Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney

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The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, or Royal Botanic Gardens, was created in 1816. It is a 30-hectare botanical garden located in Sydney. It is located east of the Opera House, Circular Quay and Macquarie Street. If you are looking for a quiet place to relax while enjoying a privileged view, this is your place.

Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney

What to Do at the Royal Botanic Gardens?

The Botanical Garden is one of those places that you can go to again and again. It’s our workhorse when we feel like getting some fresh air and don’t feel like thinking about new places. Ideal to drink mates, enjoy the flora and fauna, to observe its incredible views or to take the newcomer to the city.

In the gardens, you can find plants from all over the world, such as the begonia garden, the camellias garden or the herbarium. There is also a garden of rare and endangered plants, with the aim of instructing the visitor on what actions can be taken to save them. In addition, you can see an oriental garden with species from China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and Bhutan.

But, in addition to hundreds of species of flora, in the Botanical Garden, you will also find fauna. Here was our first (and not the last) encounter with Grey-headed Flying Foxes.  A large bat species found only in Australia. They weigh around a kilo and measure between 22 and 27 centimeters from head to toe. It is one of the largest bat species in the world. As far as we know they don’t hurt, but we were always careful just in case and tried to avoid these places at night.

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The Royal Botanic Gardens, in addition to flora and fauna, owns dream views, one of the best in our opinion is Macquarie Chair From there you can see how the sunset melts between the Opera House and The Bridge. It is one of the most frequented places during the New Year fireworks.

When to Go to the Royal Botanic Gardens?

The Botanical Garden is open every day, with the exception of the areas assigned for special events or those that require an entrance ticket. Admission is free, except for the Tropical Center and some exhibitions. So now you know, prepare the blanket and enjoy one of the most beautiful places in Sydney and on top of that for free!

If you are in Sydney in tourist mode and want to dedicate yourself to enjoying and taking pictures.

How to Get to the Royal Botanic Gardens?

From the CBD:

  • Train 10 minutes
  • car 5 minutes
  • Bus 15 minutes.


  • Visit the Macquarie Chair, one of the most beautiful views of Sydney you will find here.
  • Take a blanket and food and improvise a picnic in the middle of the city.
  • Have your eco kit to avoid plastics.
  • It is open every day, and admission is free, except for special events.
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What is your battle horse? That place where no matter how many times you go, you never get tired. Tell us in the comments and we hope you liked our post about the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney!

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