What You Can't Miss on a Beach Getaway

What You Can’t Miss on a Beach Getaway

What You Can’t Miss on a Beach Getaway: The good weather is coming and we can’t help it: we think of the beach !! We leave you a list of things that cannot be missing in your trunk for those who cannot wait for summer and take advantage of the weekends to escape to the sea.

Packing for vacation can be a mess, especially if you go to the beach, where you will need quite a few extra things. If you are already thinking of going to the beach for a weekend or to spend your holidays, we give you a complete list of things that you will need so that you do not miss anything.

A Portable Cooler

We all know how hot it is when we are at the beach. If you’re only going for a couple of hours, you may not need it. But if you want to spend the day or want to have something cool while you are there, you can opt for a cooler or an insulated bag.

1. Campos 75224 Thermo rigid fridge, Blue, 16L

Rigid blue thermo cooler. This is the most classic and practical option. This cooler keeps the temperature almost like a real fridge. You have to put your food and drinks inside along with the freezer plates, which are included. This has 16 liters of capacity, so it is perfect to go as a family or with a group of friends.


  • Rigid fridge 16 liters.
  • Rigid fridge, ideal for transporting your drinks and food and keeping them fresh for longer.
  • Capacity: 16 liters.
  • The shell is molded polypropylene with hermetic closure and ergonomic carry handle.

2. Orlegol Thermal Food Bag

If you need less space, it may be enough to bring an insulated bag as a cooler. Its size is smaller and protects the cold thanks to the material they are made, which is also waterproof. You can manage with an insulated bag or use it to complement the cooler if you are fewer.


  • Durable: The thermal food bag’s exterior is made of oxford fabric for durability, waterproofing, and easy cleaning.
  • Practical: Beach cooler bag with a large main compartment and 1-way zip closure and 2 side mesh pockets, adjustable shoulder straps and practical handle.

Sunbathing Mats

To sunbathe comfortably, to use as a tablecloth to eat, a special beach mat is an ideal complement to take with you for children to play. In addition, they are easy to dry and hardly take up space, so you will not regret taking it on your vacation.

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1. Mat for Beach and Picnic

This mat is 2 × 2 meters, so it is perfect for groups, for children to play or to eat. It dries very quickly and you can also use it for picnics or camping. It is also available with the measure 2 × 1.5 m. Sand does not stick, quick to dry, easy to clean, great for the beach, picnic, outdoor events, etc.


  • 2 sizes available. S: 200 x 150 cm / 6.6 x 5 ft. L: 200 x 200 cm / 6.6 x 6.6 ft.
  • Use of advanced polyester, durable and ultralight. It folds into a compact shape. Elegant, attractive and straightforward design. Your best choice.

2. Waterproof Picnic Blanket

Another good option is this waterproof picnic blanket. It has the same measures of 2 × 2 meters and has a perfect folding system to take it wherever you want. It measures 200 X 200 and in addition to the beach, it is perfect for country and mountain getaways.


  • Large and Multifunctional: Its size is 200 x 200cm, it is suitable for 4 to 8 people. It can be used on the beach, picnic and camping. You can also use it at home: as a yoga mat, floor mat, children’s mattress.

Sun Loungers for the Beach

If you don’t want to end your day at the beach with back pain, we recommend that you pack a beach lounger in your suitcase, which is comfortable but also easy to transport. Make sure that it folds easily, that it does not weigh too much and, above all, that it is comfortable and padded.

1. Padded Sun Lounger With Adjustable Backrest

This lounger is one of the lightest on the market. They are just over 1 kilogram in weight and easy to transport thanks to its folding, it is an ideal option to take to the beach. In addition, you can remove it and wash it easily. It has a carrying strap and measures (length x width x height) 160 cm x 54 cm x 38 cm


  • ‍Beach or pool? Sitting or lying down? Not sure what to choose? This padded lounger will be perfect.
  • ‍This blue lounger is padded and foldable; it becomes a chair for your comfort whenever you want. It is also very easy to transport since it can be closed with the velcro closures and the shoulder strap.

2. Beach Lounger with Parasol and Wheels

Another very easy to transport option is this lounger that comes with a sunshade included and with wheels. You can take it with you as if it were a cart and you can also put up to 20 kg of things on top to carry more things in it in addition to the lounger itself.


  • High-quality aluminum frame, resistant and quick-drying surface; backrest reclining in, practical padded headrest for comfortable lying down
  • A practically unbreakable glass of 2 liters capacity, without BFA (endocrine disruptor), with lid, includes pestle

3. Set of 2 Folding Loungers

These two loungers are spacious and foldable and come with a practical parasol that you can adapt. They are perfect for taking to the beach or the pool. They measure 190cm and are made of steel.


  • Set of 2 sun loungers with parasol, light, easy to transport – with fabric handles
  • Backrest adjustable in 5 positions (including horizontal position, 180 °)
  • Measurements (Length x Width x Height): 187 x 53 x 27 cm – Folded: 70 x 56 x 12.5 cm
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4. Aluminum Folding Beach Chair

Another practical option for sunbathing is folding chairs. By functioning as a chair, you can also use them to eat, in addition to being able to lie down to sunbathe. A more versatile option to avoid spending the whole day lying down. They are light because they are made of aluminum and the fabric is breathable and waterproof. It has four positions and handles for transport.


  • Beach chair-folding bed with 4 positions for greater comfort
  • Made of round aluminum tube
  • Safety folding system
  • Quick-drying textile fabric; for beach or pool; allows perspiration

Beach Floats

As it will not be everything to sunbathe on the sand, why not also take it in the water? The beach floats will make you have an incredible time in the sea. Use them to play or lie in the sun and you will have the accessory that the whole beach will envy.

1. Pineapple Wheel Float 117 X 86 Cm

This float is shaped like a pineapple and measures 117 x 86 cm. It is one of those with an interior hole so that you can use it as a float and a water lounger.


  • Pineapple-shaped float wheel in yellow, orange and green
  • Measurements: 117 x 86 cm
  • Includes repair patch
  • Recommended for ages 9 and up
  • Very resistant to both chlorine and saltwater

2. Double Transparent Inflatable Mattress

This classic mat measures 193 x 142 cm and therefore has space for two people. A whole bed to rest on the sea.


  • It has an integrated pillow for greater comfort
  • Up to two people can lie down as it has measurements: 193×142 cm and supports up to 180 kg of weight
  • It is made of proven strong vinyl

3. Inflatable Shark

Photorealistic inflatable shark with 2 handles measuring 173 x 107 cm. An especially fun option for the little ones. These floats are shaped like different animals and have handles to safely and safely play in the sea.


  • Intex inflatable mattress in the shape of a white shark
  • The measurements of the inflated white shark are: 173 x 107 x 56 cm
  • Innovative Black and gray photorealistic printing
  • It has 2 sturdy handles incorporated for greater support and stability in the water and a patch kit to repair small pores or punctures

4. Giant Watermelon Float Ø 188 Cm

This is a more fun version of the classic water lounger. Round in shape and 188 cm in diameter, you can fully lie down and enjoy the sea on your mat with a watermelon design.


  • It has a fun watermelon design with a diameter of 188 cm
  • Up to two people can lie on it, supporting up to 90 kg
  • Inflates and deflates quickly so you can take it where you need it

5. Inflatable Mattress Convertible Into an Armchair

A whole mattress to rest on the water. This inflatable armchair allows you to sit or lie on it, as it measures 198 x 94 cm. It also includes a repair kit in case of scratches or small punctures.


  • Intex inflatable mattress convertible into an armchair, measurements are 198 x 94 x 61 cm
  • Ideal to rest in the water of the pool or on the beach; It is not advisable to use it for river areas or to move more than 10 meters from the shore
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Parasols and Beach Umbrellas

Because being in the sun all day is not good. Even less if children accompany you. If you are going to spend many hours on the beach, we recommend taking a beach umbrella with you. Make sure that it is not too heavy and that the assembly is easy and safe.

1. Lolahome Beach Umbrella

Parasol with reinforced anti-corrosion aluminum spiral, multicolored design and 240 cm in diameter. The upper part allows redirection to follow the sun’s direction without having to re-nail it every hour. This umbrella has everything a good umbrella needs to have. It is 200 cm high and has a built-in propeller to drive it into any sand, finer or coarser.

2. Galactic Crevicosta Umbrella

Reinforced and anodized aluminum parasol, Galactic design, 180 cm diameter parasol, spiral for easy screwing in the sand. Another practical and even lighter option: it weighs only 1,200 grams. It is made of suitable materials and the anchoring system is optimal.


  • Aluminum structure, with adjustable inclination and air window
  • Oxford weave, a cotton and polyester fabric that provides an elegant look and feel to our products.
  • Very high-quality stainless aluminum. Thanks to this, we can emphasize that our products are robust and light, perfect for any occasion. The anchoring system of our umbrellas will make anchoring in the sand easier and more comfortable, thanks to the spiral and the folding cranks, to support hands and nail the spiral in the simplest way.

3. SportBrella

This is the best option if you go to the beach as a family or in large groups. Provides a vast shade thanks to the side wings. It is perfect for defining a place for children to play without being in the sun excessively.


  • Quick shade protection from sun, wind and rain, maximum UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Travel size 54 “x 4” x 4 “, weight 9 pounds
  • Sturdy umbrella structure with side flaps for full canopy protection

Sun Cream

How could we forget about sunscreen when packing for the beach? Well, it happens more times than it may seem. The quintessential summer essential is sun cream. Don’t ruin your vacation: remember to bring a good sunscreen kit wherever you go.

1. Hawaiian Tropic Pack

Sun Protection and Skin Care Kit. Because it is not just about applying sunscreen, we recommend a complete kit with different protection factors according to each skin type and for each body area.


  • Pack for the care of Intermediate or Combination Skin: Protection and complete care for your skin type
  • Dry Oil Tanning Spray SPF 20 + Silk Hydration AirSoft Sun Mist SPF 30 + Facial Sun Cream SPF 30 + After Sun Body Butter Coco

2. Nivea Sun

This practical sun care kit comes with travel-size products, so it’s perfect for quick getaways. Includes 50 FP facial protection and a spray sunscreen that protects and hydrates.

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