Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

The 20 Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

Halfway between lunch and dinner, many bars and restaurants in the city have joined the ‘brunch’ trend. The food of the thousand combinations has been refined and is experienced even in haute cuisine. A good shot of energy based on scrambled eggs or toast with bacon is gaining more followers every day, that’s why we want to make it easy for you and we’ve chosen the best for you.

The ‘brunch’ does not exclude and combines perfectly with the most coffee growers who pursue the best coffee shops in Barcelona. Trust us; the ‘brunch’ is here to stay!

DO NOT MISS IT: The most traditional ones, surely they prefer a knife and fork lunch like those of a lifetime.

The 20 Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona


Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

‘We have traveled a lot and we bring the experiences a la carte. We play with Asian and Latin flavors and reinterpret them with the local product ‘, explain the Venezuelans Fabio and Francia: al Enkel have created a delicious gastro puzzle where the’ brunch ‘menu –every day from 10 am to 4 pm– overlaps with the of lunches and dinners.

Their ‘shakshuka’ –e.g., casserole with yogurt, avocado and more– is a delusion of creaminess mixed with peasant bread. Don’t miss the tapas or the craft beer: six-shooters.

Nobu Restaurant

Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

Nobu Barcelona’s Sunday brunch is unique and singular: an open bar of sushi and iconic dishes from the world ‘rockstar’ of Asian cuisine, Nobu Matsuhisa.

The 48 euros per head may seem expensive, but they include unspeakable views, an open bar of the best sushi you can find in Barcelona and two of the iconic dishes on the Matsuhisa menu; If this is the first time you taste Nobu, it is mandatory to order that marvel called black miso bacalao.

The Corner Bar

We all sharpen the scythe against gentrification, but The Corner, a superior four-star hotel, has something for everyone. A ‘bruncheiges’ on a Sunday –if you allow me the Catalan one– for less than twenty bucks, at the Eixample cool? For 21 euros, Sat. and dom.

Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

From 12 noon to 4 pm, you have a starter –two eggs Benedict, a morbid delight, with Iberian ham, for example– and a great hamburger, with good cheddar –what’s there! -, stirred egg and milk bread. Glass of cava, water and coffees included. As if that weren’t enough, enlivened with live music by none other than Joan Tena, one of the six finalists of the first Operación Triunfo.

Can Dendê

Patricia Leona, a Brazilian from Sao Paulo, is the soul of this small and charming bar-restaurant. You can eat a superlative breakfast. A professional cook with a lot of experience, she has chosen to ‘put her own place for a simple kitchen and an everyday product, with a twist’.

Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

Specialists in good breakfasts -decide ‘brunch’ if you want- here you can eat four types of Eggs Benedict, sweet and savory pancakes and for lunch simple but exquisitely made delicatessen, such as a ‘pulled pork’ sandwiches roasted and marinated during hours or some Brazilian dishes.

Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I

Luxury with roots and foundations: one Sunday a month, The Fairmont Hotel presents a themed ‘brunch’ with live music gourmet delirium, both in quantity and quality. You will find, for example, the first station of bread and sausages – ranging from cut Iberian ham to peasant sausage – and a choice of sea smoked products – from our herring to the best salmon from the north.

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Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

The main part is a fork breakfast display with made-to-order tortillas, a capital for dipping bread, or a picadillo de la Cerdanya with mushrooms and Iberian bacon. A great success of Catalan cuisine in the best version. And the dessert station is unspeakable. Be left with your mouth open, contemplating the majestic hall of Carlos Ferrater.


Little miracle: with homemade production, Eugenia Sukhacheva has made Eat My Trip one of the hottest breakfast places. “I started cooking late, after a trip. And it occurred to me to make breakfasts with international touches.” Two-headed menu, sweet and salty: from 10 am to 5 pm; you can put on some aloha waffles – Hawaiian shredded chicken with fried eggs and ‘coleslaw’! – or a French toast covered in cotton candy!

For example, at lunchtime, some eggs benedict with a Thai touch for the ‘Panang’ sauce. Or the ultimate apotheosis of the ‘foodiegrammer’ aesthetic: a chia seed cake in the shape of a unicorn! Give it a try, you cynical pseudo-gurus. Everything comes out of the workshop, and the taste does not deny the cuquismo. To drink, specialty coffee, ‘smoothies.’


Let us be clear: this is not the classic luxury hotel ‘brunch’ –that stuffed bacon and egg that have done so much harm to basic men! – but Carme Ruscalleda’s vision of this meal.

Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

It includes a panoramic view of your Catalan favorites (cannelloni, sea and mountains, lobster rice …), delicate and exquisite sushi, all the possibilities that you can expect in a high-level hotel (cheese, sausage, sweet …) and special dishes that enter according to the calendar, be it the Chinese New Year or La Mercè. Be zen: you can fill up without knowledge or turn it into an excellent tasting ‘brunch’. Only on Sundays from 12:30 to 16:00.

Flaherty’s Irish Bar

We go from cuquisme gurmet to extreme lunch. The traditional ‘Irish breakfast’ reached its zenith after the great potato famine of the mid-19th century. It went like this: they put all the farm products they had on hand in a pan full of butter.

Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

Al Paddy Flaherty survives in all its greasy glory (for less than 9 euros!): Irish sausage, ‘baked beans’, ‘hash brown’ (fried and mashed potato), mushrooms, fried egg and ‘white pudding’ (white pudding). It goes with coffee, toast and jam. It was used to chase goats around Derry and will take you to the end of your workday.

Auto Rosellon

Under the appearance of total culinary decontextualization, they do good cuisine. This is the second restaurant run by Ronit Stern and Rafael Campos, entrepreneurs who own the Toto and no longer the Crustó bakeries.

Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

They have an excellent ‘brunch’ menu. You can opt for some very Nordic scrambled eggs with ‘crème fraîche,’ salmon and raifort (the eggs section makes no sense, delicious organic) or a bowl of granola with house yogurt and organic fruit, as well as toast with homemade jam, Various bikinis and ‘mataresacas’ cocktails. Level food, ecological sensitivity.

Federal Cafè

Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

An establishment in the style of the most cosmopolitan cities and truly ‘trendy’. Natural light, careful decoration, good music, very attentive and friendly service, and a menu specialized in lunches, capable of raising the most passionate night of your life: juices and smoothies, fried eggs and sausages, fruit and sandwiches … They were one of the pioneers of brunch in Barcelona and they have maintained the level.

Two Schmucks

Here you will find friendliness and brutal value for money. The two ‘schmucks’ are from Sweden (the Moe) and London (the AJ). They opened a coffee bar, cocktail bar and brunch under construction. In a year from now, they will have the place they wanted: now you will find a brunch version from the south of the USA.

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Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

With eggs and chicken from central Catalonia. The chef is American: US measure for spectacular dishes. Fried chicken with waffles and honey butter is a guilty pleasure that condemns you.

Monument Hotel

Fans of Basque cuisine (well, haute cuisine in general): Martín Berasategui -the chef with the most Michelin stars in Spain and Cataluna- offers his version of traditional Basque cuisine at Monument hotel’s brunch. Be aware that the ‘Yummy Sundays’ are only held on the first Sunday of the month, from 12.30 to 16.00, and are enjoyed in Glass, the bright restaurant on the Hotel’s terrace.

Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

Is it worth it for 59 euros per head? By God … is the Pope a Catholic? Here you will find the Basque cuisine vision of the most important living Basque chef in practice. Recommendations: take a break at the live tortilla station -Berasategui is one of the world’s great ‘tortillologists’, and prepared for wonders such as fried hake -the chef’s favorite childhood dish-, cod kokotxas with Txakolí cockles or the txangurro a la donostiarra.

And all the cold delicacies that you can think of. As if that were not enough, an open bar of water and cocktails served at the moment (nothing can beat an excellent Bloody Mary on Sundays).

Ugot Bruncherie

A few years after it opened, Adi Nachson is proud that Ugot (‘cake’ in Hebrew) has grown without losing its soul. This delicious ‘bruncherie’ disarms the ‘hater’ of cuquismo and the most vicious grandmother’s dishes. And even more so now that they have expanded a menu that is one of those that best touches the eggs of Barcelona.

Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

They have five Benedict recipes – heavenly ones that float on shredded pork and ‘french’ toast – and five others that focus on knife and fork lunch, Israel, tortillas, and soup. And tapas, salads, hamburgers, and cakes mythologized with all the justice in the world.

The Little Basket by Picnic

2009 was a turning point for brunch: Tara Penke opened the Picnic. Now, the Californian has opened The Little Basket, her little brother. Besides eating, you can buy local handicraft products. The place is a diaphanous and beautiful space, where Tara’s husband, Jaime, cook, explains that he brings all the experiments from the Picnic.

For example, duck confit with naan bread and eggs with ‘chipotle’ sauce. It is the realm of signature ‘brunch’, where the neutral flavor of the ‘pancake’ is transformed into a fabric where the chef lets go. Saturday and Sunday, from 10 am to 4 pm.


Vicky Valls, an expert cook, had a successful catering until a turnaround in health forced her to measure fat, salt and sugar. The consequence is Maai –the contraction of Max and Aitana, their children– a healthy eating restaurant that, from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 12:30 pm, offers a healthy lunch and brunch menu.

Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

No ‘pancakes’ swimming in oil, but a chickpea waffle with hummus, avocado and two eggs: energy to climb the scaffold. All made from scratch, with a first-class product and trade. And an excellent lunch menu.


The Picnic brunch (Fri, from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm; Sat and Sun from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm) is already known as the best way to recover from a hangover in Barcelona in front of some eggs Benedict and with a cocktail in hand. They opened the restaurant in 2010, when selecting eggs was, as they say, bare-bones.

At noon he sends a vision between traditional and author of the breakfast ‘made in the USA’. And in the evening, depending on the season, they serve tasty and consistent dishes such as pork ribs with puree or the typical New Orleans ‘gumbo’, or lighter, such as ceviche with pancakes. An excellent place.

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Respect it: it is a powerhouse that has never lowered the quality. It is not that they work for the tourist: it is one of those ‘ breakfasts all day’ where an uncle from Michigan feels at home.

They have an immense ‘brunch’ repertoire covering sweets (pancakes), salads, burgers, ‘bagels’ and everything that can be made with eggs, from the greasy satisfaction of English fry-up the spicy hue of Huevos Rancheros. The parish only speaks English, but eggs are a universal language.


The vocation of this young restaurant, with ex- Gresca and Monvínic chefs, offers a modern and popular vision of Catalan cuisine: a place that risks tucked into a lunch bar. This includes fusing the first meal in its knife and fork version with the Anglo-Saxon.

Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

But the Catalan tradition wins by a landslide: what a pleasure to nail a sandwich of beef cheek and cheese – with impeccable focaccia bread from the Cruixent oven – with a mini egg Benedict with bacon. They have a repertoire of essential dishes –pig feet, tripe with chorizo ​​…– and spectacular sandwiches (calçots and romesco!).


Although it does not have its predecessor’s great personality, Muebles Navarro, Marmalade is a charming place to have a cocktail at sunset. And on the weekends it offers an excellent ‘brunch’ from 10 am to 4 pm. It should be said that the property is the same as Milk’s, so you already know what awaits you.


Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

Three friends with degrees in Philosophy, Journalism and Art History have turned a corner bar into a delicious miniature restaurant. They rework and modernize Galician and Basque cuisine classics in the form of dishes. On Saturday mornings, they officiate a ‘brunch’ with grilled toast and homemade jam that are a reason for pilgrimage.


Formerly Fortuny winery, this minimalist place owned by an English and an Australian defines itself as a gastropub. You can find original and delicious recipes, with British, Italian or Catalan influences, but always very original.

Good breakfasts, sweet and savory, and imaginative dishes such as ‘fried rabbit’, rabbit fried and battered in the North American style. Excellent homemade desserts. They make everything and everything good: from confit ribs grilled over low heat to the now omnipresent and very healthy ‘poke bowls’, those super salads with raw fish and 10,000 little things.

The Breakfast

‘Our concept is’ breakfast all day ‘, but we did not want this to be a place for foreigners,’ they explain. They are a factual power in the neighborhood: the yayas of Sant Antoni have learned to order ‘pancakes’ with the Swiss. The menu is dizzying: there is EVERYTHING you can imagine in a diner, passed through the filter of Catalan proximity.

Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

I still lick my mustaches, remembering Manchito’s Tail: ‘french toast’ to the limit of torrija with stirred egg and cheddar, fried bacon with supernatural crunch, a feast of unctuousness. Discover what can be made with a ‘pancake’, or the ‘po’boy’ sandwich, a spicy New Orleans shrimp sandwich.

Mama’s Cafe

Although people come a lot for breakfast, the owner of Mama’s Cafe prefers the label’ diner ‘- an informal American restaurant. Here, throughout the time slot, you will find very powerful breakfasts – be careful, available all day – dishes of the day and gourmet sandwiches with the most organic raw materials. Excellent cakes and a delicious indoor terrace!

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