25 Best Beaches in the Algarve, Portugal

Best Beaches in the Algarve

I recognize it. I have hallucinated traveling the beaches of the Algarve. A true paradise! Not only because of the color and how transparent the water is (well, and how cold it is too…), but especially because of those impossible rock formations that create dream postcards. How is it possible that I had never gone to the south of Portugal being so close to home? I … Read more

The 26 Best Beaches in Portugal

Best Beaches in Portugal

The country of great seafarers, travelers and famous football players occupies the westernmost part of the Iberian Peninsula. The whole world knows the names of Vasco Da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho and others. Filled with the sun, generously rewarded with gifts of nature, caressed by the Atlantic, Portugal is a large open-air … Read more