Best Tips for Traveling to Miami

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Hundreds of thousands of travelers have found Miami the perfect destination to have unlimited fun on its beautiful beaches and incomparable entertainment venues. But many of them have had a bad experiences that could have been avoided.

Tips for Traveling to Miami

That is why in this article we bring you the best tips for traveling to Miami so that you can experience this amazing city in the best way.

Tips for Traveling to Miami for the First Time

1. You Don’t Need to Speak English to Visit Miami

One of the great advantages of visiting Miami is that, precisely, it is not necessary to master English, since a large part of its population speaks or knows Spanish. Despite this, we also advise you to know certain phrases if necessary so as not to find yourself in a hurry. Here are some examples:

  • I don’t understand you – I don’t understand
  • Where do I find a restaurant? – Where can I find a restaurant?
  • How do I get to …? – How do you get to…?

2. Keep in Mind the Requirements to Travel

In general, the minimum requirements to travel to the United States are to have a visa or ESTA (only in authorized countries), as well as a return ticket home. We recommend that if you have a reservation, you also have it on hand when you enter the country.

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Similarly, it is highly advisable to constantly review the requirements on the page of the embassy of your country, as they can change without prior notice.

3. Choose the Best Time of Year for Your Trip

In Miami, as in most destinations in the world, there is high season and low season. Each one is characterized by a greater or lesser influx of people, and likewise the increase and decrease of prices. If you can, it is best to travel in the low season, which occurs between the months of February, the end of April and the month of September.

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Low season is more recommended because prices are lower, in general, there is less volume of people and visits to places will be more agile. In addition, you will not be as hot as in the middle of summer.

4. You Can Dedicate These Days to the Magic City

To plan what to do in Miami, we recommend you keep in mind, on the one hand, the number of days you will spend in the city and, on the other, the essential places you want to visit. Therefore, below we will tell you what you could see depending on the number of days you spend in the City of the Sun and you can make the best itinerary for you:

  • 3 days: With this alternative, you will have a somewhat limited time to visit the entire city, but you will be able to cover the essentials without any problem. For example, the beach of South Beach or the lively street of Ocean Drive, among many others.
  • 5 days: In 5 days you will get to know 100% of what Miami has to offer, it is the ideal option for those who are passionate about fun and who want to live the Miami experience at its best. You will be able to get to know, beyond the beach, other fun places such as Villa Vizcaya or the City Aquarium.
  • 7 days: For a week of travel, in addition to touring the essentials of Miami, you will have the great alternative of visiting the outskirts of the city. Fort Lauderdale, the Keys or the Everglades Park will be within your reach and will be a great souvenir to add to your collection.
  • 10 days: If you have 10 days, then we recommend you take the opportunity to get to know other parts of Florida a little further afield. Among them, without a doubt, the best option is to bet on Orlando and visit the famous Disney and Universal parks.

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5. Move in the Best Way Around Ciudad Del Sol

To optimize your travel times, and move more comfortably and at your own pace, there is nothing like touring Miami in a rental car. This way it will be easier to fully enjoy everything that Miami has for you and it will open up possibilities that other transportation alternatives do not have.

The clearest examples are the adventures that we mentioned before, the getaways to the surroundings of Miami are an excellent way to enjoy your visit to the City of the Sun even more. Our special recommendations are Los Cayos to discover Key West and Orlando to discover Disney and Universal parks.

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6. Where to Stay in Miami

In Miami, you will have several options to stay and in different popular areas of the city, but the best ones for us are undoubtedly South Beach or Brickell, as they offer a particular and very captivating environment where you will spend unforgettable moments without having to go far from your hotel. , while being well connected with the rest of the city.

In the same way, you will have other options such as Downtown, Mid-Beach or the surroundings of the airport, which we will tell you in detail what their advantages and disadvantages are in our previous post about where to stay in Miami.

7. Travel on Your Own or in a Company to Miami

The Magic City is a destination that you can enjoy both on your own and with your family or friends, here you will find plans of all kinds!

The best family plans are the beach, visiting shopping centers and enjoying urban art. For example, Lincoln Road or the Bayside Marketplace are definitely two of its must-sees. Similarly, a great option is to visit Superblue Miami, a fantastic space dedicated to digital art where the artistic experience is lived in a unique way.

To go with friends or on your own, both the Downtown area and Ocean Drive will be the best choice. In both parts, you can discover fun party places, exquisite restaurants, or lively bars.

Downtown there are Mojito Bar and The Corner, which are some of the best bars in the area. Regarding South Beach, you will find the legendary party venues Mango’s Tropical Cafe and Nikki Beach, emblematic places for their excellent atmosphere and good service.

Even if you travel alone, with your family or your friends, keep in mind that the most advisable thing is to rent a car and tour Miami, in this way all the secrets that this metropolis keeps will be much easier.

8. Prepare Your Cards to Use Them in Miami

In the United States, it is very common to use a credit or debit card to make everyday transactions, regardless of whether the value is very large or very small.

For this reason, we recommend that you make arrangements so that your international cards such as Visa, MasterCard, or American Express will also work during your visit to the United States.

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Most banks will ask you to specify the dates and the destination where you will be to have it in the system and avoid blocking your card due to suspicious transactions.

A little clarification regarding payments in the United States: it is an unwritten rule that you pay an additional percentage on your bill as a tip, in general, this value can be around 10% to 20% of the total bill and is very bad seen not to leave it.

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9. Get Internet in Miami

Having an internet connection can be very useful in your day-to-day travel, as you will always have a map and relevant information about tourist sites at hand. If you rent a car, it will be especially useful for you to access GPS functionalities.

To have internet you will have various options: acquire a SIM that works in the US, rent a device with portable Wi-Fi or activate the roaming of your mobile with your usual company.

Of these options, the one that can cost you the most is to acquire a SIM card. Well, it is a single payment that will depend on your connection needs during your trip, there are plans from 5 GB to unlimited plans.

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Routes to Get to Know Miami

Miami is a city with much to discover. To conclude this article, we bring you 3 possible routes to get the most out of your experience in the city and have an idea of ​​the most essential things in the city.

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1. The Route Through South Beach

South Beach is one of the most touristic and representative areas of Miami, which is why a route through this area should include a walk along the beach in Miami Beach, a tour of the Art Déco Center, enjoy Ocean Drive, get to know the area commercial area of ​​Lincoln Road and end with a walk along with the Española Way, another of the most recognized streets in the area.

2. Downtown Route

For its part, the Downtown you can visit the legendary Wynwood Walls, admire the collection of the Pérez Art Museum, get to know the Bayfront Park, stop by the American Airlines Arena and finish with an unparalleled view at the Panorama Tower, from where you can see a part from the city.

3. A Route Through Little Havana

We recommend you visit Little Havana, an iconic neighborhood located next to Downtown. There you can admire all the Cuban folklore and enjoy its gastronomic culture. Among its most important attractions you will find Calle 8, its own Paseo de las Estrellas, Domino Park and Plaza de la Cubanidad.

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