What to Visit in Los Angeles

What to Visit in Los Angeles

If you are determined to go on vacation and do not know what to visit in Los Angeles, in this section, we will give you all the necessary information so that you can prepare for your vacation in Los Angeles. Below you will find a list of the most emblematic places in the city that no tourist should miss. You will also find some less popular places but that seem interesting enough to know.

Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Planning a trip to Los Angeles? We have what you need: a list of the most important places to visit in Los Angeles.

In order to experience the essence of Los Angeles, it is essential to have stepped on the ground in certain areas of the city. Perhaps the most important, and the one that concentrates the greatest number of tourist attractions, is Hollywood. However, there are many more.

We leave you a brief description of each of the places to visit in Los Angeles, so you can decide which places to see. Our list may be very complete ( 30 places to visit in LA !), especially if you travel for a few days. In this case, we recommend that you review the three-day itinerary through Los Angeles. If you want to complete your trip with other points of interest near Los Angeles, don’t miss the itineraries and excursions section.

We start with the most outstanding places to visit in Los Angeles!

1. The Huntington

The Huntington is a wonderful park that features a library, an art museum, and some of the most impressive botanical gardens in the world. The library’s highlights include ancient manuscripts and writings of Shakespeare and one of 12 copies of the Gutenberg Bible in existence. The art galleries present priceless works spanning centuries, while the park is divided into large sections: the Japanese garden, the Chinese garden, the Australian garden, and even desert landscapes, aromatic herbs, and more.

2. Universal Studios

Universal Studios Theme Park is known for its attractions based on great movies, although it is also a working movie studio. The highlight is that the attractions are very changeable: there are simulators, shows and roller coasters … and unlike Disneyland.

Universal Studios is in Los Angeles! You can also take a guided tour of the film and TV studios, which will allow you to see some of the sets of the most popular Universal films. If you visit the park on the weekend (which is when there are more people), we recommend getting a fast pass (it gives you fast access once at each attraction).

3. Universal Citywalk

The CityWalk is a separate attraction from Universal Studios and is a neon-lit promenade packed with shops, bars, restaurants, and ultimately entertainment. The CityWalk’s main attraction is the 5 Towers, an open-air concert venue where street artists perform almost every night. Admission is free (the Universal Studios ticket is not required), and peak visitors are on weekends.

4. Hollywood Forever Cemetery

If you want to pay tribute to some of the most famous stars in Hollywood, you must stop by Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where the graves of Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, Judy Garland and Cecil B. DeMille lie among others.

The cemetery is located on Santa Monica Boulevard, just behind Paramount Studios. We recommend you stop by the cemetery florist where you can get a map that will indicate where the graves of the celebrities are. Access is free and can be visited from 8 to 5. On Saturday nights (May to September) there are open-air film screenings (You have to pay to watch a movie).

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5. Downtown Los Angeles

It is essential to visit Downtown Los Angeles and walk in the middle of its skyscrapers. If you visit the civic center, you will be able to know the nerve center of the city of stars. In this area, there are buildings as emblematic as the City Hall and the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. If you like contemporary architecture, we recommend visiting the Walt Disney Concert Hall. But your thing is shopping, we recommend you visit the Fashion District of Los Angeles.

6. Beverly Hills

We all know that there is a place called Beverly Hills. His fame is that it hides much of the stars of Hollywood and also have seen the neighborhood in numerous series and films.

But … Why visit Beverly Hills? Because you will have the opportunity to see large mansions riding on an American trolley (minibusses with the appearance of old trams), you can also enjoy a walk along the famous shopping street Rodeo Drive. You can even visit Warner Brothers, one of the most important film studios in the world. Do you still lack reasons? Discover them here!

7. Sunset Strip

Also known as “The Strip”, you may have heard its name in a song. Visiting the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles is almost a must. This neighborhood has a particular charm and a very bohemian atmosphere. It is known for its rock clubs, colorful billboards, “chic” restaurants, and great nightclubs.

But on the Sunset Strip there is not only nightlife … During the day you will find boutiques and clothing stores where you can spend a good day shopping. Ultimately, if we had to describe this district in one word, it would be intensity.

8. Santa Monica

Give yourself a bath or take a drink on the beautiful beach of Santa Monica is another activity that will make you feel the essence of Los Angeles. Its famous pier and the Pacific Park fairground give a picturesque charm to the place. You can also treat yourself to a swim in Venice Beach or go rollerblading along the Ocean Avenue promenade (full of street performers and performances of all kinds).

9. Venice Beach

Venice Beach has long been California’s bohemian epicenter, and despite the crowds of tourists who visit this area every day, it still retains its eccentric spirit. The Boardwalk (like a maritime promenade) is the area where you can experience the craziest and most wild of Venice Beach: basketball courts, a skate park, street musicians and small shops that sell artistic and holistic products. Along the stretch is the famous Muscle Beach always packed with scantily clad people showing off well-sculpted bodies.

10. Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo is, as its name suggests, the Japanese neighborhood of Los Angeles. Visiting the Little Tokyo neighborhood in Los Angeles, apart from delving deeper into the city ​​of Los Angeles itself, will take you directly to Japan. In Little Tokyo, you will find streets with Japanese style, oriental decorations, Japanese restaurants … all the essence of Japan you will find there.

11. Chinatown

One of the most typical neighborhoods in Los Angeles is Chinatown, known as Chinatown. Here is Olvera Street, the oldest street in the city. Visiting Chinatown, you will discover the essence of the famous Chinatowns US through its temples, museums, streets and squares.

12. Miracle Mile and Brea Tar Pits

Previously, the Miracle Mile area was a very quiet place but today it has become a high-end destination full of things to do. The Brea Tar Pits is a curious museum where you will be able to see skeletons of animals that the tar captured more than 40 thousand years ago. If you visit this exhibition, you can see an impressive oil well and a large collection of fossils of all kinds of fauna.

13. The Alleys (Santee Alley)

The Santee Alley area, more popularly known as “Los Callejones” in Los Angeles, is one of the best areas to buy cheap clothes in Los Angeles. It must be said that Los Callejones are not particularly beautiful (they have no special charm and sometimes the streets are a bit dirty). Even so, it is worth seeing and being part of the spectacle of travelers and locals looking for the best deals.

14. Getty Center

Perched atop the Brentwood Hills, the Getty Center is an impressive museum known as much for its architectural design as for its art collection. It houses some of the best works in the world: Renaissance paintings, photography, Baroque sculpture, historical manuscripts, and much more within a sprawling, modern campus in the middle of the Santa Monica Mountains.

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The museum also offers spectacular views of Los Angeles if the sky is clear. You can also take a guided tour, which will allow you to get to know interesting parts of the museum that are difficult to find by someone else. If you go with a vehicle, you should know that sometimes GPS gives wrong routes: the only public entrance to the Getty Center is on Getty Center Drive from North Sepulveda Boulevard. Access to the museum is free but you have to pay to park.

15. Hollywood

Traveling to Los Angeles is synonymous with visiting Hollywood. Its well-known film industry makes this district a great tourist attraction in Los Angeles. It is currently the mecca of world cinema. If you want to experience in the first person what you always saw behind a screen, this is your chance.

Have you heard of the walk of fame? In “Walk of Fame” you can walk in the footsteps of the most famous people in Hollywood. In addition, the neighborhood offers all kinds of tours and activities for you to soak up the most famous neighborhood in LA: Hollywood.

16. Petersen Automotive

If you like the motor world, Peterson Automotive is a must stop. Spread over four floors, you will find a mix of permanent and temporary exhibits with more than 300 cars and motorcycles. One of the most interesting parts of the museum is The Vault (which also offers a guided tour). The museum has been completely renovated and is now one of the most modern institutions of its kind, seeing it from the outside is already a real spectacle.

17. Oue Skyspace

70 stories over downtown Los Angeles, the OUE Skyspace will offer the best views of the city. The visit includes informative and interactive films and a bar where you can have Californian wine and snacks. The OUE Skyspace has a glass slide that takes you to the lower deck and passes outside the building, giving an incredible feeling of emptiness. Throughout the year, events are organized with movie screenings, yoga at sunrise and sunset and special shows for the Christmas holidays.

18. Walt Disney Concert Hall

Frank Gehry’s fascinating Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles has become a treasured element of the urban landscape since its opening in 2003. Funded by the Disney family, the venue is a tribute to Disney’s contribution to the culture of Los Angeles and is home to the famous Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, which performs concerts from October to June (in summer they move to the Hollywood Bowl). If you do not plan to attend a concert and want to see its interior, you can hire a visit with an audio guide that lasts approximately one h.

19. Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard is one of the most iconic thoroughfares in the United States. Formerly it was the symbol of the most glamorous lifestyle in Hollywood, something that we have seen in several movies. Today this palm tree-lined street (connecting downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the Pacific Coast Highway) retains its cinematic appeal, and the Sunset Strip portion has become a popular spot for nightlife.

The strip of the strip is home to some of the most famous music clubs in Los Angeles: Rainbow Bar & Grill and The Roxy. If during your trip you decide to rent a vehicle, we recommend go down the boulevard at sunset to enjoy a wonderful sunset. You can also use bus line 2/302, which runs through much of this street.

20. Arts District

To the east of Downtown, you will find a district made up of old warehouses, rail sheds and factories from the early 20th century. Colonized by various artists in the 1970s, it is now a youth creative hub. It’s a perfect place to visit if you’re into graffiti and street art – there are over 100 murals, galleries, independent boutiques, loft-style breweries, and ultra-modern coffee shops. One of the most hipster neighborhoods to visit in Los Angeles.

21. Warner Brothers Studios

This visit is perfect for moviegoers. Here you can see the studios where the latest movies and TV shows are filmed. Warner Brothers Studios is one of the best-known production companies in the city of stars and in the world. If you want to experience everything that happens on the big screen, this tour can be quite an experience.

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22. Museums

Whether you like the world of museums or not, in Los Angeles, you will find: ancient art, natural history, modern and contemporary art, the Grammy Awards, the universe, Hollywood relics, the American West, historic mansions, a ship war … Do you want more? We show you all of them in the Los Angeles museum guide. We play something that you will love one of them!

23. The Grove

The Grove is a unique Los Angeles shopping district that feels like it was back in the 20th century. The area has large avenues and small squares that are a real beauty. When visiting The Grove, you will see that the tents have been designed to be reminiscent of old American houses.

In addition, the shopping center wears a special decoration at each time of the year. At its most central point, you can see a huge fountain that dances to the rhythm of the music. Without a doubt, it is a different and interesting place to visit, essential if you like shopping.

24. The Griffith Observatory

If you want to imagine your trip to Los Angeles from a unique point of view, wait until the end of your trip to climb the Griffith Observatory. Here you will find a viewpoint located on top of a hill in South Hollywood that will allow you to see the incredible and vast expanse of the city of Los Angeles.

Being a great green and quiet area, it is common to meet families living in Los Angeles who are going to spend the day there. You can also visit the Samuel Oschin Planetarium and take a good photo of the famous Hollywood sign.

25. Disneyland

They say you are never too old for Disneyland. Nicknamed “Happiest Place on Earth,” the park includes classic attractions and areas such as Adventureland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and new attractions from Star Wars: Galaxy Edge. Just outside of Los Angeles, in Anaheim (approx 1’15 h drive), this great Disney resort offers all the features and services to complete your trip with some action and adrenaline. Here’s a complete guide to Disneyland Anaheim, tips on lodging, and tips to save money.

26. Malibu

Do you want to know what it feels like to discover paradise? We already know it and we give you the key to it: visit Malibu. Its impressive natural surroundings and mild climate throughout the year make Malibu’s beaches one of the most sought-after destinations.

The waves of the peaceful rebel of the area have been, for years, the limbo of surfers (if you like surfing here, we leave you some of the best surf spots in Los Angeles and surroundings ). Malibu is very close to Los Angeles, and that can be an excellent excuse to drive on the wonderful Pacific Coast Highway.

27. Pacific Coast Highway and Point Dume

Any trip to Los Angeles should include a highway route that we just mentioned. The Pacific Coast Highway cuts through the Malibu mountains on one side and hugs the ocean on the other. As you enter this oasis, you will find Point Dume: high cliffs, pristine beaches and wildlife that includes sea ​​lions and whales. It is also the side of Zuma Beach, which is the ideal place to sunbathe and relax after the ruckus of Los Angeles.

28. Visit Manhattan Beach

Without a doubt, Manhattan Beach is the ideal beach area for practicing typical Californian sports, such as surfing. Apart from being one of the most famous beaches in Los Angeles, it also has a unique atmosphere since it is a place frequented by wealthy people. If you visit Manhattan Beach, you cannot miss the tour of the Boardwalk at sunset.

29. Visit the Crystal Cathedral (Outside of La)

If you are a devotee of architecture, we advise you to visit the Crystal Cathedral in Orange County. Without a doubt, it is one of the most unique and impressive churches in the world. Its incredible glass construction (as its name suggests) and its large gardens allow you to enter a fantasy world.

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