Best Beaches in Mallorca

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Do you want to discover which are the best beaches in Mallorca? In this article, I collect some of the most beautiful beaches and coves of Mallorca. Like any list of this type, it is very subjective, but I am sure that none of these beaches will disappoint you.

The 10 Best Beaches and Coves in Mallorca

Below I recommend some of what for me are the best beaches in Mallorca. In general, I like beaches without urban development, with beautiful landscapes, I prefer small coves to large open beaches, and of course with crystal clear waters and turquoise waters.

Best Beaches in Mallorca

Most of the ones you will see below are virgin beaches or with a minimum degree of urbanization. Here, apart from some exceptions such as Playa de Muro, I have not included the major tourist beaches of Majorca and among which there are also some very spectacular ones.

Having already clear the criteria that I use to prepare this list, here are the most beautiful beaches and coves of Mallorca :

1. Cove Formentor

Cala Formentor beach is a real wonder. Located on the northern tip of Mallorca, a few kilometers from the Formentor Lighthouse and Pollença, it is one of the beaches in Mallorca that I most recommend you visit. 

It is worth it for the beach itself, which is beautiful, but also for everything you can visit in the surroundings. Any visit to Mallorca must include approaching the Formentor Lighthouse with its surroundings and vertigo views, and the Port of Pollença.

Cala Formentor beach is a kilometer-long beach with a narrow strip of sand that I would say is less than 10 meters long. The background is a green mantle of pine trees and the front is a blue mantle of crystal clear waters.

I have read people say that it reminds them of Thai beaches and the truth is that it seems to me an accurate comparison. It certainly reminds me a bit of some bays on some islands in Thailand. Remove the pine trees and add palm trees and trees from the area and you have the typical Thai beach photo.

2. Wall Beach

With its almost 6 kilometers long, it is the longest beach in Mallorca, it is located in the Bay of Alcudia. From this list of the best beaches in Mallorca, this is probably one of the most touristic in terms of hotel offers and services. It is a highly recommended area to stay in Mallorca.

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What I like about it, in addition to its fine white sand and turquoise waters, is the combination of areas with services and very quiet areas. Even in the busiest months, you find your space to be calm and without masses of people, something complicated in Mallorca.

In Playa de Muro you will find everything you need to spend an excellent day at the beach if you go as a family with hammocks and umbrellas, a wide range of water activities, and restaurants and bars nearby. You can also choose to spread out your towel in a more isolated area in its almost 6 km of extension.

You can complement your day at the beach by visiting the natural park of S´Albufera and Alcudia with its medieval old town and its lively port, Port de Alcudia.

You can perfectly visit the island at your leisure. You can also hire one of the many excursions available and enjoy different experiences.

3. Cove Agulla

Cala Agulla is another of the beaches that deserve to be on any list of the best beaches in Mallorca. It is a beautiful sandy area located in a protected area, in the Parque de Llevant, surrounded by nature with areas of dunes, pine trees, and the mountains of the park in the background.

It forms a small bay with an extension of just over 500 meters and is around 50 meters wide. Its waters are calm and shallow, ideal for families with children. In addition, there are various services such as the rental of hammocks and umbrellas, and also lifeguard service.

The fact that it is located near Cala Ratjada means that in summer it is quite visited by families and a lot of German tourism, which predominates in the area. 

In the surroundings, you will find other beaches and coves that are well worth exploring. For example, you can walk to Cala Mesquida passing through the neighboring Cala Moltó. And don’t forget to stop by the charming medieval town of Capdepera, just 2 km away.

4. Calo d’es Moro

One of the most photographed beaches in Mallorca and used on the covers of guides and postcards is Caló d’es Moro. It is a mini cove with turquoise waters protected by a very straight entrance on both sides surrounded by small cliffs.

The beach is truly heavenly. Unfortunately, it is a very popular and well-known beach and in the summer months, it gets crowded. It is so small that it does not take many people to fill it. Do you want to enjoy it? Well, visit it in late spring or early fall. That or plant yourself first thing in the morning.

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The beauty of the beach is enhanced by being in a natural area without any type of building. It reminds me a lot of the beaches of Menorca, my island of origin. That’s how I like beaches, small coves surrounded by nature and crystal clear waters.

5. S´Amarador

A few kilometers from Caló d’es Moro is this fabulous beach. In the heart of the Mondragó National Park (near the tourist resort of Cala d’Or) this beach deserves to be discovered. It is a medium-sized beach with white sand and the typical waters of the Balearic Islands. 

In addition, since it is in the middle of the park, its entire environment is natural. No hotels or other buildings in sight. As it is in a somewhat isolated area, it is not far from the most crowded beaches of Mallorca. However, you already know that in the middle of summer there are people everywhere.

Despite being a virgin beach, it has several services. There is parking, showers and hammocks and umbrellas for rent. Nearby you have other coves such as Cala Mondragó and Cala Borgit that are also very worthwhile.

6. Cala Mondrago

Neighboring S’Amarador, Cala Mondragó is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca. It shares many characteristics with its neighbor. Namely, fine white sand, bright blue waters, and a very Mediterranean wild nature.

The beach is small with dimensions of 75 meters long by about 60 wide. Despite being in the middle of nature, it has sunbeds and umbrellas, showers, toilets, and parking.

Its beauty and these facilities make it a very popular beach. It is worth going first thing in the morning to enjoy it without a lot of people and to get out as soon as the mass of people arrive that you are sure to find.

Don’t let these words discourage you. As you have already seen, in the area where Cala Mondragó is located, there are some of the best beaches in Mallorca. Visiting it will also allow you to get to know the other beaches in the area.

7. Es Trenc

Es Trenc is without a doubt one of the best beaches in Mallorca. It is also probably the most famous. It is a long beach of almost 2 km of white sand and generally calm and very transparent waters. All this in a natural environment without the urbanization.

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Its popularity attracts a good number of people, and the fact that there are beach bars and hammocks and umbrellas to rent, etc. further favors this. The deep water beach is ideal for families with children. If you want to find a quiet space, stay away from the areas near the car parks.

8. Sa Calobra

Sa Calobra is a totally different beach from the rest, and so is the experience of your visit. 

It is a small pebble beach about 30 meters wide, flanked on both sides by imposing cliffs 200 meters high, the result of erosion caused by the small torrent that reaches its shore.

It is not the best place to spend a day at the beach but at a landscape level, it is really brutal. So is the route you have to follow to get to it, along a road with impossible curves.

I wouldn’t stay for the whole day but visiting it is definitely one of the things you have to do in Mallorca !!!

In addition to visiting it on your own, you can also visit it with an organized tour that combines the train to Sóller and a visit to Sa Calobra by boat.

9. Cala Varques

Cala Varques is another cove that deserves to be among the best beaches in Mallorca. Located on the east coast, it is a virgin beach about 90 meters long and 60 meters wide. Golden sands melt into a turquoise sea.

It is a bit isolated and you have to walk at least 15 minutes to reach it. This makes it a very quiet beach and in the weaker season months, it is very uncrowded. In July and August, you will find more crowds but generally nothing overwhelming.

10. Cala Mesquida

Choosing such a small list of the best beaches in Mallorca is not an easy task. The island is large and has a huge range of beaches and very beautiful coves. I believe that Cala Mesquida also has what it takes to be on any such list.

It is an almost virgin beach, the only thing that breaks the natural environment is a small tourist resort with a hotel and the occasional restaurant on one side of the beach. Even so, it is an excellent beach, you know fine sand and turquoise waters, Caribbean vibe.

It measures about 300 meters long and about 100 wide, it is located in an area with a lot of natural diversity, at the bottom of the beach there is a dune system and beyond it, hills are covered by pine forests.

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