55 Best Free Things to Do in London

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Best Free Things to Do in London: London is not the cheapest city in the world. True … but in today’s post, we are going to give you 55 ideas of things to see and do for free (or almost) in London … Are you ready? Let’s go!

Planning a getaway to London and need cheap accommodation? Take a look at this article, in which we tell you about the best areas of London to stay in and cheap options to do so.

55 Things to See and Do in London for Free (or Almost)

1. Stroll through Picadilly Circus and take a photo with the typical illuminated signs in the background. And if you dare, you can participate in a night tour that will take you to discover the most current London. During the visit, you will pass through the main central places in London (with the help of a Spanish guide). In the end, you will all go toast with a pint in a pub! Cheers.

2. Look for the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens.

3. Take advantage of the free concerts of the Covent Garden buskers.

4. Stroll along with the South Bank and discover the south side of London on the River Thames. You will be accompanied by the London Eye (if you want to climb this fantastic Ferris wheel you can buy tickets with no queue), the Globe Theater and the Tate Modern, among others.

5. If it’s Saturday, don’t miss a free concert at the National Gallery: a wide variety of musicians play at noon. There are from piano concerts to ukulele artists! And also, in this museum, there are paintings by Botticelli, Caravaggio, Raffaello, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh, Goya and more!

6. Take a picture while crossing the famous Abbey Road like one more Beatle!

7. Get lost in the luxurious corridors of the Harrods galleries.

8. Attend the changing of the guard ceremony in front of Buckingham Palace And if you like the monarchy and God Save the Queen vibe,  visit Windsor Castle. This tour in Spanish has good reviews.

9. Stroll through SoHo, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in London. And look for a cool pub where you can have a pint as God intended.

10. If you are a Harry Potter fan, go to the King Cross subway and take a photo of platform 9 and ¾. And if you are a suuuuper Harry Potter fan (yes, get ready to reach into your pocket), you can take a Harry Potter tour in the Warner Bros studios where you can get to know your favorite wizard more closely or a walking tour of London that will take you to know the “places” linked to Harry.

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11. Stand in front of the skeleton of the famous dinosaur in the Museum of Natural Sciences: really impressive. It is an excellent plan (also if you travel with children). Plus it’s free!

12. Watching Tower Bridge rise is one of the best things to see in London. You can see the dates and times of the bridge movements.

13. Get lost in the Tate Modern, one of the most famous Modern Art galleries in the world (and for free!). Also on the top floor, there are breathtaking views. Although we do talk about beautiful views, none like those of ‘The View from The Shard ‘. Here you have tickets without the queue (and on sale!).

14. Don’t miss the British Museum: it’s huge and it takes time to see everything, but since it’s free (yuppi!) You can come back as many times as you want. Here you will find Egyptian mummies, statues from Easter Island, imprints of the Buddha, remains of the Parthenon and even the Rosetta Stone. Come on, if you like history, this place is heaven! Free again , how cool is London, huh?

15. If you prefer science, take a tour of the Science Museum (and also for free!).

16. Visit Westminster Abbey, where the tombs of English kings and personalities such as Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton or Charles Dickens are located. This and other visits in addition to transport are included in the London Pass.

17. Marvel at the  Cathedral of St. Paul: the second largest religious building in the world, after St. Peter of the Vatican, how could it be otherwise!

18. If it’s sunny and hot (which isn’t always so easy in London), you can go swimming at Highgate Lake. Don’t worry that there are no monsters hiding in its waters.

19. Make friends with the ducks in St James Park. Or even lie down on one of their lawns and organize a picnic Good and cheap plan!

20. Step on the prime meridian at the Greenwich Observatory.

21. Rest in Trafalgar Square under the statue of General Nelson and his 4 lions.

22. Get on the longest escalator in Europe: it is located in the Angel metro station and measures more than 60 meters.

23. And while you’re here, ride the famous London “Tube”, the oldest tube in the world.

24. If you are a London-lover and you already know the best corners of the English capital, perhaps you can discover something new at the Museum of London that tells the history of the city.

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25. An original thing to see and do for free in London is to visit its Jamaican neighborhood: Brixton!

26. If you have time, head to Primrose Hill, from where you can enjoy one of the best views of London (and for free!). Although without a doubt the best views are obtained from the London Eye.

27. If you ask permission, you can attend the famous key ceremony at the Tower of London that takes place every afternoon.

28. Try English cuisine, okay, it is not highly valued, but you have to eat local, right? Here are some places to eat in London.

29. And if you are not convinced, try some exotic food: London is full of ethnic restaurants! 

30. Near the Camden Town flea market, there is an Art Center where you can discover famous artists from the ’60s.

31. And if you like fruit and vegetable markets, don’t miss Borough Market. Here you can also find dishes to improvise a picnic.

32. Pass in front of the Prime Minister’s residence: 10 Downing Street.

33. Sit for a moment in Paris in front of the Arc de Triomphe in Wellington or the Marble Arch.  Or go straight to Paris, mind you, it’s not crazy: there are tours that take you on an excursion to Paris from London.

34. And imaginary travels to Venice thanks to the canals of Maida Vale.

35. A visit to London is not such if you do not return home with a photo of its most universal symbol: nooo, not the Queen! I’m talking about Big Ben !!

36. And of course, also with the typical phone booth.

37. Stroll through the famous Notthing Hill neighborhood (and look for the travel bookstore from the movie!).

38. Relax in the Queen Mary Rose Garden, the most beautiful rose garden in town (located in Regents Park).

39. Take a stroll down Bond Street, among Churchill statues and luxury shops.

40. Did you know that the Globe Theater London is a replica of the Shakespearean theater? And it is also beautiful! Do not miss it!

41. Gape in front of the wonderful Kensington Palace and its gardens.

42. Visit The Houses of Parliament, the English Parliament. And if you book in advance, you can even attend a session!

43. If you like photography, a walk through the Victoria and Albert Museum will be a pleasure. Here are over 1 million photos from around the world and from all eras.

44. London is one of the cities with the most cultural interest in the world: almost daily there are festivals, concerts, shows … Take a look at Time Out which always puts up-to-date plans.

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45. Discover the Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, one of the most curious places in London. People climb into a drawer and complain about something… while passersby respond to them! Surreal but real!

46. Do not miss the circular Temple Church, the sanctuary of the Templars.

47. If you like India, visit the Hindu temple of Shri Swaminarayan Mandir.

52 / It won’t be a delicatessen, but a good fish & chips can brighten up your afternoon.

48. Just like the 5 o’clock tea … you can’t not drink it in London!

49. If you have time in London, a good idea is to take a trip to discover something more of England. Some of the best are Excursion to Stonehenge, Excursion to Oxford and Cambridge, Leeds Castle, Canterbury and Dover, Excursion to Edinburgh, or the one that takes you to Stonehenge, Salisbury, Bath and Windsor.

50. Cross the Thames from one side to the other thanks to its wonderful bridges. The most famous are the Tower Bridge and the Millenium Bridge. If you want to spend some money (and I assure you it will be well spent!) 

51. A little shopping never hurts, right? On Oxford Street, you will find what you are looking for.

52. Get on a bus and let yourself go.  Perhaps you can discover secret corners that do not appear in any guide. If you prefer, you can get on a tourist bus to visit the most famous places in London (and considering how expensive the tube is, it may be worth it!)

53. Take the opportunity to practice your English with the local people by having a pint of delicious English beer.

54. And if you are a football fan, why not do it while watching a Premier League match with the fans of one of the teams? I would first make sure which of the teams to cheer on …

55. Come back: London has sooo much to offer and in just one visit it is very complicated to be satisfied!

So far, our list of things to see and do in London for free (or almost) … do you know any more?

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