Where to Go in Avsallar, Turkey

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Where to Go in Avsallar: Avsallar is a small Turkish village. The largest tourist centers located nearby, gorgeous beaches, great weather and location features make it popular. There is not only an excellent beach holiday but also a lot of attractions, entertainment and opportunities for outdoor activities.

Where to Go in Avsallar

General Characteristics of the Resort

Avsallar is part of the Incekum resort area. It is located north of Antalya, whose international airport is 140 km away. If you move further along the coast, then in half an hour you can get to another popular resort – Alanya. It is located 25 km from Avsallar, which is part of the urban district of Alanya.

The climate here is subtropical Mediterranean. The hottest period is May October, when the average temperature during the day is 25-30 degrees, at night – 15-21 degrees, and the water warms up to 20-27 degrees. The velvet season starts in September and covers part of October.

The coldest period is December-February. The daytime temperature at this time is 15-17 degrees, the night temperature is 7-9 degrees, and the water temperature is 17-19 degrees. December is the rainiest month.

The bay protects Avsallar from the winds, so it is always warm here.

In the first half of the day, Avsallar is a quiet and peaceful place, its streets are deserted. In the evening, the village is transformed.


The length of the Incekum beach near the village is 3 km. It includes several zones with different entries into the water. There are shallow waters for families with children and deep water areas for swimmers. Almost the entire coast is sandy – the sand is fine and golden, and there are several areas with small pebbles.

During an excursion to Alanya, it is worth visiting Cleopatra Beach – 2 km of sand, a gentle entrance to the sea. Nearby is the fortress, which is one of the main attractions.

Ulas beach near Alanya also deserves attention. They change clothes here in special booths, which are cut right into the rock. On the beach, there is a square with tables and benches – a great place for a picnic.

Attractions of Avsallar and Surroundings

In Avsallar and its surroundings, you can visit the following attractions:

Caravanserai Alarakhan

Since the 13th century, this place has been used for the rest merchants and wanderers and served as the protection of the Great Silk Road. Today the architectural complex has been restored, there is a restaurant and a large shopping center. Climbing the fortress wall of the Caravanserai, you can admire the wonderful views of the surroundings, the sea, and the mountains. During the restoration, the traditional style of the architectural set was preserved. Turkish evenings are regularly held here for tourists – an excursion that you should definitely visit.

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Muslim Mosque

It is located in the center of the village. This is one of the best places to get acquainted with local traditions. When visiting a mosque, it is important to remember the correct dress and behavior in a sacred place.


In the market, you can fully enjoy the local flavor. Here you can make various purchases – buy food, buy souvenirs, and clothes. Definitely a bargain. The atmosphere in the market is always lively.

Alanya Fortress and Red Tower (Kyzyl Kule)

This complex is the main attraction of the resort, built in the XIII century. The red tower is the symbol of the city and is depicted on its flag.


This ancient Greek city is located 40 km from Avsallar on the way to Antalya. Fortress walls, towers, and the country’s largest amphitheater have been preserved here, and outside the city walls, there are many necropolises and ruins of Roman buildings. On the Side there are the ruins of the temple of Apollo – it stood for almost a millennium, but it was not time that killed it, but a strong earthquake. Also noteworthy is the Roman aqueduct, the remains of the 5-meter Nymphaeum fountain. You can view the city from a height from the observation deck of the Manavgat waterfall.


This historical site is located near the village of Serik, 35 km from Antalya. Its exact age has not been determined, but according to one version, it was created after the Trojan War, that is, a millennium BC. The main attraction of Aspendos is the Roman theater. It is well preserved, and the architectural and sculptural decoration of the stage portal is very rich. Various performances are regularly held in the amphitheater, and concerts and festivals are organized. A visit to a historical site can be successfully combined with an entertainment event. The well-preserved bridge of the XIII century, the basilica, the acropolis, the market square, and the ruins of the aqueduct also deserve attention. Aspendos is a real open-air museum.

Olive Cave (Zeytintashi)

It is located in the valley of the ruins of Aspendos at an altitude of 220 m above sea level. Its depth is about 17 m. The lower floor is 97 sq. m. m, but visiting it is dangerous, although work is underway that will eventually open it to visitors. The top floor with side aisles covers 137 sq. m. On the mine at the end of the passage, you can go down to the Aspendos amphitheater. The cave can be accessed via a guided tour. It runs partly through a wild forest – this part of the route must be covered on foot, but the local views are worth it. The cave is private property, so you can visit it only with a guide during the tour.

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This is a national park and the waterfall of the same name in it. The territory occupies 33 hectares. This is a beautiful picturesque place, which is worth devoting the whole day too. There are places for recreation, there are several walking routes, and toilets are provided. You can organize a picnic or visit one of the local restaurants.


This is a 1-2 day tour. It includes visiting the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Hierapolis, walking along the mountain slope and swimming in the Cleopatra pool.

Avsallar is a small village. You can get around it in half an hour. The main street with a lot of passages and alleys deserves special attention. Here you can enjoy the local flavor, and visit many shops and souvenir shops.

On a yacht or catamaran, you can get to Turtle Island. It is also called Mouse Island and the Island of Unfaithful Wives. There are many legends and legends associated with this place. Tourists are attracted by the wealth of local exotic flora and fauna, excellent diving, and a cozy sandy beach.

Entertainment, Active Recreation

The following activities and entertainment options are possible in Avsallar:

  • One of the popular activities for active tourists is rafting. They raft along the Alara River, which flows through Avsallar, as well as the mountain river Manavgat. The period in March-May is especially good for rafting when the water flow is especially powerful. There are several difficulty levels, so you can choose the right option even for children (at least 5 years old).
  • Another popular destination for outdoor activities is diving. There are areas with a sharp departure in depth. Organized by Diving Center Falcons. The center offers the service of individual diving (personal instructor), photography and video filming.
  • On the beach, active tourists can find other entertainment:

                 1. Beach volleyball;

                 2. Water skiing;

                  3. Water bike;

                  4. Horse riding.

  • Yachting deserves special attention. The excursion program includes not only admiring local views but also lunch, animators, and visiting cozy bays with beaches. During the evening walk, a disco party is held, and guests are offered soft drinks.
  • From the official tour operator, you can buy a ticket for the Viking yacht – the largest in the country, which is located on the coast of Alanya. You can choose one of several excursions. Tourists visit the caves near Cleopatra Beach, and feed piranhas, in the evening a foam disco, a laser show, and animators’ performances are organized. There are separate excursions for children with a pirate theme.
  • There is a water entertainment club in Avsallar. Here you can rent a boat or boat, equipment for various water sports. Parasailing deserves special attention – you can take a parachute for one or two people. Additionally, photo and video shooting are organized.
  • If beach activities are tiring, then active tourists can go on a jeep safari or on a quad bike ride. Such excursions attract not only by the ride itself but also by visiting interesting places. These include cactus groves, orange orchards, and banana plantations.
  • For lovers of a relaxing holiday, a leisurely walk along palm alley along the coast is suitable. On it, you can get to the foot of the Taurus Mountains and admire the local views.
  • Not far from Avsallar are the Sealanya water park and the Dolphinpark Seapark organized in it. Here you can find a lot of entertainment attractions, see not only dolphins, but also fur seals, and watch a performance. You can tickle your nerves while diving with sharks and stingrays – while a person is in an iron cage. The water park has pools with seawater and fish, sculptural compositions are organized at the bottom – at the entrance, visitors receive masks with disposable tubes to dive to admire the local fauna and decoration. Separately contains stingrays, which can be fed.
  • Another source of water entertainment is the Waterland water park. There are attractions and slides for every taste. There are sun loungers, a cafeteria and a bar.
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Avsallar is great for a beach holiday. It is good to relax with children, go in for water sports, diving. There are few attractions in the village itself, but you can visit a lot of interesting objects near it – on your own or during an excursion.

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