Best Beaches in Hawaii

The 25 Best Beaches in Hawaii

Best Beaches in Hawaii: The Hawaiian Islands are famous for their beautiful beaches, there are beaches with white, golden sand and also volcanic black. Today you will learn about the best beaches in Hawaii.

Hawaii is the 50th state of the USA, here the official language is English, but Japanese is also used with it. The mild climate and sandy beaches attract tourists from all over the world. Let’s take a look at some of the best beaches in Hawaii.

Each island in Hawaii is truly beautiful and unique in its own way. If you want to know what are the best beaches in Hawaii, then it is more correct to divide them into those that are less crowded and those that are always crowded, the first include beaches – Maui beaches, and the second – Waikiki Beach, Haunama Bay and Lanikai Beach, Hawaii Island …

The 25 Best Beaches in Hawaii

1. Hanalei Bay, Kauai

Technically, Hanalei Bay is a series of beach parks that coiled into one incredible two-mile stretch of sand on Kauai’s north shore. Often found among the very best beaches in America, it is an almost perfect semicircle of striking white sands. The magnificent bay is surrounded by 4000 feet of emerald mountains, often shrouded in mist tops.

Best Beaches in Hawaii

It was this gripping scene that led him to be cast in George Clooney’s Descendants. During the winter season, it attracts a crowd of surfers, while the summer months in the calm waters attract those looking to enjoy a relaxing swim. No matter what time of year, before the sun sets, head to the pier and look out over the Pacific Ocean – when the colorful sky starts to glow, you will feel like you’ve truly entered some fantasy world.

2. Papohaku Beach, Molokai

Best Beaches in Hawaii

Molokai is one of the least visited islands in Hawaii. This is a great place if you want the maximum chance to enjoy the sand for yourself. Located in the west of the city, Papohaku, AKA, the three-mile beach is one of the largest stretches of white sand in all of Hawaii – and on a clear day, you can even see Oahu through the canal.

3. Makena Beach, Maui

Best Beaches in Hawaii

Makena Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Hawaiian Islands, is part of Makena National Park on the south side of the island. Makena beach is called the Big Beach, because its length is more than 20 km, and its width reaches 30 meters, it is an excellent place for morning jogging after which it is pleasant to swim in the Pacific Ocean, the beach has golden sand. The Makena Resort Hotel is located along the beach with a golf club, tennis court, shops, restaurants, etc. This place is not very suitable for snorkeling. The ocean in this part has a sandy bottom.

4. Waikiki Beach, Oahu

Best Beaches in Hawaii

Waikiki Beach has white fine sand, clear waters, it is one of the busiest beaches in Hawaii with a length of about 2 km. Great for surfing and diving, Waikiki Beach is a favorite surfing spot for the Royal Hawaiian families. It is always crowded with shops, hotels and restaurants along the beach.

5. Wailea Beach, Maui

Best Beaches in Hawaii

Wailea Beach is sheltered by black lava dots on either side, flanked by dozens of luxury resorts and mansions. This amazing beach is surrounded by tall palm trees and offers views of the neighboring islands of Kahulave and Lanai ..

Some of the more popular summer activities at Wailea Beach include snorkeling and swimming, and whale watching is possible during the summer season. You will find many shops in the area as well as places where you can rent snorkeling equipment.

6. Kauapea Beach, Kauai

Best Beaches in Hawaii

Kauapea Beach, known as Secret Beach, is located on the north coast of Kauai and there is no public road in the area. It takes a little effort to find it and it takes a 15-minute walk from one of the main roads. The path to the beach is quite steep and can get slippery after rain.

Kauapeya Beach has black lava rock and white sand, making it a one of a kind beach in Kauai. The cliffs at either end of the beach are covered with tropical plants, and one of the highlights is the famous Kilauea Lighthouse ..

If you are thinking of taking a swim, be sure to visit this beach during the summer season when the water is calm. Strong currents and a lack of lifeguards make Cauapea Beach a dangerous place to swim in winter.

7. Hapuna Beach, Hawaii

Best Beaches in Hawaii

Big Island, perhaps best known for its beaches with black sand, but it is also a lot of spectacular beaches with white sand, such as Hapuna. This half-mile stretch of sand on the Kona Kohala coastline is almost always sunny, although it is surrounded by trees that offer a nice shady respite from the heat. In winter, wild, breaking waves hit the coastline, while summer brings calm, clear waters, making it ideal for brisk walks, swimming and boogie boarding. With an abundance of colorful fish and coral, it is also a great snorkeling spot.

8. Halona Beach Cove, Oahu

Best Beaches in Hawaii

Halona Beach Cove is located on the west side of the Halona observation well. It is a pocket-sized sandy beach that can be reached by going down some steep cliffs. Of course, the trip is definitely worth it because Halona Beach Cove is one of the most beautiful spots in Hawaii. The beach was popular in the Bert Lancaster and Deborah Kerr film Eternity.

The best time to swim is when the water is calm, but it is advised not to swim too far due to dangerous currents that make the water turbulent. Be aware that there are no lifeguards here and try to stay away from all rocky areas.

9. Poipu Beach

Best Beaches in Hawaii

A series of three white crescents lined with gently swaying palms at the edge of the clear Cerulean waters is the kind of place that seems to call out for a hammock – and you enjoy a nap in the Hawaiian sun, though it’s not just for relaxing and enjoying the scenery. This is a great spot to spot the endangered Hawaiian monk seals (only 1200 creatures left), who also enjoy finding their ideal waterfront spot to soak up the sun’s rays and all kinds of water sports. Ideal for families, the typically calm waters are suitable for little ones who want to swim around as well as beginner swimmers, and there is also a lifeguard on duty seven days a week.

10. Punaluu Beach, Hawaii

Best Beaches in Hawaii

The Big Island is home to almost endless spectacular beaches, including Punaluu, located on its southeastern Caucasian coast, next to the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park. One of the most famous black sand beaches in the state, its amazing dark black sands are composed of basalt, a common igneous rock that forms when lava cools rapidly.

The intense black color is offset by vibrant blue waves and coconut palms, while the underwater volcanic vents exude magma that cools before rapidly exploding as it touches the ocean waters, creating shards of basalt on this coastline. With the addition of Hawaiian green sea turtles sunbathing on the sand, the whole combination is simply mesmerizing.

11. Punalu Beach, Big Island [the island of Hawaii]

Best Beaches in Hawaii

On the island of Hawaii, also called the Big Island, there are 5 volcanoes out of the bottom 3 are active but safe. From the bottom, Muan Loa volcano is the second-largest active volcano on the planet, occupying most of the island. On the Punalu beach of the Big Island, black volcanic sand and frozen lava are the frozen embodiment of the power of natural forces.

Often on the Punalu beach, you can find the Green Turtle resting here, which is on the verge of extinction. Remember, turtles cannot be approached or touched.

12. Waipio Valley Beach

Best Beaches in Hawaii

This true Shangri-La, as it is often called, is located in the stunningly beautiful valley of the same name on the northeastern coast of the Big Island. He is almost completely cut off from the outside world. The fact that it is so difficult to get to also makes it one of the most incredible sandy stretches on the planet, and you can probably enjoy it all for yourself.

To get there, you need to walk along an insidiously narrow, steep road. Your reward is a mile-long volcanic black sand beach bordered by 2,000-foot high cliffs surrounded by dense rainforest, with the Vayulili and Kaluahine waterfalls carving into the cliffs at the southern end of the beach.

13. Ke’e Beach, Kauai

Best Beaches in Hawaii

The last beach on the island’s north coast that can be reached by car is Ke’e Beach, a golden sandy beach filled with palm trees, native plants and an 11-mile hiking trail. If you’d rather be on the beach than on the famous Na Pali coastline walk, relax and watch the surfers in winter, or go snorkelling in the summer season.

Cellular reception is inconsistent here, but the sunset view is amazing. You will find some basic amenities such as toilets and showers, and, although limited, a nearby car park.

14. Waimea Bay Beach Park, Oahu

Best Beaches in Hawaii

Located on the less developed northern shore of Oahu, this beach is one of the most famous big wave surfing beaches. If this looks familiar, it could be because he starred in the hit TV series Lost as the beach where Oceanic Flight 815 crashed.

During the winter months, ocean waves turn into fearsome monsters that attract professionals – in fact, this is one of the first places where surfers began to ride giant waves. The Quiksilver Big Wave Invitational is taking place here today in February. In the summer, the waves disappear, providing outstanding snorkeling and swimming.

15. Papacolea Green Sand Beach, Hawaii

Best Beaches in Hawaii

It is one of the world’s rarest green sandy beaches, made up of tiny olivine crystals from the surrounding lava rocks that are trapped in the Puu Mahana crater, nearly 50,000 years old, near the waters of Mahana Bay. Because magma is rich in olivine and tends to be one of the first crystals to form when lava cools, the mineral is sometimes referred to as the “Hawaiian diamond.”

The crystals are especially dense, which helps them accumulate on the beach without being washed away. Since Papakolea is so far away, you probably won’t bump into many other people here. A two-hour drive to the trail is required, followed by a difficult two-mile hike to the emerald sands.

16. Tunnels Beach, Kauai

Best Beaches in Hawaii

The classic 1958 film South Pacific was filmed here, and once you see this beach, you can see why. Surrounded by lush palms and iron trees, this postcard-perfect beach on Kauai’s north shore is ideal for snorkeling and diving. It got its name from the Tunnels due to several lava tubes that form caves underwater – creating a refuge for tropical fish.

Experienced divers can head to the outer reefs, while beginners can stay closer to the shore. But don’t plan to go out here in the winter in the water – conditions can be especially dangerous for swimmers, divers or divers at this time of year.

17. Hamoa Beach, Maui

Best Beaches in Hawaii

Visiting this beach requires a long drive along the famous road to Hana, although it’s not bad, just remember to bring your adventurous spirit with you. The winding road stretches 52 miles along the northern coast of Maui from Kahului to Hana, and Hamoa is located near Hana on the island’s far eastern coast.

The highway takes about 600 bends, passing by black sand beaches and gorgeous ocean landscapes, waterfalls and lush jungle. A crescent-shaped beach with salt and pepper sand is located about half a mile by 51 mile and is popular with snorkeling, surfing, swimming and surfing in the clear azure waters.

18. Glass Beach, Kauai

Best Beaches in Hawaii

What makes this beach so outstanding is its sea glass. Located on the south coast of Kauai, in the middle of an industrial estate near Port Allen Harbor, visitors can thank the nearby industrial landfill for its existence. Over the years, the ocean waves that pound the shore have turned broken bottles and other debris-like windows and even car windshields into stunning smooth, rounded pieces of glass.

Because of the huge waves, the glass here is slightly rounder than most other sea glass beaches, and it is also more unique than most as it contains more shades of blue along with many other colors such as brown, translucent and translucent.

19. Lanikai Beach, Oahu

Best Beaches in Hawaii

Located on the beautiful island of Oahu, Lanikai Beach is famous for its golden sands, calm waters and palm trees. Unsurprisingly, it translates to “Sea of ​​Heaven” and attracts a large number of tourists and locals alike. If you love kayaking, the tranquil lagoon overlooking the beach attracts kayakers of all ages.

Although surrounded by luxurious villas, Lanikai Beach is easily accessible to visitors thanks to state law that direct access to the beach every 350 meters. Relax with a drink at the nearby beach bar and spend the day in the sun on the beautiful Lanikai Beach.

20. Kaanapali Beach, Maui

Kaanapali Beach on Maui stretches for 3 miles between Hyatt Regency Maui in the south and Sheraton Maui in the north. It was once a playground for the Maui royal family and today, this amazing beach is one of the most visited spots on the island ..

Best Beaches in Hawaii

Catch the annual canoe races in June or take the Kaanapali Skyline Eco-Adventure Cable Car Tour! There are many high-end resorts and luxury apartments in the area, so it should come as no surprise that people-watching is one of the most popular activities on Kaanapali Beach.

21. Polyhua Beach, Lanai

The longest beach on Lanai, Polyhua Beach, is accessible by 4WD from Lanai town and stretches two miles along Lanai’s northeastern shore. If you are looking for that perfect secluded spot on the tiny island of Lanai, Polyhua Beach may be just what you are looking for.

Best Beaches in Hawaii

You will not find beach bars with sun loungers here, as this amazing beach is all about privacy and relaxation. Be aware that swimming at Polyhua Beach is prohibited due to the strong currents and lack of protective reefs.

22. Hanauma Bay State Park, Oahu

Best Beaches in Hawaii

One of the busiest tourist destinations on Oahu, Hanauma Bay is never crowded, but it’s worth taking the morning to go here because it offers a unique educational experience in a protected ecosystem. Come here early before the parking lot is full. You will also need to watch a 9-minute video before being allowed to go to the beach. Hanauma Bay is a great place to see reef fish, with up to 450 species of them.

23. Polyhale State Park, Kauai

Best Beaches in Hawaii

To get to this Poihale beach, you need a four-wheel-drive car and a strong desire to get to the wild beach because the road is practically absent. Stunning views of the sand dunes will be the reward. If you have the time and energy, then camping is definitely the best way to appreciate this place.

There are many camping shops in Kauai where you can borrow a tent and a couple of sleeping bags overnight. As elsewhere in Hawaii, whatever you bring with you must go with you; trash should not be left behind.

24. Lahaina Beach, Maui

Best Beaches in Hawaii

Lahaina is like a quirky, less crowded version of Waikiki with no tall buildings. There are many shops, bars and restaurants in it. Palm trees grow along the beach giving pleasant shade.

25. North Shore, Oahu

Best Beaches in Hawaii

Oahu’s fabulous North Shore is one of the most famous stretches of coastline in the world and has a positive vibe that makes you just forget all your worries! The North Shore hosts many surfing competitions during the winter months as the pros battle some of the best waves on Earth, while the summer months are ideal conditions for snorkeling and diving.

4 Best Surfing Beaches in Hawaii

Best Beaches in Hawaii

It’s no secret that Hawaii is one of the best surfing spots in the world. Here are four great surfer spots.

  • Waikiki Beach, Oahu
  • Hanalei Bay, Kauai
  • Park Cove, Maui
  • Poyenne Point (Haleiwa Beach Park), Oahu

Best Beaches in Hawaii

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