What to See One Day in Dubai

What to See One Day in Dubai

The capital of the Emirates is a dynamically developing city. It is focused not only on the business elite but also on tourists. There are many interesting sites here, which will take more than one week to see in detail. And what to see in Dubai in 1 day on your own? And is it possible?

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What to See One Day in Dubai

Yes, the city has a well-developed transport structure, so it is quite easy to move from one point to another. The most convenient way is to use the metro: the absence of traffic jams will significantly save time. Potential delays should be taken into account when traveling by taxi and rented cars.

1. Dubai Marina

You should start your journey from here. The area itself is small: the width is just over 500 meters, and the length is about 3 kilometers. But this territory is recognized as the most beautiful in the country. Dubai Marina development is a real gem.

In 2003, the reconstruction of the coastal strip was required. At the same time, it was decided to renovate the residential area. True, few people believed that an unusual project could be implemented: it seemed so incredible. To implement the plan, we had to dig a channel deep into the desert.

Today the area is known far beyond the city limits. Quaint skyscrapers are built here, which house business centers, apartments, hotels and restaurants. Dubai Marina is especially attractive in the dark. The towers are colored with lights that reflect in the channel.

But this place attracts not only with its beauty and lights. There are many boutiques and markets. Walking can be easily combined with shopping. Walkways for pedestrians have been built on the embankment. And they are always crowded. In the morning, locals and vacationers go jogging, and in the evening, tourists take a walk.

And the area looks amazing from the water. To see everything with your own eyes, it is worth hiring a yacht and taking a trip along the coast.

Getting from the airport is easy. Take the Red Train at Airport Terminal 3 to Jumeirah Lakes Towers Station. This is the best route for those with little luggage. When traveling by taxi or bus, you will have to stand in traffic jams.

2. Zipline XLine Dubai Marina

Excellent entertainment for extreme lovers. It is proposed to fly from the Amwaj tower (from a height of 170) meters to the Dubai Marina shopping center. The sensations are incredible: at a speed of 80 km / h, guests rush along the path of 1 km! The pier, the embankment, buildings flashed below.

If emotions are captured entirely, and you cannot concentrate on viewing the panorama, it does not matter. A camera is attached to the helmet, which automatically records the entire flight.

You can fly with a friend or girlfriend. This will allow you to more fully enjoy the experience of the attraction.

To make an exciting journey, you should follow the recommendations:

  • arrive 15 minutes before the start of the descent
  • be in comfortable clothes and shoes
  • have an identity card with you
  • have no medical contraindications for the descent
  • not be intoxicated
  • for children under 18 years of age, parental consent is required

Getting to the attraction from the airport is easier by metro. You need to take the red line and drive to the Dubai Marina or Jumeirah Lake Towers stops.

3. Palm Jumeirah

It is impossible to visit the UAE and not see the Palm Jumeirah. It is a huge artificial island shaped like a palm tree. There are prestigious villa hotels here, and this is a rather expensive development even for the Emirates.

Surprisingly, the island is loose. To create it, the architects used the usual fossils: stone and sand. To prevent the waves of the Persian Gulf from destroying the man-made miracle, the entire complex was surrounded by a giant breakwater.

The project is quite unusual in execution: the builders did not use any additional fasteners from the popular reinforced concrete. But the original solution proved its viability: the island exists, there is no precipitation at all.

Tourists can not only walk around the fashionable island but also go around it on the monorail. During the journey, the train will stop at 4 stations. And the same distance can be covered by taxi. And there is also a great set of entertainment.

On the territory of the Atlantis hotel, there are:

  • aquapark
  • dolphinarium
  • aquarium
  • kitesurf beach
  • SPA complex

You can go for a ride on a yacht, take a helicopter, visit museums. For party-goers, there are nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Here you can have a great rest even for 1 day.

From the airport, Palm Jumeirah can be reached by the Red train from Airport Terminal 3. Get off at Jumeirah Lakes Towers station.

4. Mall of the Emirates

The shopping center was the largest in the country for 3 years, but then passed the palm. Despite the novelty, the Mall has already been remodeled. Today, visitors can visit over 600 retail outlets. More than 100 restaurants offer to satisfy hunger.

In the shopping center, prices are quite democratic, and the range of goods is extensive. Many trade firms have their own boutiques. Here guests spend the whole day moving from one pavilion to another. In a local supermarket, tourists buy souvenirs for guests for symbolic money.

True, some guests note the lack of entertainment usual for the Emirates: an oceanarium and an aquarium. But this is also a positive point: there are relatively few people in the Mall compared to other similar centers.

Mall of the Emirates is located at Junction 4 of Sheikh Highway. The easiest way to get here is by metro. At the airport, take the red line and get off at the Mall of Emirates station. Free buses run from some hotels to the shopping center.

5. Zabil Park

This is a great park that is visited not only by tourists but also by locals. This is a huge area dedicated to spotting and recreation. Zabiel is divided into sectors connected by tracks.

A jogging track is equipped for athletes, and a lake is arranged for those who wish to go boating. There are restaurants on the picturesque shore, and you can relax in cozy shady gazebos.

Then you can play mini cricket or golf. Excellent venues have been set up for this entertainment. Kids spend their time on the playgrounds with enthusiasm.

Zabil is decorated with sculptures. There are a fitness center and even an exhibition gallery. Zabiel is clearly divided into thematic zones:

  • alternative energy
  • techno
  • communicative

Each visitor will find something to do. Zabil also has a huge cinema has a huge 3D cinema. Most of the shade is created by palm trees. But the organizers of the complex planted other plants brought from different parts of the world.

You can get here by the red metro line. You should go to the stations of Al-Jafliya or the World Trade Center. The park has several gates, so there will be no problems finding the entrance.

6. Dubai Stargate Theme Park

This amusement park was built in 2009. The architects composed a story about aliens who specially flew to our planet to organize unusual entertainment for earthlings. Since there was a lot of entertainment, it took as many as 5 huge ships.

The ships have landed, and hospitable aliens have arranged thematic expositions for guests of all ages.

Here you can visit:

  • electronic library
  • arcade games
  • children’s academy
  • art gallery
  • Bermuda Triangle
  • roller coaster

The Dubai Stargate invites you to a huge shopping mall. Here you can spend several hours choosing souvenirs and visiting entertainment venues. Numerous cafes and restaurants invite you to take a break from the tiresome entertainment. Food points are located literally at every turn.

The easiest way to reach Dubai Stargate is by metro. You have to take the red line and get off at Al Jafliya station. You will have to walk about 1 kilometer to the entrance.

7. Observation Deck “Dubai Frame.”

This is a pretty amazing place – a skyscraper built in the form of a golden picture frame. For its design, the architects used the rule of the golden ratio. And the unusual color is just steel.

Some researchers believe that the customers of the skyscraper pursued an additional goal: to perpetuate the Dubai Expo exhibition.

The observation deck is located on the top bar. Guests take an elevator with a glass wall. This rise is already an event. True, the elevators cannot be called high-speed ones. Their speed is only 2m / s. But the time spent on the journey to the top will not be wasted: tourists enjoy the gradually opening panorama.

The front wall of the observation deck is made of glass, so guests can take amazing pictures. Since the architects have implemented the continuity of times, the site offers wonderful views of the old and new districts of the city.

And that’s not all. The floor of the site is absolutely amazing: if you step on it, it becomes transparent. Thrill-seekers will appreciate it. For those who prefer a cultural program, the organizers arranged an exhibition of photographs and drawings. It reflects the past, present and future of the capital of the Emirates.

The most convenient way to get to Dubai Frame is on the red line of the metro. You should go to the Al-Jafliya station.

8. Burj Khalifa

This amazing tower is visited by all guests of the Emirates, without exception. The stunning skyscraper rises 828 meters. In total, the Burj Khalifa has more than 160 floors.

The tower is the embodiment of original engineering solutions:

  • A new concrete grade has been developed for the construction of the foundation
  • The stability of the house is given by an asymmetric shape.
  • A whole rainwater harvesting system was built to provide the premises.

The transparent walls are made of special glass to reduce heat. The air inside is always cool and fresh: this is provided by the air conditioning system. The rise to the observation deck is made by high-speed elevators. Their speed is almost 18 km/sec.

During the journey, flickering lights are turned on on the walls, and national melodies sound. Equipped with 3 observation platforms. They are located on the 124th, 125th and 148th floors.

It is important to remember: tickets for each of them are purchased separately.

Many guests ask: when is Burj Khalifa the most beautiful? Of course, but at sunset and in the dark. The tower is colored with lights, the picture is always changing. It is in the evening and at night that Dubai appears in all its glory.

You can get there by the red metro line. Get off at Burj Khalifa station. Further, it is recommended to follow the signs on foot.

9. Fountain Dubai

This is the decoration of the center of the capital. In the evening, from 18 to 23 hours, jets soar up every 30 minutes. They rise to a height of 50 floors. During the performance, the jets change color and intensity. And for the sake of completeness, the melodies of Arab and world composers sound.

The fountain is located in a man-made lake. It is about 280 meters long. And the shape is pretty bizarre. The light and music performance can be seen from anywhere in the lake. But many tourists prefer to enjoy it from the viewpoints of the Burj Khalifa.

You can get to the fountain along the red line of the metro. Get off at Burj Khalifa station. Further, it is recommended to follow the signs on foot.

10. Dubai Mall

Great place to shop and relax. Here you can not only visit amazing shops of famous brands but also have a good time.

The Mall has 4 levels in total. But there are more than 1000 retail and entertainment outlets on them. It features an oceanarium, zoo and ice rink. You can have a snack in numerous restaurants and cafes. Food points offer national and European cuisine.

Most visited pavilions:

  • Galeries Lafayette is located on 3 floors at once. Here you will find fashionable collections of clothing, accessories and household items.
  • Bloomingdale’s has 3 levels. Tourists buy cosmetics, clothes, jewelry, home decor items, watches, dishes here.
  • Fashion Avenue is a paradise for those who love small shops. There are more than 70 of them here. Fashion brands and products of little-known firms are presented here.
  • The Grand Atrium is a favorite among jewelers and watchmakers. This is where tourists go for the latest novelties.
  • Waitrose will delight you with a huge selection of products. Guests of nearby hotels come here.
  • Candylicious is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth. There is a huge selection of pastries from all over the world. Some come here on tour. But it’s hard to keep from shopping.

If you need to change money, there is no better Dubai Mall. The exchange offices have an excellent rate. But it is important to remember: a shopping and entertainment complex is a place where guests gather. It’s always too crowded here.

There are several ways to get from the airport to the city center:

  • Metro. There are underground stations in Terminals 1 and 3. You can get from terminal to terminal by bus.
  • By bus. But it is important to take into account: you will have to buy a ticket at the bus stop, drivers do not sell tickets.
  • By rental car.
  • By taxi.

It is important to remember: no one is insured against traffic jams, in which you will have to stand while moving by ground transport.

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