Best Beaches in the United States

45 Best Beaches in the United States in 2021

The United States is an incredible country with a multitude of tourist places that are worth visiting. Despite being known more for its national parks, its beaches are not far behind and some are even considered the best in the world. This article will introduce you to the most famous, beautiful and paradisiacal beaches in the country.

This is the list of 45+ best beaches in the United States, sandy areas that combine beautiful crystal clear waters and white sands. When we think of North America, we may imagine modern cities, skyscrapers and the highest technology per square meter.

45+ Best Beaches in the United States

Best Beaches in the United States

This image is very similar to what we will find when we travel to this part of the planet, as it has been sold to us in the mass media. However, if you dare to travel to the United States, you will see that it is a country that has beautiful landscapes and natural beauties. America’s best beaches from the east coast to the west coast are a real must-see beauty. The USA is the eighth country with the most extensive coastal area.

The US has 30 states divided between the east and west coasts. So, finding a good beach is not such a difficult mission. You can find white sands and turquoise waters within the country or hidden beaches in very remote places. Here we gave ourselves the task of making your search more comfortable.

Here we gave ourselves the task of making your search more comfortable, and we listed the 50+ best beaches in the United States.

Are you ready to see the 50+ best beaches in the United States?

Clearwater Beach

Let’s start our list with a beach where the famous Annual Jazz Festival is held: Clearwater Beach.

One of the most famous beaches in the United States on the Gulf of Mexico for its white sands, crystal clear waters and its abundant offers of activities to do as a family, as a couple or alone.

Best Beaches in the United States

In addition to sunbathing, you can take a boat ride along the coast, see dolphins and attend the Annual Jazz Festival, one of the best in the world.

Clearwater Beach has restaurants, fast food outlets, beachside nightclubs, public restrooms, and parking.

Cooper’s Beach

Best Beaches in the United States

Sand dunes, lush seagrass beds, and historic mansions line Cooper’s Beach’s shores in Southampton, New York. Cooper’s beach is said to be one of the most beautiful on the North East Coast. Here visitors can enjoy a quiet and peaceful beach without the crowds of tourists. Make sure to rent a chair and umbrella for the day.

Kiawah Island

Best Beaches in the United States

Ten miles of shoreline, dunes, and seagrass beds make Kiawah Island the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle. The island is also home to miles of unspoiled wilderness, including marine forests and turtles, deer, and seabirds.

Caladesi Island State Park

Best Beaches in the United States

The Caladesi Island State Park is located on one of the last islands on the Gulf Coast of Florida. It has three miles of white sand, protected fauna, mangroves and crystal clear waters. Caladesi, like Aquinnah, offers a secluded and peaceful escape.

Kaanapali Beach

It is a very luxurious beach with crystal clear waters in the United States. Hotels and exclusive shops surround it. Formerly it was frequented by Hawaiian kings. The first resort in all of Hawaii was the Kaanapali and due to its success, many followed suit.

Best Beaches in the United States

Kaanapali Beach has endless amenities. It was, at the time, voted the best beach in the United States. The warm waters of the Pacific, the palm trees with their shade and their soft sand, recommend it.

La Jolla Beach

Belonging to California’s coasts, specifically San Diego, La Jolla is one of the most exclusive beaches and towns in the area with opulent houses, resorts, and luxurious establishments.

Among other beaches, you will find Black’s Beach, the main nudist beach in the country. You can surf, snorkel, feed the pelicans, and walk along the seashore in the other sandy areas.

Best Beaches in the United States

La Jolla is a half-hour drive from downtown San Diego. To locate its best beaches, we must walk or climb the occasional rock on the cliffs. Black Beach is one of those kinds of beaches that you can enjoy if you are looking for a place away from the hustle and bustle and full of tranquility.

In case we don’t want to hike so much or venture off the cliffs, the option would be Jolla Shores beach. This bay is the best to go with the family; It has lovely gardens around it for picnics or for children to play.

It is believed that Spanish was when they arrived on the coast in 1886, who gave it this name. It is not yet known why it is written with “J”.

Crowded Beach

Four San Diego beaches (Coronado City Beach, Tidelands Park, Glorietta Bay Park and Centennial Park) of the quietest on the Californian coast, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and lazing the sugar sands, a form of sand that glows with the sun as if it were frosty.

Best Beaches in the United States

To get to the beaches, you must pass by the famous statue, “The Kiss”, which recreates the encounter between an American sailor and a nurse during World War II. Its proximity to the city of San Diego provides lodging facilities and restaurants.

Thousand Steps Beach

Best Beaches in the United States

It is hidden within a secluded cove at the bottom of a 230-step staircase. Thousand Steps, also known as 10th Street Beach, is a stunning beach surrounded by cliffs and thick trees. Also, it has perfect waves for surfing, bodyboarding and skimboarding.

Lanikai Beach

Best Beaches in the United States

Also called “heavenly sea”, it houses white and sandy beaches with turquoise waters. Lanikai is perfect for floating in the calm waters while gazing at the Mokulua Islands, one mile offshore.

Hanakapai Beach

You can only get to Hanakapai Beach, in Hawaii, by walking along a path that begins at Kee Beach, a very busy beach and you need to attend early to park your car.

From there, you will walk 1 or 2 hours on steep trails crossing a river. Once on the beach, you can continue the journey to the cliffs that surround the area.

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Best Beaches in the United States

In Hanakapai Beach, swimming is prohibited, especially in deep waters, because it is a beach with strong currents and unpredictable waves. The beach is restricted after 6 in the afternoon.

Malibu Beaches

The famous Malibu is one of the most famous beaches in the United States, an obligatory stop when traveling along the Pacific Coast Highway. This main highway borders the state to the west through Los Angeles.

The city on Arenal’s shores has houses, chalets and luxury residences with large and beautiful resorts, enough attractions for Hollywood stars like Julia Roberts, Leo DiCaprio, Bruce Willis and Cindy Crawford to buy one of their mansions there.

Best Beaches in the United States

As a beach, it is made up of a set of coasts such as Surfrider Beach, Zuma Beach, Malibu State Beach and Topanga State Beach, all difficult to visit due to the number of people who frequent them.

Despite the crowds, it is still one of the best options for surfing, walking on the sand, and drinking while taking a sunbath. Arrives early.

Santa Cruz Beach

The Californian beach of Santa Cruz has the most striking piers in California. The so-called piers are typical structures of Anglo-Saxon docks that we find in the cities of the coast of the USA and England. In the piers, you can find the best leisure offers. You can not lose this!

Santa Cruz is known for the local brand of typical clothing for skaters and surfers, which bears his name.

Best Beaches in the United States

In addition to leisure and sports, you can enjoy a miniature amusement park on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

The activities that take place regularly, such as live concerts, beach soccer tournaments, volleyball, or fireworks, are not negligible.

And be sure to visit Santa Cruz Wharf, because you can see sea ​​lions and seals below the pier.

Half Moon Bay Beach

Just 45 minutes by car from San Francisco is this beautiful beach, in a perfect town to get away from the city. The weather is mild in Half Moon Bay and it has one of the best beaches in America.

Best Beaches in the United States

Half Moon Bay is one of the mandatory stops for surfers in California. Its most representative beach for this sport is Maverick Bay, where giant waves that reach up to 15 meters rise. Surfing championships are held in this place. It is not a beach that serves as a spa due to its strong waves, but it is worth visiting to see the wave show.

Carmel by the Sea Beach

Directly in California, the surfing state par excellence, in Monterey County, there is this beach surrounded by large cypress trees. Covered with white sand, it stretches for 2 kilometers. It is important to mention that this beach is suitable for pets and it is common to find these furry friends playing and running around with their owners.

Best Beaches in the United States

The parking lot is not very big, so it will be necessary to walk around the streets near the beach to find a car. We can do the route between Carmen and Monterrey, known as Pebble Beach. It is a coastal road surrounded by golf courses and spectacular landscapes.

Santa Monica State Beach

One of the most famous beaches in California is the location of numerous scenes from movies, series and documentaries. Recognized for the famous pier in the amusement park background, it is one of the most visited beaches in the United States per year.

Santa Monica State Beach is located along the Pacific Coast Highway. It is 18 kilometers long where you can find parks, picnic areas, games for children, restrooms and a lifeguard station. There are many activities that this beach offers you, including the possibility of renting bicycles, surfing, volleyball, swimming, etc. There are wooden paths for warm days and bathers with some kind of disability or reduced mobility.

Best Beaches in the United States

The atmosphere is very pleasant on the Santa Monica Pier. Santa Mónica beach is wide and long, with white sand and crystal clear waters, although cold sometimes, are not too pleasant for swimming. The walk that surrounds it makes it a beach to walk around, see the infinite dunes, the spectacle of the white crabs emerging from the sand and to enjoy the rays of the sun.

In addition to its amusement park, Santa Monica has small curiosity shops, restaurants, important commercial stores, well-known brand stores, hotels, bars and nightclubs.

In its many miles of sand and coastal path, you will find parking lots for almost all its visitors.

Kalolach Beach

A characteristic of the waters of Kalolach Beach is that they are cold most of the year, which makes it a perfect beach to enjoy the view, the cliffs, camping and walking, but not for swimming.

Best Beaches in the United States

Located in the southeast of the Olympic Peninsula, the beach is part of the Olympic National Park, a protected area and habitat for hundreds of marine species such as otters that can be seen on the coasts.

His hostel offers cabins and rooms for vacationers who must book months in advance.

Sea Camp Beach

One of the largest beaches on Cumberland Island, specifically at the exit to the Atlantic. Part of its charm is that it is almost virgin in terms of extension and tourist development.

Best Beaches in the United States

In the sand, you will possibly find seashells and even shark teeth, an attraction added to the sightings of stars, fishing, the possibility of feeding birds and boat trips to see other parts of the island.

Their camping service has hot water, picnic tables, a fire pit, and restrooms.

East Beach

California will always be on the list of the best beaches in the United States. In this case, we go to Santa Bárbara, at the eastern end of a sector of almost four miles of beaches that border the city.

Best Beaches in the United States

This beach is conditioned for the greatest pleasure of its visitors. It has picnic tables, volleyball courts, a playground, space to exercise, and showers. Also shops for food and drinks and trails for hiking and biking.

Hanauma Bay Beach Park

Hanauma Bay has been an underwater park and protected area for the conservation of marine life for 52 years, created by a volcanic cone in Hawaii.

Best Beaches in the United States

It is the preferred park for diving and professional swimming in the United States due to the volcano’s curved shape. A very busy beach that quickly fills your parking lot, so it is best to get there by public transport.

Hanauma Bay Beach Park has bars, souvenir shops, and venues where they rent water sports equipment.

Pensacola Beach

Pensacola is one of the most beautiful bays in Florida and one of the favorites of tourists for the combination of colors between the crystal blue of the water and the beige of the sand.

Best Beaches in the United States

Although it is a busy beach surrounded by places, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, one of its main attractions is the sunsets.

At Pensacola Beach, you can go swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, and yachting from the coast to the Florida Keys.

South Beach

In Miami Beach, South Beach is one of the busiest areas in the state of Florida, where much of the area’s nightlife is concentrated.

It is a beach built by a man who took land out of the sea to make the line that delimits the coast, a border bordered by some of the most important hotels, restaurants and resorts in Miami.

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Best Beaches in the United States

It is one of the favorite beaches for jogging in the morning and the one with the highest number of marriage proposals at sunset. In its crystal clear waters of the Atlantic, you can practice snorkeling, swimming, diving and sailing sports.

Malaquite Beach

One of the longest beaches on North Padre Island, Texas, with almost 5 miles of white sand and crystal clear waters.

It is not a very busy beach, making it attractive to visit with the family and practice windsurfing and kayaking.

Best Beaches in the United States

Near the beach, there is a visitor center with exhibits on local history, a souvenir shop, a small cafe and a camping area.

Van Damme Beach

Located along the Little River, Van Damme Beach is part of the more than 1,000 acres of the Mendocino Coast. It is the hotspot of Van Damme State Park and a favorite destination for professional divers in the United States.

Best Beaches in the United States

It has kayaking services and guided walks to the caves on the beach. You can pay for a complete tour that includes the sandy area, water sports, and a river canyon tour.

Part of its services is a camping area and free parking.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

The area of ​​Fort Lauderdale, known as the “American Venice,” is one of the favorite destinations when it comes to Florida for its 165 miles of beaches and canals with some of the warmest and crystal clear waters in the world.

It is one of the most important coasts of the country for being the port of arrival and disembarkation of more than 45 cruise ships. It is included in some of the most important resorts in the state and is surrounded by an important hotel line.

Best Beaches in the United States

Its main attraction may be the yacht and boat tours to some of the other state keys.

Observe this magnificent view from above of this beach:

Nags Head Beach

With more than 10 miles of beach, Nags Head Beach is known as a quiet, family-friendly stretch of sand, perfect for swimming, waiting for the sunset, or hiking on the warm North Carolina sand.

Best Beaches in the United States

In its waters, you can also dive, kayak, see dolphins and with a special permit, fish. Nearby you will find the largest natural dune park in the US, Kockey Ridge, from where you will enjoy excellent views of the bay.

Ocean City Beach

This coastline of about 10 miles of clean sand and crystal clear waters is one of the best destinations for surfing and visiting with the family. It has a special section where the biggest waves break, this being the area for surfers.

Best Beaches in the United States

The rest of the coastline is surrounded by shops, umbrellas, and spaces to spread out a mat, swim, kayak, or snorkel.

Ocean City operates from 6 am to 10 pm. It has patrol service, public toilets, showers and from 10 am to 6:30 pm, lifeguards. In the summer, there are family events such as bonfires, musical shows, and walks.

Ocracoke Beach

Excellent destination to relax and enjoy the beach in more than 10 kilometers of the sandy area, most of which are still virgin. In addition to swimming and sunbathing, you can surf, kayak, fish, walk and learn from the famous shell hunt that adorns the sand.

Best Beaches in the United States

This island in North Carolina, reached by highway # 12 or by kayak through the Pamlico Sound, is the habitat of a wide variety of fauna and a release zone for sea turtles.

Some segments of the beach are closed during the year due to nesting birds and turtles.

Kauna’oa Bay

Best Beaches in the United States

A small crescent-shaped beach on the Big Island, Hawaii, one of the quietest in the area. Due to its moderate waves, it is perfect for taking the family to sunbathe on its white sands.

It has almost no stores or vendors, so you must bring food and drink.

Ogunquit Beach

In Maine, Ogunquit Beach is for surfing and, at the same time, lying on the sand to sunbathe or read a book. It has chairs, tables, umbrellas, bathrooms with showers, private parking, among other public services.

Best Beaches in the United States

Swimming competitions are held in its waters and during the summer, there are lifeguards throughout the day.

Ogunquit Beach is a large peninsula that has been the border between the Atlantic and the Ogunquit River’s waters. In the center of the beach is a bridge that crosses the river and gives the name of Footbridge Beach to the surroundings.

Saint Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach is one of the largest public beaches in Florida with a significant part of it still unspoiled, which unlike most of the state’s sandy beaches full of tourists, resorts, boats, locals and parties, preserves the idea of a quiet beach to lie down and sunbathe.

Best Beaches in the United States

Its shallow waters are ideal for children. As for sports activities, windsurfing, kitesurfing and paragliding over the coast stand out.

Siesta Key Beach

One of the longest and widest beaches in Siesta Key, Florida, with wonderful sand and crystal clear waters accompanied by free bathing services, showers, tennis and volleyball courts, playgrounds and parking.

Best Beaches in the United States

The Crystal Classic is held here, the competition for the construction of giant sand figures that look like marble sculptures due to the type of beach.

At Siesta Beach, originally named Sarasota Beach after the county, you’ll also find food outlets, bars, and a picnic and barbecue area.

Palm Beach

This is one of the best-known beaches in the United States. A group of privileged families frequents it. It is a place full of luxurious complexes and high society services, gourmet restaurants and exclusive boutiques.

Best Beaches in the United States

It has about 75 kilometers of coastline along which there are a series of beaches where you can practice fishing, snorkeling, kayaking and other water sports. The best of the beaches that we can find in Palm Beach is the Spanish River Park, located in the famous city of Boca Raton.

With exotic landscapes ready to be put on a postcard, Palm Beach is the perfect place to tan with the sound of the waves in the background.

Kawela Beach

Hawaii is an archipelago that looks like the paradise itself. Oahu is its most populated island and in it is Honolulu, the capital. You also find well-known places like Peal Harbor. We find Kawela Beach, listed as one of the best beaches in the United States. It is famous for being the setting for series and movies, including Lost and Jurassic Park.

Best Beaches in the United States

This beach is not easily accessible. Walking as it is hidden behind a forest must be reached, and there is no possibility of entering by car. You will find tranquility, peace and calm in this beautiful paradise.

The Cove Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Cape May, in New Jersey, which stands out for the peculiar gray color of its sand accompanied by calm waters and a festive and very touristy atmosphere.

It is a beach lover’s favorite for kayaking or just laying in the sun. The activities that can be carried out vary according to the season of the year.

Best Beaches in the United States

The winter waters are too cold to bathe, but the landscape is still fantastic for walking on the sand and spotting birds that make life on the coast.

On some nights, there are usually shows such as a flag show or the sighting of a picturesque lighthouse on the other side of the bay, which attracts many visitors.

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North Manitou Island

Island in Lake Michigan, making it a freshwater beach where you can camp between 6 and 10 meters inland.

You can make bonfires and plan fishing and hiking tours in its camping area, the favorite activities on the island. You can also hunt but in designated areas.

Best Beaches in the United States

North Manitou Island preserves old constructions such as buildings and other locations, none of which are habitable or functioning. You can only get to it by boat.

Aquinnah Beaches

Calm water beach surrounded by clay cliffs, famous for walking, climbing and jumping into the sea from the cliffs.

This small town washed by the coast and hidden on Martha’s Vineyard island is an excellent option to enjoy a combination of beach with green landscapes and incredible cliffs.

Best Beaches in the United States

The route is exhausting due to the number of rocks and cliffs in the area. However, you can stop at any segment of the coast and enjoy the incredible view.

Zuma Beach

One of the best beaches in California. It is located in Malibu, right next to Westward Beach and Point Dume. Its wide expanse of fine sand is very popular with families and the beach fills up easily. There is a strong rip current, but there are lifeguards on duty throughout the year. The excellent conditions make Zuma Beach very popular with surfers.

Best Beaches in the United States

This is why the beach hosts several great annual surfing events. It is also noteworthy that Zuma Beach has been a popular location for many movies and TV shows, making it recognizable even to those who have never visited it.

Venice Beach

Best Beaches in the United States

No beach in the world is quite like Venice Beach as most don’t have a 3-ring urban street circus, complete with performers, singers, weightlifters, barefoot sand sculptors, and much more. All of this frenetic activity happens on the Ocean Front Walk, a 3-mile boardwalk that makes it one of California’s best beaches.

El Matador Beach

If you drive along the Pacific Coast Highway in West Malibu, you will see the sign for El Matador Beach, one of the most beautiful and best beaches in America. The upper cliffs’ views are breathtaking, with massive rocks and deep dark blue waters with underwater kelp forests visible.

Best Beaches in the United States

The beach is very popular with bathers, surfers and swimmers and has a lifeguard throughout the year. At low tide, you can walk to the north end of the beach to see its large caves and rock arches at the cliff’s base.

Newport Beach

Best Beaches in the United States

Newport Beach is a bustling Southern California coastal city famous for its beautiful beaches, large harbor, and a marina filled with boats of all sizes and types. The municipal beach is a five-mile-long stretch of fine sand ideal for swimmers and bathers who want to take advantage of the mild temperatures throughout the year and the warm waters. This beach completes the list of the best beaches in the United States in California.

Waikiki Beach

Best Beaches in the United States

Waikiki Beach is approximately 1.5 miles long and divided into several sections, connected by the boardwalk. The beach offers excellent surfing throughout the year, as well as several other fun tourist activities. It is one of the most famous and best beaches in the United States.

Wailea Beach

Best Beaches in the United States

A picturesque beach with soft sand and where you can swim very well. The beach is backed by two stunning hotels and the fabulous Wailea Beach Villas, which rank it as one of America’s best beaches.

Ke’e Beach

Kauai, the geologically oldest and northernmost island in the Hawaiian archipelago, has a highly diverse coastline with cliffs plunging into the ocean and beaches protected by the coral reef. Ke’e Beach, in the north, has powerful attractions: a lagoon without waves and rocky bottoms with a multitude of fish and sea turtles.

Best Beaches in the United States

Here begins the Kalalau Trail, an 18-kilometer trail that skirts the rugged Na Pali coastline and reaches the Kalalau Valley, a tropical corner with waterfalls and accessible only by foot or sea.

Hapuna Beach

Best Beaches in the United States

Hapuna possesses all the traits that tourists love. The beach is wide and long, stretching for several hundred meters and offering plenty of possibilities on its fine, soft sand. The clear water offers the ability to snorkel when the ocean is calm. Expert swimmers can dive nearly a mile offshore to reach beautiful Wailea Bay.

Race Point Beach

Best Beaches in the United States

Located in Provincetown, Massachusetts, this American beach will surprise you with how sunny it is. It is also an ideal place to watch whales thanks to its perfect location at the tip of Cape Cod.

Coligny Beach

Best Beaches in the United States

One of the most famous beaches in the United States has been acquiring in recent years. Located in Hilton Head, South Carolina, it attracts more wealthy people from the United States’ east coast.

Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach is also located in the city of San Diego – California. It has ranked first among the best beaches in the United States. It has a particular attraction for which it stands out: its beautiful sandy areas with silver tones due to the minerals present, for example, mica.

Best Beaches in the United States

It is a bay that has more than 2 km in length and is very popular for the renowned Hotel del Coronado. This Victorian-fronted hotel was the filming set for “Some Like it Hot”, starring Marilyn Monroe. It also highlights the famous statue “The Kiss”, which recalls the sailor’s famous photo kissing the nurse after World War II.

It is a beach for the family, where you can practice skimboarding and surfing. It is a well known and recommended beach; If we want to sunbathe in a beautiful place in San Diego, Coronado Beach is a great option.

What Are the Most Beautiful Beaches in the United States?

Best Beaches in the United States

  • Pete Beach.
  • South Beach.
  • Siesta Beach.
  • Fort Lauderdale.
  • Pensacola Beach.
  • Clearwater Beach.
  • Hanauma Bay Beach Park.

What Are the Best Beaches in California?

California is one of the states with the largest number of beaches. Some of the most important are:

  • Crowned.
  • The matador.
  • Zuma Beach.
  • Venice Beach.
  • Santa Monica State Beach.

What is the Best Beach in Hawaii?

One of the most famous beaches in all of Hawaii is Waikiki Beach.

United States Beaches on the Gulf of Mexico

Best Beaches in the United States

The coast of the Gulf of Mexico offers you the following options in Beaches in the United States:

  • Siesta Key, Florida.
  • Gulfport, Mississippi.
  • Emerald Beach, Florida.
  • Orange Beach, Alabama.
  • Galveston Island in Texas.

Beaches of the Western United States

  • La Push.
  • Galveston.
  • Ruby beach
  • Zuma Beach.
  • Venice Beach.
  • Cannon Beach.
  • Manzanita Beach.
  • South Padre Island.

Florida’s Most Popular Beaches

Best Beaches in the United States

  • Lover’s Key.
  • Palm Beach.
  • Siesta Beach.
  • Sanibel Island.
  • Daytona Beach.
  • Cape Canaveral.
  • Fort Lauderdale.
  • Pensacola Beach.
  • Clearwater Beach.
  • Panama City Beach.

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Wrap Up

These are the 27 best beaches in America, enough variety to choose between the traditional, the adventure and the luxurious. Some girls, others spacious, but all beautiful and attractive to visit.

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