The 10 Best Beaches in Italy

Italy is synonymous with beauty and its sandy beaches are no exception. The best European sandy beaches for recreation are located in Italy. Only the islands of Sardinia and Sicily are a summer paradise with endless white sandy beaches and turquoise sea. Italy has a huge variety of beaches, from majestic sculptural cliffs and fine … Read more

Best Places in France

Best Places in France

France is home to some of the most beautiful cities, towns and villages in the world. best in the earth has selected the top 5 destinations especially for you based on all your favorite factors of diversity: attractions, accommodation, weather and culinary scenes. So whether you are looking for an interesting adventure or a relaxing wine … Read more

Tips on Travelling to Dijon

Tips on Travelling to Dijon

Tips on Travelling to Dijon: You may arrive in Dijon in the context of a trip to the Burgundy wine region, of which the city is the heart. With about 150,000 inhabitants, and traditionally with an agri-food industry, from the tourist point of view, it was an unknown city and on the route from Paris … Read more

The 30 Best Beaches in Malta

Best Beaches in Malta

Malta is a little paradise on earth. Island located between Libya, Sicily and Tunisia, every year it is the destination of tourists from all over the world who want to see with their own eyes its turquoise waters and its impressive beaches. Malta offers tourists unspoiled landscapes that have not been touched by man – … Read more

The 20 Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

Halfway between lunch and dinner, many bars and restaurants in the city have joined the ‘brunch’ trend. The food of the thousand combinations has been refined and is experienced even in haute cuisine. A good shot of energy based on scrambled eggs or toast with bacon is gaining more followers every day, that’s why we … Read more

Most Beautiful Villages in Burgundy

Here is a list of the Most Beautiful Villages in Burgundy, sorted in order of decreasing popularity among tourists. Of course, like / dislike is always individual. Someone will have a different sample of the most beautiful cities in Burgundy; someone will have a different sequence of decreasing “beauty”… But in general, I hope the … Read more

18 Most Beautiful Villages in Provence

Most Beautiful Villages in Provence: the most beautiful and typical sites that make you fall in love with their landscapes and the sensations they produce in the visitor. It is always a good time to visit this region of southeastern France, which falls in love with its landscapes, colors, and smells. Cozy, romantic, with charming … Read more

The 50 Best Hotels in Vienna

Best Hotels in Vienna: Why is it worth visiting Vienna? Only here in February, the grand Vienna Ball takes place. In the city, you can see the world’s oldest Ferris wheel and one of the largest emeralds in the world. Also, it was in Vienna that croissants were first prepared, which later received the name … Read more