Best Beaches in England

The 20 Best Beaches in England

Summer in the United Kingdom does not last long, in the month of August we already say goodbye, since the rainy season is coming, which is usually so very strong, so you have to take advantage of the 4 or 5 weeks of Sun that this it gives us, the suitable temperatures that we have between July and August, are perfect to have a brief getaway to some of the best beaches in England.

The 20 Best Beaches in England

Most of them are difficult to access, they are relatively unspoilt beaches, whose nature and incredible landscapes will make you feel as if you were in paradise, on its coasts you will find many English sunbathing and the whole country is covered with sandy beaches, with cleaner waters, due to England’s privileged location on its borders with the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.

1. Lundy Island Beach

Best Beaches in England

On a small island, with an earthly extension 3 miles long. There are no accommodation buildings or commercial shops, there is only a bar and shop located several kilometers from its shores.

You can take a walk along the coast, climb its imposing cliff, and for those who like to dive there is a Marine Reserve, with plenty of wildlife both on and off the coast, including deer, sheep, dolphins, seals and sharks. pilgrims, making it one of the best beaches in England.

2. St Ives Beach

Best Beaches in England

This beach is as old as its hills, which border it abruptly, located in an urban town within the county of Cornwall, which still has the natural and indigenous attractions of the region, necessary to attract tourists for being known as one of the best beaches in England.

In the picturesque cobbled streets of this city, close to the coast, there are two fabulous art galleries, which allow you to enjoy the artistic beauty of the area, such as its original landscapes.

Ideal for making a resounding change from modern life, a bit native and without many amenities, which will make you travel to a totally rustic world, where nature is fully integrated with the environment, being something rare in these times of modernity and constant development.

3. Blackpool Beach

Best Beaches in England

In the county of Devon, there is this beach with a family atmosphere, with all the ideal services of one of the best beaches in England, with white sands, intense blue and relatively abundant flora, of an intense green color, which makes it a very pleasant place for tourists to enjoy.

To carry out all your recreational activities, you must have a reasonable time to practice them all, where you can do them individually or as a family.

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4. Durdle Door Beach

Best Beaches in England

If you are a fan of costas bravías, this is a beach for you, it has a great place to park vehicles, at the top of a small nearby hill, which gives a spectacular view of a landscape worthy of a photo.

Durle Door is a succession of two beaches that are attached, possessing crystal clear waters with low temperatures, resulting in extremely cold waters.

It is a location to spend a pleasant day, where the only drawback is its access, since you have to cross some natural stone steps, your effort to get there will not be in vain, since you will enjoy one of the best beaches from England, having unforgettable memories on his tour.

5. Porthcurno Beach

Best Beaches in England

This is located below a prominent granite cliff, which without overthinking, makes it one of the best beaches in England, possessing the most beautiful South Bay, for its easy access by vehicle or on foot makes it an area crowded.

It has fine white sand, waters as blue as the sky and lush vegetation on its cliffs, make it very popular with the family.

To have fun, it is better to go at low tide, which is when you can walk between the other beaches of the Bay and sit on the sandbanks below the cliff of the old fort that was in the area.

6. Tunnels Beaches

Best Beaches in England

It is reached through some tunnels a bit secret, which leads to this brilliant jewel, where these were made by hand between the cliffs, by Welsh miners in the year 1823, it is a private beach, which attracts the family that They appreciate the safety these shores provide.

There are some types of cabins where they take care of children, having multiple games for their entertainment, with a panoramic view of Long Beach Island.

For the adventurous family, who wants to live an unforgettable experience in this is one of the best beaches in England, to enjoy its wonders.

7. Priory Bay Beach

Best Beaches in England

Being one of the most wonderful and the best beaches in England, located on the Isle of Wight, we see this beach with natural richness and exuberant beauty, which has an isolated part on its eastern side, which are still virgin.

Because it is private, it can be accessed through a hotel of the same name, there is a nearby bar, where you can taste good food and surprising cocktails, it has a sight show, as if to make a poster of it, among compact colored sands brunette and beautiful vegetation of intense green, its wild flora and fauna and a rhythmic swell, that expect you to spend an enjoyable day, under the heat that only the family professes.

8. Pentle Bay Beach

Best Beaches in England

On Tresco Island, you will find these graceful coasts, you will be dazzled by it, which makes it qualify as one of the best beaches in England, after crossing to its interior and walking among the green grass that its sands have, where you will run into a wall natural of exquisite color.

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White sands, emerald waters, under a blue sky and bright sunlight, make an almost heavenly scene.

9. Botany Bay Beach

Best Beaches in England

It is one of the best beaches in England, it is located in a curved area, decorated by wonderful white cliffs, which at low tide can be seen through them by some cracks, product of the shock of its strong waves against them.

To take an impressive ride, thus obtaining a spectacular experience for a group that is totally ready for new expectations.

10. Brighton Beach

In a city of the same name as the beach, in the eastern area of ​​Sussex County, creditor of everything that can be a beach which is made of rocks not sand, in it you can take a promenade, enjoy terraces with sea views, for a drink of one of the best beaches in England.

It has different attractions, such as theme parks, a place that pleases the diverse tastes of different family members and that everyone can enjoy.

11. Bournemouth Beach

Best Beaches in England

Being from a fishing village turned into one of the best beaches in England, where tourists go to enjoy brown sand and a totally green meadow.

With a fully accessible tide for the whole family, it becomes a historical and transcendent site, a fixed stop for all those who love maritime life and the history of England.

12. Camber Sands Beach

Best Beaches in England

Among golden dunes, with an extension of 7 kilometers, this beach is located in the east of Sussex County, a beach with lush coasts, the finest and most beautiful sand, which makes it one of the best beaches in England.

Horseback riding, flying kites, and watching majestic sunsets are some of the things you can do on this beach.

13. Little hampton Beach

Best Beaches in England

Positioned in a privileged place, among the best beaches in England, this beach appears recommended by fans of tranquility of its coasts, with rustic light brown sands, clean waters and calm waves, making it an idyllic place to vacation.

It is attractive to people of good food, due to the diversity of restaurants and the delicious dishes based on fresh fish that they offer, being a gastronomic reference in the south of this country.

14. Three Shells Beach

Best Beaches in England

A short distance from the city of Essex, located centrally in it, where its exotic vegetation matches the color of its waters and its sand, highlighted by its locals as one of the best beaches in England, mostly traveled in summer, which the locals take good care of, doing cleaning days on a regular basis.

It has all the services such as showers, bathrooms and cafes around its coastline where you can rest and taste drinks, either hot or cold and eat a delicious dessert from its extensive list.

15. West Wittering Beach

Best Beaches in England

In Sussex, we can find this beach, classified by surfers as one of the best beaches in England, for the practice of this sport, this paradise has not been damaged by the hand of man, that is, you will not see buildings on its shores.

Very crowded in summer, since its waters become warm, in turn having basic services, a small food store and spaces prepared for camping.

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16. Bamburgh Beach

Best Beaches in England

Bamburgh is a beach in the city of Northumberland, at the foot of a castle of the same name, giving it a perfect touch to the view, in them the waters are the most crystalline you can see on the north coast of the country and golden sands that occupy several kilometers of it.

If its weather is calm, in the distance, you will see Farne Island and Lindisfarne, creating a graceful backdrop only seen on the best beaches in England.

17. Margate Beach

Best Beaches in England

In the southeast of England, in the county of Kent, we see this beach not very visited, with cultural environments and the most beautiful sky in Europe, it is one of the best beaches in England according to national magazines.

With many places where you can stay, clothing stores, small shopping centers, art galleries, coffee shops and restaurants, they will make you lack time to visit it in its entirety.

18. Bantham Beach

Best Beaches in England

Awarded by Lonely Planet magazine as one of the best beaches in the world and number six on the European continent, Bantham Beach is one of the most frequented beaches in the south-west of the country, in the county of Devon.

Dunes of golden sands, environments of gallant beauty and fascinating waves, make it the favorite of advanced and beginner surfers, the latter having countless schools run by local and foreign residents, which help them perfect techniques, in summer they hold small tournaments among them, to praise the quality of his teachings, increase the values ​​of this sport and for the optical recreation of the spectators.

19. Pedn Vounder Beach

Best Beaches in England

To the south-west of Cornwall, surrounded by Logan Rock to the east and the great cliff of Minack to the west, it is by criteria one of the best beaches in England and one of the most beautiful in the area.

Its access routes are framed by rocky nature, but the way to go is worth it since there are lagoons without much depth that adorn it.

You can be calm since it has the basic services, but you do not have lodging places or food places, in it you can camp on its shores under its majestic sunsets.

20. Chalkwell Beach

A few kilometers away from the city of London, in Southend county, is one of the best beaches in England, in the middle of a structured area of ​​suburbs, where the sea is the main protagonist, with clean waters, sands not highly recommended to go barefoot for having small stones in its composition.

Under its imposing sun and summer climate, there are a number of restaurants reigning on its coastline, where through them, you will have the joy of trying their typical cuisine with great views of this beach.

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