Best Beaches in Kenya

26 Best Beaches in Kenya

It is a country belonging to the African continent, when we hear this, we automatically imagine great safaris, wild animals, imposing jungles and majestic jungles, but we forget that this country is bathed on its coasts by the Indian Ocean and with the fabulous tropical climate that has the best beaches in Kenya.

It is a country privileged by the diversity of ecosystems and by the variety of wildlife that inhabits it, they make nature lovers indulge in touring it, rich in culture and of extreme beauty we will take a brief tour of the best Kenyan beaches, where we will discover the individual beauty that each one of them has.

26 Best Heartwarming Beaches in Kenya

Diani Beach

Located in Mombasa, with 25 kilometers long, turquoise blue waters and extremely white sand, there is this beautiful beach, considered one of the best beaches, nearby we can board a dhow, a typical boat of Kenyan culture and visit the Kisite Marine Park, which houses more than 3000 species between aquatic and terrestrial.

Among the recreational activities that we can do on this beach, there is practice of diving, snorkeling, driving jet skis on the coasts and even taking a fabulous ride on a camel.


A beach that is very famous in kitesurfing circles. Swimming there is possible only at high tide. There are many sand dunes, the coast is also sandy, a beautiful view of the ocean. The entrance is free. There are five-star hotels nearby.

Bofa Beach

Considered by the inhabitants of the city of Kilifi, one of the best beaches, if tranquility and peace is what you are looking for, this is the beach you must visit since it is not very crowded by tourists.

Diving fans will live great adventures when exploring its seabed, as they will be able to observe and swim through the underwater caves that are at the bottom of its turquoise-blue waters.

Silversands Beach

In Malindi County, a place of large mansions and luxury hotels, we will find this white sand beach, crystal clear waters, tropical vegetation and the most spectacular blue sky of all.

This is one of the top beaches in Kenya, which a few meters from its boardwalk. We can enjoy different entertainment and recreation options such as casinos, golf courses, and the Malandi National Marine Park.


A deserted beach that will appeal to people who prefer solitude. The water is cloudy on the coastal strip, as well as on the bottom, sand and stones alternate. The entrance is free, there is no infrastructure and hotels too. But you can negotiate an overnight stay with the locals for a fee.

Watumu Marine Park

This marine park has more than 15 beaches in its territory, with beautiful coral gardens just 300 meters from its shores, with fish of various sizes, colors and species, also bordered by exquisite vegetation, underwater caves and pools of natural formations.

4 kilometers from its coastline, you can visit the ancient ruins of Gedi, which have the characteristic features of ancient civilizations, such as small houses and palaces that were abandoned according to historians at the beginning of the 13th century.

Lamu Islands

Intense blue waters and radiant green vegetation, due to its privileged climate, this island is located, known for being one of the oldest Swahili settlements on the African continent, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

To get to one of the best beaches in Kenya, you have to board a plane from the country’s capital city Narobia, the flight lasts one hour and then take a small boat from the airport.

In Lamu, the most widely used transport is the donkey, or if you are one of those who like to exercise, you can walk, making a unique tour.


Not the most beautiful beach, loved by tourists for the interesting entertainment it offers. In this place, there are sandbanks, rocks in the water, picturesque bays that can be photographed. You can also go snorkeling there. The coastline combines white sand and stones, the bottom is the same. The entrance is free. Anyone will find a home to their liking: be it a luxury hotel or a small house on the ocean shore.


It is considered the best vacation spot among tourists. The sand is snow-white, the entrance to the water is gentle, which is very convenient for couples. The bottom is not rocky but sandy. You need to be careful because the ebb is strong. The entrance to the beach is paid for, umbrellas and sun loungers are rented. In addition, there are hotels and family guesthouses nearby, where you can comfortably stay.

Turtle Bay Beach

Soft sands like satin, extremely clean waters, summery environments and abundant vegetation are some of the attractions that this silver can have.

In it, there are endless entertainment activities for adults and children, ranging from surfing, snorkeling, kitesurfing and sea excursions, which will make you feel and forge unforgettable moments.

You can taste the typical gastronomy of the country in nearby restaurants, counting on them with basic services, to have a family life in total harmony.

Chale Beach

It is a dream paradise, located on Chale Island, located right in the center of empowered evergreen vegetation, surrounded by fine sand, calm waters, it has a diverse fauna, in and out of the water, where you will have a guided tour to marvel at knowing its surroundings and enjoy its great beauty.

With nearby hotels, where you can stay and on its coasts, there are all the basic services for your comfort, they make it one of the best beaches and an ideal romantic destination for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon.


Tourists who arrive there will be able to admire the picturesque landscape. The entrance to the water is shallow and it is far to go to it at low tide. Sand and stones alternate along the coastal strip. When a traveler enters the water, he can calmly walk along the sandy bottom, or he can stumble upon stones. Entry to the site is free. Mostly there are expensive hotels.


A beach is suitable for tourists looking to escape the crowds of other travelers. The uncrowded place is a snow-white strip of sand that goes into the Kilifi stream, clear blue water and beautiful nature that you can enjoy. In addition, tourists are offered another entertainment: boating.

The infrastructure there is not very well developed, so you have to take a towel and an umbrella with you. The entrance is free. Travelers can also find a convenient option for accommodation there: they are provided with luxury hotels and inexpensive family houses near the water.

Tiwi Beach

On the southern coast of Mombasa is Tiwi Beach. It can be reached by ferry from Mombasa, making it a fun mode of transportation. This is a relatively small and uncrowded beach, but it has many recreational options. Of particular interest are the small tide pools that become visible at low tide. Find one and settle down because the fish in the pools are trapped there until the tide turns. You can watch the underwater creatures splash around, making it an interesting place for kids and adults alike.

Msambweni Beach

Located in a small fishing village of the same name as the beach, in Kwale County, with greenish-blue waters and white sands in the middle of an impressive jungle is this beautiful beach.

If what you want is to relax and tan freely under the burning sun, this is one of the top beaches in Kenya to do this, you can snorkel, as well as travel its entire coastal area, aboard the fishermen’s boats, at a Quite reasonable price and then enjoy the fruits of the sea in the nearby food places.

Manda Toto

It is a small island completely deserted and uninhabited, in Lamu county, it can only be reached by boat, on a trip that lasts about 35 minutes approximately, you must take anticipation and bring all the necessary items to spend a day of rest in this remote island.

Due to the calm of its turquoise waters and the diversity of marine creatures that inhabit it, it is one of the nice beaches in Kenya for diving.

Galu Kinondo Beach

An earthly paradise, located in Kwale County, it is a beach that breathes peace in all its corners, this being reflected in its waters, soft sands like cotton and wild flora.

Water sports, typical food, free parking, lodging places and commercial shops are some of the things you can find on this beach, which is credited as one of the best beaches by locals and those who visit it.

A short distance from the beach, you will find the Kaya Kinondo, which is a mystical and magical jungle for the tribes that inhabit the area, and the Colobus Conservation Center, which cares for and protects different kinds of monkeys.

Schanz Beach

In the west of Nyari County, accessible by vehicle or public transport, we will locate this beach with splendid landscapes, surrounded by palm trees, tourist complexes and hotels in the background, which highlight the magnitude of its sea coasts.

Despite being close to buildings, it does not have good restaurants nearby, so you should bring provisions so that you can enjoy the unique experiences that there are on this beach.

Bamburi Beach

Beach with a Kenyan cultural flavor, on the north coast of Mombasa County, where its inhabitants welcome you with great hospitality and human warmth, despite the difference in culture and language.

Bordered with multiple hotels and a diversity of restaurants, they make your decision of where you are going to stay and enjoy good food, it will be difficult but not impossible, since they enjoy an incredible service for quite affordable prices.

You have endless recreational activities both in the sea and on the sand that you will want to practice them all, and at night the entertainment continues as folkloric shows are presented for the enjoyment.

Nodding (Kiwayu)

A very beautiful place to stay. The sandy strip of the coast, palm trees and clear water – all this is popular with tourists, but there are not many of them. This is because travelers and local residents often suffer from armed attacks. Therefore, the beach is more suitable for fans of extreme entertainment. The entrance is free, from the infrastructure – hotels located nearby – on the island of Lamu.

Che Shale Beach

In the town of Manbrui, Malindi county, crossing small sand dunes, you will see in all its splendor one of the best beaches, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life.

Kitesurfing, kayaking, windsurfing, riding in sailing boats are some of the activities that you can do on its coastlines, especially if you want to eat fresh seafood, the nearby restaurants give you that attention, where in many there are fish tanks where You can choose the mollusk, octopus or fish that you want to eat and choose the style of its preparation.

Kikambala Beach

Located within a small town with which it shares its name, which enjoys great marine boundaries of aesthetic beauty, crystal clear waters and changing tides, this beach retains almost all its naturalness since there are very few buildings around it.

The locals give it a unique place within the top of the beaches in Kenya, and they offer you tours of the coral reef, at solidarity prices, it is recommended that you bring food, drinks, and camping equipment, so you can experience a total beach experience when camping on its shores, while you watch the sun setting on the horizon.

Jamboree Beach

Beach with an extremely extensive terrain, intense blue waters, light brown sands and wild waves, located north of Mombasa, which its marine landscapes of exquisite beauty place.

It has all the basic services necessary for you to have a day of total relaxation, and on its docks, there are cafes, small bars and food outlets where you can eat the best-baked fish in lemon sauce.

Manda Beach

It is one of the few private beaches in this country, which invites you to take long walks through its long stretch of chalk-white sand, surrounded by mangroves, giving an attraction worthy of admiration, to this beach that we could not leave out of place inside of this tour.

This beach has one of the most important and renowned schools in all of Kenya, in the practice of kiteboarder and snorkeling, it also offers other striking and fun sports such as water bananas and jet skies, you will enjoy the sunsets and at night locals offer you streaming movies or you can just lie on the sand and gaze at the stars in the fantastic night sky.

Kenyatta Beach

It is a virgin beach that is in the town of Mombasa, with the peculiarity that the hand of man has not intervened with the beauty and naturalness of one of the best beaches in Kenya, recognized as a small earthly Eden on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

It is a bit crowded by vacationers, in the months of April to October, who on these dates, supported by the weather, carry out numerous recreational activities such as glass-bottom boat excursions, camel rides, snorkeling, diving and Beach volleyball.

At sunset, you can give yourself a different taste due to the variety of sandwiches that the locals have located on the edges of the boardwalk.

Mambai Beach

With golden sand dunes and clean and clear waters, close to the Galana River, you will see this beach that welcomes you to its coasts with its tropical climate and heat, where its beachy atmosphere is transmitted through its inhabitants.

Taking rides in the traditional dhow boats and trying the good food in its restaurants will make you live unique and unrepeatable moments.

Why Is Kenya the Dream Beach Destination?

The Swahili coast is the most unknown side of Kenya, a paradise of white sand beaches and palm trees, surfing waves, corals to get lost while snorkeling, calm and a lot of history.

Traveling from Nairobi to the port of Mombasa is almost equivalent to changing the world: from the savannas populated by elephants and lions to the luminous shore of the Indian Ocean. To the ease and bustle characteristic of any African region, this coastline provides a multitude of natural attractions, from marine reserves to mangrove areas and inland forests where elephants live. The beaches and islands that emerge off the coast have become a destination of great interest for those seeking to relax and enjoy the biodiversity of these coral waters.

An Archipelago That Is a World Heritage Site

Three coral islands (Pate, Manda and Lamu) and a series of uninhabited islets make up this archipelago, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001. Nestled in the North Bay, they preserve a relaxed atmosphere and displays of Swahili culture and architecture. The Lamu Archipelago, which the Arabs referred to as the Archipelago of the Seven Islands of Eryaya, is a beach destination for those who prefer the authentic and less beach bars.

There Is a Lot of History Here

The main town on the Kenyan coast is Mombasa. It emerged as a walled city-state in the 12th century and, since then, its port character has not changed. The Portuguese built Fort Jesus in 1593 and the Omanis filled it with palaces with carved wooden patios and balconies, while the British provided it with public buildings such as the Old Post Office and the Customs House.

Port Soul

 The city of Lamu is the capital of this island group to the north of the coast and is also the oldest town. The Arab stamp of when it was a port on the routes that traded in spices and slaves is evident in its mosques, as well as in the architectural remains of bygone times. For example, the 19th-century fort of Lamu; the ruins of Takwa, a 15th-century city built with coral stone on the island of Manda; or the fortress of Siyu, on the island of Pate, which belonged to the Sultan of Zanzibar. Lamu City. 

Lamu and ‘pole, Pole’ (Swahili: No Rush)

Lamu is the most populated city of the Kenyan island, it has a beautiful old town with cobbled streets, Omani-style houses with patios and carved doors, mosques and old mansions that today house museums, such as the Lamu Museum and the Swahili House Museum.

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Surfing and Diving Where Vasco De Gama Made a Stop

In 1498, Vasco da Gama’s fleet called here. Since then, Malindi’s bustling pace hasn’t stopped. This 16th-century port preserves interesting historical sites, such as the Portuguese Chapel or the Uhuru Gardens mansion. Its market has all kinds of crafts.

However, you come here mainly to practice scuba diving and kitsurf. Nearby is the Malindi Marine Reserve, created in 1979, protecting 213 km2 between Malindi and the Mida River. It is home to coral reefs, deep waters and coastal areas with mangroves and marshes frequented by wading birds. Watamu is a fishing village located next to a 7 km beach of white sand and rocks that emerge close to the shore.

Of Postcards and Crafts

The ancient port city of Malindi has a lively handicraft market. On its long beach, it is also possible to buy souvenirs and contemplate the dhows stranded on the sand.

Diani: the Perfect Beach

Diani is actually a long stretch of white sand lined with palm trees and has become one of the main destinations on the Kenyan coast. There are companies that offer diving, surfing, kayaking and deep-sea fishing trips. Diani’s long stretch of white sand has become one of the main destinations on the Kenyan coast.


Diani’s long stretch of white sand has become one of the main destinations on the Kenyan coast. In the morning, you can see the dhows that go fishing. Gazi and Shirazi, two fishing villages that retain their Omani architecture, are worth stopping by.

They are the base for dhow trips to islets and coastal villages. Dhows, the Swahili triangular sailing boats, have become the most nostalgic means of going out to sea to enjoy the aquatic wonders of this coast. In the morning, you can see the dhows that go fishing. You can also hire one to take a walk for a few hours.


In addition to the Watamu and Malindi reserves, two of Kenya’s best diving spots on the north coast, the region holds other valuable destinations.

  • Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Reserve.  It encompasses 40 km2 of open sea, islets and reefs around a coral outcrop. The departure by boat from the town of Shimoni allows you to observe various species of dolphins.
  • Shimba Hills National Reserve.  These southern hills are home to much of the African fauna: elephants, antelopes, buffalo, colobus, hornbills and also a great variety of orchids and endemic trees.
  • Kiunga Marine Reserve.  50 coastal calcareous islands and coral reefs Protect seagrass beds and mangroves. It is located about 150 km east of the island of Lamu, on the mainland.
  • Arabuko Sokoke National Park.  This forest parallel to the coast is a refuge for birds, tree frogs and 250 types of butterflies. It is located south of Malindi, near the ruins of Gedi.

Recommended Time to Travel to the Beaches of Kenya

The climate on the Kenyan coast is pleasant throughout the year, with February being the hottest month reaching 32 ° C during the day, and the coolest months are June, July and August, with 27 ° C during the day and between 22 ° C and 25 ° C at night, making it a perfect destination at any time.

Good weather and gastronomy, together with the imprint of its mixture of cultures throughout history, Swahili, Muslim, due to the fact that merchants from Arab countries came to sell their goods; and western influences since they were later colonized by the Portuguese, make the country’s coast a very attractive destination in all respects.

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