What Are the Best Beaches in North Brazil

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Finding the best beaches in north brazil? is not difficult. Surely you are wondering, why are the northeast coasts considered the best beaches in Brazil and not those in the center or even the south? It’s simple, there is no reason to eat the brain, the answer is the tropical climate.

Best Beaches in North Brazil

On the beaches of northeast Brazil, it can be considered that it is summer throughout the year and this favors the existence of great flora and fauna, something that you will not find in the center or in the south, at least not in the same abundance. This list collects the names of beaches in Brazil and shows them to you in an excellent way, go ahead!

So without further ado, let’s start with the list of the best beaches in the North of Brazil:

20 Best Beaches in North Brazil

1. Morro De Sao Paulo (Bahia)

Cars do not circulate in Morro de São Paulo, what you can find are the quietest beaches in Brazil; the main ones in that area are all very close, so much so that you will have the opportunity to visit them in a day or maybe two.

Prainha, Praia Da Poça, Caeira, Quarta Praia, Mangue Queimado, do Suerio, do Porto do Zimbo and Ponta do Mangue, are typical resorts, where you will find some lodgings that will be really nice for a couple.

Be careful with the wind in this area! It can be really overwhelming.

2. Porto Seguro (Bahia)

In Porto Seguro, its inhabitants boast of having completely sunny days, the most transparent waters and the clearest sand on the beaches of northeast Brazil.

The tourist destination has approximately 90 kilometers of coastline and you can take a boat ride along some of the coasts. From here you could visit Ponta Grande beach, which is only 10 kilometers from Salvador de Bahía, the closest city.

In the same way, you can visit Arraial D’ajuda, which is an excellent beach in Porto Seguro and counted among the 5 best beaches in Brazil.

3. Jericoacoara Beach (Ceara)

Jericoacoara had no electricity until about 20 years ago, no streets, much less telephone service, but it did have infinite beauty.

Nowadays, it is one of the most famous beaches in Brazil and also in the whole world. It is a fishing village, which will surely be able to show you some techniques to fish in the area.

If you are a fan of windsurfing, kitesurfing or surfing, you will surely feel comfortable and if you want to learn the art of kapoeira, you are in the right area, since at night some groups meet to practice on the beach.

4. Gunga Beach (Alagoas)

Praia Do Gunga is among the 10 best beaches in Brazil. To get to it, you will have to take a boat that brings you closer to the site.

The waves of this peninsula are quite calm, which makes it one of the quiet beaches in Brazil. The services of this beach are until the early hours and generally, after four in the afternoon, the people and the locals who attend will begin to leave.

5. Tabatinga Beach (Sao Paulo)

Praia de Tabatinga has an attraction that makes it different from the rest of Rio Grande Do Norte and the beaches of the northeast of Brazil; It is your coral reef.

The waters are quite warm and the depth makes it perfect for the little ones to enjoy, without danger. Despite being remote, it has excellent access through the BR 101 highway, about 15 kilometers from Ponta Negra, the closest town.

However, very close to the spa there are places to stay; It also has a restaurant service and is considered one of the best beaches in Brazil for the family.

6. Porto De Galinhas (Pernambuco)

The small town of Porto Galinhas receives a large number of tourists throughout the year; but to go there, you will have to cross the road that connects the beaches of Recife with the site, a road that does not really suggest the beauty of the place.

Only when you arrive you will find a large number of merchants that will offer you drinks, food and spaces to be in the shade and comfortable chairs.

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The spa is turquoise blue and you can pay for a trip on a Jangada, small boats to travel the sea. Near the beach, there are lodgings where you can stay quiet.

7. Trancoso Beach (Bahia)

Trancoso stands out for being one of the best beaches in Bahia and has the particularity of some cliffs, from where you have an unparalleled view.

They are very close to Arraial D’ajuda and it is also a tourist site, where a large infrastructure has been developed to welcome visitors.

To get to Trancoso, you must go to Porto Seguro, where you will find an airport very close. From here you can go to other beaches in the area, such as Playa Río Verde, Río Barra and Praia Do Espelho. Visiting Trancoso is almost mandatory.

8. Maragogi Beach (Alagoas)

Maragogi beach is close to the state of Pernambuco and in the state of Alagoas, it stands out for being a paradisiacal destination.

On this beach are the largest natural pools in the region, called Gáles, about 6 kilometers away from the coast; It is a beach where you can dive and snorkel, accompanied by colorful fish, and observe -without touching- the incredible coral reefs.

The lodging sites are very close to the spa and you will surely find rooms, with all the services, regardless of the time of year you visit this coast.

9. Maraú Peninsula (Bahia)

Those who visit the Marau Peninsula describe it as a natural paradise and it really is. It happens that the paradises are generally remote and to get there, you will have to go through intricate roads. The best thing will be to take the provisions, because the closest destination is Taipus, 8 kilometers away.

If you decide to go there, then you will have many fun activities and an amazing spa. In Marau you will find some inns that can receive you and where you can eat, at a very good price and with excellent service.

In this peninsula there are destinations for all tastes; surfers are guaranteed waves at Tres Coquieros. Reserved and peaceful people will have the desired tranquility in Punta de Mutá.

10. French Beach (Ceará)

You will find Praia do Francés 16 kilometers from the beaches of northeastern Brazil in Maceio, the closest urban center. It has an excellent infrastructure around it and therefore it is possible to attend and find fairs or sporting events at all times of the year.

The coastline is divided into two, a peaceful and very calm part and the other with a lot of waves, ideal for surfers. You can also get on ultralights, water bananas, boats or jet skis.

It is a spa to attend and have fun, which is why it is preferred by young people. Some consider it among the 5 best beaches in northern Brazil.

10 not enough? Well keep reading to discover more incredible beaches in the North of Brazil.

11. Fernando de Noronha Beach (Pernambuco)

The beaches of Fernando de Noronha belong to a volcanic archipelago, but calm down! Its volcanoes are inactive and now you can only see one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

Fernando de Noronha Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which makes its spas the most important beach in Brazil. It has a large number of beaches, but the main one bears the same name as the island.

It is the ideal place in the country for diving and you must bring all the products you want to consume because it is far from all urban centers. Here you will only find basic services, provided by a small population that lives in the archipelago. As for restaurants and lodging, keep in mind that they are very basic.

12. Lopes Mendes Beach (Rio de Janeiro)

It is possible to walk to Lopes Mendes beach if you are on Isla Grande, but it is advisable to pay for a boat that takes you directly to the coast.

It is considered among the calm beaches of northeast Brazil and the water is crystal clear. This spa stands out in South America and knows it is really a privilege.

In the spa, there are calm days, where you can have fish between your legs while you are in the spa. The services are almost non-existent and they are not really on this beach, but in another part of the island. You will always want to return, after having met him.

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13. Taipus De Fora Beach (Bay)

In Taipus de Fora you will find at least 7 kilometers of coastline; a natural immensity, without a doubt. It is one of the best beaches in northeast Brazil. In its surroundings, you can find all the services you require, such as restaurants, inns and fairly basic shops.

From the lodging center of Taipus de Fora, you can get to know the entire Marau Peninsula. You can also dive calmly. On this beach, you can practice sports on the sand and have a great time. Without a doubt, Taipus de Fora stands out as being one of the best beaches on the Marau Peninsula.

14. Caraiva Bay (São Paulo)

Like any good town, Bahía Caraíva is located next to a mouth that bears the same name. The coastline is not deep and could be divided into two, one part where the waves are calm and another part where the frequency of the waves is constant.

Near the spa, there is a spectacular river, because the water is totally crystal clear and feeds the coast with a large influx. To get to Bahía Caraíva, you will have to arrive at a kind of parking lot and cross in a boat.

As for services, you will be able to find what you need, at least the basic ones, and at an excellent price. Cars do not circulate in the town, but the inns are really close.

15. Ponta do Mangue (Alagoas)

In Punta Do Mangue, you can get a tan, swim a little or have a drink by the sea. Although the site has a lot of beauty to offer, it is a fairly common coastline, compared to the rest of the area.

To have a guaranteed restaurant service in Ponta Do Mangue, you must stay in one of the nearby hotels, otherwise, it will be really difficult to find where to eat. There are shops and you can buy beach items if you forgot something at home.

It is a lonely place that does not receive many tourists. Despite this, you can find beds, covered with fabrics and cold beer. The waves are not strong at all.

16. Carneiros Beach (Pernambuco)

Carneiros is a private beach and an earthly paradise, where you should be. By renting a boat on the beaches of Pernambuco, you will be able to reach the site, where you will find the clearest sands and crystal clear waters, which will allow you to easily observe the corals and schools of fish, while you are moving.

Many visitors compare it to the Caribbean seaside resorts, in fact, it counts as one of the best beaches in Pernambuco. The services are guaranteed by the restaurants and hotels around you, so you don’t have to worry. It counts among the exclusive beaches of Brazil.

17. Pipa Beach (Rio Grande do Norte)

The best beach in Pipa bears the same name as the town and is located in a large tourist center, where bars abound to clear your mind and enjoy a different day. The waters are very warm and it is a beach without waves during most of the year.

In the surroundings, there are some cliffs, from where you will see incredible sunsets. In addition, in this area, it is possible to see dolphins, especially in the morning. Walking from the beach to the town is a good activity after a day of sun and sand, and it is also very close.

To stay you will not find problems because in Pipa there are many options. The beaches of Pipa Brasil are a great travel option to the north of Brazil.

18. Canoa Quebrada Beach (Ceará)

In Canoa Quebrada, you can do extreme sports, such as paragliding or kitesurfing. The particularity of this beach is the dunes that border the coast, where you can find small cliffs that do not exceed three meters.

To get here, you must have a drive of at least two hours from Fortaleza, through a highway in excellent condition. It is advisable to bring sunscreen, in case you have no luck finding umbrellas available for rent.

On the beach, you will find small restaurants that will give you the chance to eat and drink refreshing drinks.

19. Sancho Bay (Pernambuco)

Bahía de Sancho is one of the two beaches that make up the island of Fernando de Noronhas and has recently been chosen -for the third time- as the most beautiful beach in the world, in 2019.

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They are also among the 10 best beaches in Brazil. The beach is a natural aquarium, where you can find exotic species. You can reach this site by boat, after reaching the town of Fernando de Noronhas.

There is also a path through small mountains, but you have to be careful, it is not the recommended way to get there. For the inputs that you are going to consume, take them from home, it is preferable.

20. Itacarezinho Beach (Bay)

Itacarezinho Beach is a private coastline that for some tourists could be really expensive, compared to the rest of the beaches that exist in the north of Brazil. Without a doubt, it counts among the 5 best beaches in Brazil.

It is a place where you can find good services and attention, although only from a restaurant that also provides access to the beach.

Despite having a kind of diminutive in her name, she is not small at all; there are 3.5 kilometers of coastline. If you want to get away, it is the right place. In addition, it is designated as one of the exclusive beaches in Brazil.

21. Itacaré Beach (Bay)

Itacare is a succession of really splendid beach resorts, where you can find plenty of shade from coconut palms, and it is among the 10 best beaches in northern Brazil.

You will also find basic services and top-quality care. That is precisely one of the attractions of the place, the attention and affection of the Brazilians. But the best thing is that you can explore and find beaches just for you, which are not indicated in the tourist guides.

Surely you can rename any of those beaches with the name you want. Who removes, if you are totally alone or with a partner, you could turn the beach into a nudist site; that is, one of the quiet and lonely beaches in Brazil.

22. Tinharé Island (Bay)

Tinhare Island is undoubtedly the most visited site in the northeast of Brazil, on the coast of the state of Salvador de Bahia. It is possible that you feel at home because you will find everything you need, from hotels to transportation and above all, the beautiful beaches of Brazil.

You can also have an internet connection to be able to communicate with your relatives and show them some photos of your trip and tour of Brazil. The streets of this island are made of sand because it really is small, considered an archipelago.

It is a fairly simple town. There is a walk around the island that all tourists recommend.

23. Pontal Do Atalaia Beach (Rio De Janeiro)

Pontal de Atalaia beach is another destination that you should not miss. This beach is ideal for swimming since you will have the opportunity to swim with small sharks that are used to the presence of humans.

To ensure your trip, you must go to one of the Pernambuco beaches, specifically Boldro, from where boats depart. However, it is certain that you will be placed on a list, for one or two days, maybe a little more, depending on the season.

Being on the island, keep in mind that a tour must be done, for which it is better to be in good condition. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

The North of Brazil: an Unforgettable Paradise

This is just a small list of the beaches -for sure the best ones- found in the northeast of Brazil. Some are more acclaimed than others but really great.

The beaches in Brazil are spectacular places. Surely you will not want to make only one trip, but many; you will not lose anything and you will enjoy it like never before.

Don’t be afraid of the language, Brazilians will understand you perfectly. If you decide, you will surely find some companies that offer you tours in the northeast of Brazil.

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