What to do in Mallorca

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What to do in Mallorca: In this article, I present some of the best things to do in Mallorca. Mallorca is the beautiful island of the Mediterranean and one of the reference destinations to enjoy a very complete getaway. The offer of activities and things to see in Mallorca is frankly enormous. Here I will collect only some of them. Ideas for you to prepare for your trip.

The largest of the Balearic Islands has an extensive catalog of beautiful coves and beaches, which will allow you to get even from the cold winter. It also offers you wonderful natural spaces nestled in the shelter of the Tramontana and Levante mountains and other lower mountains, where it is possible to enjoy nature in all its splendor.

What to do in Mallorca

It can also boast of having a marvelous monumental heritage, especially important that of its capital, Palma, where the Cathedral is one of the great architectural treasures.

The numerous caves that pierce the island, such as the Cuevas del Drach or dels Hams, also have a lot to say, which take you into the spectacular nature of the bowels of the earth, charming Mediterranean towns such as Deià, Sóller or Valldemossa, and their gastronomy, in which the ensaimada, the tumbet , the arròs brut or the Majorcan fried take center stage.

On the other hand, at the leisure level, the island is also very well served. During the day, the offer of water parks, maritime activities, sports activities such as golf or cycling, shopping, etc. is enormous.

At night, most night owls will not be disappointed with Palma de Mallorca or its main sun and beach destinations such as Magaluf or Arenal.

The 30 Best Things to Do in Mallorca (Majorca)

In short, Mallorca is a very complete destination that more than satisfies traveler expectations in every month of the calendar. If you have planned your trip and are wondering what to see and do in Mallorca, here are some ideas.

1. Discover the Charm of Valldemosa

This small town is located about 20 km from Palma, in the shelter of the Tramontana mountains. As the sources tell us, it was formerly an Arab farmhouse (rural agricultural community), which explains the steep and narrow nature of its streets.

In addition to distilling a most authentic rural atmosphere, they are decorated with houses that show off local architecture and with valuable constructions, the Valldemosa Charterhouse being especially significant.

This was the former residence of Sancho I of Mallorca and such famous figures as Rubén Darío, Jovellanos or Chopin, who spent a stay with his partner George Sand, and where he composed the prelude Gota de Agua, have passed through its rooms.

But this town is also the starting point of the Camino del Archduke, a path that culminates in Mount Puig del Teix, from where the views are incredible.

2. Dive into Playa de Muro

With more than six kilometers, this beach, located in the town that gives it its name, is the longest of those that dot the Majorcan coast. To It is added that it is embraced by a unique landscape framework as it is inserted in the S’Albufera Natural Park, which stands out for its enormous landscape and animal biodiversity.

In addition to enjoying a swim or long walks on the beach, you can practice water sports such as kitesurfing or windsurfing. Without a doubt, one of the most recommended things to do in Mallorca.

3. Delve Into the Beautiful Town of Alcudia

Located in the northeast of the island, it is one of the most beautiful thanks to the beautiful medieval old town that it preserves. Its old walls can boast of being the only ones completely preserved in Mallorca.

The best way to see its splendor is by walking the Camí de Ronda, which runs along its diameter. Inside the walls, there is a good collection of medieval houses, noble and stately mansions with Renaissance elements and some interesting monuments such as the neo-Gothic church of Sant Jaume, the baroque chapel of Santo Cristo or the Town Hall with its beautiful clock tower.

But Alcùdia also has a good number of beaches and coves. For example, Alcudia beach is a good beach covered with fine white sand and bathed in that intense blue water so characteristic of the Balearic Islands.

In it, you can enjoy a dip, but also a variety of water sports such as kayaking, surfing, sailing or kitesurfing, among others.

Alcudia is undoubtedly one of the essential places to see in Mallorca. Also, for me, it is one of the areas that I like the most to set up a base camp on the island for a perfect vacation.

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4. Visit the Cathedral of Mallorca

Known as La Seu, this Levantine Gothic cathedral is the jewel of Majorcan heritage. Its spectacular nature lies not only in its location on the shores of the Bay of Palma, facing the Mediterranean and within the walls of the remains of the ancient Roman walls; but also in its architecture.

Its exterior is dominated by a large rose window, which is the largest of all the cathedrals of this style in Europe. Inside, the works carried out by Barceló and Gaudí stand out, as well as the great luminosity it offers thanks to the rose windows and its more than 80 windows, which have earned it the title of “Cathedral of Light”.

5. Enjoy a Day of Sun, Sand and Waves in Cala Varques

It is located in Manacor, between the coves of Mallorca and Romántica, and is one of the most virgins in the region. The reason is that it is hidden between a pine forest and rocky shores pierced by underground caves, which are a great attraction for divers and the practice of psicobloc (climbing on water).

In addition, its waters shine an intense celestial blue and its sand is pristine white, which brings to mind the Caribbean ones. So paying him a visit is included in the list of the most recommended things to do in Mallorca.

6. Take an Excursion to the Drach Caves

Located in the town of Porto Cristo, in Manacor, it is a complex of four underground caves -Blanca, Negra, de Lluis Salvador and dels Francesos- connected to each other, which pierce the earth at a depth of 25 meters at its maximum level.

One of the great attractions of these caves is the large inner lake Martel, which is also considered, with its 115 meters long and 30 meters wide, one of the largest underground lakes in the world. It is so big that it offers boat tours.

The ceilings of the different rooms constitute a true visual spectacle, as they are decorated with an incredible set of stalagmites and stalactites. For its part, the walls show off different shades as a result of the different minerals dragged by the water over time.

In addition, the beauty of the place is enhanced with very successful lighting. If you like classical music, it will not hurt to know that concerts are sometimes organized in these caves.

7. Visit the Almudaina Palace

It is located right next to the Palma Cathedral, and its construction dates back to the time of the Muslim conquest. It has served as a court and residence for the last kings of Aragon, Mallorca and the rest of the Spanish territory.

In fact, today it is one of the residences of the Spanish royal family, which is mainly used for state receptions in the summer. Its interior keeps centuries of history, anecdotes and events, but also rooms and rooms overflowing with art, objects, paintings and sculptures of great value. All this allows us to see the way of life of royalty throughout the centuries.

Especially outstanding are the Gothic chapel of Santa Anna, the Throne Room and the Queen’s Courtyard. Visits are open from Tuesday to Sunday throughout the year. The entrance price is 7 euros.

If you have considered dedicating a day to getting to know Palma de Mallorca and all its attractions, what do you think about doing it with the help of a free tour? Free tours are becoming popular in all the big cities in Europe and beyond.

8. Go Up to the Circular Castle of Bellver

This fortress, ordered to be built by King Jaime II of Mallorca to guarantee the defense of the capital, is located about 3 km from Palma, on top of a mountain more than 100 meters above sea level, so that gives good views of Palma de Mallorca, the sea, the Tramontana mountains and the Plà region.

In addition, it holds two honors: being one of the few in Europe with a round floor plan and the oldest. Inside it houses the Municipal Museum of History, whose collections represent a journey through the history of the island from the first Talayotic settlements to the 20th century.

9. Taste the Best Local Flavors at the L’olivar Market

Tasting local products and specialties are, without a doubt, one of the things to do in Mallorca. A good possible place is this traditional market, which is located in the center of Palma.

In the numerous stalls that open their doors, you will find everything from enchiladas and sobrasadas to Majorcan or camallot cheeses. There are also several gastrobars and seafood cookers so you can snack on something or take home some of the island’s typical products.

10. Travel to the Interior of the Earth in the Caves of Artà

They are in the town of Capdepera and, although they are less popular than those of Drach, their visit is one of the things to see in Mallorca that is worth considering. If you have limited time, visit the Drach caves, but if you have days to spare, include these caves in your itinerary because you will like this visit.

Located inside a steep cliff that rises above the sea, its interior is dotted with different rooms or rooms with the most disconcerting names such as the Hall of Columns, Hell, Purgatory, Hall of Flags, the Theater and the Hall of Bells.

All of them are the most impressive, as they are decorated with a succession of stalactites and stalagmites with the most surprising shapes created by nature over the years.

11. Enjoy Nature in the Mondragó Natural Park

It occupies the southeastern part of the island and is one of the most visited natural spaces for its beauty. The Mondragó Natural Park is a Natural Area of ​​Special Interest and a Site of Community Interest.

There are holm oak, wild olive and pine forests, crop fields, natural ponds and junipers until you reach the coastal area, which boasts incredible coves such as Mondragó and beaches such as S’Amarador.

It has also been declared a Special Protection Area for Birds since more than seventy species inhabit it. You can discover it doing, on foot or by bike, on one of the many routes that there are, for example, Font de n’Alis or s’Amarador.

12. Cross to Ibiza by Ferry

Taking a ferry trip to Ibiza is one of the things to do in Mallorca that doesn’t hurt if you want to get to know the most bohemian and lively part of the Balearic archipelago.

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The Pitiusa island is full of charm everywhere due to its beautiful Mediterranean beaches and coves, its nightlife, its hippy markets and the wonderful old town or Dalt Vila of its capital.

It is surrounded by the old medieval walls and houses some architectural treasures such as the Virgen de las Nieves cathedral, the Santo Domingo church or the beautiful Town Hall building.

In addition, Ibiza town is decorated with a beautiful and lively seaport full of bars, restaurants and some famous clubs such as Pacha.

13. Travel to Ancient Rome in Pollentia

Alcúdia keeps, in addition to a wonderful old town, the remains of an ancient Roman city, whose visit is one of the essential things to see in Mallorca for those who want to delve into the past of the island.

It is the most important site of Roman origin on the island and the one that is best preserved, which will allow you to fully delve into Roman culture, organization and idiosyncrasy. It was founded by Quinto Cecilio Metelo in the year 123 BC. It preserves the remains of the Domus, the track layout, the forum and the theatre.

14. Ride a 1913 Train from Palma to Sóller

Since 1913, this ancient wooden railway has linked the capital, Palma, with Sóller, overcoming the natural obstacles posed by the great mountains of the Sierra de Tramontana and the abrupt and rocky landscapes that surround it.

The journey lasts about an hour and it is worth doing it to enjoy these overwhelming and dizzying landscapes. You can buy the ticket at the same station in Palma.

Another option is to hire a tour that, in addition to the train, includes a boat trip to Sa Calobra.

14. Tour the Jewish Quarter of Palma

Also called Call (in Majorcan), one of the best legacies of the Jewish community in Spain is outlined. The Jewish community of Majorca was called (and the few that remain are called) the xuetes . So much so that many guides define it as one of the most important in the Mediterranean.

It occupies the northwest of the city and is made up of a network of alleys that exude a lot of charm and, in addition, preserve some vestiges that should be visited, such as the Muslim aljama, the old market or the door of the Jews.

16. Head Over to Puerto de Andratx

This small town, located to the west of Mallorca, less than half an hour from Palma and sheltered by the Tramontana mountains, has become the summer destination of numerous celebrities such as Orlando Bloom and Michael Douglas.

It not only has an interesting architectural heritage, whose main representatives are the church of Santa María and the Son Mas castle, but also cultural thanks to the Cultural Center, which collects works of modern and contemporary art.

Although its real attraction lies in its port (like Sóller separated from the town), where there are luxurious villas and mansions and where impressive boats dock.

17. Try Local Flavors at the Santa Catalina Market

Located in the neighborhood that gives it its name, it has the honor of being the oldest market in Palma. In addition to preserving the local atmosphere and the charm of a neighborhood market, it has 50 stalls of all kinds where, as in the Mercat de l’Olivar, you have the double pleasure of buying local products and also savoring them.

18. Take a Trip to Dragonera Island

This tiny islet, barely four kilometers wide and one long, is located near Andratx, separated from Sant Elm (this is where the boats that reach this corner leave from) by a narrow channel. Organized excursions are among the most popular that can be done in Mallorca.

It has been declared a Natural Park thanks the enormous animal biodiversity, the sargantan lizards being especially outstanding for their extensive presence and the botany that it treasures.

The best starting point to enter it is the interpretation center because in this way we will become aware of its richness and value. In addition, it has several lighthouses, from where the views are wonderful, and a network of four hiking trails: Na Miranda, Cala Lladó–Far de Llebeig, Cala Lladó–Far de Tramuntana and Cala Lladó–na Pòpia.

19. Visit Es Baluard

This museum is one of the things to see in Mallorca for lovers of modern and contemporary art. It treasures a collection with more than 700 works of art from both local and international artists who have left their mark from the 19th century to the present day. There are works by Joaquín Sorolla, Picasso, Miró and many more.

20. Get to Know Palma’s Seafaring Side in the Santa Catalina Neighborhood

Bounded by Son Españolet and Son Armadans, it is presented as one of the most authentic in the Majorcan capital. Formerly it was a fishing district and today a lively neighborhood.

It is full of shops and art galleries, traditional shops, bohemian cafes, restaurants that offer a wide gastronomic scene, as well as some pubs and venues with live music, which have earned it the qualification of “Balearic Soho”.

At nightfall, it transforms and becomes a very interesting area to go out for drinks. Your visit is outlined as one of the things to do in Mallorca if you want to enjoy the most festive side of the city.

21. Relax in Cala del Moro

This beautiful cove located in Santanyí, in the south of Mallorca, is surrounded by rocky walls that make it a very photogenic spot. Although it is small, it is one of the most virgin and best preserved on the island.

You will enjoy fantastic transparent turquoise waters. That is if people allow it. As you can imagine in the summer months it gets crowded. His thing is to go first thing in the morning and enjoy it when the dough has not yet arrived.

22. Visit the Joan Miró Foundation

This space contains almost 6,000 works by the Catalan painter Joan Miró, which offer the opportunity to learn a little more about his concept and the techniques of abstract art, of which he is the highest representative in our country.

The visit to this space also includes admission to the two workshops in which the artist worked. As an added attraction, the building in which it is located was designed by the Spanish architect Rafael Moneo, who stands out for presenting a set of lights that increases the sensation of suggestion when contemplating the works.

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23. Discover Deià, One of the Most Beautiful Towns in Mallorca

This small town is one of the most charming in Mallorca due to its location perched on a slope of the mountains that make up the Sierra de Tramontana and facing the Mediterranean.

Although its beautiful coves also contribute to increasing this charm, Sa Foradada and Deià being especially outstanding, viewpoints such as San Marroig and its monuments such as the church of San Juan Bautista.

A most evocative setting that already captivated the English poet Robert Graves, who chose it as his place of residence for a few years.

Another great attraction of this enclave is the tranquility and the rural atmosphere that is breathed into it. So if you want to disconnect and relax during your getaway, it is worth including a visit to this town in the list of things to see in Mallorca.

24. Tour the Bay of Palma

It extends 16 km along the coast of Palma, Calvià and Llucmajor. A good way to enjoy it is by bicycle. Although if you are not much of a pedaler, you can also discover it from the water, on one of the numerous excursions that depart from the port.

25. Savor Typical Majorcan Dishes

Majorcan gastronomy is rich and varied and combines influences from the coastal regions, the Sierra de Tramontana and Levante. The result is a recipe book with a good number of the most delicious typical dishes and products, especially the ensaimada, the sobrasada, the arròs brut, the bread with oil, the cocas, the tumbet, the snails or the Majorcan fried.

26. Delve Into the Most Virgin Mallorca in Cabrera

This archipelago is located south of Mallorca, half an hour by boat. It is one of the most beautiful and valuable as it treasures the best preserved coastal landscape of the Iberian Peninsula and with great biodiversity.

Not in vain, its waters, covered with meadows of Posidonia oceanica, inhabit more than 900 marine animals and almost 500 species of plants. A unique enclave, which Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente already described as the “Ulysses Mediterranean”.

The best way to start the visit to this paradise is by going to the interpretation center, but you have to do it before leaving for the island as you are in Colònia de Sant Jordi.

In addition, it has an aquarium with more than 5,000 specimens and a viewpoint, from which you can enjoy wonderful views of the archipelago.

Once on the island, it is a good idea to wander around until you reach its castle, which stands 72 meters above sea level, offering the possibility of enjoying a very beautiful panoramic view.

Another option is to take the route to the Ensiola lighthouse, which runs along the west side, or the Miranda hill. Diving lovers can enjoy their favorite discipline in all its splendor in the Cueva Azul or Punta Galiota; those of the snorkel, emn Sa Platgeta and S’Espalmador. To take a bath on the beach of S’Espalmador.

27. See the Best Sunset in Cape Formentor

This cape, which dominates the northern end of the island, is made up of enormous cliffs, some of which reach 300 meters altitude. On the cape is its famous lighthouse from where the views are especially beautiful, especially when the sun goes down.

But also the access road, which is taken in the port of Pollença, runs winding and winding through the Tramontana mountains, crossing cliffs and ravines that overlook beautiful coves and the sea. All very scenic

So if you want to say goodbye to the sun in the most evocative way possible, it is worth including this enclave among the things to see in Mallorca.

28. Discover the Wonders of Es Trenc Beach

This beach, which is less than 7 km from the Sant Jordi neighborhood, in the town of Campos, is one of the most virgins on the Majorcan coastline, as it is one of the few that has not been invaded by brick.

Along its 2.5 km long, the only thing you can see is the small dunes of very fine white sand that make it up, some machine gun nests (bunkers built during World War II to deal with enemy landings, which have subsequently been converted in works of art by various authors), the turquoise waters that bathe it and the island of Cabrera on the horizon.

As an added attraction, it is bordered by the Salobrar de Campos wetlands, which are a crossing point for numerous migratory birds, especially flamingos, and, therefore, one of the most recommended places to see in Mallorca if you are a lover of nature. ornithology.

Another nearby point of interest is the salt flats, where you can see the process of extracting and making fleur de sel, one of the most valued varieties.

29. Swim With Sharks in the Palma Aquarium

If you are a lover of the animal kingdom, visiting the aquarium is one of the most interesting things to do in Mallorca. It houses more than twenty aquariums inhabited by countless species such as rays, groupers, seahorses, moray eels, octopuses…

Although the great attraction is the shark aquarium or Big Blue, which has the honor of being the deepest on the European continent. You will not only be able to see them very closely but also swim with them since it offers immersion programs.

Also of great interest is the medusario, which has more than 4,000 species of these relatives of corals, and the room of the Giants of the Ocean, which takes the visitor into the curious world of humpback whales.

30. Visit Spanish Town

This open-air museum, located in the Son Españolet neighborhood in Palma, is one of the most recommended visits to do in Mallorca with children.

It integrates more than twenty life-size reproductions of the most important architectural constructions in Spain, among which is the Alhambra in Granada, the Cristo de Los Faroles in Córdoba or the Torre del Oro in Seville.

Undoubtedly, an opportunity to meet or return to contemplate the architectural icons of our country.

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