Best Places to Travel in April 2023

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Don’t know where to travel in April? The fourth month of the year is one of the most popular months to travel, especially for the Easter holidays. In 2023, it falls from April 2 to 8, so if you are looking for inspiration to choose a destination, you are in the right place. April is a month of new beginnings: the flowers start to bloom and the weather starts to get much more pleasant, especially in southern Europe.

Best Places to Travel in April

You will find plenty of destinations to travel to during Easter: from Japan to see its cherry trees in bloom to Barcelona to enjoy Sant Jordi. In this post, we tell you about 15 wonderful destinations to travel to in April and why.

15 Best Destinations Where to Travel in April 2023

1. Vietnam

If you are looking for a good destination to travel to in April, Vietnam should be the first on this list. It is our favorite country in Asia! There are a few better months to travel to Vietnam than April. Although the country is very long and has several climatic regions, we can say that in April there is good weather in almost the entire country. In fact, between February and April, the country receives very little rainfall, leading to the driest season of the year.

In addition, temperatures are pleasant almost everywhere in Vietnam, although in the north they are still cool. However, if you travel to Vietnam in April, you can enjoy excellent visibility in Sapa and Halong Bay, as well as excellent conditions in most tourist destinations such as HanoiHoi An, or the beaches of Nha TrangHo Chi Minh City has good weather all year round, so don’t forget to include all these destinations on your Vietnam itinerary.

When you are in the country, you will see that all Vietnamese tell you to travel to the country in April. Without a doubt, one of the most interesting destinations to travel to in April.

2. Barcelona for Sant Jordi, one of the best destinations to travel to in April

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Although the weather in our city is never extreme, in April the temperatures begin to rise quite a bit with the arrival of spring. Prices in summer are very high, so making a getaway during the month of April can be a fantastic option to fall in love with the city.

In addition, it is one of the best destinations to travel to in April for Sant Jordi’s Day. If you travel on April 23, you will experience one of the most important Catalan traditions. At no other time of the year does the city dress up so beautifully!

The streets are full of small shops where they sell roses and books, representing the legend. Las Ramblas is the street that comes alive the most, but it is not the only one. Also, many balconies are decorated with roses and Catalan flags. The atmosphere is beautiful!

3. Orlando and its parks

If you are looking for a fun destination to travel to in April, Orlando will not disappoint you. The best time to visit Orlando is between March and May. Why? Basically, because it is the time of the year in which you will find the most pleasant weather (maximum of 29ºC, minimum of 17ºC) and the most convenient prices. Always try to avoid the summer because of the prices of accommodations, the heat, and the crowds at the Orlando parks.

And while September through mid-November temperatures, prices, and crowds are pretty good, fall is Florida’s busiest hurricane season, so it can ruin your vacation. Without a doubt, there is no better month than April to travel to Orlando.

4. Japan, is One of the Best Destinations to Travel to in April

Japan is one of the most wonderful countries on the planet. However, if we recommend meeting him in April, it is for a reason: hanami. Being able to contemplate the Japanese cities and landscapes with the cherry trees in bloom is a unique spectacle that you cannot miss. Of course, not all over the country flourish at the same time. For example, the cherry trees in Kyoto bloom in mid to late March and reach their peak in April, when the flowers are spectacular and the city is filled with an unforgettable fragrance. To make sure, you can check the flowering prediction.

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Without a doubt, Kyoto is the most special place to enjoy hanami. As you can imagine, it is a very touristy time to travel to Japan, so we recommend you book your trip well in advance to get good prices. To give you an idea, it’s like traveling in the middle of August in Europe, both in terms of crowds and prices. It is not the cheapest place to travel in April, but it is one of the most beautiful.

In addition, the temperatures are quite pleasant throughout the country. For example, in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, the maximum reaches up to 20ºC and the minimum, over 10ºC, while in Kyoto they are similar. Don’t forget to add these two cities to your Japan itinerary.

5. Utah and its National Parks

The state of Utah is one of the most beautiful in the United States. We believe that it cannot be missing on any route along the west coast of the United States, although it is often greatly forgotten. The best that the state of Utah has to offer is its incredible national parks, and the best time to discover them is spring, especially during the month of April.

There are not many crowds and temperatures are moderate, for these reasons it is a good time to visit Utah and its national parks. Also, during the spring the wildlife is active and the flowers begin to bloom. Keep in mind that both in summer and winter, temperatures are extreme.

Some of the national parks that you cannot miss in Utah are ZionMonument ValleyBryce Canyon or Arches National Park. They are incredible!

6. Venice

If you don’t want to go too far, traveling to Venice is always a good idea. Also, visiting in April can be a great option before summer prices and crowds hit. In April, the weather is nice in Venice.

The cold of winter has dissipated and the sun usually appears every day, while temperatures are pleasantly warm. The city has spring temperatures beginning to rise and less humidity than in the summer months. Of course, do not forget your coat because you will surely need it at night. So that you have a reference of the temperatures, the maximums are usually around 17ºC and the minimums are around 8ºC.

In April there are usually not too many crowds, as long as you do not travel during Easter. So you can take the opportunity to walk through its streets without stress. Venice is a year-round tourist destination, but it’s always smart to travel during off-peak times.

7. Komodo Island (Indonesia)

Komodo Island is one of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia. Every year, thousands of visitors visit, in part, to see Komodo dragons, one of the most impressive animals on the planet.

Although Komodo National Park is one of the driest regions in Indonesia, we believe that April is the best month to get the most out of it. The rainy season, from January to mid-March, can be quite strong with winds, waves and abundant rain. But April is a good time of year to see Komodo dragons. The giant lizards are less active during the rainy months; but in April, the hot, dry sun beckons them.

Also, for diving lovers, April is probably the best month to dive in Komodo. Without a doubt, one of the best places to travel in April.

8. Amsterdam and Keukenhof, One of the Star Destinations to Travel to in April

But you don’t have to go to Japan to see colorful landscapes. Honestly, the tulip season in the Netherlands is a real show. Although Amsterdam is a year-round destination, April is one of the best months to visit. Especially to get to know the Keukenhof Gardens and their tulips!

The tulip season in the Netherlands normally runs from the end of March to the middle of May. That is when the landscapes are filled with the most incredible colors. The Keukenhof Botanical Garden is the most famous place to visit, as it is home to more than seven million bulbs.

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But it is not only worth traveling to Amsterdam in April for the tulips. You can’t miss King’s Day either! Basically, the King’s birthday is celebrated every April 27. The city is dyed orange. There is live music, DJs, parties and a very interesting street market with an incredible atmosphere.

Regarding the temperatures, it is still a bit cold in April. The maximum is usually 13ºC and the minimum 4ºC, with an average of 8 days of rain. But in Amsterdam, it is not a problem since you can take refuge in its incredible museums, such as the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum or the Rijksmuseum, among others. Without a doubt, one of the most interesting destinations to travel to in April.

9. Jordan

In a country with an extreme climate like Jordan, it is very important to choose the dates well to get the most out of it. And April is one of the best times to fall in love with the Asian country! Since April and thanks to the winter rain, wildflowers cover the valleys with color throughout the country.

In addition, the temperatures are warm but not too high. For your reference, in Petra, the main tourist destination in Jordan, the minimum is 11ºC and the maximum is 26ºC. We recommend you take advantage before the suffocating summer temperatures arrive. Winter travel is unpredictable, there can even be snow in Wadi Rum in March.

Without a doubt, if you travel to Jordan in April you will find the perfect balance, since the weather is ideal for sightseeing and enjoying the sun without suffocating. If you can’t travel to Jordan in April, September is also a great month to get to know it.

10. Koh Samui is One of the Best Destinations to Travel to in April if You Want a Beach

If you are looking for a beach vacation in April, you will have to move away from Europe. Although in the south of the continent the temperatures are beginning to rise considerably, it is still not enough to take a good bath. Although you will always have the Canaries!

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But if we talk about the beach and April, the first thing that comes to mind is Koh Samui. This beautiful Thai island is a true paradise. In addition, from April 13 to 17 you can experience Songkran, the Thai New Year. It is one of the most special times of the year for locals!

Although there is more rain, especially on the west coast of Thailand, it is a good opportunity to visit the Gulf Islands, since together with February it is one of the driest months on Koh Samui or Koh Tao.

Apart from Songkran and, despite the fact that April is a fairly rainy month, it is a good opportunity to visit the Gulf Islands, since together with February it is one of the driest months on Koh Samui or Koh Tao. Without a doubt, one of the best destinations to travel to in April.

11. Seville and the April Fair

The April Fair is one of the most important events in Spain. Every year it attracts more than a million people to the city. What began as a livestock fair in 1846, has ended up becoming an event known throughout the planet.

The April Fair begins on Sunday, April 23 and ends on Saturday 29 with a fireworks display. During the event, you can enjoy concerts by international artists, flamenco performances by some of the best dancers in Spain, equestrian competitions and a host of very interesting cultural activities.

In addition, temperatures in April are quite pleasant, with highs of 22ºC and lows of 11ºC. An ideal climate! Of course, book the accommodation in advance because the hotels are usually always full.

12. Switzerland is One of the Most Idyllic Destinations to Travel to in April

If you are looking for an idyllic destination to travel to in April, Switzerland is the solution. Traveling to the alpine country during the fourth month of the year is like stepping into Heidi’s tales. The flowers shine on the slopes of the alpine mountains and in their valleys creating a beautiful setting.

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With the arrival of spring, temperatures begin to rise but it is still cold, especially at high altitudes. However, April is a good month to visit Switzerland because it is considered the low season between winter and summer. And that means fewer crowds and better prices. That in Switzerland is appreciated and enough!

You will also have many outdoor activities to enjoy, such as panoramic routes on its mountain trains or routes on its alpine trails.

Also, if you like to ski, while a large part of the ski resorts on the continent will have already closed, in Switzerland you can still enjoy the snow. For example, Zermatt is one of the best destinations to ski in April.

13. Roma

Rome is one of the most visited cities on the continent. Although it receives tourists throughout the year, April is a good month to get lost in its streets full of history without having to be overwhelmed by the crowds. Of course, as long as you don’t travel during Easter!

Although you will probably need a coat, temperatures are quite comfortable, with highs of 19ºC and lows of 9ºC. Of course, as in much of Europe, April is the wettest month of spring with an average of 8 days of rain in the city.

Another positive aspect is that with the arrival of spring everything looks beautiful in the city. In addition, there are several interesting events such as the Festa Della Liberazione, which celebrates the liberation of Italy at the end of World War II in 1945. There are various ceremonies held at the Quirinale Palace and other state places in Rome.

Although you can visit Rome all year round, April is a good time to plan a cheap trip to the Italian capital and enjoy its treasures like the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, the Pantheon and more without the crowds!

14. Milan and Lake Como

Without leaving Italy, Milan is another very interesting destination to travel to in April. Especially to escape to Lake Como and enjoy a magical atmosphere. Being located in the north of the country, temperatures in April are not as warm as in other destinations such as Naples or Florence. However, in general, during the month of April, the weather in Milan changes drastically from the cold and rainy days of March to sunny and sunny days.

However, you must pay attention to the old saying: ‘D’aprile non ti scoprire’, which means don’t go short yet because on some days you may need it.

For your reference, the average daily temperature in Milan during April is 12.5 °C, although it can reach 25 °C. However, the nights are still cold, with an average minimum temperature of 8°C, so don’t forget your coat as the saying goes.

But above all, do not forget to go to Lake Como. Spring is the most popular time of the year for visitors and its romanticism increases even more on those dates: the weather is pleasant and the colors of the landscapes are at their maximum splendor.

15. Yellowstone

And finally, to finish this post about the best destinations to travel to in April, we couldn’t forget to mention Yellowstone. It is one of the most visited national parks in the United States and on no other date do its landscapes look as good as in the spring.

This season is a great time to enjoy the local wildlife, so you’ll have a good chance of seeing wolves, bears, and other animals emerging from their roosts just after winter.

Also, another benefit of visiting Yellowstone in April is the absence of crowds. It seems incredible, but in May there are 10 times more visitors than in April. The mornings are cold, but during the day the sun is hot enough to make your visit more pleasant.

All in all, April is a fantastic month to explore Yellowstone as the park is quiet, wildlife is abundant, and lodging options are affordable.

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