25 Best Places to Travel in October 2023

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Looking for information on the best places to travel in October 2023? Do you want to know where to go on vacation in October abroad? We will suggest points on the map where it is good, warm and calm.

Best Places to Travel in October

If you want that it was really hot, hot, you should turn your eyes away from home, towards Africa, Asia, or the Atlantic. In these directions, the weather is stable, but the flight is longer, and the prices for holidays are higher. It is warm and you can swim in the sea in October in the UAE, Egypt, and Maldives. In November, Caribbean countries will begin to gain popularity. Of these, Cuba and Venezuela are available with direct flights.

The 20 Best Places to Travel in October

Where you definitely shouldn’t go for a beach holiday in October is to the resorts of the Black Sea. Here the sea is already cool, and only “walruses” can swim. So Sochi, Crimea, Abkhazia and Bulgaria are definitely not worth considering for a full-fledged beach holiday. Although, if you want “the sea to be just nearby”, to enjoy low prices and a minimum of tourists, then, as they say, “welcome”.


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The concepts of “Turkey ” and “beach holidays in October” are combined in only one region – the Mediterranean. These are the resorts of Antalya, Kemer, Side, Belek and Alanya. Here during the day, the air warms up to +23+26°C, and the water in the Mediterranean Sea is +24+26°C. But even in these close resorts at night, the air temperature varies greatly. So, in Kemer, due to the proximity of the mountains, coolness comes in the evening, and the temperature drops to +15 ° C. In Alanya, even at night in October + 20 + 22 ° C.

Resorts on the Aegean, Marmara and Black Seas are not suitable for a beach holiday in October. In Kusadasi, Bodrum and Marmaris, the air warms up to + 23 + 24 ° C during the day, and drops to + 15 + 17 ° C at night. Water in the Aegean Sea +21 °C.

The main advantages of Turkey are affordable prices and the all-inclusive system, which our compatriots love so much. You can safely go on vacation in October to the sea with your children since most 5-star family-friendly hotels offer a children’s menu, kids clubs, slides, pools and animation. Turkey has a rich excursion program, and a huge number of attractions, here are 2 of the 7 Wonders of the World.


Egypt in October pleases guests with all the benefits of the “velvet” season. During this period, the summer heat no longer interferes with a comfortable stay, and the winter coolness is still quite far away. If in the first decade of the month the daily air temperature can reach +35 °C, then closer to the end of October, it no longer exceeds +29 °C. Such a temperature regime creates favorable conditions for families with small children, as well as for the elderly.

Beach holidays are favored by the warm sea, where the water temperature continues to remain at +27 ° C. The resorts of Egypt offer lovers of extreme entertainment diving, surfing, parasailing, kitesurfing or water skiing. To contemplate the beauties of the underwater world, it is enough to arm yourself with an underwater mask with a snorkel.

Comfortable daytime temperatures create favorable conditions for visiting the central part of the country, where there are many tourist routes along the Nile coast. For vivid impressions, you can choose one of the safari tours, a walk in the desert on a camel or driving an ATV, cruises on the waters of the Nile or hikes to the Colored Canyon. Fans of local color and historical sights can visit the Oriental Bazaar or the Cairo Museum. Also popular among tourists are the pyramids of Giza, the temples of Abu Simbel, the mysterious Luxor and Christian monasteries.


Autumn and spring are the best time for a beach holiday in the UAE. The summer heat subsides, and there is no need to hide under the air conditioner all day. In Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi in October + 30 + 36 ° C during the day, + 22 ° C at night. The water in the Persian Gulf is warmed up to +30 °C. A little cooler and windier in October in Fujairah on the coast of the Gulf of Oman, where the long-awaited coolness comes from the mountains. During the day it is +33 °C, and the water in the Gulf of Oman is +31 °C.

The UAE will appeal to discerning travelers looking for comfort and luxury. Here, the most luxurious hotels and hotels are located in the resorts. In addition to the famous capital of Abu Dhabi, you can have a good time in Dubai or Fujairah in a unique place at the junction of mountains and valleys. A relatively inexpensive holiday in Ajman – this town is quiet and calm, but at the same time it fascinates with its oriental atmosphere, besides, there is a secret shop with alcohol (the country is Muslim, it is strictly with alcoholic drinks here!).

For a beach holiday in October at sea abroad, you can visit Sharjah, where there are spacious beaches with clean white sand and a smooth entry into the water. The city has a well-developed infrastructure, adapted for recreation with children. Prices are 20-30% lower than in Dubai. At the same time, the most developed emirate can be reached in 20-50 minutes, depending on traffic jams.


In October, rains with thunderstorms and strong winds prevail in the Maldives, especially at the beginning of the month. At the same time, the temperature practically does not change all year round. During the day it reaches +31 °C, and the temperature drops to +28 °C. Water in the Indian Ocean +29 °С. Fans of a beach holiday need not worry, as the rains, although heavy, are short-lived. Popular destinations are  Male and North. Male Atoll,  North. Ari Atoll.

Hotels in the Maldives offer high service and their own infrastructure. This place has long been chosen by romantic natures and connoisseurs of a luxurious beach holiday abroad in October 2023. The staff tries to please all the wishes of their customers. The concept of “one island = one hotel” helps to maintain the “fashionable” now social distance.

Entertainment in the Maldives is mostly natural. All that surrounds you is clear waters and beautiful views. Enjoying their beauty will be a reasonable and correct decision. You can take a boat trip on a boat or yacht, visit the capital Male or explore distant atolls.

The Maldives has some of the best snorkeling in the world. All decent hotels have a house reef where you can dive and snorkel. And if it is not there, then they offer a transfer to the nearest reef.

October in the Maldives is considered the best time for surfing. During this period, due to the wind, rather high waves rise that anyone can ride.


In Seychelles, October will be the hottest day of the year. The daytime temperature stays at +30 °C, with slight fluctuations plus or minus depending on the region. A beach holiday in October is very comfortable here. At night, a strong decrease will not occur: the thermometer will stay at +25 ° С. The water in the ocean is +28°С. In October there will be a large number of rainy days, but they will not interfere with a comfortable stay on the beach or in the city. The least rainfall and more cloudless weather will be on Praslin, Desroches and Sainte Anne.

Traveling in Seychelles is recommended to start with one of the smallest capitals in the world Mahe. Tourists can walk through the numerous botanical gardens: the Royal Garden, the Morne Reserve, and the Mont-Fleury Botanical Garden visit the transparent bays and go diving both underwater and in a cave.

It will be possible to plunge into the world of wild nature beyond human control thanks to numerous eco-excursions on Praslin Island. It is in this place that representatives of rare species of palm trees and birds listed in the Red Book have been preserved: black parrot, bulbul, and Indian myna. You can visit marine national parks filled with underwater animals and plants.

There are many different water activities on the islands – fishing, yachting, windsurfing and snorkeling. But the cultural and excursion program is limited – this is compensated by unique natural landscapes. In October, a popular festival takes place – Creole Culture Week. History buffs are advised to visit La Digue, which has been the site of numerous volcanic eruptions in the past. Now it is a peaceful region where you can walk on the peaks of long-slumbering giants.


In October, the beach season begins in Cuba. During the day, the air temperature reaches up to +30 °C, the water is warmed up to +29 °C. With the beginning of the month, the flow of tourists increases, and by November, most hotels are already packed to capacity. Once every few days, heavy rains come to the “island of freedom”. The downpour starts suddenly but does not last long. Therefore, such surprises of nature do not really spoil the rest.

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The main symbols of Cuba throughout the world are rum, tobacco and chocolate. Guests from other countries can get acquainted with the history of the origin and development of local products and tastes and even bring a few copies home as a pleasant souvenir.

For fans of outdoor activities, there are many sports entertainment. The most popular is diving. The seabed off the coast of Cuba abounds with many scenic views and exotic animals. For those who want to get acquainted with marine life a little closer mono order sea fishing. At the end of the boat trip, the guide will prepare a delicious lunch from the catch of the day.

Sri Lanka

October in Sri Lanka is the low season for recreation, and the flow of tourists becomes many times less. It gets to the point that it rains every day, so autumn is not the best time to visit the island. The air temperature in the daytime reaches +30 °C, and in the mountains of Ceylon +15 °C. Those who wish to swim can enjoy a fairly comfortable water temperature in the Indian Ocean of +28 °C. The closer to November, the better the weather.

Due to the influence of the monsoon, the most comfortable conditions for recreation remain on the northeast coast. In the first half of October, the best places to stay in the northeast are Trincomalee, Pasikuda, Nilaveli, Jaffna, and Columnay. Along the northeast coast of Sri Lanka, waves often rage that attract surfers from all over the world. In October, they rise high enough to be of interest to beginners and professional athletes who want to get a thrill. The best place for surfers is Arugam Bay. Closer to November, it is better to relax in the southwest of Sri Lanka: Negombo, Unawatuna, and Bentota.

During the low season in Sri Lanka, most entertainment becomes unavailable. You can also enjoy diving into the depths of the sea, which are distinguished by their beauty and rich wildlife. You will need a visa to travel, you can apply for it online for $ 35.


In Israel, where people bathe in the sea in October, the “velvet season” begins. Here you can relax on two famous seas – the Red and the Mediterranean. In October, there is no such scorching heat, during the day the temperature is comfortable + 25 + 28 ° C, at night + 21 + 24 ° C, and the water in the Mediterranean Sea is + 23 + 25 ° C. The Dead Sea is warmed up to + 25 + 27 ° C. The hottest weather in October in Eilat is +28 °C, and the coolest in Jerusalem is +23 °C. It is best to relax in Israel at the beginning of the month because towards the end of October it starts to rain.

A beach holiday abroad in October 2023 in Israel is in many ways similar to neighboring Egypt or Tunisia, but at the same time, a developed infrastructure throughout the country makes this resort more attractive. Here, the service is higher, more security is monitored, better hotels, and tastier food, and as a result, prices are higher than in Egypt or Tunisia.

Israel has a large selection of resorts, sandy and pebble beaches, and an interesting excursion program. The most popular excursion is to Jerusalem. Three religions are combined in this city at once, and for Christians, there are the main Orthodox shrines here – the Wailing Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. You do not need a visa to visit Israel.


Reading the reviews of tourists, where to go on a beach holiday in October, it is worth considering Cyprus. It has a favorable climate since the island is located in the warm southern part of the Mediterranean Sea. For almost all of October, the heat remains and the sun shines. Due to the compact size of the island, temperatures in Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca, Ayia Napa and Protaras are about the same. During the day, the air warms up to + 24 + 29 ° C, at night + 20 + 25 ° C, and the water in the Mediterranean Sea + 24 + 26 ° C. In the last week of the month, there are cold snaps, and strong winds blow.

The resort of Limassol has modern beaches, and a lot of children’s entertainment: amusement parks, zoos and safe water parks. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, then consider an inexpensive vacation in October by the sea in Protaras or Larnaca, where there are no noisy entertainment. Bar Street in Ayia Napa closes in October, European youth leave, but a few clubs continue to operate.

Cyprus is distinguished by quality hotels with European service, as it is aimed at English and German tourists. But the Russians will also find a lot of advantages here. Cyprus is safe and environmentally friendly, and travelers are offered delicious Cypriot cuisine. To travel, you will need a pro visa, which is easy to obtain online. And if you buy a package tour, then the tour operator will issue the provisions for you.

Dominican Republic

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In the Dominican Republic in October, the weather gradually improves, and the tourist season begins. The amount of rain is significantly reduced, while they are still quite strong. The temperature can hardly be called stable since it has a sharp drop. During the day, the air warms up to +31 °C, while at night it cools down sharply to +22 °C. For tourists sensitive to pressure drops, such a vacation is unlikely to bring a lot of positive emotions.

The water temperature in autumn is kept at +29 °C. In addition to the traditional beach holiday in all-inclusive hotels, you can go diving and snorkeling. The marine flora and fauna in the Dominican Republic are extremely diverse and picturesque.

Most tourists spend time in hotels on an all-inclusive basis. But there is a wish for variety, it is possible to choose an interesting excursion.


For a beach holiday in October, Crete, the southernmost island of Greece, is best suited. It is sunny during the day, the temperature is up to +27 °C, and the water in the Cretan, Libyan and Ionian seas is +22 + 25 °C. It is cool in the evening and in the morning, the temperature drops to + 15 + 20 ° C. Temperatures are several degrees cooler on the island of Rhodes. For a beach holiday, it is better to choose resorts on the Mediterranean Sea, where the water temperature is + 22 + 24 ° C. It is not very comfortable to rest on the Aegean Sea, there are strong waves, and the water temperature is only +20 °C.

The rest of the Greek resorts are not suitable for a comfortable beach holiday in October. On the island of Corfu, the water in the Ionian Sea is + 21 + 22 ° C, and strong winds blow. Even cooler in Athens , Kastoria, Pieria, Thessaloniki. But you can come for relaxation and a sightseeing programme.

Greece in October is especially attractive with discounts on tours: during this period, prices are halved compared to summer. You will need a Schengen visa to travel. All the most profitable offers appear a few days before departure, which means that only visa holders can buy a ticket at the lowest price.


When asked whether it is worth going on a beach holiday in October Tunisia, we answer “yes”. During the day the air temperature is +24+27°C, and at night +20+21°C. In October in Tunisia on the Mediterranean Sea, the weather is comfortable for a beach holiday. The sea is warmed up to +24+25 °C. It is warmest in October on the island of Djerba. Here during the day +26+28 °C, and at night +25 °C, the water temperature is +25 °C. In the northern resorts of Hammamet, Sousse, Monastir, and Mahdia + 24 + 26 ° C during the day, and + 20 ° C at night, the water in the sea is warmed up to + 24 ° C.

For the whole month, there are 21 sunny days. In the second half of the month, winds blow in Tunisia. Rain is possible, but you can’t guess here. The same situation to jellyfish, their appearance depends on the currents, and most of them are in the south of the country. For example, last year in Tunisia there were rains at the end of September, and in October it was dry and hot. If possible, plan a trip to Tunisia at the beginning of the month.

Tunisia is famous for its spa programs, which are based on the healing properties of the sea and thermal waters, and local unique algae. By the way, many of the traditional spa treatments that have already become for our country are borrowed from Tunisia.

The all-inclusive system, beloved by tourists, also works here. Food in Tunisia is not as varied as in Turkey, there are not many fruits (but there are apples, and grapes), and the choice of alcohol is standard – local beer and wine.

October is a comfortable time for visiting excursions in Tunisia. Traveling to sights in the summer is unbearably hot and hard, and autumn is the most favorable time. The “must see” place is the Sahara Desert. The country is famous for its unique Arab markets. Despite the fact that this is an Arab country, Tunisia has high-level entertainment facilities – clubs, restaurants and bars aimed at tourists. To visit Tunisia for tourist purposes, you do not need a visa, a tax has been introduced in hotels ($ 3-4).


Morocco in October will not require additional acclimatization from tourists, the scorching heat of the summer months is already weakening at this time. Nevertheless, the weather remains sunny, and the air warms up to +25 °C during the day and cools down to +20 °C at night. Ocean water at this time of the year is already beginning to cool, keeping the temperature at +20 ° C, only near Tangier the water on the beach can remain at +25 ° C.

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In October, Morocco does not have a lot of rainfall, only morning fogs can contribute to abundant dew. This is an excellent time of the year for lovers of sightseeing holidays when you can see the landscapes of the Sahara, which are inaccessible in summer due to the scorching heat. A large number of tourist destinations will provide Marrakech or Fez, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of local attractions.

The warm water of the ocean and the gentle sun create a favorable atmosphere for beach lovers. This is the perfect time to get a natural tan. Public events in October include the Erfurd Date Festival, the Tis Horse Festival, the Fess Culinary Festival and Fatih Muharram (New Year in Eastern traditions).


In Mexico in October, the weather is unpredictable. Strong winds and hurricanes can come from the sea at any moment. Most often they appear in the Caribbean region: Cancun and Riviera Maya. At the same time, prolonged showers are observed in October. In Mexico City, the air temperature during the day is + 18 + 24 ° C, and at night + 10 ° C. In the capital of Mexico, the sky is almost always overcast with clouds, but there is little rain. In Acapulco and Cozumel in the daytime +32 ° C, most of the days the sun shines, and there is much less rain. In Cancun and Riviera Maya + 33 + 35 ° C. For these two resorts, October is considered the rainiest and wettest month of the year. The water temperature in October is +27+29°C.

Mexico has a rich excursion program. It is worth seeing the Copper Canyon, the underground river Sak-Aktun, and Isla Mujeres (a small island that combines the impenetrable jungle and the architecture of the Mayan civilization). You can admire the flora and fauna in Shkaret park.

To study architecture, you can visit the cities of Puerto Vallarta, Oaxaca (ancient culture and colonial architecture), Chiapas (ancient ruins), Chichen Itza and Monte Alban (UNESCO heritage sites).

In October, Mexico hosts a major international Cervantino festival, which attracts people from all over the world. Here you will find opera, dance, music, carnivals, parades and exhibitions. Also in October, Dia de la Raza (Columbus Day), the festival of the sun, the tequila festival, and the international festival of Mayan culture are celebrated.


In Tanzania, in October there is an influx of tourists from different regions of the planet. The temperature across the country fluctuates slightly: by a few degrees depending on the city, during the day the air warms up to +33.8 °C, and at night +23 °C. In October there will be at least 13 rainy and cloudy days, during which there is a risk of hail. During them, you should expect a drop in temperature by several degrees. The number of days the sun will shine will reach 19.

In October, you can visit the island of Zanzibar, the most popular among Russian tourists. The center of Stone Town here is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is worth walking between its houses, visiting the colorful African market and learning how ancient people lived. In addition, the Old Fort, the Catholic Cathedral and the slave market are located in Zanzibar.

The best places to stay in Tanzania are Tanganyika, Dar es Salaam and Manyara. These regions will experience the least rainfall and many sunny days. The air temperature in October will average +28.2°C.

One of the main attractions of Tanzania is the city of Dodoma, which is the main administrative and commercial center of the country. In this place, you can look at ancient temples and cathedrals, try local cuisine and visit historical museums. From any part of Tanzania, you can go on the best excursion – a safari on the African savannah, where you can see wild animals in their natural environment.

Fans walking through the ancient ruins should visit the city of Bagamoyo. In the past, it was a fishing and ivory mining site, and now it is a concentration of ruined ancient buildings, an old British fort and Catholic churches.


In Jordan, the beach season continues in October. But, compared to the summer months, the heat subsides a bit. During the day, the air temperature reaches +33 ℃, at night it drops to +20 ℃, so you need to take warm clothes with you. In October, the water temperature reaches +26 ℃. Even freezing people can swim safely. October, although it is still considered the beach season, housing prices are already declining. Winds in October are quite weak, rains are extremely rare.

The resorts of Jordan are the Red and Dead Seas. The sea should be chosen based on what kind of vacation you are counting on. If you are planning to take care of your health: and visit spa centers and massage parlors, then you should choose the Dead Sea (Amman Beach resort or a hotel complex with Movenpick Resort & SPA Dead Sea with 31 rooms for recovery). The Red Sea is the resort of Aqaba and Tala Bay. There are beautiful corals and a wide variety of fish. Therefore, do not forget to take water glasses with you, and you must enter the sea in special shoes – corals.

Jordan is an Arab country with all the customs and architecture due. To get acquainted with the ancient architecture of Jordan, you need to visit the cities of Petra and Ancient Jerash. All cities can be visited with a guided tour. If you want to get to know the culture of the Jordanians better, then you need to go to the Kan Zaman Museum and Entertainment Complex. Here you can drink real Jordanian coffee, taste traditional dishes and explore the culture and lifestyle of the locals. As part of the tour, you can live a little life of nomadic people.


Thailand in October is not yet considered a place of a mass influx of tourists who are scared away by the “low season”. Despite the fact that the air temperature remains at a comfortable level, warming up to +31 °C during the day, and dropping below +22 °C at night, there is a high probability of precipitation in the form of tropical showers. But you can count on an excellent prospect to enjoy a relaxing holiday without widespread excitement.

You can count on a beach holiday only towards the end of the month. Even though the average water temperature remains at around +25 °C, frequent rains and high waves that do not favor the opening of beaches can become a hindrance. But at this time of the year, a variety of musical events are held in the country. Among them are the capital’s festival dedicated to dance and music, as well as the jazz festival on Koh Samui. An attractive spectacle at this time will be the vegetarian festival in Phuket.

One of the memorable events can be the festival of mysterious fireballs. A province called Nong Khai in October becomes a place where mysterious events take place that has no scientific explanation. With the onset of the full moon, luminous balls appear in the sky at night, which disappear as suddenly as they appear. The end of the rainy season is also celebrated by locals in October with a traditional long-tail boat race.


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Vietnam in October is characterized by warm weather, comfortable for rest. During the day the air temperature rises to +27+30°C, at night it drops to +20+23°C. Vietnam in October is characterized by increased cloudiness. The sun is here mostly until noon. After lunch, the sky is covered with clouds. The water temperature is comfortable for swimming: +27+29 °C. Although the weather is still comfortable in October, a decline in tourists comes this month. Therefore, a big plus is that there are no crowds and huge groups of Chinese tourists. People with respiratory diseases and the elderly may find it difficult to relax in Vietnam in the fall due to the high humidity.

The choice of resort should be taken carefully. Hanoi and Halong Bay (northern resorts) are the most favorable for a beach holiday in October. There is practically no wind here. And bad weather accounts for only 5 days a month.

In Ho Chi Minh City and Phu Quoc Island (southern resorts) it can be stormy, but, in general, the weather is warm. Rainy weather lasts exactly half the days of the month.

Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue, and Nha Trang (central resorts) in October should be avoided by beach lovers. Throughout October, huge waves rage here. Very often the beaches are closed, black flags are put up.

There are many amusement parks in Vietnam: Winpearl, Ba Na Hills, Asia Park, Central Park, and Ho Mei Park. For lovers of outdoor activities in Vietnam, fishing, surfing and hiking are organized. For lovers of club life, the city of Ho Chi Minh City is suitable. Fun, noise, music – all this can be found here. You can also look into Notre Dame Cathedral and send a postcard home with old mail.


Russia in October will not please tourists with sunny days and moderate temperatures. This month, real autumn comes to the south of the country: heavy rains begin, sometimes lasting for several days, fog often falls and a serious cooling occurs. In the northern and northern parts, the temperature drops to -1 °C during the day. The situation is easier in the western part of Russia, where the thermometer will stay at +18 °C, and at night +5 °C. A suitable place for an autumn holiday by the sea will be the south, where the temperature will be +20 ° C with the least amount of precipitation compared to other regions.

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In October, you can visit the main resort city of Russia – Sochi. In the fall, all visitors leave it, and prices drop dramatically. In Sochi, you can still catch sunny days, sunbathe a little, visit numerous museums and take part in excursions around the city and mountain sights. There are a few rainy and cloudy days in Anapa in October, so you can safely walk around the city, visit the Archaeological Museum, Local History, and Military Equipment Square and sign up for excursions.

You can also relax in October in Russia in Crimea. The high season has passed, and with it, the prices for holidays have decreased. Therefore, it is better to choose the most “expensive” place for recreation – the Southern coast of Crimea, where vacation will cost 30-50% cheaper than in summer. Popular places — Yalta, On the way, Simeiz, Foros. The South Coast has the most attractions. It is worth visiting the famous Livadia Palace and the unique Massandra. You can watch the change of seasons from the height of Mount Ai-Petri.

Those wishing to improve their health should visit the Caucasian Mineralnye Vody. There is no sea here, but a large number of hot springs and mud baths. You can visit specialized spas or take a walk with a group through a dense forest. The temperature stays at around +19 °C, but by the end of October, it begins to gradually decrease to +10 °C.


In Goa, in October, the rainy season gradually recedes, and the heat begins. At the beginning of the month, the temperature is +30+33°C, rising to +37°C by the end of the month, and +22+24°C at night. The rains recede, but sometimes the sky is overcast. Precipitation in October, although strong, is short-lived (maximum one and a half hours). After the rain, the sun always comes out. The water temperature in the first half of the month is +26 ° C, towards the end of the month it increases by 2-3 degrees. There are winds, but they are weak. The sea is mostly calm, but small waves are always present.

Goa is divided into northern and southern parts. The southern part is suitable for lovers of a relaxing holiday. Whereas the north is responsible for the noise, din, clubs and fun. Holidays in the south of Goa will cost 20-30% more. The beaches in Goa are sandy everywhere, and the entry into the sea is smooth. There are all-inclusive hotels, but it is better to choose “breakfast” so as not to be tied to the hotel.

In October, in Goa, you can get closer to nature in the reserves of Bondla, Kotigao, and Mhadei, and visit the Salim Ali bird sanctuary. Also in Goa is the famous Dudhsagar waterfall, whose height is 310 meters. If you are interested in architecture and antiquities, then pay attention to the village of Hampi and the Shantadurga temple complex, built in the 18th century.

For lovers of outdoor activities in Goa, there are jet skis, volleyball and diving. For diving, it is better to choose the end of October. In early October, the sea is dirty.

Other Seaside Vacation Destinations in October

1. Malta

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Malta is also suitable for those who go on a beach holiday abroad in October 2023, when the velvet season also continues. The daytime temperature is +23+25 degrees, not too hot, but not cold either. Rain is possible at the end of the month. The country is famous for its city of Valletta, which is fully included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. So besides visiting the beaches, you can see many attractions literally at every step. Other popular destinations are Burjiba and Gozo. It is convenient to move around Malta by public buses, and if you want to try something interesting, then take a ride on the horse-drawn carriages “karrotsina”. In the resort towns for a holiday in October at sea abroad, a lot of entertainment is offered. Diving is especially popular; there are many coral reefs around the island. When traveling to Malta in October, check out the offers of the main tour operators – many of them offer seasonal discounts.

2. Bulgaria

Bulgaria pleases tourists with low prices for holidays abroad in October 2023 at sea. The weather is already starting to deteriorate, just like on our Black Sea. But if you’re lucky, you can swim. The two most popular resorts in the country are Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. There is a lot to do and see in Bulgaria in October. The multitude of ancient cultural and architectural landmarks across the country is simply innumerable.

If you think that the Soviet Union is still in Bulgaria, then this is no longer the case. It is clean and beautiful in European style. And in Bulgaria, the all-inclusive system works, and the food is much more familiar to Russian tourists than in Turkey or Tunisia. Of the minuses – you need a visa to Bulgaria, either Schengen or Bulgarian. In Bulgaria, tourists are offered interesting options for wellness programs.

Comprehensive treatment can be done in sanatoriums, many of which are located in thermal waters. Rejuvenation treatments are also available. In addition to improving health, in Bulgaria, there are a lot of all kinds of entertainment on vacation in October at sea abroad – mountain trekking, horseback riding, water parks, and water activities. So you should hurry to get a ticket to the resorts of Bulgaria, especially since there are good seasonal discounts at this time.

3. Spain

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Tenerife and other resorts. Tenerife’s unique location provides it with a practically stable climate. Starting in spring, the ocean warms up well until September, and after that, it gives off heat, which ensures a comfortable temperature in the future. Tenerife is one of the seven islands of the Caribbean archipelago, where beach and sightseeing tourism is well developed.

There are excellent conditions for holidays abroad in October 2023 for different categories of tourists – there are conditions for the elderly, young people and families with children. You can choose a hotel according to your budget. A significant expense item for a beach holiday in October at sea abroad is the cost of a flight, but knowing certain secrets, you can save on this. To do this, it is enough to book tickets on your own.

4. Georgia

In October, warm weather continues to persist in Georgia. So at this time, you can safely go on vacation abroad in October 2023 on the Black Sea coast. Do not forget that you can also have a good time in the mountains, where the weather in October only contributes to the conquest of new peaks. Choose the time to visit Georgia to get to the harvest festival. According to a good tradition, Georgians gather at the same table to celebrate this holiday, which they call “rtveli”. This tradition has been preserved for more than 8 thousand years! So an inexpensive vacation in October at the sea in Georgia may surprise you. Popular destinations are Tbilisi and  Batumi.

5. Italy

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Italy has been captivating history buffs for centuries. Cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice have long been centers of cultural life. In Italy, there are a huge number of libraries where the rarest copies of books are stored. The country has always been at the center of the historical development of Europe, so many famous sights are concentrated here, which tourists from all over the world dream of visiting.

In particular, these are the Roman Colosseum, the Cathedral Square of Florence, and the Vecchio Palace. On vacation in October at sea abroad, the streets of Venice will become a little more spacious, so you should definitely go there, especially if good seasonal discounts are provided at this time.

6. The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a country where you can relax in October 2023 in Europe, but there is no sea here. But there is a wide excursion program, delicious cuisine and friendly people. This country, despite its small size, has long won the hearts of tourists. Czech beer has become truly legendary and has made it possible to hold themed festivals, attracting millions of travelers to the country every year.

You can’t visit the Czech Republic and not visit Prague, not get to know its castles better. But besides the capital, there are many small towns where medieval history is revealed. Beautiful landscapes for photo shoots can be found in Krumlov and Kutna Hora, where more and more vacationers come every year.

We considered holidays abroad in October 2023, where to go on vacation in October 2023 abroad at sea, and what tours to Europe are in October 2023. After reviewing the review of the most popular countries for holidays in October at sea abroad, we can conclude that there is no bad weather or season for traveling. Even the most beloved countries for a long time open up in a new way during the velvet season.

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