Best Beaches in Turkey

The 25 Best Beaches in Turkey

Turkey is a country that is located between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, with a coastline that stretches for more than 8,000 kilometers that cover the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Marmara, with beautiful wonders of nature and monuments and architectures that are part of the history of the culture of this country. It also has incredible beaches of unparalleled beauty, with turquoise blue waters and very fine sand, which leave tourists surprised.

The Best Beaches in Turkey

There is no doubt that Turkey is an ideal beach or nature destination. It is a country full of history, culture, impressive destinations and friendly people wherever they exist. Have we already convinced you to visit it? Well, these are the best beaches in Turkey:

1. Blue Lagoon or Blue Lagoon, Ölüdeni

Best Beaches in Turkey

This beach is located in the city Ölüdeniz very close to Fethiye, in the southwest of Turkey, it is a paradisiacal beach, with shallow and calm waters, for that reason, it received the Blue Flag qualification, an ideal place to relax, perform different water activities or practice paragliding.

The waters of this beach are very cold, crystal clear, they are always calm and reflect different shades that go between blue and green, it is surrounded by mountains completely covered with Mediterranean pines, for all this it is considered one of the best beaches in the world.

2. Iztuzu Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

Iztuzu Beach (Dalyan) is a rare natural place in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a long, 4.5 km long sandy arc that runs from the pine tree to the river delta. On all these 4, 5 km, there is not a single store, hotel or house, moreover, there are no buildings even insight.

This is a picturesque place where pristine nature has been preserved. The beach is a nature reserve and is often called the Turtle Beach, as there are many Caretta Caretta turtles living here. In the vastness, you can also find the blue crab, a very rare creature.

You can swim on the beach only in specially designated places, there are few of them. The beach serves as a nature reserve rather than a place to relax. Previously, there was an old port and salt extraction was carried out.

It is better to visit Iztuzu with a guide – he will tell about the unusual history of this place. You can go on a yacht trip from Dalyan pier. The duration of the trip is 40 minutes. You can also take a minibus from the post office.

3. Kekova Bay

Best Beaches in Turkey

This bay is located in the Lycian area, on the Turkish coast, in 1990 it was declared a protected area in order to take care of natural wealth, the protected area is approximately 260 km by the Ministry of the Environment, authority for the Protection of Special Areas of Turkey.

This is a bay of great beauty and charm, it is a place much visited by sailors who know it as Los Caminos de Kekova, a very quiet place, with beautiful turquoise waters, a splendid sun, virgin nature and the sky always Azul, for all these characteristics is listed as one of the best beaches in Turkey.

4. Antalya Province: Olympus

Best Beaches in Turkey

For nature lovers, it is the ideal beach, as it combines mountains, rivers, sea and historical ruins! It is accessed by car or through a dolmus that you take in Antalya, but you have to make a change midway. Don’t worry because the change of the dolmus is very well coordinated.

In Olympus, a very different model of tourism is perceived from that observed in a majority way in Turkey: more sustainable and respectful. Although the prices, moderate in my opinion, are not so much if we compare them with other tourist places in the country.

In Olympus, you can rent a log cabin in hotel species where they serve breakfast and dinner. Food is free. There are also bars with open-air concerts. It is a great place to spend a few days.

Access to the beach is private, that is, you have to pay for the ticket (about 20 lire more or less). Then, as soon as you enter, the most impressive thing about the access to this beach arrives: touring a whole network of historical ruins, they were restoring them when I visited the place, in parallel to a river of very cold water that forks at the entrance of the beach that it is precisely where the ruins end. On the beach, the water is strangely wonderful: the salty water of the sea mixes with the freshwater of the river.

Pay attention to opening and closing times, as it is a protected area.

The ideal plan here would be to visit the Antalya area, the most visited city in Turkey, although I did not particularly like it, despite the fact that it had a beautiful and well-kept “old town”. And then visit places like Olympus,

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5. Mermerli Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

This is a small beach that is located in the historical area of ​​Kaleici, Antalya, the water is turquoise blue and transparent, has sand and rocks, surrounded by a beautiful green forest, which has been listed as one of the best beaches in Turkey.

This is a perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy different water activities, it is equipped with all the services to spend an excellent day.

6. Ovabuku Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

This beach is located on the Greek island of Kos within the Datca peninsula, it is a beach of very fine white gravel and is surrounded by a large number of trees such as pines, holm oaks and carob trees; It is a practically virgin beach, it has no buildings around it.

In it you can carry out some sports activities, to stay and for meals and drinks you should go to some of the neighboring cities.

7. Konyaaltı Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

This beach is located in Antalya, on the western side of the city and its length is 7 km that go from the cliffs of the Beydağları mountains, inside it has a beach park, it is formed by 1.5 kilometers in length that They are always full of people, because for them it is the best beach in Turkey.

The beach is not recommended for children because it has no sand but pebbles, its waters are a mesmerizing turquoise. In it, you can go paragliding and practice different water sports.

8. Kabak Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

It is located in the Mediterranean community of Kabak and eight kilometers south of Faralya, it is a beautiful beach surrounded by two long cliffs, where you can camp, practice hiking, yoga and enjoy the natural beauties of the place that have not been exploited.

It is a beach of fine sand and crystal clear waters, surrounded by beautiful nature, which makes it one of the top beaches in Turkey.

9. Altikum Pirlanta Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

This beach is located on the outskirts of Çesme, its waters are crystal clear, clean and very calm, the sand is golden, it is not very deep, which makes it very pleasant and makes it one of the best beaches in Turkey.

Among the activities that can be done is diving, it has all the necessary services to spend a relaxed day because it is a quiet place.

10. Oludeniz Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

Oludeniz Bay is located near Fethiye, 15 km from the city. This is a very picturesque place that tourists love since the bay itself is located in a lagoon and is fenced off from the sea by a sand spit. Until recently, Oludeniz Beach (Fethiye) was considered the best holiday destination for independent travelers, but now many hotels are lined up on the coast, which have divided the beach.

Oludeniz is a national park in Turkey with stunning turquoise waters, emerald pine trees and soft sand. Today there are 3 beaches in this bay – Laguna, Patara and Kidrak. The lagoon is ideal for beginners mastering water sports, as well as for families with children – it is quite shallow here. Patara is one of the best beaches in the world, so you should definitely visit it, and Kidrak is the quietest and most secluded place.

You can get to Oludeniz from Fethiye, dolmushi regularly carry tourists in summer, and minibuses in winter with an interval of 30-40 minutes.

11. Lara Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

Lara Beach is located near Antalya, it is one of the most prestigious beaches in the region. The length of the beach is 12 km east of the Lower Duden waterfall. The site has been recognized as an international beach of the highest level, as evidenced by the blue flag located on the coast. Lara is a city beach, so the entrance for tourists is free.

It is clean, there are bars and shops for soft drinks, for a fee, you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas. There is also a catamaran rental, showers, changing cabins and a toilet. City buses from Antalya run to the beach all year round.

12. Cleopatra Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

This beach was donated by Mark Anthony to Queen Cleopatra; the softest and cleanest sand from Egypt was specially brought here. To this day, Cleopatra Beach (Alanya) is called royal.

The beach is 2 km long, with fine golden sand everywhere. There is a gentle entrance to the sea, and the sea itself near the coast is quite shallow, which makes the holiday ideal for children. The water in this area is very warm and clean, the bottom is sandy.

It is an ideal destination for tourists looking for a calm and safe holiday, as well as those who are trying to master water sports.

The entrance to the beach is free, this place is open to tourists and townspeople, there are many hotels around, whose guests also visit Cleopatra’s beach. For a fee, you can take a sun lounger or umbrella, there are a bar and points of sale of drinks and snacks nearby. There are also changing cabins, showers and a paid toilet.

13. Kaputash Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

Kaputas Beach (Kalkan) is considered one of the best in Turkey, it is located between the towns of Kas and Kalkan. The beach itself is located in a bay between two rocks, this place is protected by the state, as it was recognized as a nature reserve.

This is a “wild” beach, there are no sun loungers, umbrellas, booths, restaurants and other benefits of civilization. The beach is deserted and clean, as it is located far from cities – the nearest city is located 5 km away, this is the city of Kalkan. The government prohibited any construction on the beach, as well as any changes to its appearance. You can get there by a rented bus or car; there are also regular buses to Kas from the bus station in Fethiye. The bus will pass the city of Kalkan and then stop on the highway near Kaputas Beach.

14. Olympos Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

Olympos Beach (Kemer) is included in the world list of the cleanest vacation spots. The beach is 4 km long and is mostly covered with pebbles and sand. Thanks to this coating, the water on the beach is very clean and transparent.

The air here is wonderful – you can feel the aroma of pine and sea in it, so this air is healing. It is very quiet here, few people, despite the large number of hotels around. A great place for everyone who is tired of the bustle of the city and plans to relax away from civilization. There are no expensive hotels or fashionable restaurants around. The beach is free, located at Turkey, 85 km south of Antalya, 45 km south of Kemer, Olympos resort.

15. Pamucak Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

Pamucak Beach (Kusadasi) is another place for lovers to sunbathe in a relaxed atmosphere. It is very clean, spacious and comfortable here, there are no signs of civilization. There is not even a shop with drinks on the beach, but this is what provides a special atmosphere of unity with nature, makes the place colorful and unusual.

The beach has clean sand, very clean, warm and clear water. The beach is 5 km long, you can find a place where there will be no people at all. You can diversify your vacation by riding camels or horses, which are often brought there. The entrance to the beach is free, sun loungers and umbrellas are not provided here. The place is located at the address: Turkey, 12 km north of Kusadasi, you can get there by a rented car, the landmark is the Aquapark, then turn left and follow the sign.

16. Akyarlar Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

Akyarlar Beach is located on the southern coast of Bodrum – a small beach with fine, clean sand. This is a favorite place for families with children and surfers, as the wave here is small and you can ride safely. And the professionals go to the eastern part of the beach, where the waves are much higher.

For children, a real expanse – the entrance to the water is shallow, the bottom is good, and the depth increases gradually. Today it is one of the best beaches on the coast, but tourists will not find much entertainment here. This is a place for measured, calm rest. The beach is well equipped, you can rent sun loungers, umbrellas and visit a cafe or shop. An excellent view opens from here, as the beach is located in a bay, there are many green, exotic plants around.

17. Side Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

There are many sandy beaches in Turkey, near Side there are two of them – east and west. The western one is ideal for family holidays – there is a gentle slope into the sea, very clean coastline and sand, shallow depth. Side’s eastern beach is very different from it, there are almost no people here, there are no benefits of civilization.

There are many tourists on West Beach during the high season, all the places on the coast are filled. Some of its zones are given to hotels, others have bars and restaurants, but there are also areas accessible to everyone, admission to which is free. You will need to pay only for sun loungers or umbrellas, about 5-10 euros. Both beaches are marked with the Blue Flag, that is, they are recognized as safe and comfortable for relaxation.

18. Ladies Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

It will be that I love the name and that the day I was in it, I had a great time. One simple reason: not just its beauty, but its comfort! We were able to play beaches in the water, as the beach has sand. It is located on the outskirts of the city of Kusadasi, very close to the ruins of Ephesus.

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A complete plan for people who like to travel and do different things would be to visit the ruins of Ephesus, which are located an hour or so from Kusadasi, and then land in this city, where full cruise ships arrive. Of tourists and then dispersed through the different beaches in the area.

19. Paradise Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

If you are looking for silence, tranquility, calm, it is an ideal beach. It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes to approach the shore with it: sandals or flip-flops. It is made up entirely of rocks. It is a relatively small beach and it is always very private. You can access it by car, at its entrance there is a parking lot that for a moderate price you can park your car there, or if you can not take a dolmus in the town of Datça. It comes quickly.

The water is completely transparent, the sea is very relaxed. A real luxury to be able to enjoy this place. There is also a bar where you can shelter from the shade. The sunbeds in Datça are free, the only thing lucky that they are free. On the two occasions, I have gone, there were no problems getting a sunbed.

20. Icmeler Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

This beach is located in Içmeler, which is a small town that is located very close to the city of Marmaris. It is a very large beach, surrounded by pine forests, its waters are crystal clear and shallow and the sand is very soft and fine.

It has all the services and at nightfall, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset.

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21. Valley of the Butterflies Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

It is located on the western coast of the Gulf of Belceiz, at the base of the Babadag mountain near Oludeniz and to get there, it can be done only by boat. It is a beautiful bay with beautiful landscapes and very clean water with a beautiful turquoise color, which is why it has come to be considered one of the top beaches in Turkey.

It receives this name because between the months of June and October the colonies of tiger butterflies are fluttering in a part of the valley that is protected, here you can get almost all the species of butterflies that live on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. You can spend the day swimming, walking or taking the sun in a calm way.

22. Aydıncık Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

This is considered one of the best beaches in Turkey for its sand looks like cane sugar and the water is crystal clear and is always very hot. In general, you can see flamingos and different birds bathing in the salt water, and this beach is surrounded by a nature reserve.

In some parts of it, there is a black mud that is used by tourists as a skin treatment.

23. Saros Bay

Best Beaches in Turkey

Bay of Saros or Gulf of Saros, as it is also called, is one of the entrances in the north of the Aegean Sea, which is located in the north of the Gallipoli peninsula. This beach is a perfect stretch of fine sand, with soft crystal clear waters, surrounded by many trees that protect visitors from the hot sun.

It has different food and beverage services, as well as showers, spaces for the practice of recreational activities, for this and much more it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey.

24. Alaçati Beach

Best Beaches in Turkey

It is located on the Çesme peninsula, north of the Aegean Sea, this beach has been assumed as a particular summer place by the natives of the country and for visitors, it is very beautiful its waters are crystal clear and a little greenish and The sand is white and very fine.

In it you can practice kitesurfing or windsurfing, due to the intensity of the winds, it has beautiful places for accommodation, shops and restaurants that offer excellent dishes, in addition to the basic services.

25. Celestial Island

Best Beaches in Turkey

This is located in Gókçeada, in the Aegean Sea, it is the largest in the country with a length of 13 kilometers from north to south and less than 30 kilometers from east to west, it is a wonderful place, with spectacular landscapes and an atmosphere Greek.

This beach has beautiful white and very fine sand, its waters are crystal clear and very calm, it is surrounded by mountains and forest, it has perfect waves for windsurfing.

26. Turkish Aegean: Cleopatra Island

Best Beaches in Turkey

For lovers of heat and super transparent water with white sand, it is the ideal beach. I remember its delicate sand from this beach. Legend, myths, people say that the sand was a gift brought from Cairo. In fact, they have a lot of control in keeping the sand safe and there is security to watch that it is respected.

The problem with this beach is the number of boats full of tourists that come to it. Hard to find a sunbed. You can also visit some small historical ruins, although it was difficult for me to visualize them, it may also be because of the heat.

27. Patara Beach

Patara Beach (Fethiye) is one of the best beaches in the world. This title was awarded to him by an international commission during the assessment. It is huge – the sandy beach is 18 km long. There are tidal waves here, so the sea is not always calm, which is a big plus for fans of surfing.

Patara Beach is called the classic, the best beach for relaxation. It is located in the southwestern part of Turkey with an optimal climate. Near this place, in a 10-minute walk, there are ancient basilicas and the ruins of ancient castles. According to legend, right in the harbor of Lycia, near Patara, Apollo was born.

The main advantage of this place is that any construction is prohibited in the Patara region, nature is preserved here. On the coast, there are only small, cozy restaurants and old private houses built many years ago. You can get there from the Fethiye bus station, in the direction of Kalkan and Kas. The bus takes you to the highway stop, from where the road leads to the beach. The length of the road is 5 km, but there are always taxi drivers on duty.


Turkey is famous for its beautiful, sandy beaches. Even if they are free and are in general access, it is comfortable to relax here, since all resort areas are very well-groomed. You can come to Turkey from May to the end of October, but in summer it is very hot here, the temperature rises to +35 degrees. The best periods for rest are May, September and October.

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