Things to Do in Ibiza With Kids

The 7 Best Things to Do in Ibiza With Kids

Best Things to Do in Ibiza With Kids: Forget the image of Ibiza as a place only for twenty-somethings wanting to party. Fortunately, most partying areas of the island are very localized and only occupy a small part of

everything Ibiza has to offer. A holiday with children on the island is an excellent option to spend the holidays, both for the little ones and for the parents.

Top 7 Things to Do in Ibiza With Kids

We show you some of the things we can do with our children on this fabulous Mediterranean island. Don’t be scared by the image to which the island is subjected by televisions. Ibiza is a perfect place to go on vacation where both parents and children will have a great time.

1. Beaches

Have no doubt: children love the beaches of Ibiza! The island is small in size and is very easy to navigate by car, so you can visit several beaches on the same day. Most of the beaches in Ibiza are sandy, perfect for your children to play, make castles, bury themselves up to their heads … We also highlight that all the sandy beaches of Ibiza have a very gentle slope at the entrance to the sea, so the Children can play on the shore and learn to swim without worrying too much.

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There are several well-known family beaches in Ibiza, but without a doubt, the favorite for children and parents is the Salinas. A long stretch of sand and transparent water are its greatest attractions, accompanied by a natural environment of Mediterranean forests. Before the beach, we will find the salt flats of Ibiza, where your children can see first-hand how the salt they find, for example, on their table is obtained.

We also recommend other beaches in Ibiza ideal to go with children such as Sa Cala de Sant Vicent, Playa d’en Bossa, Cala Llonga, Cala Jondal, Cala Bassa, Platges d’en Comte … as you can see, there is not a single option and you will find many more in our beach guide. What we do advise against is that you avoid rocky beaches, as they can be more dangerous and more boring for children.

2. Dalt Vila

The next thing we can do is take a walk through Dalt Vila, the old town of Ibiza. Beautiful little cobbled streets, through which you can access several viewpoints from where you can enjoy impressive views.

The streets can be very steep and we do not recommend going up to the Cathedral at noon when the sun hits the hardest. However, some cobbled pedestrian streets can make us think twice about touring the streets of Dalt Vila with a baby carriage. We can also take the opportunity to visit the La Marina neighborhood, next to the port, and with a hippie market.

3. Villages

Not all the island’s appeal is in the city center. Not much less. We must also visit its villages, where we can appreciate the typical Ibizan architecture, always surrounded by typical Mediterranean forests. One of the best ways to get to know the area is with some of the themed tours by train. They are offered in many parts of the island and are always great fun.

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4. Markets

Many children do not like to go shopping, but in Ibiza that will not be a problem. Surely you have never seen markets like the ones that this island offers you. During practically the whole week, there are markets in different parts of the island, all with a hippie atmosphere with a long tradition in Ibiza… They are very entertaining since in addition to all the things that can be found there, such as crafts or Ibizan fashion, They are always enlivened with music, performances, storytelling … The markets are ideal places to take some very nice memories of the island.

5. Day Trip to Formentera

Another thing we can do with children is to take a day trip to Formentera. To do this, you have to cross the narrow channel that separates both islands by boat, a journey that hardly exceeds half an hour. Formentera is an ideal place to spend the day on incredible beaches, such as the Ses Salines Natural Park, Es Caló or Migjorn. We recommend renting a car upon arrival in port with which we can travel the entire island in just one day.

If your children are old enough, you can also rent a bicycle to tour a small part of the island, taking advantage of its very flat terrain. We also recommend exploring some movie corners, such as those of Cap de Barbaria or the Faro de la Mola.

6. Trade Shows

Life in Ibiza is closely linked to nature and the countryside. For this reason, fairs and exhibitions of animals and local gastronomy are very frequent. The Fira del Bestiar is well known, which is held annually in San Gertrudis, with the presence of pigs, goats, sheep … If your children are passionate about animals, you cannot miss these fairs, where they can see local animals. You can also see how the artisans work and try some typical products, such as sobrasada, butifarrón, cheeses or Ibizan herbal liqueur (the latter not suitable for children due to its alcoholic strength, but highly recommended for parents).

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7. Sunsets

If you are romantics and you like sunsets, you can see spectacular sunsets from many points on the west coast of Ibiza. The most typical sunset is from Café del Mar in San Antonio. However, we would also like to highlight that the sunset can be seen from many beaches, among which we highlight Platges d’en Comte. Children will surely not forget the color combination of sea and sky as the sun sets on the horizon.

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