Where to stay in Formentera

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Where to stay in Formentera: Formentera is one of the most desirable islands when visiting the Balearic archipelago. It is a small island that boasts some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean.

Its white-sand beaches and incomparable turquoise blue waters make it a small paradise ready for you to enjoy. If you are going to visit it, you should know a little about the best areas to stay in Formentera.

Where to stay in Formentera

The accommodation offer in Formentera is as complete as in the rest of the Balearic Islands in terms of variety, however, given its limited size, it has a much more modest offer in terms of quantity than its neighbors.

Options range from quiet camping areas where you can enjoy being close to nature to full-on all-inclusive resorts.

In addition to the more traditional accommodation options, it should be noted that given its limited hotel offer, apartments and villas are one of the most popular options to stay in Formentera.

On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that seasonality determines the availability and prices of your accommodation. Formentera is a much-appreciated sun and beach destination, with much higher demand than the hotel supply available.

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In the months of high season, the full sign is hung. Keep that in mind. Therefore, if you plan to visit it this summer, you should book as far in advance as possible.

To give you an idea, a good part of its hotel offer is already reserved 6 months before the arrival of summer.

If you cannot find a hotel that suits your needs, opt for an apartment or a villa. Don’t have a problem staying indoors either. The first line of the sea is expensive and since the island is small with a short trip by motorcycle or car you will reach any beach.

The Best Areas to Stay in Formentera

1. Es Pujols, the Best Area to Stay in Formentera

Es Pujols is the most important tourist town in Formentera and the one that receives the most tourists. In it, you will find many more services than in any other part of the island. It is where the largest number of hotels, restaurants, bars, places to go out dancing, shops, travel agencies, car rental offices, etc. are concentrated.

It is the point with more atmosphere and movement. However, don’t expect a Magaluf or a San Antonio. Far from that, and despite its leisure offer, Es Pujols is a small, quiet, intimate, and familiar place … go, as is the whole island.

Its beach is one of the busiest, partly because it is the point where most people choose to sleep in Formentera, and partly also because its beach is excellent.

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This one, with soft golden sand and crystal clear waters, is a little over 600 meters long, an average of about 30 meters wide, and enjoys very good services.

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For me, it is an ideal place as a base camp. Given that the island is small and you can move to other beaches or coves with fewer people in a moment, I see it as an advantage, after a day at the beach, to be in an area where you can walk and have an offer of restaurants, bars, and being able to go out if you feel like it without having to move too much.

Accommodation in Es Pujols is quite varied. Keep in mind that despite having about 600 inhabitants regularly, it is the area of ​​the island in which the largest number of hotels and establishments of all kinds are concentrated.

Of course, the prices are usually somewhat higher than in other places on the island, and the town of Es Pujols is its tourist’s heart and, therefore, the place chosen by many visitors to enjoy their holidays.

2. Playa De Migjorn, One of the Best Beach Areas

Playa de Migjorn located in the south of the island, with its 6 km extension is the longest of all. It is a beach of white sands and turquoise waters with areas of pines, junipers and dunes. It is shaped like a half-moon and along the beach, there are coves and sandy areas separated by rocks.

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Although the entire beach is called Playa de Migjorn, it is so long that several sectors of it are known by other names such as Es Mal Pas, Ca Marí, or Codol Foradat, among others. It can be said that it is both a very popular beach at one point and that there are hardly any bathers in other parts.

It is so big that if you are in an area with a lot of people you will only have to walk a few minutes to find a quiet area where you can rest and enjoy the relaxation that this virgin beach brings you.

Throughout its extension, there is a wooden platform that borders its literal. Ideal for long walks. You will also find the services you may need such as restaurants and beach bars, hammocks and umbrellas, and possibilities to practice water activities.

This beach is one of the most popular destinations to stay in Formentera. It is home to some of the best hotels on the island, something that also explains why its rates are among the highest that can be found on Formentera during the summer months.

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Along this strip of coastline, you will find several resorts, some hostels, and especially aparthotels, apartments, and villas, which are the most numerous type of accommodation in this area. If you can afford the prices of Playa de Migjorn this is a good area to stay in Formentera.

3. Es Arenals, Where to Sleep in Formentera to Fully Enjoy the Beach

Belonging to the area of ​​Playa de Migjorn, Es Arenales located in the southeast of the island is one of the most beautiful. Whether you stay here or not it’s worth a visit at some point in your trip. It is a very popular beach but if you walk a bit from its main entrances you will find quiet areas.

The beach has everything you may need to enjoy a day at the beach such as hammocks, umbrellas, beach bars, etc. However, there is not much accommodation available in the area either. Es Caló, which is very close, almost a stone’s throw away, has something more to offer in this regard.

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4. Es Caló De Sant Agustí, Quiet and With a Special Charm

Es Caló de Sant Agustí, or simply Es Caló, is a small and traditional fishing village that has managed to perfectly maintain its essence without being too affected by overcrowding tourism.

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This mini town of small white houses and rudimentary piers that are still used by fishers sits on the part of the coast that is characterized by small coves and crystal clear waters with one of the most vivid turquoise blues on the island.

If you are looking for a quiet place, really quiet, and with little beaches and hidden corners where you can enjoy the magical water that this island offers you, Es Caló is an excellent option to stay in Formentera. Of course, you will be a little short of services and of course, forget about going out for drinks.

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The bad news is that staying in it is usually difficult since there are not many options within the more traditional area or in its surroundings. There are some hotels, some agrotourism, and also apartments and private villas. Little more.

5. La Savina, a Practical Area to Sleep in Formentera

This quiet town has a port that connects this island with Ibiza. The presence of the Marina de Formentera completely marks the character of the town. In its port, there is a good offer of bars and restaurants, and a good number of travel agencies and motorcycle and car rental agencies.

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La Savina may not be the most charming place to stay in Formentera, however, it is a pleasant and practical place. Being two steps from the ferry is joined by the proximity to the northern beaches such as Illetes or Llevant and the lively Es Pujols.

Personally, if I couldn’t find a place in other parts of the island, I wouldn’t think twice. After all, its strategic position allows you to get closer to the northern beaches and Es Pujols, and even to the Playa de Migjorn area.

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It also has the advantage that its accommodation is varied and usually has a fairly reasonable price compared to other parts of Formentera.

6. Sant Francesc Xavier, the Administrative Capital of Formentera

Sant Francesc Xavier is the capital and its main urban nucleus, actually, a small town that does not even have 4,000 inhabitants. It is a small typically Mediterranean village with a lot of charm with its white houses, and where it is a pleasure to walk at sunset

Located in the interior, just 3 kilometers from La Savina, it is the point where the administration of the island and the largest number of services aimed at citizens are concentrated. It also stands out for its cafeterias and good restaurants and for being the commercial center of the city.

The normal thing is that you choose a beach area to sleep in Formentera, however, given the lack of accommodation and its enormous demand, it is not always possible. Sant Frances Xavier is an option that you should not rule out. Remember how close everything is in Formentera. With just 10 minutes by car, you reach a good number of beaches.

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Accommodation in Sant Francesc Xavier is quite limited and consists of a few hotels and, above all, apartments and villas.

7. Cala Saona, Where to Stay in Formentera as a Family

Located on the east coast, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Formentera. It is a cove barely 150 meters long in an environment of dunes and pine forest that is much appreciated by families. In addition to its excellent waters, it is characterized by its fantastic sunsets, one of the best on the island.

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During the day you will have various services at your disposals such as hammocks and parasols, a beach bar and a restaurant, but at night there is practically nothing to do.

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If you are looking for tranquility it is a good place to stay in Formentera, otherwise, there are better areas although given the size of the island it should not be a problem if you have your vehicle. To give you an idea, Cala Saona is only 6 km from Sant Francesc Xavier.

8. La Mola, Tranquility and Nature

La Mola is one of the most particular areas of Formentera. It is located at the eastern end of the island. It is an elevated plateau where the Pilar de la Mola, a very small town, and the famous Faro de la Mola are located.

Its main attractions are the lighthouse, its cliffs, and the Mercadillo de la Mola with a very hippie air where handicrafts and other things are sold.

In the area there is some possibility of accommodation, however, it is not one of the places that I would most recommend to stay in Formentera. It is an area that must be visited but I would choose the neighboring Es Caló first.

9. Sant Ferran De Ses Roques, Where the Fonda De Pepe Is

Sant Ferran de Ses Roques is another of the towns of Formentera. Located in the interior of the island, it is just a few minutes by car from Es Pujols or the Playa de Migjorn area.

It is a town without much charm but it has bars, among which the mythical Fonda de Pepe stands out, and restaurants, shops and a pleasant atmosphere at sunset and night. It is a practical option.

Cheap Accommodation in Formentera

Cheap accommodation and Formentera are two terms that do not match much. Finding something cheap on this island in the summer months is practically an impossible mission. The combination of scarce accommodation and huge demand means that the market presents stratospheric prices in good weather.

If you don’t book months in advance, almost half a year at least, it’s not about whether you’re going to find something cheap or not, but, first, if you’re going to find something free and, second, if you’re going to get a good stick.

Keep in mind that in July and August the prices are through the roof. At the beginning of June and from the second half of September, the prices are somewhat better.

Normally the best option to save is to travel in a group and rent a large villa. It’s how you get the best prices per person. In the following link, you may find some cheap accommodation options (probably only in Ibiza and out of high season).

Apartments in Formentera

It is an option that has not stopped gaining weight as it has a series of very interesting advantages. To begin with, all the areas where it is possible to stay in Formentera have a good offer of apartments and villas.

In many cases, the apartments are located on the beachfront or very close, and have facilities that have nothing to envy those of a hotel. In addition, the possibility of having a kitchen and complete freedom of schedule are advantages that mainly attract those who travel with the whole family or in a group.

On the other hand, it is often the only option to sleep in Formentera because the hotels are full or the prices they demand are inaccessible to the vast majority of mortals.

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