What to See in Ibiza in a Week

What to See in Ibiza in a Week

What to See in Ibiza in a Week: Who was going to tell us, who are not especially beach lovers, that we would end up visiting Ibiza? We cannot deceive you, although for us it is not the destination of our life, it is a perfect place for lovers of the beach and the coves of turquoise water, so in this guide, we want to tell you what to see in Ibiza, what to do and, ultimately, how to make the most of your stay on this Balearic island.

In this super guide to Ibiza, you will find everything you need to prepare for your trip in the easiest and fastest way:  what to see in Ibiza, the best places to visit in Ibiza, a super map with ALL the points of interest, the best beaches, the best tourist activities, where to eat, where to sleep and fundamental things that you have to take into account when organizing the trip.

If you need more information about traveling in Spain, you can consult all the posts that are part of our Spain guide.

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How Long Do I Need to See Ibiza?

To answer this question, you would have to know the type of traveler you are, because it depends a lot on whether you like the beach or not if you are going hiking or water activities, if you like to party or if, like us, you are looking for beautiful landscapes and you prefer the routes by car to spend the day toasting in the sun.

If you want to make a route through Ibiza and calmly discover all its points of interest, you will need at least 4 days. If you also want to spend a few days quietly on the beach or enjoy the island party, you will have to add days.

In addition, it is important that you bear in mind that you will need a vehicle to move freely around the island since it is the only way to make the most of your stay and to reach some places that it is impossible to reach in any other way. So without a doubt, our recommendation is that yes or yes, you rent a car (or a motorcycle). You can take a look at Turbo Rent a Car, it is a super interesting option and they have quite a few discounts if you make the reservation online.

One Week, the Perfect Time to Enjoy Ibiza

Perhaps a week is a perfect time to discover Ibiza without rushing, using a day or two of that week to visit the neighboring and less exploited Formentera (of which we have made a super guide that you can consult here ).

What to see in Ibiza: Sant Llorenç church

In any case, don’t worry, because at the end of this Ibiza guide, we are going to share, as always, our exact itinerary around the island so that, if you want, you can follow it to the letter or modify it at will.

What to See in Ibiza: Main Points of Interest

If you thought that Ibiza was just parties, discos and heavenly coves with turquoise waters, nothing could be further from the truth. In Ibiza, there are also charming towns, hippy markets (which are less and less hippies), a city full of atmosphere and with a beautiful old town, incredible places to watch the sunset, very good food and a million options of leisure, especially if you visit the island in summer.

And all that makes it the vacation destination of thousands of Europeans (and Spaniards) every year. So if, like us, you prefer to flee from the hordes of tourists in search of a little corner of sand where to place the umbrella on the beach, avoid traveling to Ibiza in July and August.

Before showing you our itinerary around Ibiza, we wanted to talk to you about what to see in Ibiza, what our essentials are, the best beaches, the most beautiful towns, the best tourist activities, etc …

In short, all the necessary information so that you can prepare for your trip to Ibiza in the simplest way possible. We are going to make a small summary of all of them here, but keep in mind that, for example, in the case of towns or beaches, you will find all their points of interest on the map itself.

Let’s start with those places that, in our opinion, you do or do have to visit when you travel to Ibiza?

1. Dalt Vila in Eivissa

Who was going to tell us that one of the places we were going to enjoy the most in Ibiza was its historic center? Yes, just for the sunset walk through Dalt Vila, the trip is worth it.

The cathedral and the castle of Eivissa preside over the highest area of ​​the city, which is reached by narrow and beautiful cobbled streets. If like us, you enjoy discovering beautiful corners more than spending the day on the beach, I am sure that Dalt Vila, already established by the Phoenicians and fortified during the 16th century, will enchant you.

Be sure to visit the Portal de Ses Taules, the main entrance to Dalt Vila, and the Pati d’Armes, which is located just after.

Something important that you have to keep in mind when you visit Eivissa and Dalt Vila is that parking in the city is quite complicated (most of the areas around the center are paid), so you have two options:

  • Pay for private parking near the center.
  • Use one of the deterrent car parks in the city. The closest is Es Gorg, which is next to Ikea, it has 900 seats and a free bus line (L50) that goes quite frequently (every 15 minutes approximately) to the city center from 7:30 to 00:30 hours. The schedules vary throughout the year, but you can check them here.

2. Time and Space: the Speed ​​of Light by Andrew Rogers

I’m sure this is going to seem VERY strange to you, but the reality is that the Ibizan Stonehenge is without a doubt one of our essential places in Ibiza.

These impressive thirteen massive basalt columns, forming a Fibonacci sequence, are located on the edge of a cliff facing the sea and have incredible views.

All these basalt columns were extracted and carved in Turkey to later bring them to this privileged place in the Mediterranean. They have only been there since 2014, but for us, they are undoubtedly the most special monument on the entire island.

To give you an idea of ​​how impressive this place is, the tallest column is 10 meters high and weighs 19.5 tons.

In the surroundings of this impressive monument, you can also visit the Puertas Can Soleil or Puertas del Sol, a curious place where two doors serve as the perfect setting for Es Vedrá.

No matter what we tell you, you have to see it for yourself.

3. Es Vedrá and the Pirate’s Tower

The southwestern part of the island, where the iconic Es Vedrá rock is located, is one of the best areas to see sunsets in Ibiza. But not only that, because if you go at other times of the day, you can enjoy great views of the Mediterranean Sea and the coastal profile of the island.

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The two best places to admire the islet of Es Vedrá and its little brother Es Vedranell are the Cala D’Hort (and the restaurants of El Carmen and Es Boldadó) and the esplanade of Es Vedrá, near which you can also find the Torre des Savinar, better known as the Pirate’s tower.

This tower, which has one of the most privileged locations on the island, was built in 1763 to protect this area of ​​Ibiza from pirates.

Keep in mind that due to the large influx of cars that this place receives, access has been limited enough and even in the driveway, you will find signs that it is forbidden to enter with the car. At the end of the road, there is a small parking lot from which you can walk to the view area in about 5 minutes.

4. Punta Galera and North of Ibiza

The northernmost part of the island is undoubtedly our favorite because it is usually the least crowded with tourists. It is a slightly more rural area and in which it is easier to find almost deserted coves.

The landscapes in this area of ​​Ibiza are spectacular, full of forest and winding roads with incredible views. In this part of the island, we especially like Cala Xarraca, with its famous swing, Punta Galera and its lighthouse and Cala d’en Serra.

5. Puig De Missa, the Fortified Church of Santa Eulalia

Puig de Missa is the name of the mountain that Santa Eulalia watches over to the west. And at the top of this mountain is a 16th-century church-fortress that served as a defense against the pirates who attacked the island.

The most curious thing about this church is its tower, which blends in with the rest of the structure of the religious building. Inside, it is completely white, you can visit every day from 10:00 to 18:00 hours.

As you can imagine, from up here, you can see all of Santa Eulalia and the surrounding areas.

6. Road From Port Sant Miquel to Cala Benirrás

If you are a regular reader of Comiviajeros, you will know that we love a good road full of curves and beautiful landscapes. Well, this road is one of those. It is not a very long journey, but it is VERY worth it.

On this beautiful road, there is also the Cova de Can Marçà, which is believed to have been a former smugglers’ hideout and which now offers guided tours and incredible views from the terrace of its bar. Visiting it costs 11 euros per person, but we did not do it because it seemed an excessive price.

Cala Benirrás is one of the most famous coves in Ibiza to watch the sunset because there are nights when they do ‘tambourines’. We visit it during the day and the truth is that we enjoy the journey much more than the beach itself. This is how we are!

7. Es Cubells: the Views From Its Church and Its Fishermen’s Huts

Es Cubells is one of the most charming coastal towns in Ibiza. And it is that from its typical Ibizan church of the nineteenth century, you get beautiful views of this area of ​​the island’s coastline.

In addition, if you go down the road that is attached to the cliffs, you will reach an area full of hidden coves with a special charm. Most are made of stone, but that will allow you to enjoy them practically alone.

What we liked the most about this area of ​​coves is that they are full of the typical fishermen’s huts where, in addition to taking a dip avoiding the rocks, you can protect yourself from the sun.

8. Ruins of the Festival Club

Did you know that near Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, in the middle of a mountain lost in nowhere, a macro party room was built that opened in 1972? In its day, massive concerts, barbecues and parties were held there, but the strange location, too far from everything and in the middle of nowhere, caused it to have to close a few years later.

Currently, only its ruins remain, but it is not difficult to intuit what it was and be transported to the past. Nature is winning the game over what remains of the Festival Club and only the graffiti that decorates all the walls make it current.

If you are a lover of urban art and you like to lose yourself in places that tell stories, I am sure you will love this place.

9. Punta Grossa

Dear lover of viewpoints! If you thought that we were only going to talk to you about the most typical ones, you were wrong, and that is that Punta Grossa is a perfect place to admire the beauty of the island. And if the day is clear, you can even see Formentera.

This viewpoint is very close to Cala Can Vicent and it is well worth going up to take a look and enjoy the views.

Do You Miss Something?

Maybe you miss the typical places that appear on the Ibiza must-see lists and we have not wanted to include some of them here (although we will talk about them a little below) because we always try to avoid crowded places. An example: Cala Saladeta or the hippy markets.

What to See in Ibiza: Main Urban Centers

In addition to its landscapes and its beautiful coves, Ibiza has a lot of small towns and cities that are worth a visit and a little walk. Cobbled streets, pristine white facades and typical Ibizan churches complete a landscape that is generally remembered only for its coastline.

These are the most important and typical towns and cities of Ibiza :

1. Ibiza

Eivissa is the capital of the island and the largest city in the entire territory. In addition to Dalt Vila, the old area in Ibiza and its surroundings there are quite a few points of interest that you cannot miss (they are all geolocated on the map at the beginning).

The most prominent, beyond Dalt Vila, are the Museu Monogràfic Puig des Molins, the Ibiza marina, the Ses Salines Natural Park, the Torre de sa Sal Rossa or the Torre de ses Portes.

If you want to have lunch or dinner there, do it at Mariner, it is expensive but well worth it.

2. San Antonio

Sant Antoni de Portmany is the most touristic town in Ibiza. And it makes sense because in its surroundings you will find some of the most beautiful coves and beaches of Ibiza … And the best sunsets!

San Antonio is also one of the cheapest places to stay in Ibiza and the one with the most nightlife, so keep that in mind when looking for a hotel.

In Sant Antoni, you have to walk along the seashore at sunset (seriously, we have never seen the sky of those colors) through the Sunset Strip and dine in one of the restaurants that offer views of the magic hour. Kasbah can be a great option.

If you feel like it, in San Antonio, you can do this free tour of the urban art of the city.

3. Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulària des Riu is the third-largest town on the island and is famous for its huge marina and for the historic center that is located at the top of Puig de Missa that we have already told you about before.

It can be a good place to find accommodation, although it is true that it is a more expensive area than San Antonio, for example. Of course, even if you don’t stay there, don’t forget to go for a walk because it is a pretty charming beach town.

You cannot miss the Old Bridge, surrounded by a beautiful promenade and located at the entrance of the town, the promenade, the viewpoint of Sa Punta de s’Es Excelencia Vella, Punta Arabí or one of the surrounding coves, such as Cala Pada.

If you want to have lunch or dinner there, you can do it in Marytierra, located in the middle of the marina and with a really charming terrace.

4. Sant Miquel de Balansat

Sant Miquel de Balansat was one of the first towns that we visited during our adventure in Ibiza. And the most special thing about this town, in addition to its church, located at the top, are the views of the surroundings that are obtained from some areas of the town.

5. Sant Joan de Labritja

San Juan Bautista, as this place is known in Spanish, is one of the best-known towns in the north of Ibiza.

Beyond a few bars and restaurants, Sant Joan de Labritja is known for its craft market that takes place every Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00. What makes this market different from all the others is the environment in which it is held: the streets of the town.

Located in the heart of the island, we especially like Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera because there are two of our favorite places to eat in Ibiza: Bar Costa and Can Mimosa.

Also, if you like shopping, there are also plenty of typical Ibizan stores where you can buy beautiful clothes and decorations. Santa Gertrudis is a perfect place for a mid-afternoon stroll.

6. Sant Carles de Peralta

San Carlos is located in the northeast area of ​​Ibiza and its main attractions are its church, as in most of the island’s towns, and the Las Dalias hippie market, which is held every Saturday and some weekday nights.

In addition, in the surroundings, you can enjoy Cala Mastella and Cala Boix. When you go to this area of ​​the island, you have to eat at Bar Anita and El Bigotes, a restaurant specialized in Bullit de peix, one of the most typical dishes of Ibiza.

7. Sant Josep de Sa Talaia

The most beautiful thing about Sant Josep de Sa Talaia is its Ibizan church, white like all those on the island and built-in 1726. In addition, Sant Josep can be a great base of operations to explore the entire southern part of the island because it has a very good location.

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It is also a good place to stop for lunch or dinner, as it has many restaurants and cafes. Among all of them, Raco Verd and Destino Bar de Tapas stand out.

8. Sant Rafel de Sa Creu

In addition to hosting two of the most famous clubs in Ibiza (Amnesia and Privilege), Sant Rafel de Sa Creu is a town known for its church and for being a good place to dine or have a drink between the capital and San Antonio.

Every time we passed through San Rafel (and there were a few because it is in a fairly commonplace of passage), we freak out with the atmosphere in all its restaurants. If you plan to stop there for dinner, you can try Can Mussonet or Can Pilot.

What to See in Ibiza: the Best Beaches and Coves

In Ibiza there are so many beaches that sometimes it can be complicated which are the best or which are worth visiting, so we wanted to make a compilation of those that are the best for us, both for the landscapes that surround it and for its beauty. The white of its sands or the turquoise blue of its waters.

On the map at the top of this Ibiza guide, you have geolocated ALL the beaches and coves of Ibiza that are worth visiting, but in this list, we have to be honest and we cannot include all those that despite being beautiful, We could not enjoy ourselves as we would have liked because they were crowded like Cala Salada and Saladeta, Ses Salines, Gració or Sa Caleta.

These are our favorite beaches in Ibiza :

1. Platges del Comte

Although we enjoy these three coves surrounded by too many people, the Platges del Comte are undoubtedly one of those essential places in Ibiza. Crystal clear turquoise waters, fine sand and a spectacular setting, to admire and snorkel.

Cala Conta and its sisters are also quite a famous place in Ibiza to go see the sunset.

2. Es Cubells and Ses Boques

This area in the south of Ibiza was the area of ​​coves that we enjoyed the most and that is because in this part of the island, there is not so much tourism (or at least we did not find it). I have already told you a little above the beautiful town of Es Cubells and the views from its church, but now I want to tell you about its hidden coves and turquoise waters.

You have the geolocated area on the map, but you can activate the explorer mode and look for all the precious little corners that are in this area.

Also, if you are in the surroundings and you want to have something to eat or have dinner, you cannot miss the Ses Boques beach bar.

3. Cala Xarraca

Cala Xarraca is one of the most famous coves in Ibiza because it hides the typical place that has become famous thanks to Instagram: a swing that hangs from rock towards the sea. And see, if we’re not one of these things, we didn’t even know it until we got there.

Of course, we enjoy Cala Xarraca like dwarfs because it is perfect for snorkeling along the edge of the cliffs. In fact, you can go without problem swimming to the swing.

The cove is made of fine stones, so don’t forget your booties, it has a beach bar and if you go early, it is relatively easy to park .

4. Galera Point

Also located in the north of the island, Punta Galera is a really special place, especially if you are a lover of trekking with views.

In addition to enjoying the calm beach (you can choose between fine sand or stones), in Punta Galera, you can walk to the des Moscarter lighthouse (the highest in Ibiza) while you hallucinate with the beautiful views of the cliffs and the turquoise waters.

It is a simple walk, just over a kilometer long, but the path is stony, so don’t forget to wear good shoes.

5. Cala D’Hort

If you are looking for a beach with good views of the Es Vedrá islet, this is your cove. Although it has areas of sand, it does not hurt to take your booties because it also has areas of rock and small stones.

In addition to the views and the beach itself, Cala D’Hort we like because next to the bathing area it has one of the best restaurants in Ibiza to eat rice: El Carmen restaurant. And great views from the dining room!

In the same cove, but a little higher (reached by a different road) is also Es Boldado, also perfect (even better than the previous one) for a rich lunch (or dinner) with good views.

6. Cala D’En Serra

Located very close to Portinatx, Cala d’En Serra is for us one of the most charming coves on the island. It is made of sand and pebbles, so do not forget to take your booties because you will probably need them.

Also, if you like to explore in the surroundings, you will find another small cove that is usually quieter, although access is more complicated.

7. It’s Portitxol

Es Portitxol is one of the quietest and most beautiful coves on the island. It is hidden between cliffs and surrounded by pine forests and to access it you have to walk about 30 minutes, so perhaps that is why it is much easier to find it calm.

This pebble cove is undoubtedly one of the most unspoilt coves that can be found in Ibiza. There is no beach bar, so you will have to take everything you need with you.

8. Cala Llentrisca

Although access to this cove is not as direct as that of others we have talked about, it is worth it. You will have to leave the car for about 10 minutes and continue walking to it.

The most beautiful thing about Cala Llentrisca is its surroundings, surrounded by wooded hills and the typical fishermen’s huts.

Other Beaches and Coves of Ibiza That You Have to Visit

Although they are not one of our favorites, especially since most of them were full of people when we visited them, there are coves that you do or do have to visit during your stay in Ibiza, even just to see them. In our opinion, these are:

North of Ibiza

  1. Cala Benirrás. It is a quite wide cove of sand and pebbles famous especially to go to see the sunset. On Sundays, they do ‘tambourines’ to fire the sun.
  2. Port Sant Miquel.
  3. Aigües Blanques. In theory, it is a nudist beach, although there are also people in swimsuits. If you want to park in the shade and near the sand, you will have to pay 3 euros. If you don’t mind walking a bit, there is another car park, a little smaller, a bit further away.
  4. Caló de s’Illa.
  5. Port of Ses Caletes.
  6. Cala Es Canaret.
  7. Pou des Lleó.
  8. Cala Xuclar.

What to see in Ibiza: Cala Benirrás

East of Ibiza

  1. Cala Boix.
  2. Cala Nova.

South of Ibiza

  1. Sa Caleta. If you don’t feel like going to the cove, the chiringuito is worth it.
  2. Cala Es Bol Nou.
  3. Ses Salines.
  4. Platja des Cavallet.
  5. Cala Carbó.

What to see in Ibiza: Sa Caleta

West of Ibiza

  1. Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta . They are two of the most famous coves in Ibiza and are in a beautiful setting. Keep in mind that the capacity and access to the parking of these two coves is controlled between 10:00 and 18:00, so if you want to enter, you must go early.
  2. Cala Gracioneta.
  3. Cala Vadella.
  4. Cala Molí.
  5. Cala Tarida.
  6. Cala Llentia.
  7. Cove Codolar.
  8. Cala Bassa. It is relatively close to San Antonio, it is spacious and has a quite lively beach bar. It is a perfect cove for families, with sand and super calm water.
  9. Cala Aubarca.

What to See in Ibiza: the Best Sunsets

Confess, one of the reasons you have to travel to Ibiza is its sunsets … And we are not surprised! Because that is without a doubt the most special part of our trip. Seriously, where do those gorgeous colors come from? In some of the sunsets that we saw in Ibiza, we felt like in a dream.

So we wanted to make a list with which in our opinion are the best places to see the sunset in Ibiza (most of us have visited them, but others we did not have time):

  • It is Vedra.
  • Café del Mar (or any other place on the San Antonio coast).
  • Hostal La Torre.
  • Es Boldadó Restaurant.
  • Dal Vila in Eivissa.
  • Portinatx.
  • Ibizan Stonehenge.
  • Cala Comte.
  • Cala Benirrás.
  • By boat.

What to See in Ibiza: the Best Markets

We are going to write an independent post about the markets of Ibiza, but we wanted to talk to you here about the most important ones:

1. Las Dalias

The Las Dalias hippie market is held every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the town of Sant Carles, although it also has a night ‘version’ from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays.

This market boasts of being an oasis of color, peace, music and dreams and has been in operation since 1985. At present, it is made up of 200 stalls, among which, above all, textiles.

2. Arabí Point

Located about 5 minutes from Santa Eulalia in a beautiful enclave, the Punta Arabí hippie market is held every Wednesday. This market claims to be the first hippie market in Ibiza and there are drums, live music and plenty of artisan stalls.

There are also quite a few food stalls and an area with activities for the little ones. In the surroundings, there are quite a few areas enabled for parking, but some of them are paid.

What to see in Ibiza: markets in Ibiza

Other Hippie Markets That You Cannot Miss:

  • Sant Joan de Labritja Craft Market
  • San Rafael craft market
  • San Miguel craft market
  • Sant Jordi market
  • Market of Forada
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What to See in Ibiza: Our Itinerary

Now that we have already told you what to see in Ibiza, we are going to show you how we organize our itinerary to make the most of the time we had.

If you have already read any Comiviajeros guide, you will know that we are quite ‘restless asses’, so none of the days we spent in Ibiza spent more than 2-3 hours in the same place/cove, so we could consider this trip as a road trip.

Keep in mind that despite the fact that we traveled to Ibiza in August and it was quite hot, we are not very much into spending the day at the beach, so most of the time we spend it visiting beaches and coves to admire the landscapes and do something snorkeling, looking for the best restaurants and getting to know some of the most beautiful villages on the island.

What to See in Ibiza | Day 1: Cala Llonga, Santa Eulalia and Punta Arabí Hippy Market

We landed in Ibiza at noon and the first thing we did was pick up the rental car and go shopping since by staying in an apartment, we had the possibility of preparing some meals there.

After settling in, we went to see the viewpoint of Cala Llonga, to take a walk through the center of Santa Eulalia and to visit the hippie market of Punta Arabí.

That night we had dinner at the Sa Finca restaurant.

What to See in Ibiza | Day 2: Sant Llorenç De Balafia, Sant Miquel De Balansat, Cala Benirrás, Es Portitxol and San Antonio

Our second day in Ibiza is dedicated to exploring the northwest of the island. We start with the towns of Sant Llorenç de Balafia and Sant Miquel de Balansat . After visiting its churches and walking through both towns, we headed to Cala Benirrás, enjoying one of the most beautiful roads on the island.

We also visit Cala Sa Ferradura and Es Portitxol and then we went to eat at Santa Gertrudis in Can Mimosa .

In the afternoon, we had our first failed foray into Cala Salada (we would return a few days later), so we visited the Gració and Gracioneta coves and ended the afternoon walking through San Antonio and having dinner in Kasbah while we watched the sunset.

What to See in Ibiza | Day 3: Cala Xarraca, Portinatx, Cala D’en Serra and Punta Grossa

We decide on this third day in Ibiza to the north of the island and visit  Cala Xarraca and Portinatx in the morning.

Then we went to eat at The Boat House, in Cala San Vicente and spent the afternoon discovering Cala D’en Serra, Aigües Blanques and Punta Grossa.

That afternoon we watched the sunset at Punta Galera, in Cala Portinatx.

What to See in Ibiza | Day 4: Cala Salada, Cala Saladeta, Cala Bassa, Platges Del Comte and Eivissa

After trying to enter Cala Salada without success in the middle of the afternoon, we were clear that we had to get up early and do it first thing in the morning, so we did that on this fourth day in Ibiza. We spent the morning between Cala Salada, Cala Saladeta, Cala Bassa and the Platges del Comte.

After a morning of coves, we ate at the Bar Costa and we went to spend the afternoon touring the historic center of Eivissa. That night we had dinner at Mariner.

What to See in Ibiza | Day 5: Cala D’hort, Cala Carbó, the Viewpoint of Es Vedrá, Es Cubells, Sant Josep De Sa Talaia and Festival Club

Our fifth day in Ibiza is dedicated to getting to know the southwest area of ​​Ibiza. We start the day visiting Cala D’Hort and Cala Carbó and then we approach the Es Vedrá viewpoint.

Then we visit Cala Llentrisca and Es Cubells with its hidden coves that we have told you about a while ago. Before going to eat at S’Espartar and try the bullit de peix, we visited Festival Club, the abandoned party room.

In the afternoon, we walk around Sant Josep de Sa Talaia for a while and visit Cala Tarida, Cala Llentia and Cala Molí.

What to See in Ibiza | Day 6: Excursion to Formentera

We have written an independent Formentera guide, but you should know that if you travel to Ibiza, it seems essential to us to dedicate one or two days to Formentera. We would have loved to be more than one day, but it was not possible.

We went by ferry with Balearia from the port of Eivissa, since it is the best option of all the available ones.

What to See in Ibiza | Day 7: Ses Salines, Sa Caleta, Es Cucó Viewpoint, Time and Space Monument and Sunset at Café Del Mar

After a super intense day in Formentera, the truth is that we took this last day in Ibiza quite calmly. We spent the morning enjoying the hotel pool and at lunchtime, we headed to Can Bufí, the bar with the best sandwiches in all of Ibiza, but I’ll tell you about it a little below.

When we finished eating, we set out to tour the south of Ibiza with the intention of discovering all its secrets. We start at Platja d’En Bossa, the most famous beach in Ibiza (since it is the typical beach that all tourists go to), and we continue through the Ses Salines area.

Then we visit Sa Caleta, Cala Jondal, Cala Es Xarcó, the viewpoint of Cala Es Cucó and the Time and Space monument that I have told you about in the essentials section.

That night, as a farewell, after watching the sunset with a mojito at Café del Mar in San Antonio, we went to dinner at the Marytierra restaurant in Santa Eulalia.

A Week in Ibiza: How to Get Around

If you travel to Ibiza and want to do a route like ours, you will need a private means of transport. The most popular in Ibiza is the car or motorcycle. In our opinion, Ibiza is a large enough island to be fully explored by motorcycle, so if you want to get to know it well, in our opinion, it is best to rent a car.

It is true that with the motorcycle, it is much easier to park in the coves, but it is also true that traveling the island from the south to the north will take you more than an hour and on a motorcycle, it can be quite uncomfortable.

We rent a car with the Hiper Rent a Car company through Rentalcars, as always. Despite all the terrible things we had read about car rental companies in Ibiza, we had no problems with them and we would repeat without a doubt.

Where to Sleep in Ibiza

Fran had visited Ibiza on numerous occasions before returning with me this time, so she knows very well which are the most and least recommended areas to stay in Ibiza if you are not looking for a night out.

So the best recommendation we can give you in terms of accommodation in Ibiza is that it is not close to most touristic areas or with more parties such as the center of San Antonio.

If you are going to approach the trip as a mini-route by car, as we did, it is best that you stay in the central area of ​​the island, or that you book at various hotels depending on the days you are going to spend in each area of Ibiza. That is already a matter of taste and the type of trip you want to do.

Where to Eat in Ibiza

If we enjoyed something as dwarfs in Ibiza, it was gastronomy: bread with aioli, rice of all kinds, bullit de peix , sandwiches, flaógreixonera …

Where to Eat Cheaply in Ibiza

Eating cheaply and well in Ibiza is not entirely simple, but here are some options:

  • Bar Can Bufí
  • Bar Costa
  • Anita Bar

Tips for Traveling to Ibiza

  • Ibiza is an expensive destination, that’s the way it is, so the best advice we can give you if you are going to travel to the island is to book everything as far in advance as possible.
  • Although Ibiza is not a huge island, if you want to discover the best corners, you will need transport: or car or motorcycle. We recommend that you rent a car because although with the motorcycle it is easier to get everywhere if you are going to go from one point to another on the island as we did, there are quite long distances (up to an hour).
  • Do not forget to bring (or buy there) some good booties, because you will need them if you want to enjoy the coves 100%. The most beautiful are usually made of stone.
  • If you like snorkeling, Ibiza is a paradise, so don’t miss your goggles and diving tube in your suitcase.
  • There is an unwritten rule about the coves in Ibiza: normally the easier it is to access by car, the more crowded it is. So if you want to enjoy a bit of calm, avoid visiting the coves and beaches of the typical lists of ‘the best beaches in Ibiza’
  • Most of the coves and beaches have sun loungers and umbrellas. The price depends on the cove but is around 10 euros per day.
  • If you travel to Ibiza in summer … watch out for the jellyfish! They come in all shapes and colors, so be very attentive when you enter the water.

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