Best Beaches in Italy

The 10 Best Beaches in Italy

Italy is synonymous with beauty and its sandy beaches are no exception. The best European sandy beaches for recreation are located in Italy. Only the islands of Sardinia and Sicily are a summer paradise with endless white sandy beaches and turquoise sea.

Italy has a huge variety of beaches, from majestic sculptural cliffs and fine sands to wild, rugged beauty and picturesque historical sites.

10 Best Beaches in Italy

1. Rabbit Beach. Lampedusa

Best Beaches in Italy

Rabbit Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy.

For everyone who is planning a vacation in Sicily, we recommend visiting this beach, Spiaggia di Conilgi (Rabbit Island Beach). Because it has been voted the best beach in the world by Tripadvisor users. Rabbit Beach has even bypassed beaches from the more exotic Turks and Caicos Islands and Australia.

Rabbit Island is an island adjacent to an island off an island. If you want to see it yourself, you will have to travel here via Sicily and then to Lampedusa.

How to Get to the Beach:

The island is located a couple of kilometers from the African coast. However, despite the fact that according to the administrative division, the island belongs to the province of Agrigento, it is located quite far from the Italian coast.

But don’t worry, there are ferries from Porto Empedocle to Lampedusa, and you can also get there by plane. The island has its own airport, where planes arrive from almost all cities in Italy.

When you reach the island, we recommend renting a car to move around and enjoy the local beauty.

2. Skala Dei Turki. Sicily

Best Beaches in Italy

Scala dei Turchi – stepped cliff on the coast of Realmonte.

One of the most famous landmarks in Sicily. The white cliffs of the Scala dei Turchi (“Turkish Steps”) resemble melting ice cream or meringue spoons.

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This geographic oddity in the south of the island is formed by white marl and limestone, which have been destroyed over time by sea and wind. You won’t find a more dramatic sunbathing spot this year.

How to Get There:

You can get to the beach along the SS 115 highway, then on the 68 roads. To get to the mountain from the west, you need to drive through Porto Empedocle, and from the east, you need to cross Realmonte.

Advice: best way to get there is by bus. In summer there is a bus from Porto Empedocle. You can, of course, by car, but there are no free parking lots and in the seasons everything is packed.

3. Cala Mariolu. Sardinia

Best Beaches in Italy

One of the most beautiful beaches – Cala Mariolu

It is challenging to choose a Sardinian beach, as almost all of them resemble the beaches of your most coveted dreams. But the heavenly waters of Cala Mariolu in the east of the island are the ultimate dream. Accessible only by boat, the sandy beach is surrounded by the Supramonte Mountains and shaded by cliffs in the late afternoon. This is the best place for diving enthusiasts.

How to Get There:

It’s almost impossible to get there by land. And this has its advantages – the views are more romantic from the water. By water, you can get there by private boats or speedboats that leave constantly from the ports of Santa Maria Navarrese, Cala Gonone and Arbatax.

4. Sansone. Elbe

Best Beaches in Italy

The picturesque beach of Sansone on the island of Elba

Elba Island is a favorite vacation spot for Italians. One look at the striking Sansone Beach near Portoferraio and it’s easy to see why. The cool waters in Sansone are a magical emerald hue, highlighted by bright white pebbles and breathtaking cliffs.

How to Get There:

Elbe has excellent transport accessibility. Buses run every 15-20 minutes in all directions. The fare is from 2 euros for a single trip and up to 22 euros for a ticket for all directions and types of public transport. Tickets can be bought at ATL offices (Azienda Trasporti Livornesi).

5. Cefalu. Sicily

Best Beaches in Italy

Eyes are dazzling when it comes to choosing the beautiful beach towns in Sicily. Cefalu Beach is just an hour’s drive east of Palermo.

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You can enjoy its superb combination of sunbathing, beautiful Sicilian Romanesque architecture, fresh seafood and great hikes in the nearby Madonje Mountains.

6. Pink Beach (SpiaggiaRosa). Sardinia

Best Beaches in Italy

The best beaches in Italy for relaxation include Pink Beach by default. It is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in Italy. The pink sands of Spiaggia Rosa on Budelli Island are now heavily guarded.

Visitors can no longer step on the beach. If you want to see this unique beach, you have to admire it by boat from another location in La Maddalena National Park or the nearby Sardinian Costa Smeralda.

How to Get There:

The beach can be reached absolutely from anywhere on the island by bus or commuter trains. The cost varies depending on the distance.

7. Bay of Zagare (BaiadelleZagare). Puglia

Best Beaches in Italy

Apulia is another destination in Italy with incredible beaches. A distinctive feature is the stunning Zagare Bay, which was named after the fragrant citrus flowers presented to brides on their wedding day.

The beach is also home to blackbirds, striking white limestone cliffs and sea stacks. To reduce the number of visitors, a pass is required to visit the beach (which is best reached by staying in hotels on the beach).

How to Get There:

Getting there is quite difficult. It is best to book hotels near the beach.

8. San Fruttuoso. Liguria

Best Beaches in Italy

Of course, one of the most famous coastal areas in Italy is the Italian Riviera. A stretch of coastline in Liguria in northern Italy.

The favorite vacation spot of Italians. There are many beautiful seaside towns and gorgeous beaches. One of the most scenic must be San Fruttuoso, located along the coast from Genoa with its heavenly architecture and landscape.

If you ask an Italian to name the best beaches in Italy for relaxation, San Fruttuoso will be one of the first.

How to Get to the Beach:

You can get there by sea from San Fruttuoso. The main disadvantage of this beach is that it cannot be reached by public transport.

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The nearest train stations are in Camogli and Santa Margherita Ligure, then you have to get there on foot. Alternatively, you can sail to San Fruttuoso on a tourist boat.

Such boats run in the summer from all neighboring cities – Camogli, Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, Cinque Terre and Portovenere. They sail from the main quays of the cities on their own schedule, which can be found at the marina.

9. Scopello. Sicily

Best Beaches in Italy

Pictures of Scopello in northwest Sicily adorn postcards and tourist literature throughout the island. You can also learn this from the Ocean of the Twelve.

Between Scopello and the equally charming San Vito Lo Capo, you will find many beautiful coves that form the sheltered Riservo dello Singaro.

Among the best beaches in Italy is Scopello, with its rocky cliffs and characteristic tonnara (an old tuna canning factory).

Important! Most of the beaches in Sicily are paid.

How to Get There:

In Sicily, just like in all cities of Italy, there is very convenient transport accessibility, buses go to any beach.

For more convenient transportation, we recommend renting a car.

10. Polignano a Mar . Puglia

Best Beaches in Italy

Polignano a Mar – the perfect beach for photoshoots

Another very instagram place, this time in Puglia. The pale rocky buildings of Polignano a Mare provide a dramatic backdrop to its clean, alluring seas and white pebble beaches. This charming whitewashed old town is also famous for rock climbing and ice cream.

How to Get to the Beach:

Daily trains run from Bari Central Station to Polignano. Travel time is about 30 minutes,.

But the most convenient way to get around is by car, as most of the beaches and attractions are off the beaten track.


We’ve covered the best beaches in Italy. And what beaches would you add to this list? Write in the comments. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

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