Best Time To Visit New York

When is the best time To visit new york? What will the weather be like in New York when you visit the city? Common questions before any trip. Knowing the answer to these questions will help you prepare your suitcase, with an umbrella, coat, scarf or, on the contrary, more summery clothes.

Surely you remember those snowy pictures of New York City in the movies or the news of the heat waves that hit the city in summer. That’s what a humid continental climate has along with a coastal location. Bitter cold in winter and a sultry heat in summer

Best Time To Visit New York

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Weather in New York

The climate in New York has four well-marked seasons. Winters are quite cold, with the possibility of snowfall, which accompanies the Christmas festivities.

At this time, warm clothing is mandatory, as temperatures drop below 0 degrees Celsius. Remember that, in New York, they use the Fahrenheit measurement for temperature, do not be confused.

On the other hand, summer in New York is, most of the days, quite hot. The sensation of heat is magnified due to the high humidity values.

Heatwaves hit the city almost every summer period, so you have to be especially careful on those dates and follow the safety instructions indicated by the authorities to avoid heatstroke.

For their part, spring and autumn are considered transitional seasons and one of the most attractive to visit the city in terms of climate. The temperatures are mild, with some chance of precipitation, and the days and nights are much less cold than those of winter.

When Is the Best Time To Visit New York?

If we talk about the high season in New York, we are referring to the months of July, August and September. These months coincide with the summer holidays of many people in the northern hemisphere, so New York City is full of tourists.

However, the weather in New York in the spring and early fall months is very attractive to visit the city since the temperatures are mild, neither too hot nor too cold, and there is less influx of tourists.

Winter is the season of discord, it likes some and drives away many. There are tourists who are attracted by low temperatures, snow and low prices. However, temperatures dropping below 0 degrees are not to the liking of the vast majority.

Although there are also many activities to enjoy in winter! In addition, New York also has its charm at this time of year, and more so on Christmas and New Years’.

Below you can see the weather in New York by seasons to know what to expect on your next trip to New York.

New York in Spring, March to June

Spring gradually dismisses the winter temperatures in mid-March, giving way to mild temperatures that are around 15 degrees and that gradually increase during the months of April, May and June, reaching an average of 25 degrees.

It is a good time to travel to New York without being too cold, although it is common for it to rain several days in the spring months. It should be noted that rainfall is common at any time of the year.

Don’t forget to pack some warm clothes for the evenings and an umbrella. But also clothes a little lighter if you travel in May or June.

New York spring has a lot of charm. You can watch the parks fill with greenery and bloom in Central Park. The days are longer and it is a good idea to take advantage of the longer daylight hours to prepare for walks or excursions. Staying at the hotel is not an option.

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Best Time To Visit New York

The prices of airline tickets or hotel rooms do not go up much in spring if you book in advance, with the exception of April for Easter. If you are looking for a lower influx of tourists, avoid those specific dates.

The Easter parade is something you cannot miss. It takes place on Fifth Avenue on Easter Sunday and is spectacular. The famous Tribeca Independent Film Festival is held in the spring and is attended by thousands of moviegoers from around the world. A celebration of Japanese origin is the observation of cherry blossoms in spring and it has been moved to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

As we enter the month of May and the beginning of June, with the increase in temperatures, the festivals also increase and the summer open-air cinemas begin. If you like baseball, you can go to the opening to the public of the stadium of the Mets or the one of the Yankees.

If you are lucky, Restaurant Week may be held around the dates you are going to travel to New York and you will find menus of all kinds at really interesting prices. It is held twice a year and the dates change every year.

New York in Summer, June to September

The hottest months in New York are late June, July, August, and early September. The temperature averages 28 degrees, reaching 40 degrees on heatwave days.

At night it can get a bit cool well into September, but it is usual that at night you also find humid heat throughout the summer.

Unlike the summer in other cities, in New York, the rainfall is present, being common that it rains several days a month. July is the rainiest month of the year statistically. I would say that more than for the days that it rains it is because of the intensity of its showers.

It is advisable to carry a folding umbrella in your backpack when you go for a walk in the city. It is also advisable to bring sunscreen, water and loose and breathable clothing since the humidity makes the temperatures more noticeable.

Best Time To Visit New York

If what you are looking for when traveling to New York is to always be busy, the months of July and August are perfect. There are plenty of outdoor events taking place all over the city due to the good weather and you will always have something to do.

Of course, the city is full of visitors, so the streets are very crowded throughout the day and part of the night. This is reflected in the prices of the accommodations, the most expensive of the year due to the fact that it is the high season.

Flights in summer also go up in price and, if you do not buy tickets in advance, you may find yourself with an exorbitant price.

Summer days are the longest of the year and can be used to schedule many excursions. For example, a visit to Coney Island beach on sunny days is the perfect plan to spend the morning.

When September arrives, it is noticeable that the temperatures are dropping, at night, the atmosphere is already cooled and there is less humidity. In mid-September, the trees are already turning golden tones and watching the change of season in Central Park is a wonderful experience.

If festivals of all kinds begin to take place at the end of spring, summer is a time where you will find celebrations in every corner of New York. At the end of June, the Museum Mile Festival takes place to promote art and culture, with the opportunity to access many museums and art galleries for free.

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Summer cinemas have already been established in the streets of the city and you can find open-air operas and jazz concerts in various city parks.

The last Sunday in June takes place the Gay Pride Festival, a celebration full of music, colors and floats, which has its route throughout Fifth Avenue.

The famous Independence Day is celebrated on July 4th and New Yorkers know how to celebrate it in style. If your thing is baseball, the season will have started and you will be able to come to see some game or another.

Summer is the perfect time to head to Rockaway Beach in Queens for a little surfing or just sunbathe and enjoy the beach.

Of course, on September 9th, there are various tributes for the victims of 9/11. It’s not fun, but being a part of it is something that many visitors want to do.

New York in Fall, September to December

Autumn arrives in mid-September. The trees are stained in golden and brown colors, the days begin to be shorter and are no longer as hot as in summer. Many consider fall the best time to travel to New York.

Temperatures are around 23 degrees on average in September and October, with more refreshing nights where you can already rest well. For its part, November is already beginning to welcome the imminent winter, and temperatures drop to a maximum of 15 degrees. In November, it is more than likely that you already need a coat, scarf and gloves.

Best Time To Visit New York

Autumn is a season of transition in which temperatures drop relentlessly as the months go by. You may need both warm clothes and slightly lighter clothes depending on the month in which you travel. If you travel in the first weeks of autumn, it is best to dress in layers to be able to put on and take off clothes as needed.

The rains never completely go away in New York and you’ll find an average of 10 rainy days a month in November and December. However, September and October are the driest months of the year, with 8 days of rain per month on average. (These statistics always have to be taken with a grain of salt)

When it comes to snow, New York usually does not snow in the fall, although it is not uncommon for an isolated snowfall to fall in late November.

There may still be an influx of tourists in the months of September and October, but it is nothing if we compare it with the summer months. The prices of air tickets and accommodation are going down as the cold approaches.

For the months of November and early December, it will be easy to find good prices in hotels. But beware, the Christmas season is approaching and it is considered a small high season in New York City.

Although the Oktoberfest is a celebration of the month of October, in New York, it is celebrated in the month of September to take advantage of the good weather.

Of course, on October 31st, the holiday of Halloween takes place. It is very fun to see people in costumes and children asking for candy. There are many parties that night and you may end up with an invitation to one of them.

The well-known New York Marathon takes place on the first Sunday of November. Runners from all over the world come here to participate. Do you dare? At the end of November, Thanksgiving is celebrated, a great tradition for Americans, with its parade of rigor.

On the other hand, if you are one of those people who just after Halloween is already thinking about Christmas, you are in luck. In the first week of December, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree has already been placed and a whole ceremony is held to the light it.

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New York in Winter, December to March

By mid-December, winter is fully established in New York, and to stay. Temperatures begin to not exceed 10 degrees and drop to negative values, especially at night. It is common to see ice sheets on the road, dangerous for both pedestrians and vehicles.

Here you will know what snow blizzards and biting wind are, which does not exactly invite you to walk. Some year temperatures of -20 degrees have been reached and in the months of January and February, there may be days in which 5 degrees is the maximum that is reached.

The winter months cover New York with snow, a special phenomenon despite its proximity to the sea, caused by the cold winds from the interior of the country. This makes the rainless frequent and the snow more abundant.

The coat, gloves, thermal clothing, waterproof shoes and scarf are mandatory. The first half of March presents a little friendlier temperatures, as spring is approaching, although it is a rainy season.

As of December, the daylight hours have decreased considerably and the cold invites to spend most of the time indoors. The streets empty after the new year.

The prices of accommodation and flights drop considerably. January and February are the cheapest months to travel to New York. However, you have to be careful with the second half of December, since many visitors want to go to celebrate Christmas and the New Year in the city, and this shows in the prices. It’s like a little peak season.

Although the winter in New York is very cold, this does not intimidate New Yorkers, who continue to celebrate many events, especially around Christmas time. When you wonder when to travel to New York, winter may not be your first thought. However, the city is also very lively at this time.

Surely you have seen in a movie or series those famous ice skating rinks that populate New York City. You can go to the Central Park ice rink and test your skating skills.

Best Time To Visit New York

Through the streets of New York, you will find Christmas markets during the second half of December. It is common to see groups of people singing Christmas carols under the flood of Christmas lights that decorate the streets.

Of course, Christmas is the shopping season and you will find offers in all the big-name stores.

If you plan to travel to New York to celebrate the New Year, you will surely be interested in visiting Times Square on December 31st. That is where the entrance of the new year is celebrated! Go early, as the square is filled with thousands and thousands of people from 6 in the afternoon.

The month of January is the month of discounts and sales in many stores, which give way to the new fashion season. Groundhog Day takes place on February 2nd, in which you can guess when spring will arrive based on the behavior of the groundhogs. A sight to see.

Of course, on February 14th, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in style in the city, with offers for couples and a lot of hype. February is also the month in which the Chinese New Year begins, with great celebrations by the New York Chinese community in Chinatown.

In the month of March, the eve of spring, the St. Patrick’s Day parade is celebrated, with lots of green color, music and festivities down Fifth Avenue.

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