Where to Stay in Ibiza

Where to Stay in Ibiza

Where to stay in Ibiza? What are the best areas to sleep in Ibiza? Common questions asked by anyone visiting the island for the first time. There are several different options, such as the city of Ibiza, lively places like San Antonio or Playa d’en Bossa, and other quieter ones like Portinatx or Cala San Vicente to name a few.

Despite being very small, the island has very different tourist destinations. There are very lively places with a lot of nightlife in the southern area, and others that are really quiet and quite wild or very aimed at families.

Choose where you choose to sleep in Ibiza, the best advice I can give you to enjoy the island is to rent a car. The island is small and if you have your own means of transport, the area where you stay in Ibiza does not matter.

You travel the island by car from end to end in approximately 45 minutes, which allows you to move to any point in a moment.

On the other hand, with your own vehicle, you can be more flexible with the location of your accommodation, especially in high season (June, July and August) when prices go up a lot and it is not always easy to find a hotel with free places.

If you do not have a vehicle, it is not a big problem either. The island has good public transport connections during the day and at night with night buses that take you to the places to go. What do I tell you in this post?

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The Best Areas to Stay in Ibiza

The southern part is the one that attracts most of the tourism. It is the most developed touristically and where there is a greater concentration of hotels and other types of accommodation. It is a very lively area with many leisure options to have a good time and where the most famous clubs in Ibiza are located.

Despite this, the south not only welcomes young partiers. There are tourists of all profiles. There are also many families with children attracted by the quality of its beaches and the large number of family-oriented activities that this area offers. In addition, a lot of tourist packages are marketed aimed at families.

If you are looking for a combination of good beaches with many possibilities for leisure, water activities, shopping, good restaurants, nightlife, good services, and ultimately a destination where you never lack for things to do, the southern area is a good option to stay in Ibiza.

The north for its part is a less touristy area. It is much better preserved and has very beautiful typically Mediterranean natural landscapes. Its coast is full of small coves, some unspoilt. It is a quieter area, ideal for relaxing and unwinding.

Generally, those who choose the northern area to stay in Ibiza are families and people who seek tranquility. It is an option to consider if going out every night is not on your agenda.

Taking into account how small Ibiza is and that it costs nothing to move from one place to another, nothing prevents you from moving south on the nights you want to go out for a drink.

1. Playa D’en Bossa, the Most Sought After Area to Stay in Ibiza

It is the most touristic beach (with the permission of the San Antonio area) and the longest with its three kilometers in length. It is an excellent beach with all kinds of services. There are shops, bars, restaurants and also beach clubs with sun loungers, Balinese beds, DJs playing chill-out music and beautiful people.

During the day, in addition to its beach clubs, the beach has everything to have fun with. It has all the possibilities to practice activities and water sports, and it is also next to the city of Ibiza. In a moment you plant there and you can also enjoy its atmosphere that is the best on the island.

At night it is the place to be to party in Ibiza. There are some of the best cocktail bars and some of the most famous clubs in Ibiza. It is enough to mention a few names like Bora Bora, Space, Hi Ibiza, Octan, Ushuaia, DC10, or SWAG among many others.

Playa d’en Bossa is the best place to stay in Ibiza to party . It is the most partying area of ​​Ibiza and where the best atmosphere is to have a good time. In addition, its beach is one of the best on the island.

As you can deduce, it is one of the favorite areas among young and not so young motivated at night. Still, it is a destination that attracts all types of public, including families with children. Playa d’en Bossa also has family-friendly accommodation options and leisure activities for all audiences.

In general, the area closest to the city of Ibiza is more lively and more frequented by young people having hangovers. The opposite area, the one closest to the watchtower, is much quieter and where you will see a higher average age and more families sunbathing.

In Playa d’en Bossa you will find a huge range of accommodation, both hotels and apartments. However, do not expect to find cheap bargains because it is one of the most sought-after destinations and it is not exactly cheap.

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If you plan to stay here in the summer months, you better book in advance.

2. Ibiza Town, Cultural Visits, Shops, Restaurants, Nightlife, Beaches Nearby

The city of Ibiza, or Vila, is the main city of the island and its administrative capital. Located between well-known beaches such as Playa d’en Bossa and Talamanca beach, it is a small city of just over 50,000 inhabitants.

La Vila is one of the main tourist attractions in Ibiza and a good option to consider when staying in Ibiza since its tourist attraction and charm are undeniable.

It has a perfectly preserved medieval historical center. Its walled area of Dalt Vila is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its narrow streets are packed with traditional little shops, well-known designer boutiques, restaurants and bars.

It also has very close beaches such as Figueretes (in the same city), Playa d’en Bossa or Talamanca that can be reached on foot or in a few minutes by car or bus.

In Ibiza Town, you cannot miss a visit to Dalt Vila, its medieval area with its alleys, walls and bastions, which you can access through the Portal de Ses Taules.

Also, do not miss visiting the Cathedral of the Virgen de las Nieves (from the 13th century), the Plaza de la Villa, the Town Hall, the Church of Santo Domingo, the necropolis of Puig des Molins, the fishing districts of La Marina and Sa Peña. And for the little ones the Acuamar Water Park.

On the other hand, it also offers a good cultural agenda. To the various events that are organized, we must add an interesting museum offer that includes the Archaeological Museum, the Sant Jaume Bastion, the Museum of Contemporary Art, or the Puget Museum.

Being the main city as you can imagine, it is the point where you will find more services and more commercial and leisure offers. If you like to go shopping, you will not find a better place. And if you want to enjoy good restaurants, then the same.

To have a drink on a terrace or go out to dinner, you can go to areas such as Paseo Vara del Rey, Plaza del Parque, Dalt Vila, the port area, and also the Marina Botafoch with its most elegant restaurants and a little more caretes.

Along with Playa d’en Bossa and San Antonio, it is one of the best places to party.

The nights continue at Pacha, one of the best clubs in Ibiza, or at Lio Ibiza (the club I like the most on the island). And if you can’t get enough of its nightlife, Playa d’en Bossa is right next to Ibiza town.

La Vila has an atmosphere that combines the local with a very cosmopolitan audience that I quite like. It is a good place to take it as a base camp from which to get to know the island, and at the accommodation level, you find a good mix between low-end options and authentic luxury options.

If you travel outside the summer months, it is undoubtedly the best place to stay in Ibiza in winter.

3. Cala Talamanca, a Quiet Beach Close to Ibiza Town

This cove is a wise choice to stay in Ibiza if you are looking for a balance between spending your days on a good beach, much quieter than Playa d’en Bossa or those of San Antonio, and party nights. This beach allows it since it is only 15 minutes walk from Ibiza town.

Cala Talamanca is a beach located in a bay in the shape of a crescent, long, with white sand and shallow turquoise crystalline waters where you will not see tall buildings as in other areas. At the service level, you have everything and more.

And of course, its gastronomic offer is first class. Some well-known restaurants in the area are the Sa Punta restaurant, the Nobu Ibiza Bay, Floating Bar, and in a few minutes, you can go to the Marina Botafoch area where there are more exclusive offers such as the Corso restaurant.

You won’t find a lot of nightlife, but you don’t need it either since you just have to go to Ibiza town for it.

If you like the beach club roll and see beautiful people, choose Playa d’en Bossa, but if you prefer to spend your hangovers on a quieter beach (although in the middle of summer there are people everywhere on the island), Cala Talamanca is your place.

At the accommodation level, you have a bit of everything. You have very spectacular beach hotels, others more modest, and a good number of villas and apartments for vacation rental.

4. San Antonio, an Area to Stay in Ibiza With Good Beaches, Lots of Animation and Cheap Accommodation

San Antonio is the most touristic area of ​​Ibiza. It is an area frequented by many foreign tourists who travel with a package tour. It is not a bad place by any means, but personally, I prefer other areas to sleep in Ibiza.

The atmosphere reminds me of Arenal de Palma or Magalluf. I personally prefer the quieter places or in the case of looking for nightlife, I would definitely prefer to stay either in Playa d’en Bossa or in La Vila.

The atmosphere in these places is much better and with a more “cool” vibe. But go all are tastes and it is a personal opinion that many do not share.

San Antonio has many good things, among which we must highlight its beautiful bay, several beaches that are not bad at all (some lively, others somewhat quieter), bars, restaurants and places to go out to get bored. And it is also very well communicated.

It is one of the favorite destinations, next to Playa d’en Bossa, among the clubbers who visit the island. In San Antonio, there are some of the big names of Ibiza nightlife such as Es Paradís or Edén. In addition, you can also take the Disco Bus or a taxi and in 15 or 20 minutes you can be in Playa d’en Bossa or in La Vila.

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At the beach level, it is one of the best areas. You have well-known coves and beaches in the same Bay as Es Pouet , S’Estanyol, Pinet, Xinxó, and Playa Port d’es Torrent. Also within walking distance are some of the most beautiful beaches and coves in Ibiza such as Caló des Moro, Cala Bassa, Cala Comte, or Cala Tarida.

Whether you stay here or not, one of the things you have to do in Ibiza is a stroll along the famous Sunset Strip in San Antonio to enjoy the best sunsets.

This promenade runs from the port of San Antonio and reaches Caló d’es Moro. It is dotted with restaurants and bars. Here is the mythical Café del Mar with its famous sunset, the most popular on the island.

Another great advantage of choosing San Antonio to stay in Ibiza is that it has a great variety and quantity of accommodation and that it is also one of the places where it is cheaper.

5. Cala Tarida, Where to Stay in Ibiza With Tranquility

Cala Tarida located on the west coast is another highly recommended beach with white sand and turquoise waters. It is one of the longest in Ibiza with its 900 meters in length and about 25 in width. The beach is in a wonderful setting formed by a bay protected by small hills.

Despite the fact that Cala Tarida is very close to San Antonio, less than 15 minutes by car, the beach is really quiet. There are services such as a supermarket, restaurants, bars and possibilities for practicing water sports but there is no disco.

An interesting place that I recommend to eat is the Cotton Beach Club. It is located on a small cliff with excellent views of the beach. You can also opt for simpler restaurants on the beach.

There is a little offer of accommodation and with the exception of some hotels, and the area is characterized by apartments and villas that are quite family-oriented. If you are looking for a place to stay in quiet Ibiza here, you will enjoy good relaxation.

6. Santa Eulalia, an Elegant and Familiar Area

Santa Eulalia, located on the east coast of the island, is one of the best places to stay in Ibiza for those looking for quieter options than what the most popular destinations in the south offers.

Santa Eulalia is a small, well-kept and charming coastal town with a perfect beach for families with children. It has some of the best restaurants in Ibiza, an exclusive marina that attracts high-quality tourism, and an attractive cultural scene that is noticeable in a large number of art galleries for the size of the town.

One of the advantages of staying in Santa Eulalia is that in its municipal area or very close you have some of the best beaches in Ibiza. Within walking distance are beaches such as Es Caná, Cala Llonga, Cala Leña, Cala Martina, s’Argamassa, or Cala Nova, to name a few.

Santa Eulalia has a beautiful promenade lined with palm trees that is a delight to stroll and also stands out for its excellent restaurants. You just have to go to the promenade itself, to Calle San Jaime or its parallel, Calle San Vicente, known as the street of restaurants.

Make a note on your list of places to try some of the most traditional and well-known are Ca Na Ribes, El Naranjo or Bambuddha.

Another of the things that stands out is shopping. There are a number of designer boutiques and local businesses, and nearby are some of Ibiza’s best-known hippie markets, such as Las Dalias (near San Carlos) or Punta Arabí (in neighboring Es Caná).

In addition to the hippie markets and its promenade, in the area, you can visit the small Roman bridge, the Church of Our Lady of Jesus (16th century) at the top of Mount Puig de Misa, and the small Ethnographic Museum, in a house of farmers enabled for such purposes.

It should also be noted that this area is the only golf course in Ibiza.

Without a doubt, Santa Eulalia des Riu is one of the best options to stay in Ibiza for families and couples. As for accommodation, you will find a wide variety of hotels, villas and tourist apartments.

7. Cala Llonga, an Ideal Area to Stay in Ibiza With Children

Cala Llonga is one of the best-known beaches in Ibiza. It is a fantastic beach located in a small bay flanked by small hills covered with pine forests. It is one of the largest on the island, more for its width (100 meters) than for its length (200 meters).

It’s very crystalline waters are shallow which makes it, in addition to its infrastructure, perfect for families with children.

The beach is very quiet during the day and even more so at night. There are possibilities for practicing water activities, restaurants, bars and enough services to spend a good relaxing and beach vacation. However, forget about having a lively atmosphere or some nightlife.

If you want to go shopping, visit something, or go out for drinks, you will have to travel. The good news is that Cala Llonga is strategically located between La Vila and Santa Eulalia, so in just over 10 minutes by car, you can reach either of the two cities or even Playa d’en Bossa.

It is a good place to sleep in Ibiza as it allows you to enjoy an excellent and quiet beach day and night with a short trip to the best nightlife in Ibiza.

8. It’s Caná, My Favorite Area of ​​ibiza

Es Caná is one of the most popular places on the east coast to stay in Ibiza. It is a small town with a crescent-shaped beach with crystal clear waters and some virgin beaches in the vicinity that you can walk to by taking a short walk. Staying here, you have several beaches in one.

In addition to being popular with families, it is also a place where many young people who like to practice water sports stay. Walking you arrive at Cala Martina, the preferred place for lovers of windsurfing and kite surfing, at Cala Pada, s’Argamassa.

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Also walking but on the opposite side, you get to Cala Nova, another of the favorites among surfers, and to Cala Leña.

The beach belongs to a small town where you find some small shops, bars and restaurants so that you do not have to move from there. It is a quiet place. If at any time you want something more busy, you will need more or less 20 minutes by car to get to Playa d’en Bossa or Ibiza town.

In the area, I also highlight one of my favorite beach clubs (although expensive) on the island, the Nikky Beach Club in the area of ​​s’Argamassa beach, and the hippie markets both in Punta Arabí and in Las Dalias that also It’s very close.

If you choose es Caná to sleep in Ibiza, you will find a varied offer of accommodation. Not as abundant as other more touristy areas but enough to offer something for all types of budget.

9. Portinatx, My Recommendation Where to Sleep in Ibiza With Your Partner

The north coast is the wildest part of Ibiza and for many, including myself, the most beautiful. In this part, there are no highly developed tourist destinations that attract mass tourism as in the south.

The coast is lined with coves and small beaches with little urbanization where accommodation possibilities are quite scarce.

Portinatx is one of the few points in this part of the island where there is a certain offer of accommodation and services for tourists.

It is one of the most recommended places to stay in Ibiza as a couple and for those who do not prioritize nightlife above all else. In fact, it is one of the most popular areas of Ibiza with families and couples.

Families with children will find a place where restaurants, bars, beaches and hotels are designed for their needs. Many hotels have special entertainment programs for the little ones.

For their part, couples will enjoy a truly idyllic spot made up of three wonderful beaches, S’Arenal Gros, S’Arenal Petit and Playa Porto. All this without the crowds of the southern part.

The natural environment of Portinatx and the beauty of its beaches make it an ideal destination to rest and also to explore the northern part of the island. It is ideal for hiking and visiting its natural spaces.

When it comes to hotels and accommodation, there is everything from luxury accommodation to cheap apartments to mid-range. Also hotels only for adults and others very familiar.

10. Cala San Vicente, the Ideal Option to Stay in Ibiza to Enjoy the Beach With a Lot of Relaxation

Cala San Vicente is one of the beaches that I like the most on the island. This beach is located on the northwest coast of Ibiza between hills and cliffs. The area has a touch of isolation from the busiest areas that guarantees you a lot of tranquility.

Inserted between hills, it is in a small bay in the shape of a half-moon. The beach is beautiful. With fine golden sands and crystal clear water with fantastic blue color, it measures almost 400 meters and is quite wide (30 meters wide).

It is an ideal area to stay in Ibiza if you are looking to enjoy the beach in a very quiet place. Between the fact that the beach is very wide and that it is a little isolated, it never gets crowded. Even in the months of July and August, you can enjoy the beach without the hassle of people of any kind.

The beach has a small promenade with palm trees where there are some other restaurants, and on the beach, there is something on offer to practice the typical water activities. With this panorama as relaxed as you can imagine, it is one of the best areas to stay in Ibiza as a couple, as a family, and also for older people.

The accommodation offer is very limited, which is a great advantage so that the beach is not overcrowded. Basically, there is a very cool hotel and then villas for a vacation rental in the area.

Ibiza hotels

Ibiza is a highly developed tourist destination with a huge hotel plant and a wide range of apartments and villas for rent. It is a highly demanded destination that hangs the entire poster every summer.

If you plan to travel during the months of June, July and August, you’d better book in advance if you want to find something where you sleep in Ibiza with good value for money.

This island is a poor destination for tight budgets. It is an expensive destination for the independent traveler unless you book well in advance or find a good package tour (which there are).

Most of the hotels are upper-middle or high-end and unfortunately, there is not much supply of cheap accommodation.

Cheap Accommodation in Ibiza

In Ibiza, there is little cheap accommodation. There are only a few hostels geared towards backpackers. The cheapest area of ​​Ibiza is San Antonio. You can also find something more affordable in the inland towns.

More than in other places on the Spanish coast, if you need to sleep in Ibiza in a cheap place, it is better to book several months in advance. Otherwise, you are lost. On this page maybe you can find something cheap:

Rent an Apartment or a Villa in Ibiza

In Ibiza, there are many individuals who rent their villas or apartments in the summer months. Sometimes traveling in a group and sharing a villa or apartment is the best option to keep your budget at bay.

Since it is such a sought-after destination and that in the months with the highest tourist influx it becomes quite expensive, you have to look at all the possibilities and this is an option to stay in Ibiza to consider.

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