The 7 Best Sunset Spots in Ibiza

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Best Sunset Spots in Ibiza: One of the attractions of Ibiza is the sunset that can be seen from many points on the west coast of the island. It is quite an attraction to see the minutes go by in which the sun melts with the sea while the sky acquires shades of blue, orange, pink and violet until it disappears into the water. For many people, the sunset is a magical moment.

Sunset Spots in Ibiza

The sunset can be enjoyed throughout the year in Ibiza, as long as the clouds allow it. If you are on vacation, reserve at least one afternoon to live this experience, although it must be emphasized that in the summer months, the haze caused by the heat may not allow you to see a clean sunset on the horizon.

The best days to see the sunset in Ibiza are those in which there is a lot of wind or the days after a good rain, as this clears the atmosphere and the sky is clearer.

The 7 Best Sunset Spots in Ibiza

There are many beaches and unique places to enjoy one of the most photographed moments by all visitors to Ibiza. Every sunset is different and there are many magical places from which to live this moment in a special way. Here we explain our favorite places to see the sunset in Ibiza:

1. Cala Comte

Cala Comte

Cala Comte, also known as Platges d’en Comte, is one of the best beaches in Ibiza. Its waters are among the cleanest and most crystalline on the island and the horizon is full of large islands and small islets that make up a perfect setting for the sunset.

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Although it is a small beach, in Cala Comte, we can see the sunset from different heights: from the sand, from the rocks, from the parking lot, and from the beach bar that offers spectacular views … A must-see, so if you’re not in a rush, stay as long as necessary to watch the sunset slowly.

2. Galera Point

Galera Point

One of the most unknown coves with difficult access, but one of the best to watch the sunset. It is an area formed by large rocky platforms – we will not find a grain of sand – and with a young and very calm atmosphere.

From the platforms, it is possible to jump into the sea, and there are many who watch the sunset from the water. The rocks turn orange during sunset, giving rise to a magical setting where one can enter into full harmony with the nature of the island. If you like tranquility, Punta Galera is your place.

3. Las Salinas

Las Salinas

Sunset from the Natural Park of Ses Salines de Ibiza.

It is not necessary to see the sunset from a beach, there are many other highly recommended places in Ibiza where we will get good views. One of our favorite places is the Ses Salines Natural Park, where we will see the sun reflected on the different ponds that accumulate salt.

In addition to a beautiful experience, you will also enjoy the tranquility and solitude of the place, since it is not a very frequented place by tourists. If you have enjoyed a day at the beach in Las Salinas or Es Cavallet, it is not a bad idea to wait until sunset to enjoy these views

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4. Cafe del Mar

Cafe del Mar

A place that has already become classic. The  Cafe del Mar offers one of the sunsets with the most history in Ibiza. They were one of the first places to discover that sunset could be quite a business and for more than 25 years, this bar on the seafront in San Antonio has served drinks accompanied by chill-out music and very special views.

The atmosphere that is breathed, with all the terraces full of people every evening, makes this place one of the classics to see the sunset in Ibiza. In addition, it is located in San Antonio, so if you stay here, it is a comfortable option to watch the sunset.

5. Kumharas


One of the most surprising bars in all of Ibiza is Kumharas, in the bay of San Antonio. It is not only surprising for its privileged location in front of the sea and for its curious decoration, but for the atmosphere that is breathed in the place, especially with the performances in the afternoons and the sunset. A place where you can be calm with your friends but at the same time have fun. Music also plays a very important role in this place, with quiet music until sunset, to later giving way to shows during the night.

6. Es Vedrà

Es Vedrà

The magical islet of Ibiza is one of my favorite places to see the sunset. The cut-out silhouette of Es Vedra is imposing with its almost 400 meters above sea level, while the sky and the sea acquire reddish and orange tones. From the cliff, on clear days, you can see the mountains of the Iberian Peninsula.

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Es Vedra

Detail of the sunset with Es Vedra in the background. On the horizon are the mountains of the Peninsula.

7. Benirràs and Hippie Drums

Benirràs and Hippie Drums

A group of people plays the drums during the sunset in the mythical festival of Benirras.

Benirras Beach is one of the most famous in Ibiza, and it has many charms that make this place a very special place: a wooded natural environment, clean waters spectacular sunset, and an atmosphere hippie authentic in Ibiza.

During sunset, the curious silhouette of Cap Bernat outlined on the horizon stands out powerfully. Unfortunately, there are many boats that anchor in front of this cove and often obstruct the image of the sunset. But if the sunset in Benirràs is famous for something, it is for the original drum festival that accompanies the sinking of the sun in the Mediterranean Sea..

Sunset in Ibiza… From Your Boat!

All the places so far sound great, but you can rarely be alone in any of the places mentioned. We propose a perfect plan so that you can enjoy this show that Ibiza offers like no other place:

Sunset in Ibiza

If you want to enjoy a unique experience, we recommend sailing around the island by boat and watching the sunset on board. You can choose your favorite beach and the places that you most want to visit from the sea.

There are many other beaches and places from where you can see the magical Ibiza sunset. If you want, you can investigate on your own, perhaps you will find a lonely place where you can see the sunset in privacy with someone special.

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