Where to Fly for New Year and Christmas?

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Where to Fly for New Year and Christmas? The New Year always comes unexpectedly. You remember him all the time, suddenly you hesitated for a month … and now it’s mid-December, and the issue becomes acute.

Where to Fly for New Year and Christmas

We always advise you to book tours for the New Year and Christmas holidays (both Catholic and Orthodox) in advance. As soon as everyone starts worrying about where to celebrate, demand will rise, tour prices will start to rise, and there will be fewer places in good hotels. You can’t count on last-minute tours for the New Year holidays, a very popular product is travel for the New Year and Christmas.

Best Travel Destinations for Winter Holidays

Where can you celebrate New Year and Christmas and how much will it cost? We are considering package tours with air (or bus transfer), transfers, insurance and services.

1. Egypt

Not a single Ukrainian New Year is complete without tours to Egypt. December is not the coldest month, but already with winds and cool nights. Therefore, it is best to choose hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh in calm bays. If you buy a tour to Hurghada in December, swimming is in question, the weather is cooler here. But in any case, you will bring a beautiful tan and rest from the winter.

In hotels in Egypt, the New Year for tourists is organized on a grand scale, with New Year’s dinners and a festive program (sometimes they are necessarily included in the tour price, sometimes they are paid optionally when booking).

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2. Emirates

New Year in the Emirates will be held completely without snow and very brightly, in Dubai, it is celebrated on a grand scale, with the famous fireworks at the Burj Khalifa and one of the best visual shows in the world. The weather in the Emirates in December and January is very comfortable for relaxing. Making a New Year’s wish with a cocktail in your hand while sitting in a restaurant near the beach is not an idea for a celebration!

Most often, the New Year in the UAE is celebrated in clubs, restaurants or on the territory of the hotel. Please note that alcohol in the Emirates can not be consumed everywhere, and you should not abuse the attention of representatives of the law in public places.

As for the snow in the Emirates, you can still find it, for example, in the indoor ski resort of Dubai, Ski Dubai, located in the Mall of the Emirates. They are always happy to offer guests a portion of snow adrenaline, there are high-quality slopes for skiing, and for the New Year, Ski Dubai will certainly prepare themed events.

3. Excursion Europe

Shining with the lights of Christmas decorations, luring with colorful noisy fairs, nativity scenes and delicious cupcakes – stollen and panettone. When choosing a sightseeing tour to Europe for the New Year, pay attention – these are bus tours or air tours to European countries.

The former will be cheaper, the latter will allow you to get to your dream country faster and more comfortably. On a sightseeing tour with an air flight, you can also see several countries – upon arrival, tourists transfer to comfortable buses with a guide, and an exciting journey along the route begins with accommodation in hotels for the night.

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Non-standard idea: instead of Paris for Catholic Christmas or New Year, you can visit Strasbourg. Not everyone knows, but it is the city of Strasbourg that bears the title of capital of Christmas. Fairs and skating rinks are already open, there are a lot of tourists for the winter holidays, and there is something to see here from the end of November. There are no direct flights to Strasbourg from Kyiv yet, you can get there by domestic flights from Paris or Frankfurt, or by train.

An important detail about winter holidays in Europe, which does not spoil the holiday, but must be taken into account. On holidays in Europe, shops, shopping centers and services often do not work. It can be difficult to buy ordinary, non-fair things or products, fix something, or order, keep this in mind just in case.

4. Finland

Visiting Santa Claus (aka Santa or Joulupukki) for the New Year – it’s hard to come up with something more classic. Therefore, not the capital of Finland, Helsinki, but the region of Rovaniemi (Lapland) is especially popular for the winter holidays. The most famous cities in Lapland to visit are the resort of Levi, Saariselkä and Porvoo.

New Year and Christmas in Finland is admiring the northern nature (you can see the northern lights in Lapland!), cozy evenings in a cottage, SPA-rest, sledding, snowmobiling and skiing, visiting deer farms and fulfilling a cherished dream for children – a visit to the residence of Joulupukki.

5. Cyprus

The New Year in Cyprus can be described in three words – soulful, sunny and orange. Holidays are celebrated here in a big way. There is no Father Frost or St. Nicholas in Cyprus, instead, St. Basil congratulates the Cypriots, and they begin to prepare for the holidays in November.

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In December, the temperature in Cyprus stays at +17+18 during the day, and +13+15 at night. Not enough for swimming, and the water is invigorating, but still, the trip will not disappoint. If you know how to drive a car, renting a car in Cyprus will reveal to you all its secrets and secluded corners, the island attracts with its wild rocky beauty.

National parks, vineyards, antiquities, villages with crafts, heady air, excellent cuisine and wines – even wine tours are organized in Cyprus, and the traditions of growing grapes and making wine are rich here. The atmosphere of a holiday in Cyprus can be compared with the Georgian one if you understand what we mean.

He captivates with his sincerity and sincerity, here you rest your soul. The hotel for the New Year will be fun, and tasty, with European service, and you can swim in the indoor heated pool.


Whatever scenario of the New Year holidays you choose, we are ready to make it a reality and choose the best travel options for you! Leave travel requests and Deluxe Voyage managers will make your dreams of a beautiful New Year a reality.

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