Things to Do With Your Partner

170 Best Things to Do With Your Partner

If you have a relationship with a special guy and you don’t want to stop doing something different every day with him, here is the best list of things to do as a partner!

We give you, today, excellent ideas to do with your partner and enjoy together.

Whether you are preparing an anniversary or birthday celebration or simply looking for new activities, we leave you 170+ romantic and fun things to do with your boyfriend/girlfriend that will allow you to get to know each other much better.

It’s always good to go the extra mile to find activities that refresh your routine. Sometimes daily activities and responsibilities absorb us and leave us without the energy to think about being creative and finding new activities, but here we help you with that.

Romantic Things to Do With Your Partner

To have fun, you don’t always need a big budget. More important than the amount of money required is creativity and, above all, the willingness to have a good time. These ideas will surely help you put together the ideal plan.

We have prepared ideas for fun and romantic activities to do with your partner. Whether they only have a day or a weekend, but you can also extend for a longer time and choose a different activity for each day of the week. Choose your favorite activities!

1. Movie Marathon

The classic movie marathon is always an excellent option to spend as a partner. But you can put a fun spin on it if they choose a series and characterize themselves as some of the characters. Add more creativity by decorating and making an appetizer for matching what they have chosen to see.

2. Camping

Going camping and being in contact with nature is relaxing and fun. If you like being outdoors, find a place where you can camp and go on an adventure. If they have never done it or think they don’t like it, they should try; it will be worth the experience.

3. Ecotourism Walk

Going for a walk holding hands is very romantic. And they can choose somewhere close (or not so if they have enough time) and walk through the countryside. The goal is to walk and breathe fresh air, if you find a lake or river, it will be even better and the experience can be most memorable.

4. Urban Walk

For the more urban, a walk around the city is a great idea. Although they have been living in the same place for a long time, they may not know every corner. Look for some recommendations on the internet; surely, you will find new places to visit and corners that you did not know.

5. Dinner at Home

If you prefer the calm of staying at home, prepare a dinner. Either you do it together or you surprise him and cook his favorite dish, or he cooks it for you. Set the mood with excellent music and if you’re feeling up to it, dance the night away together.

6. Go Shopping

Shopping together is fun. Whether you are looking for clothes for both of you or want to go shopping for furniture and decoration for your home. Another type of fun shopping is to go looking for books or decorative items.

7. Take Your Dogs to a New Park

Walking your pets is also a lot of fun. Find a new park to take your dogs and enjoy together with them. Be willing to crawl and get dirty to have fun with your pets.

8. Do Altruistic Work Together

Find a place that requires volunteer help and both of you go. Helping someone in need is satisfying. In some associations or causes, they always require help. It is an experience that will unite you and will be unforgettable.

9. Make a Craft

It can be weaving, painting, embroidery, sculpting, or carving wood. There are many activities to do, find one that interests you both and spend time doing it together.

10. Go to a Concert

If they like music, they must go to a concert at least once. Some people like it and go frequently, but you should give it a try if you have never been. Pick an artist or group that you both like, or you may want to experiment with a new genre.

11. Take a Course

Learning something together is fun. There are many courses, workshops or classes that you can take together and enjoy your time as a partner doing something different. Learn a language, a musical instrument, literary creation or even a book club.

12. Cook

Cooking as a partner is a lot of fun, even if cooking isn’t your thing. Choose a complete menu and buy the ingredients together. Spend the whole afternoon preparing and at the end, enjoy your work. They can also invite friends or family.

13. Do General Cleaning

Deep cleaning doesn’t have to be boring. Prepare everything you need, enjoy your favorite music, take the best attitude and spend a day together cleaning the place where you live. In the end, they will feel happy that their house is neat and clean.

14. Go on a Picnic

A picnic doesn’t require a lot of money or a lot of time. Find a nearby park and bring what you want to eat in a basket. Put a tablecloth on the grass and sit together to talk and taste what you have brought.

15. Gastronomic Tour

If you like food, take a food tour. Either in your own city or looking for a new place that you want to know. Prepare your stomach and organize a tour of the best places to eat.

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16. Getaway to the Beach

If you have a full weekend available, escape to the beach. Being by the sea and enjoying a warm climate is always relaxing and romantic. Go together to enjoy and relax.

17. Go to a Park

Walking through a park hand in hand with your partner is very romantic. Maybe they already have a place they like or can find a new one. There are green areas in the park, games for children, and some attractions; they can spend an entire afternoon in such a place.

18. Flying Kites (Kites)

An idea to spend as a partner is to fly kites. You can make your own, it’s simple and it will be fun. Or if you prefer, buy one as big as you like. Find a space big enough and set it to fly.

19. Do a Photoshoot

A photoshoot to immortalize their relationship. Having a picture of you together is very romantic and posing and playing for a photoshoot is a great idea to spend the afternoon together while capturing everything in photography.

20. Take Dance Classes

If they can’t dance, they should try taking dance classes together. And if you already know how to dance, you might want to try new genres. It is a multi-day activity that will surely bring you together as a partner and make you have a good time.

21. Spend a Whole Day in a Motel

Forget the world and lock yourself in a motel or hotel. They may only spend a day or that if they have more time, they can spend more days. The goal is to relax and spend time together, pampering each other without having to leave the room or hotel.

22. Rent a Tombling or Inflatable for Yourselves

Spend a day like children jumping until you are exhausted. Get an inflatable or a tombling and enjoy it without having to share it with children. Surely they are going to have a lot of fun and laugh together.

23. Make a Puzzle or Figure

Pick a project to put together and do it together. A puzzle with many pieces, or a figure with blocks. They will spend a lot of time entertaining and in the end, they will feel very satisfied that they have done it together.

24. Pub Crawl

If you and your partner are more partying, organize a pub crawl. Go from place to place for a whole night so that you will know more places, you will be partying and surely even interesting people will meet.

25. Spa and Massage Day

Maybe what you want is to relax, then the ideal for you is a day of spa and massages. There are many centers, some even far from the city, where there are packages for partners. Spa and massages are the perfect combination to relax and what better than doing it as a partner.

26. Recreate Your First Date

The very romantic idea is to repeat the first date you had. Go to the same place at the same time, even if possible, dress the same. Remember, together with everything that happened that day and talk openly about how you felt. It is sure to be very romantic.

27. Decorate a Space Together

Having a project together is an excellent way to have a good time. Pick a spot in your home if you already live together, and plan a remodel together. This will take time because it is about doing it and organizing and buying many things in advance.

28. Have a Sleepover

Put on your pajamas but don’t go to sleep. Prepare cookies and popcorn; it is also worth some masks to pamper each other. Tell horror stories or some jokes and finally watch your favorite movie together.

29. Road Trip

Going out on the road is one of the best things to do with your partner. Depending on the time and budget you have available, organize a nearby town trip or go on wheels on a long journey.

30. Extreme Sports

If you like strong emotions, do some extreme sport or activity together. Skydiving, bungee jumping, rappelling, motocross, climbing, or any sport that gets your heart racing.

31. Compose a Song Together

If you are of the more artistic style, try writing a song together. It is a very romantic thing that will also leave a gift for posterity and that whenever they want, they can sing together. It’s a beautiful touch for both of you

32. Museum Tour

Another type of tour that you may like is a museum tour. Create a route to visit several museums in one day. Surely everyone will have something interesting to contribute. Of course, consider a break to rest and eat something.

33. Game Afternoon

To not leave the house but to have a good time, one afternoon games. Board games, cards, truth or dare, there are many types of games that can be done for fun without going out. It is ideal for rainy afternoons and to spend a relaxed moment.

140 Things to Do as a Partner: Enjoy With Love

Check what you have done with your boyfriend, how much you still have to try and take advantage of these ideas that I propose here.

If you want to find even more options, check out these Romantic Plans and look at the incredible Magnetic Desire Method, with which you will learn a lot about the male mind.

Things to Do as a Partner and Get Out of the Routine

The monotony of doing the same thing every day can be like a very damaging cancer that affects your relationship.

So the best thing is to know how to fight it and do different things with your boy whenever you can.

Try these things to do as a partner and get out of the routine, and you will see the results!

  • Get started in a gym together.
  • Go out to the party and come home late in the morning.
  • Practice some extreme sports activities (bungee jumping, paragliding, skydiving, climbing, etc.).
  • Buy paints suitable for the body, without any toxicity, and draw each one on the canvas that will be the other’s body.
  • Go to a quiet cafe to talk about.
  • Decorate the interior of the house together.
  • Travel to a nearby city as if you were tourists, grab a map and ask for places of interest to see. Visit museums, have dinner in a restaurant and go to a disco! This is very positive for the relationship, and if you doubt it, check the benefits of traveling as a partner.
  • Choose several movies that you have not seen and do not want to see, do a drawing with numbers and see the one that is your luck!
  • Visit a sex shop and try new things that will add some mischief to intimate relationships.
  • Rent a classic car and drive around town or test-drive a very expensive car at a dealer, as if you were going to buy it.
  • Go to a place where you can play paintball, find friends to play with you for more fun.
  • Pick a day of the week or month and make it different from all the previous ones. Every time it’s Friday, for example, or the 15th of the month, do something new!
  • Stop by his work at lunchtime and go out for lunch together in a particular place.
  • Take a long road trip for the two of you.
  • Celebrate a “no birthday.” Go to a restaurant and ask the waiter to bring you the birthday special because you are celebrating your anniversary or one of you is celebrating that day. Celebrate your love.
  • Swap the to-do list and accomplish as many things from each other’s list as possible.
  • Go to a bookstore and choose a book for each other. You must read it!
  • Go on a trip without telling anyone, in secret. If you have no idea where to go, check the text Traveling with your partner using Airbnb and get a discount coupon.
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Things You Can Do With Your Boyfriend on Weekends

On weekends there are always things to do as a partner, so take advantage of this time to be together and put these ideas into practice:

  • Cook a special recipe or dinner together.
  • Make a marathon of the series that you both like the most, or the one that is fashionable and you have not seen.
  • Bathe the dog (if you have one) and take him for a walk in the park.
  • Take a museum tour.
  • Make a time capsule of the relationship and bury it in a place to rescue it after 10 years.
  • Make a reservation at a nearby hotel and spend the whole weekend alone. You can also do this on a special date, discover how to spend an unforgettable Valentine.
  • Prepare a dinner where most foods are aphrodisiacs (includes shellfish, nuts, chocolate, etc.).
  • Take a tour of the places you have never entered but have always passed close by.
  • Wait for sunset and enjoy it accompanied by a good bottle of wine.
  • Go hiking or biking in the morning.
  • Book a spa for two and get a partner’s massage day. This is ideal for celebrating a special birthday or anniversary day. Also, try these romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day
  • Have a movie night, popcorn and all.
  • Go to the beach and build sandcastles, then have a contest and have strangers vote which one they liked the most.
  • Prepare a home spa with candles, music, aromas, bath and massages and enjoy the feeling of relaxation all day!

Things to Do as a Partner Without Spending Money

When it comes to c dare to make a partner can always save some budget or invent a plan if you do not have enough money for something expensive.

Fun and romance are not conditioned by how much they spend or not.

Try these ideas for Valentine’s Day without spending a lot of money and with the following suggestions that I show you below:

  • Sit on the shore of a lake with your feet in the water.
  • Talk all night.
  • Grow a plant between the two of you, or create a whole garden and promise to both take care of it and beautify it.
  • Choose the same book, read it both, or swap the book you read.
  • Have a picnic in bed.
  • Sit down and look at the stars.
  • Play in the fallen leaves of the trees in the fall.
  • Change the house’s furniture distribution, apply some energy organization and orientation techniques such as feng shui ( Feng shui for love can be very useful ).
  • Go for a walk and spend the afternoon in any nearby natural park, and have a picnic with a snack or lunch.
  • Write each other a love letter even if you are together and tell each other everything you dare not say head-on.
  • Strip each other.
  • Learn to do anything new online, like giving massages, cooking, dancing, etc.
  • Go to a place full of people, observe each character closely and then recreate it at home or where that person does not see them, since it is not about making anyone feel bad.
  • Fulfill one another’s sexual fantasy.
  • Be children again: build a kite with your own hands and fly it to the park.
  • Make a video together and upload it to YouTube.
  • Prepare a bubble bath and soak the two of you in the bathtub for a relaxing home spa.
  • Watch a sunrise from the roof of the house or anywhere nearby.
  • Take a night walk and talk about yourselves.
  • Stroll barefoot along the beach or a path in the countryside, holding hands and enjoying each other’s company.
  • Find old photos that the other has not seen, and tell stories!
  • Exercise together at home.
  • Spend an afternoon or part of the night watching movies outdoors.
  • Make a portrait or caricature of each other and post it somewhere at home later!
  • Participate in some solidarity community activity or contribute to an NGO and society to protect animals or plants.
  • Give him a massage at home (remember that you must learn how to do it first; you don’t want to hurt him). Then let him do the same for you.
  • Play classical music loud and enjoy the sound.
  • Share the housework, clean the house together.
  • Make a craft to decorate the house where you live or to give it to someone.
  • Make him a music list and have him make one for you to listen to on his mobile during the day.
  • Take a walk to see the Christmas decorations or the date they are on, or simply the decorations and promotions that different businesses have in the streets.
  • Go to an outdoor concert or festival.
  • Do a thorough cleaning of the closet and take out all the clothes you no longer wear and donate them; if possible, tell an anecdote related to each item.
  • Open the refrigerator and make a plate with the things you find inside, make up new recipes!
  • Take a cute selfie session separately and as a partner as you tour the city.
  • Use balloons filled with water, water pistols, hoses, buckets, anything goes!
  • Enjoy board, computer, online or play games, all as a partner!

Fun Ideas to Share as a Partner

Fun is never lacking when you are in good company.

Try these things to do as a partner and discover how to have a very entertaining time with your boy or learn how to surprise my boyfriend on his birthday.

  • Go out to get wet in the rain, walk and kiss no matter how wet you are.
  • Go ice skating.
  • Adopt a pet between the two of you.
  • Do a role-play to encourage intimacy, costumes are worth it, and also interpret characters and stories.
  • Learn your partner’s hobbies and he yours.
  • Go out into the street one day dressed the same, in the same color.
  • Build a fire outside.
  • Make love in a public place, of course, without being seen.
  • Teach your partner to do something unfamiliar, such as dancing or blowing bubbles with gum.
  • Go for a walk and in the middle of the street full of people put on a show as if you were breaking up the relationship, do not get out of your character and leave there separately to meet somewhere else and laugh at people’s expressions. It would be ideal if they could videotape what happened.
  • Make a show of your own for the other where you act out some random or planned text and where you can improvise.
  • Have a mud battle after the rain or a snowball fight after a snowfall.
  • Make him a gift and give him clues so he can find it and have him do the same for you.
  • Wake up and do everything to the other, as if he needed all the help, from dressing him to brushing his teeth to feeding him.
  • Learn to make origami.
  • Take a fake vacation and post the photos on Facebook to see people’s reactions.
  • Get a tattoo together, in a place that only you can see; If you do not dare with a permanent one, try a temporary one.
  • Ride a horse.
  • On the road or foot, go on an aimless trip, do not set itineraries and stop only when you need to eat, go to the bathroom or enjoy the scenery and take photos. This is very good for both of you, research and discover the benefits of traveling with your partner to strengthen the relationship.
  • Learn to play some notes on a musical instrument.
  • Have a pillow fight or a tickle fight.
  • Play any board game, striptease mode!
  • Go climb a nearby mountain.
  • Enroll in a diving course.
  • Go to an amusement park.
  • Find a place where you can swim naked, like a nearby pool or lake.
  • Watch a game together in a sport you don’t know and place bets.
  • Go to a fireworks show.
  • Try a restaurant with indigenous food from a country, one that they have never tried.
  • Do a puzzle together.
  • Learn a new language together and talk to each other in this language to practice.
  • Buy paints and canvas to paint a picture both at the same time and then hang it somewhere visible at home.
  • Go to a party and dance close together, no matter who’s looking around!
  • Go somewhere with karaoke and dedicate yourself to a song!
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Romantic Things to Do as a Partner

So that romance is never lacking, here is a list of some things to do as a partner.

And just in case, check what you should and should not do on Valentine’s Day.

  • Dine-in a super fancy restaurant you don’t know about.
  • Leave hidden love notes all over the house for the other to find.
  • Give him some of your most intimate secrets, those that nobody knows, only you, and let him do the same.
  • Plan and prepare a trip to an exotic place you’ve always wanted to go and travel there at some point!
  • Go to the theater or the movies.
  • Dedicate to songs on the radio.
  • Find a nephew, cousin or close relative who is small and take him for a walk alone without the child’s parents, so they will practice being future parents!
  • Go back to the place of the first date and try to recreate what happened that day.
  • Make him breakfast and take him to bed with a flower and a very romantic note.
  • Kiss each other under the light of the stars and the moon as if nothing existed around you and as if time had stopped.
  • Go to a studio and take some beautiful, professional partner photos to frame and hang at home later.
  • Take a peaceful afternoon nap together after eating or being intimate.
  • Write a song or poem for each other.
  • Order food at home and spend the whole day at home, in your pajamas.
  • Have a manicure and pedicure session together.
  • Bathe together, bathing each other.
  • Give each other flowers and chocolates.

Things to Do as a Partner: Original Ideas

In a love relationship, originality can never be lacking to keep the spark always on and passion alive.

Check out these things to do as a partner and increase the dose of uniqueness between you and your guy.

  • Have a whole day without any kind of technology; try to hold out without looking at your mobile or computer.
  • Learn to say “I love you” in other languages ​​and tell each other.
  • Camp in a camping tent on the beach or in the field overnight.
  • Take a food tour in the city, visiting the best restaurants and bars and trying new things!
  • Do some research and try to set a Guinness record for anything!
  • Go for a walk in the countryside and discover the wonders of nature. They can do the same in the city, discovering architectural jewels and heritage sites.
  • Go through your house and take out everything you don’t use for a yard sale or online.
  • Make a list of wishes or aspirations and give it to the other to help you fulfill them.
  • Dress appropriately, formally, and visit nearby houses or properties for sale, as if you were the prospective buyers and interested.
  • Learn to skate.
  • Practice yoga for partners.
  • Go back to each other’s hometown and show it to the other, or to the house where you lived when you were little, to the school or the park where you played.
  • Take a course at an academy in something that motivates you both back to school together!
  • Play these truth or dare questions for my boyfriend.
  • Have a horror movie session.
  • Have a barbecue on the terrace or in the garden.
  • Go shopping.
  • Make a printed photo album of the two of you, like the one grandparents have.
  • Come up with a holiday just for the two of you and completely new and away from any anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or birthdays. Celebrate it each year as the special day that it is and don’t overlook it.
  • Build a fort made of blankets and lots of pillows and spend the whole night in there, like children again.
  • Play sports together, as a partner or in a group with friends.
  • Go to a wine or beer tasting, food or whatever else you have to try for free!

As you can see, there are many ways to spend time with your boy, have fun, get out of the routine, enjoy romance, be original, and not spend a lot of money!


The most important thing is the feeling that unites them, so any plan, no matter how simple it may seem, can be fantastic if you have each other’s company and love.

You just have to put in a bit of desire and enthusiasm and be willing to fight for the relationship and never get bored.

With the help of these interesting things to do as a partner, you can start now, but thousands will be the ideas that you two can come up with, according to each one’s particular tastes and preferences.

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