Where to Go With Your Child for Autumn Holidays

Where to Go With Your Child for Autumn Holidays?

For a child to have a quality rest from the study, there is nothing better than to go on a trip with him. Autumn is the best time for exciting excursion trips: the weather is still warm, but there is no sweltering summer heat, prices at this time are much lower than summer ones – all conditions for a good rest! Today we will offer you some ideas – where can you go with your child for the autumn holidays?

Where to Go With Your Child for Autumn Holidays?

France: Paris and Disneyland

This is a classic family tour that includes five days of sightseeing in Paris and two fun at Disneyland. Before planning a trip, you should check the Disneyland website, where you may be able to get a discount or find a special offer, such as a free night in one of the complex hotels. There you can also order a surprise for your child – breakfast with a cartoon character. Disneyland hosts colorful shows and parades every day.

Where to Go With Your Child for Autumn Holidays

The program of excursions in Paris itself includes several mandatory options and several of your choice: a mandatory program – a sightseeing tour of the city by bus, a walking tour of Montmartre; additional program – whatever you like – you can visit the Louvre, Versailles, but we recommend booking tickets online in advance, as there are huge queues in front of the palaces, in which you can stand up to five hours.

But if you want to visit Notre Dame de Paris, you can enter it freely and any day. And we highly recommend that you come at ten o’clock in the evening to the observation deck in front of the Eiffel Tower and admire the lighting of the lights, when the strict iron lady – during the day, becomes a luxurious beauty – in the evening. Be sure to take a boat ride along the Seine, admiring the magnificent old mansions that have seen so much in their lifetime.

Czech Republic: Prague

What could be better than a walk on a fine autumn day in majestic Prague, with its graceful Gothic outlines? A trip on a small boat along the Vltava River guarantees a great acquaintance with the city. Make sure to make a wish on the Charles Bridge, view the funny marionette puppets in the gift shops, and stop by the grandiose St. Vitus Cathedral.

Where to Go With Your Child for Autumn Holidays

If you and your child love animals, then you will surely enjoy a visit to the Prague Zoo. You can not limit yourself to Prague alone but drive through its surroundings, in which there are so many medieval castles. In general, Czech travel agencies offer short-term tours to Steenberk Castle, to the Karlovy Vary resort, and even to German Dresden, located not very far from Prague.

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Latvia: Weekend in Riga

Riga is an excellent choice for a trip there during the autumn holidays with a senior student. They will be able to appreciate its medieval flavor, appreciate the elegance of its architectural delights. Climb up with your child to the bell tower of St. Peter’s Basilica, and also go and listen to the famous organ of the Dome.

Where to Go With Your Child for Autumn Holidays

There are many cafes in Riga where live music is played, and their cheerful atmosphere will surely impress teenagers! And since you are in Riga, visit the Museum of the Occupation, whose exposition is dedicated to the tragic events of Latvia’s history in the twentieth century. And also, take a photo for memory near Riga’s business card – the luxurious house of the Blackheads.

Belarus: Minsk, Khatyn, Mir Castle

The main acquaintance with Belarus begins with a sightseeing tour of Minsk. Older schoolchildren can be introduced to the city’s architectural monuments, and those who are younger can be taken to the Open World Oceanography Center, the Minsk Zoo, and sent on an exciting journey along the children’s railroad.

Where to Go With Your Child for Autumn Holidays

If your teenager is interested in history, take him to the Khatyn memorial complex, erected in memory of the Belarusians who died in World War II. And be sure to visit the Mir Castle, the construction of the sixteenth century, located in the Grodno region.

Northern Capitals: Helsinki, Stockholm

If you live near St. Petersburg, then the program of your autumn trip with a child may look like this: from St. Petersburg to Helsinki, you get by train or bus, take a sightseeing tour of the city, then take a course to Turku, where a ferry will be waiting for you.

Where to Go With Your Child for Autumn Holidays

In the morning, you will already wake up in Stockholm. All places that will be incredibly interesting for schoolchildren are located on the island of Djurgården: – this is the Junibacken museum, which was created based on the books of Astrid Lindgren, then be sure to look into the Pippi Longstocking house; – Museum “Vasa”, which keeps the only, but priceless exhibit – an ancient ship that lay on the seabed for more than three centuries and raised from there at the end of the twentieth century; – ethnographic park “Skansen”, with an interesting zoo. Stockholm is good day and night, especially its famous Stortorget square.

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Germany: Berlin, Dresden

Bus tours are one of the most democratic types of travel. We suggest you try it on your trip for the autumn holidays. Leaving Moscow, you will cross Poland, then drive to Berlin. During a few days spent in this beautiful city, you will see the famous Brandenburg Gate, get acquainted with the Reichstag building, visit the Berlin Zoo.

Where to Go With Your Child for Autumn Holidays

From Berlin, you can book a day trip to the city of palaces and gardens – Potsdam. Then you can move to Dresden, where you must visit the world-famous art gallery, where you will personally see the “Sistine Madonna”. By the way, admission for children under seventeen years old is free, and for adults, the price is quite democratic – ten euros.

And on Theater Square, located in the heart of magnificent Dresden, be sure to sit in one of the cozy cafes with a cup of excellent coffee. Young schoolchildren will be pleased that in all German cities funny open trains run along the streets.

England: London, Oxford

Let’s say right away that vacation in England is not conducive to savings since this country is not cheap in principle. But, if you’re on a fall vacation with a teenager, you can try to make your tour a little more budgetary by staying overnight in local hostels, many of which are located in the city center.

Where to Go With Your Child for Autumn Holidays

This will allow you to “kill two birds with one stone”: to save on transport and housing, because in the hostel you only need to spend the night. By the way, London hostels are very clean and decent establishments where you can rent a room for two or three people, which will suit you perfectly with a child. It is very encouraging that admission to most of London’s museums is free.

As soon as you get acquainted with the English capital, you can safely move to Oxford – a magnificent city on the banks of the Thames. This city is incredibly inspiring to study! If you are relaxing with an elementary school student, then, for sure, he will appreciate the places where “Harry Potter” was filmed. For example, Christ Church College or Bodleian Library.

Spain: Catalonia

Barcelona, ​​the legendary Catalan capital, is one of the most popular cities for a vacation with a child, as the weather is excellent all year round. You will have an unforgettable acquaintance with the impressive and fantastic architecture of Antoni Gaudí: Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Mila, Casa Batlló. To get to know Barcelona better, be sure to purchase a ticket for the Bas Turistik, a city sightseeing bus that stops near all the city’s major attractions.

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Where to Go With Your Child for Autumn Holidays

In general, three routes are offered for vacationers around the city, which can be previously reviewed via the Internet. At any stop, you can go, change to other routes, all with one ticket, and the audio guide in Russian will tell you everything very carefully about the famous places in Barcelona.

It is very interesting to visit the Barcelona aquarium with schoolchildren, where sharks, whales, and other marine life will swim over your head while moving through the underwater tunnel.

Of course, being in Catalonia, you should visit Spain’s famous amusement park -Port Aventura. There is also a water park adjacent to the park, but the ticket is bought separately. What pleases me is that water attractions and slides work here in the fall.

Spend at least two days here to appreciate all the opportunities offered in the park’s theme zones. By the way, you can stay for these couple of days right in the hotels located directly on the territory of PortAventura. But be sure to book your seats in advance.

Italy: Rome and Venice

The most popular places in Italy where you can go on an autumn vacation with a child are Rome and Venice. In the Italian capital, you can choose from a huge number of excursions offered by travel agencies for parents and their children: the Interactive Museum of the History of Ancient Rome with a 5D cinema, the Museum of Roman Legionnaires, where you and your child can not only try on Roman armor but and take a couple of lessons in gladiatorial combat, the Planetarium in the Museum of Roman Civilization and many other equally exciting proposals.

Where to Go With Your Child for Autumn Holidays

In Venice, you owe the whole family a gondola ride. But when arriving there for the autumn holidays, dress warmly, in a jacket. Otherwise, the dampness will do its insidious thing. However, visiting Venice and not taking a gondola ride through its canals is unthinkable. In Venice, you can also ride the trajetto, a cheap type of public transport, but you can also see the majestic Venetian palazzo and other architectural monuments on it.

We offered you several ideas to visit with your child for the autumn holidays and decide what is closer and more interesting to you – only you. Nevertheless, we hope that we could help you with our information on the rest.

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