Best Beaches in Istanbul

The 10 Best Beaches in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that lies between the Black Sea (to the North) and the Mediterranean Sea (to the South) full of water. However, do not expect to find beaches in Istanbul, since you will have to move a few kilometers away from the city. However, you will find authentic gems of both white earth and stone and crystal clear waters. If you continue reading, we will discover the 10 best beaches in Istanbul, which you can access a few kilometers by bus, or on the contrary, you will have to take a plane.

The weather in Istanbul is hot and dry in summer and cold and rainy in winter since it is located in the North. Depending on the season you choose, you can enjoy good weather in both seas, but if you travel in autumn, winter or spring, it is better that you go to the beaches that are in the Mediterranean in the Marmaris area.

There the climate is very different from the rest of Istanbul since it is very south and is similar to the weather that can be done in Alicante. Normally, the best beaches are in the area near Greece, the Aegean Sea. That is, in the south-eastern part of Turkey. The Black Sea is for the most part, as its name suggests, black rock and unattractive. Next, I will name the best beaches that you can access by bus from Istanbul or by taking a flight from the airport.

The Best Beaches in Istanbul

If you are in Istanbul for a few days and you don’t want to take a flight, you have the option of going by bus or by car to some paradisiacal beaches that are located a few kilometers from the city.

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1. Florya Güneş Beach (Mediterranean Sea)

Best Beaches in Istanbul

If you don’t want to move from Istanbul, you can go to Florya Günes beach during the day by taking public transport. It is the worst beach because, being in Istanbul itself, the overcrowding of tourism is excessive with a sea of ​​umbrellas, chairs and people that will not leave space to breathe. There are even months when you have to pay € 6 to enter. We do not recommend this option, but we know that if you want to go to the beach and don’t have time, it may be one of the few options.

2. Agva Kilimli Dark (Black Sea)

Best Beaches in Istanbul

The Black Sea has some jewel that belongs to the best beaches in Istanbul and this is the Agva Kilimli Dark beach. This gem is located in a natural area where the landforms a gulf within a rocky headland with white sand beaches. The area is ideal for relaxing and enjoying nature, as well as hours of hiking.

3. Suma Beach Festival (Black Sea)

Best Beaches in Istanbul

Suma Beach is located 30 km north of Istanbul in a private and privileged region where a festival is also held in summer, the Suma Beach festival. It is usually celebrated in the month of July at noon, so if you happen to visit Istanbul on these dates, don’t miss it. The festival is held on this beach where private camping is set up, areas for sports, recycling and stages with music of various styles, DJs and artists. It is an area where people say they feel totally free since today Turkey still has many influences from the Ottoman Empire and with it, many prejudices. Electronic music is said to arrive from night until almost noon the next day and that people dance inside the woods. In short, an authentic experience.

4. Uzunya Beach (Black Sea)

Best Beaches in Istanbul

Uzunya Beach is one of the best beaches in Istanbul close to the city. It is located in a gulf stranded between rocks, which forms a beach of white sand and transparent waters. There is a restaurant that provides the beach with amenities such as umbrellas and hammocks. The beach is located away from the town of Kumköy, opposite Suma beach 30 km from Istanbul.

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The Best Beaches in Turkey

If you want to visit the best beaches in Turkey and don’t mind taking a flight, we are going to discover the authentic paradises of Turkey. In addition, you will arrive in less than an hour’s flight to these places. Many times it is better to take a cheap flight from Istanbul and be there in half an hour than to drive hours with bus.

5. Ayana Beach, the Best of Istanbul’s Beaches

Best Beaches in Istanbul

The island of Bozcaada, one of the most inhabited in the Aegean Sea, has several of the best beaches in Istanbul, including Ayana Beach. This crystal-clear water paradise is a very popular place for the Turks and has a beautiful Byzantine castle. The island village has numerous shops and restaurants with a later Venetian style. You can wander through its cobbled streets until you reach the medieval fortress.

6. Ovabuku, Datça, (Aegean Sea)

Best Beaches in Istanbul

Tucked into the Datça peninsula is the white sand beach of Ovabuku. THE place is beautiful, full of vegetation and crystal clear waters. It is surrounded by jungles of pines, oaks and carob trees.

Tucked away on the Datca peninsula a few miles from the Greek island of Kos – Ovabuku is a wonderful white gravel beach. The surrounding countryside is beautiful and full of vegetation: pine forests mixed with holm oak, myrtle and carob trees. Around, civilization is limited to a small restaurant and a handful of hostels where to spend the night at a reasonable price. The ideal place where to find peace and authenticity.

7. Marmaris, More Than Beach, Fun

Best Beaches in Istanbul

If you are looking for an area that, in addition to being a beach, has a lot of atmosphere and fun, Marmaris is your place. Marmaris beach is not very pretty and is made of small dark stones. However, the beaches that you will find in the surroundings have crystal clear waters and a lot of charm.

Marmaris is one of the most important tourist spots in Turkey and the place where wealthy Turks go to spend the summer. The city has thousands of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, pubs that are also located around an old town with a lot of glamor. The streets are narrow with cobbled floors and white houses with a lot of vegetation that run around a castle on top.

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8. Kaputas Beach, Antalya

Best Beaches in Istanbul

Kaputas is one of the best beaches in Istanbul that you can get to if you take a plane since it is located in the South of Turkey between Kas and Kalkan. The beach is in an area that narrows in the middle of a valley with cliffs. It is known for its natural wealth and breathtaking views from State Road D400. Kaputas is 170 steps down and has a small parking lot with limited spaces.

9. Kabak, Butterfly Valley, Fethiye

Best Beaches in Istanbul

This beach is located in the Valley of the Butterflies, nestled between two cliffs. In the Kabak area, there are numerous luxury campsites to relax from the stress of the city. It is also an ideal area for lovers of nature and hiking as it offers numerous walking tours.

10. Gemiller Island, Fetiye

Gemiller Island is located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, near Fethiye. The island is 1 km long but is famous for its Byzantine ruins dating back more than 1500 years. In it, you can find churches, old houses, a port, tombs and cemeteries. The beaches are crystal clear and separated from the mainland by a narrow sea channel.

11. Cleopatra Beach, Sedir Island

Cleopatra Beach is one of the beaches in Istanbul with the most beauty and history. It is located on the island of Sedir and is in the top of the 10 best beaches in Turkey. Depending on the time of year, you can have the island to yourself or you will have to share it with thousands of other tourists.

The beaches have calm turquoise waters about 3 km. If you take a boat, you can go visit the secret caves in the surroundings. In addition, the island of Sedir cradled an ancient Roman city of which there still remains, as is the case of the amphitheater.

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