What are the Best Beaches in Valencia to visit in 2022

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The city of Valencia is frequently visited by people from all over the world. Even the Valencian Community and inhabitants of other areas of Spain move here for national tourism, with the beaches of Valencia and its surroundings being the main places to visit.

Best Beaches in Valencia

Valencia and its provinces have very popular beaches to virgin coves. Most of Valencia’s beaches have restaurants with a gastronomic variety. For children’s recreation, there are parks and swings at the foot of sand.

The 22 Best Beaches in Valencia

Here you will find a list of the best coastal beaches in Valencia that will captivate you with their golden and clean sand, the calm of their waters, the unforgettable panoramic view that they offer, the abundant marine life and the peculiar dunes covered with flora.

Take note of each of the beaches in Spain that are mentioned here and prepare your backpack to live a unique experience that only the best beaches on the Valencian coast will offer you.

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So without further ado, let’s start with the list of the best beaches in Valencia:

1. Gandia Beach

Also known as Playa Nord, it is one of the best beaches in the province of Valencia and one of the favorites for tourism during the summer, especially in August. To get to Playa Gandia you need to take a bus from the center of Gandia or you can do it on foot

If you are one of those people who likes to take advantage of every minute, this beach in Spain is ideal for you, because, just two steps from the warm sand, you will find hotels with good value for money and bars.

This is one of the coves on the coast of Valencia where you will find restaurants that offer authentic fideuá, fast food outlets such as McDonald’s, clothing stores and other businesses. An interesting fact about this beach is that it was awarded the Q for tourist quality for its excellent services.

2. Albir Beach

Another of the quiet beaches of Valencia is Playa del Albir, located in the province of Alicante. Getting to this paradise takes time, El Albir is almost two hours from Valencia and one hour from Alicante.

Unlike other Valencian coasts, this one will welcome you with a carpet of song surrounded by (small smooth and round stones), so your stay will become a new and pleasant experience. Of course, remember to wear neoprene shoes to facilitate the passage through the stones.

This place is perfect for diving thanks to its crystal clear waters that allow you to see the fauna that makes life in the sea: fish, octopus, small crustaceans or some starfish. It is also one of the snorkeling coves in Valencia.

3. Cala Ambolo

If you wonder where the best beaches in Valencia are, you should visit Cala Ambolo, ideal if you are looking for one of the quiet beaches in Valencia. It is a spa where nudism is allowed, so it is not suitable for minors.

This beach is practically under a big mountain so you must be prepared for a downhill road. Wear sports shoes to facilitate the descent. The beach does not have lifeguards, rental of chairs, umbrellas, restaurants or food outlets, so you must make sure you are stocked with enough water and snacks.

Getting to this paradise with limited access, located in the town of Jávea, will take only two hours of travel from Valencia. A curious fact about one of the beaches on the coast of Valencia is that in 2007 it was closed due to the danger of landslides, however, it continues to be filled with tourists.

4. San Juan Beach Alicante

At Playa San Juan de Alicante comfortable hammocks are waiting for you. Throughout the whole place for children, there are slides, swings and other games so that the little ones can complete their beach experience.

If you like to practice kitesurfing, windsurfing or other water sports, this is one of the beaches to visit in Valencia, since the waves of this coast will allow you to do so. This is one of the best beaches in Spain and is located 20 minutes from the center of Alicante.

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If you want to eat, this is one of the good beaches near Valencia where there are a variety of places that offer rice dishes, seafood delicacies, cocktails, drinks and more. A few meters from the beach is the Alicante Golf, a luxurious hotel with friendly prices.

5. Malvarrosa Beach

When visiting Spain it is mandatory to spend a day at the Malvarrosa beach in Valencia. As the most famous in the area, every year it welcomes tourists and the local population to celebrate the Valencia Air Festival and the International Wind Festival, which this year was replaced by a paper kite workshop.

This is one of the accessible beaches in Valencia, several bus lines are in the city for you to reach this destination. Also, you can do it through the tram or using the bike lane.

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The place has several places that offer great gastronomic diversity for all tastes. The El Bobo restaurant has local dishes and succulent rice dishes, Els Angels are ideal for enjoying a fresh paella with the family.

6. El Saler Beach

When you wonder what to do in Valencia, you can visit El Saler Beach, located near the Albufera Natural Park, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Valencia since you can see how a new day ends and begins.

Unlike other public baths in the area, this beach allows you to spend a pleasant night watching the stars until dawn. Also thanks to its cord of ecological dunes and the planted pine forests that surround it, it becomes the perfect place for you to practice water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing or sailing.

When looking for a place to eat, be sure to visit the Casa Carmina and La Dehesa Joaquín Castelló restaurants, where they will pamper your palate with meat, fish and a variety of dry or broth rice dishes. To get there you can travel by private car or by bus to Palmar and Perellonet, both options will take you in just half an hour.

7. Cala La Granadella

Located 20 minutes by car from the town of Jávia, this cove is famous for its transparent waters, its depth for diving and its round stone floor, so the use of synthetic slippers is essential.

Unlike Cala Ambolo, it is one of the beaches in the province of Valencia where you can rent umbrellas, hammocks, and kayaks. There are showers, three restaurants at the foot of the cove, lifeguards and even a platform in the sea to jump and swim.

For more fun, it is one of the coves around Valencia where it is possible to practice sports such as water skiing or diving. You can get there using the GPS route from Alicante, following the Granadella 7-1 road.

8. Tamarit Beach

If you think of a wonderful beach in Valencia that allows you to practice sailing, then Tamarit has the ideal wind conditions for this water sport.

It is one of the accessible beaches in Valencia since it has access for people who use wheelchairs and its sea is calm and with little waves, suitable for children and the elderly to submerge in peace. The water does not cover easily, you have to go deep enough.

If you don’t like algae, avoid coming to Tamarit, since it is one of the beaches on the coast of Valencia where these marine plants are part of the flora of the beach. To add charm to the experience, next door is the Natural Park of Las Salinas, where you can see flamingos, ducks and birds.

9. Portet Beach

How about visiting a beach in Valencia that also allows you to go hiking? It is possible to do it at Del Portet Beach, where you can choose the path that will take you to the Cap d’Or Tower and the flora micro-reserve or the path to the coastal viewpoints.

Diving is another of the activities that this beach allows you to do, as well as a kayak excursion. Some define it as a particular cove in the shape of a lake, hence the reason for its turquoise and clear water, compared to that of the Caribbean coasts.

This is one of the beaches around Valencia where there are places to eat, drink and have a promenade. The environment of the beach is semi-urban. And if you don’t know how to get there, you should go to the municipality of Teulada in the province of Alicante.

10. Sand Beach

This is another of the beaches that you cannot miss. You can locate it between the Malvarrosa beach and the port of the Marina Real Juan Carlo I. In the city there are several bus lines that leave you near Las Arenas, you only have to walk between seven and 15 minutes, take the tram or rent a bike and leave it at the indicated points when you leave.

It is from the beaches to the south of Valencia where the promenade is one of its strong attractions since it houses restaurants in Valencia that have years of tradition, such as La Marcelina, which was founded in 1888 and traditionally prepares paellas and Valencian dishes.

Do not be surprised if you get to see amazing sand castles on this beach, because it is one of the sandy beaches in Valencia that allows you to create this type of structure. This busy coastline has services and games for children and access for people with motor disabilities.

10 Not Enough?

Well, keep reading to discover more incredible beaches in Valencia.

11. Valencia Seafront

The length of the two best-known beaches in Valencia, Malvarrosa and Las Arenas make up the Paseo Marítimo, a place traveled daily by thousands of Valencians and tourists from all over the world.

If you come on vacation you can take a day to get to know these two beaches walking from end to end. The sculptures found along the promenade, such as dolphins and boats, are sure to catch your eye as well. Doing the bike ride is perfect for exercising and making the most of the time enjoyment.

If you go by car, there are places where you can park. Of course, you will find a wide variety of places to satisfy your palate, clothing stores, souvenir shops, nightclubs, entertainment for children, resorts of various categories and everything that a tourist place has.

12. La Devesa Beach

Getting to Playa La Devesa by car takes only 25 minutes from the center of Valencia.

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The Playa de la Devesa borders the Saler beach in Valencia and is located in the Albufera Natural Park. If you like long coastlines, this one is almost five kilometers long and has golden sand. Getting to it takes only 25 minutes by car from the center of Valencia. There are bus lines that have routes to this destination.

If you want to enjoy something different, at your disposal is the Pizzeria Devesa Gardens restaurant, where they offer freshly baked pizzas. At the Lahiver restaurant, you can order Mediterranean dishes, while at the Arrocería Duna they will serve you a tasty paella in a space with views of the sea and one of the beautiful beaches near Valencia.

If you are looking for a clean beach in Valencia this is appropriate. When visiting it, do not forget to bring a mat or cloth to sunbathe, an umbrella and sunscreen, as the place does not offer rental of chairs, awnings or hammocks.

13. Pinedo Beach

The Playa Pinedo boardwalk is approximately three kilometers long.

If you are looking for a beach where you can enjoy the benefits of the sun without cloth on your body, you can find the coves to bathe in Valencia and practice nudism in the area of ​​the coast that goes from the Casa Negra to an old factory.

Playa Pinedo is north of Playa del Saler in Valencia and is also protected by the Albufera Natural Park. It is one of the coves to visit in Valencia if you like to practice sport fishing thanks to the nearby mouth of the Turia river.

Its sea and waves make some people stop their yachts in the water to spend the day, which is why it is one of the quiet coves in Valencia. The Pinedo beach promenade is approximately three kilometers long and has bars, gastronomic establishments and some beach bars.

14. D’l Alhuir Beach

With a youthful atmosphere, this is another of the nudist beaches in Spain in case you venture to take a dip without any clothes on. When you come, you must know that it is one of the beaches that allow dogs in Valencia in a permitted area.

It is considered one of the best coasts of Gandia for kitesurfing fans who visit it frequently to practice the sport. The coastline also becomes the setting for windsurfing competitions.

This is one of the few virgin beaches left in the municipality, and one of the white sand beaches in Valencia. You can get there by intercity transport. Come and enjoy one of the few virgin beaches that remain in Spain.

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15. Muchavista Beach

With a promenade of approximately four kilometers long, Muchavista beach becomes that place where you thought so much to walk and breathe fresh air. This semi-urban coast is located in the municipality of El Campello, in Alicante.

If you dare to visit one of the beautiful beaches of Valencia and bring children, there is an area where they can play and recreate. It also has disabled access. And during the summer months, there are recreational activities, sporting events and entertainment programs such as cinema on the beach and the installation of toy libraries.

One plus you should know about this beach is that it offers an excellent panoramic view of the northern mountains of Alicante. In Muchavista you can spend a quiet day, the beach is not crowded.

16. Cala Raco del Conill

With strong waves combined with sand and rocks, this cove is located four kilometers from Benidorm, in the province of Alicante. It is not advisable to come with children as it is frequented by nudists.

It is usually very visited by the LGBT community, since it is the only beach in Valencia where cruising is practiced, which is nothing more than the search for a sexual partner walking through a public place, so, if you are in this wave, you can be the ideal place for you.

This virgin cove is one of the blue beaches of Valencia. It does not have lifeguards and there is only one place to pamper the palate. You can bring your food and have a picnic by the sea.

17. Benitachel Beach

The crystal clear waters of this Moraig cove, located in the town of Benitachell, in Alicante, are calm. If you want to swim you must wear booties as there are many stones under the sea.

The “Cova dels Arcs” is one of the attractive elements of the place, without forgetting the impressive cliff that can be seen with the naked eye. If you want something more than bathing, you can make your way to the viewpoint of one of the most beautiful coves in Valencia to get a panoramic view of this paradise.

This small beach on the coast of Valencia has the Blue Flag distinction and was awarded the special mention for the lifeguard service by the Adeac Foundation in 2014. To get there you must go to the town of Benitachell, then take the direction towards Cala of the Moraig.

18. Tabarca Beach

If you think you had visited splendid beaches, you missed out on the only inhabited island in the Valencian Community: Isla de Tabarca, where Tabarca beach is naturally located, about 200 meters long.

When you visit it you will notice that the beach is in the center of the island and separates the inhabited area from the uninhabited. In addition, you will not only enjoy the imposing blue of the water and its clarity that allows you to see the marine fauna, but you will also be able to explore the small hidden coves of Valencia.

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To get to the beach it is necessary to take a commercial boat from the Port of Alicante, a ride that lasts approximately one hour, or from the Port of Santa Pola, with a half-hour journey. A commercial shipping line makes daily trips throughout the year from the latter port.

19. Newfoundland Beach

You will never see a beach as small and welcoming as Terranova beach, which is located north of the municipality of Canet d’En Berenguer between the mouth of two ravines. Surely, if you visit it several times, you will see how the beach changes its shape due to the irregular flow in the ravines.

The sea is calm and it is a very windy coast. Although it does not offer a promenade, it is one of the most beautiful coves in Valencia. In its surroundings, there are restaurants and places where you can eat or try a cocktail. Due to its low influx of people, it became the perfect beach to practice surfing in all its forms.

As a gift from nature, when you visit it you will see a freshwater spring known as El Tou or El Clotal, in addition to the citrus crops that surround it.

20. Raco de la Mar Beach

With shallow, transparent water and clear sand, this beach is one of the most appreciated by the Valencian Community when it comes to relaxing and getting out of the exhausting routine.

Lovers of water sports can take a dinghy sailing and windsurfing course at the marina on the beach. During the summer they enable urban routes to Racó beach. There is also a bus line in the Canet d’En Berenguer municipality bound for this coast.

An important fact that you should know is that this is one of the coves on the coast of Valencia that during the last nine years has been worthy of the Blue Flag distinction for the quality of the services it offers to bathers and in 2002 was awarded the Quality and Environment certification, for complying with international standards.

21. Carregador Beach Alcossebr

This is another beach in the province of Valencia, located on the Costa de Azahar, in the municipality of Alcalá de Chiver. It is the longest beach in Alcossebre and the closest to the town. If you make the trip with children, the sea is perfect for them to bathe in peace without fear of the water overtaking them, as it is necessary to go a few meters for it to cover.

It has swings and games for children at the foot of the sand, as well as an area with hammocks, nets to play beach volleyball and spaces to promote physical activity. Forget your worries because this coast has all the services that a visitor may require.

In addition, you can add adrenaline to your life by practicing sailing since there is a yacht club for this sport in the place. This is one of the beaches in Valencia that borders the south with La Romana beach. Like almost all the spas in Valencia, it has a Blue Flag that certifies its quality.

22. Sagunto Beach

In the restaurants of Playa Sagunto, you can enjoy the typical dishes of the town.

This coast is one of the most visited tourist places in Valencia. Challenging waves await you at Puerto de Sagunto Beach, perfect if you are a surfing fan. Its main attraction is the wide range of gastronomic varieties that you will find on the seafront promenade of about two kilometers.

Paellas are popular in the Sagunto community, as are the typical dishes “Arrós a banda”, “l´Arrós negre” and “Olla amb fesols y naps”. During the summer season, where there is more influx of visitors.

This is one of the beaches on the coast of Valencia that offers activities for the little ones in the house and adults. Getting here is not complicated, you can take a bus or a train.

23. Aigua Blanca Oliva Beach

Located in the Oliva municipality of Valencia, the main attraction of this beach is its waters, coming from the Alfadalí and Bullent rivers, which are extremely calm. If your thing is to dive and see marine life, you have the possibility of renting nautical equipment to dive.

This coastline, surrounded by a large dune, received the Q for a quality award and the Blue Flag distinction thanks to its quality services and care of the beach in general. Like almost all the coasts of Valencia, this one also has a maritime path and during the summer kiosks are set up on the sand offering snacks.

It is one of the accessible beaches in Valencia since the Renfe trains have a route to Oliva so that you can come and discover this coast. Nearby is the Oliva de Valencia beach, in case you want to visit two on the same day.

The city of Valencia and its provinces are home to a large number of beaches for all tastes: there are some for nudists, youthful or family-friendly, those that are highly visited, those that are not very crowded, and those that allow you to stay in a tent or easy and difficult access.

Malvarrosa beach in Valencia and Las Arenas are the most popular and visited by the community. Each of the beaches on the coast of Valencia has a characteristic that captivates its visitors, such as the clean and crystal clear waters, the abundant marine life and the dunes full of flora.

So, do you know which of these coasts to add to your list of places when you wonder what to do in Valencia? Take advantage and enjoy the best beaches on the Valencian coast! Your excursions in Valencia will be excellent because the Spanish beaches always have something captivating to show.


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