer and with multiple leisure and entertainment possibilities. It is one of the best destinations to sleep in Majorca for a sun and beach holiday as it is one of the most complete in all aspects.

Its spectacular beach is joined by bars, restaurants, pubs with live music, nightclubs, golf courses, and a large number of activities to do.

Cala Millor is an excellent option to stay in Majorca as it also allows you to easily explore all the beautiful coves that characterize the east coast, as well as other tourist attractions.

Among these, do not miss a visit to the nearby Coves del Drach and  Coves des Hams, Bronze Age settlements such as Ses Pisses, or for the little ones the Safari Zoo. Golf lovers will also be in luck as they will be able to practice their favorite sport at the nearby Canyamel golf course.

As for accommodation Cala Millor is a very important tourist area that has all kinds of accommodation and also in quantity. You should have no problem finding good prices whatever your budget if you book early enough.

10. Cala D´or, is an Excellent Option to Stay in Mallorca for Everyone

Cala D´or

Cala d´Or is without a doubt another of the most recommended places to stay in Mallorca. It is a place with very good beaches and a good number of nearby coves. You will find the Mediterranean architecture of white houses, a lot of pine forests, and natural areas where you can go on excursions.

In addition to enjoying the beach of Cala d’Or you can also choose from a good number of nearby coves such as Cala Ferrera, Cala Esmeralda, Cala Serena, Cala Gran, Cala Egos, Cala d’es Fortí, Cala Gran or Cala Petita among others.

Cala d’Or is also characterized by the quality of its services. One of the reasons is its Marina, one of the best and most luxurious on the island. Around it, there are a good number of restaurants, bars, restaurants and various shops.

This destination has absolutely everything and offers a perfect balance between tranquility and fun. It is perfect for everyone.

During the day you can relax in one of its beautiful coves, and after your day at the beach, you will not be short of good shops, top-class restaurants, bars and nightlife for the youngest and the not so young.

On the other hand, in the vicinity, there are also a good number of tourist attractions such as Es Fortí, an 18th-century fortress, the Mondragó natural park, and the Caves of Drac and Hams.

Cala d´Or is an excellent option to stay in Mallorca for everyone. Families, young and old couples, groups of friends, and many athletes come attracted by the offer of nautical activities, cycling, and also by the possibilities of hiking that its surroundings provide.

The North Coast

The north of the island also offers long white sand beaches and crystal clear waters and some of the most beautiful landscapes on the island such as Cape Formentor.

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It is a much quieter area than the southern part and is one of the favorite areas for families to stay in Mallorca. The most popular points are in the two bays that make up the north coast.

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11. Puerto De Pollensa is a Good Destination for Families With Children

Puerto De Pollensa

This old fishing village, much appreciated by families with children, is one of the main tourist spots in Mallorca. Puerto de Pollensa is located in one of the two large bays on the north coast.

It has a beach that is almost 1.5 km long and 40 meters wide, ideal for practicing all kinds of water sports. Its excellent beach is very lively both day and night thanks to the bars and cafes on the promenade.

It is a highly family-friendly destination that attracts a lot of both British and German tourists. The services are focused on international tourism and thanks to this there are many international food restaurants (hamburgers, pizzerias, Chinese, Japanese, etc.)

From here you can easily visit Pollensa, located about 10 minutes from the port and the beach that bears its name, the Sierra de Tramontana, Alcudia, and Cabo de Formentor.

I like the atmosphere of the north coast more than that of the south coast (I would only choose this area if I was with a group of friends wanting to go out at night) and Puerto de Pollensa is a good place to sleep in Mallorca.

12. Alcudia is One of the Areas of Mallorca That I Like the Most


Alcudia is another of the most recommended places to stay in Mallorca. It is perfect for family vacations. Located on the north coast, it offers you cultural visits, a very commercial area, nightlife, a beach and nature. Come on… anything.

Located on a small peninsula that separates the two bays, it is characterized by its medieval old town, its active port, a long beach with a wide range of activities and water sports, and many bars and restaurants.

For you to locate the old town is located 1km from Port d’Alcudia, where the beach is. either of the two areas is a good option to book your accommodation.

In the old town, surrounded by walls, you can walk through its pedestrian and commercial streets, while admiring its medieval stately homes and enjoying its lively atmosphere. In Puerto de Alcudia you have its beach and everything related to the sea.

Both in the old town and Port d’Alcudia you will find a wide range of hotels and tourist apartments.

Personally, it is one of the areas of Mallorca that I like the most. It has all the advantages of an urban area, with its shops, restaurants and nightlife, and those of a beach destination in Puerto de Alcudia or nearby Playa de Muro.

13. Playas De Muro, Where to Stay in Mallorca With Children

Playas De Muro

Located in the center of the bay of Alcudia, it is a fabulous beach with white sand, crystal clear shallow waters ideal for children, and a dune system in the background in one part of it.

Along part of the beach, there are good hotels, bars and restaurants. To my taste, it is one of the best beaches on the island. It has the advantage of being very long, it is about 6 km long, and there are areas where there are very few people, something complicated in summer on such a popular island.

It is an excellent place to enjoy a good beach that also offers you restaurants and bars so that you have to move from the area if you do not want to. And if you want a bit of atmosphere, from the area where there are more hotels there are only 3 kilometers to Puerto de Alcudia.

Don’t expect to find nightlife. Playas de Muro is a quiet area to go to enjoy the beach with your family or relax. It is not a problem either since you only have to go to Puerto de Alcudia if what you want is to go for drinks.

This area is undoubtedly one of the areas of Mallorca that I like the most and recommend the most to stay in Mallorca.

14. Can Picafort, German and British Family Tourism

Can Picafort

Can Picafort located in the Bay of Alcudia at the end of Playa de Muro, is a livelier area than the latter. More bars and restaurants are serving predominantly German tourism, although there are also British, Irish and nationals.

Its beach of fine sand and crystal clear waters is its great claim. Families dominate the market, but also couples, young people and older people. Each profile has a bit of what you are looking for to feel comfortable.

It is another interesting option to sleep in Mallorca, although if I had to choose I would prefer the neighboring Playa de Muro, where you can enjoy a quieter beach and the nightlife with a more local atmosphere in Puerto de Alcudia.

The West Coast

This is the least developed area of ​​the island. It is a mountainous area, with natural postcard landscapes, and with pretty little villages such as Valldemossa, Deia, Soller and Fornalutx.

It is not one of the most popular areas to sleep in Mallorca for those looking for sun and beach tourism. However, it is highly appreciated by those seeking rural tourism and outdoor activities.

15. Port De Soller, Tranquility in a Beautiful Natural Environment

Port De Soller

The port of Soller is the most popular option to stay in Mallorca on the west coast. It is situated in a small bay surrounded by the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. Its location in a very photogenic natural environment makes it ideal for enjoying contact with nature.

With its beautiful port, its small beach, its classy hotels, and its excellent restaurants, Puerto de Soller is ideal for families and couples looking for a very quiet enclave and to spend a holiday of absolute relaxation.

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