The 18 Best Beaches in Argentina to Visit this 2023

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In South America, you will find the best beaches in Argentina, with wonderful landscapes that invite you to enjoy and rest. Its north-south seas are home to various species of whales.

Best Beaches in Argentina

Along with its extensive regional gastronomy and coastal landscapes,  the coasts of the Argentine nation offer options for all tastes. Its calm beaches of golden sand allow the practice of sports such as surfing and kitesurfing. The Bonarense spas are famous for their pleasant and active atmosphere where shows and excursions are offered.

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The 18 Best Beaches in Argentina

On your trip to Argentina, you will get accommodation options that adapt to all budgets and you will be able to live a dream vacation surrounded by tourist inns and kilometers of sand. If you want to know the best beaches in Argentina, here you will find a list of options to visit during the summer.

1. Pinamar Beach (Buenos Aires Province)

Pinamar is an Argentine beach on the Atlantic coast. It is located to the east of the province of Buenos Aires, near the Villa Gesell aerodrome and you can get there by bus or plane.

It is characterized by its family atmosphere,  making it one of the best Argentine beaches to go with children.  Here visitors build sand castles, camp or enjoy sports activities.

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The security staff in Pinamar is very efficient. There is also a variety of inns and hotels to stay in and a  diverse gastronomic offer that pleases even the most demanding palate.

2. Cariló Beach (Buenos Aires Province)

When you go to Argentina, be sure to visit Cariló, located in a town in the Pinamar district, province of Buenos Aires. One of the most exclusive places in the city that mixes forest, sea and dunes. Cariló is easy to get to, either by bus, train, or plane and the excellent taxi service they have for transfers.

Cariló is a beach in Argentina that consists of three spas and a Parador, as well as a  shopping center where you can visit restaurants, ice cream parlors, cafes, clothing and craft shops.

You can also do horseback riding in the forest, walks, excursions and bird watching; outdoor concerts are also often held. And for sports lovers, there is surfing, kitesurfing, athletics and tennis.

3. Las Grutas Spa Beach (Río Negro)

It is a place known for being one of the most privileged corners of Argentina. Located on the  Patagonian coast, in the province of Río Negro, the beach is made up of several kilometers of caves to which it owes its name.

The most surprising thing is its warm waters and the periods of sunlight that can last up to 15 hours a day in the hottest seasons of the year. Here you can see the Gulf of San Matías,  with high tides and low rainfall, in the Bay of San Antonio.

It is a place known for being one of the most privileged corners of Argentina. Located on the  Patagonian coast, in the province of Río Negro, the beach is made up of several kilometers of caves to which it owes its name.

The most surprising thing is its warm waters and the periods of sunlight that can last up to 15 hours a day in the hottest seasons of the year. Here you can see the Gulf of San Matías,  with high tides and low rainfall, in the Bay of San Antonio.

In Balneario de las Grutas Offers water activities can be practiced. And if your hobby is photography, you should visit the Argentine Fort, where an expedition is carried out in military trucks, safari-style. It also has an offer in rental houses, duplexes and apartments to stay in.

4. Villa Gesell Beach (Buenos Aires Province)

Villa Gesell is an Argentine beach in Buenos Aires. It is located in the east of the province and offers a wide variety of accommodation options that range from five-star hotels to inns and apartments for rent. Very close to the spa you will find handicraft sales and restaurants.

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In Villa Gesell, you will find one of the quiet Argentine beaches with turquoise blue waters and penetrating sunlight. The coast is perfect for walking, playing volleyball, or renting jet skis, also, during the summer nights, young people gather to share in the sand.

5. Necochea Beach (Buenos Aires Province)

If you are looking for a map of Argentine beaches on the Atlantic coast, you will find Necochea, one of the best public beaches with strong waves and incredible sunsets.

With a 72-kilometer gently sloping coastline, Necochea has lifeguard services,  courts,  parking,  restaurants, private bathrooms, and umbrella rentals.

In Necochea, it is allowed to go down with 4 × 4 trucks, so the adventurers do not stop visiting it.  It is a place where young people can swim, surf, fish, walk along the pier or ride a bike, there are also some who prefer to take a selfie with the buildings in the background or in the lifeguard chair.

6. Valeria del Mar Beach (Buenos Aires Province)

Valeria del Mar, in the province of Buenos Aires, owes its name to a local woman who worked to make this space a recreation area for tourists. This a clear water spa in Argentina is surrounded by clear sands and vegetation.

Like almost all the beaches in Argentina, Valeria del Mar has a  hotel offer and recreational activities. Here you can go horseback riding, hiking and biking, as well as sea fishing where you will come across briquettes and sharks. Its large dunes surrounded by leafy bushes receive a large influx of tourists during the summer.

It has high-quality services such as  boats, water bikes, the best restaurants in the area and a shopping center located a few minutes from the spa.

7. El Doradillo Beach (Chubut)

El Doradillo is an ecological park, located in the Golfo Nuevo area, 15 kilometers from Puerto Madryn. This protected area is home to very native fauna, including guanacos, maras and foxes, among other species.

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It is one of the most beautiful Argentine beaches to vacation where you can see the whales. Although the water is not very warm, it is the perfect place to practice low-impact sports and take pictures.

In Doradillo you will find hotels near the spa, which offer excursions and boat trips.  An important fact is that as it is a protected natural area it has maximum security, especially during the months of June and October, which is when it receives a high number of tourists.

8. Orense Beach (Buenos Aires Province)

If you plan to travel to Argentina, be sure to visit Playa Orense, located in the southern province of Buenos Aires. It is made up of the Spa that bears the same name, also known as Punta Desnudez.

Orense is made up of virgin and extensive beaches surrounded by dunes and privileged sunsets. For lovers of solitude and uncrowded beaches, its landscape will be the best companion, because it is surrounded by dunes 80 kilometers from the Tres Arroyos.

This Argentine beach offers individual cabins, family cabins, houses and apartments with maximum security for both young and old. An important fact that you should consider is that there is no cell phone signal.

9. Monte Hermoso Beach (Buenos Aires Province)

One of the best beaches in Argentina to spend the summer is Monte Hermoso, located on the Atlantic coast, south of the Province of Buenos Aires. This spa represents a good alternative for tourists, due to its clean landscape of golden sands and turquoise waters.

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Sunsets are highly anticipated by visitors and its wide coastline is perfect for relaxing and getting away from the routine. An important fact is that unlike most of the beaches on the Argentine Atlantic coast, in Monte Hermoso the water is warm, and perfect for bathing.

In Pehuén-Có, between Monte Hermoso and Bahía Blanca, there is a site of footprints of prehistoric animals where children can explore and satisfy their curiosity. Lodging is somewhat expensive, but if you make a reservation in advance you can enjoy special offers.

10. Mar Azul Beach (Buenos Aires Province)

If you are looking for cheap Argentine beaches, be sure to visit Mar Azul. Here you will find modern houses near the sea and a shopping center. It also has hotels that accept pets, Wi-Fi service and free parking.

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Mar Azul is located in the district of Villa Gesell, in the province of Buenos Aires. It is the perfect place to camp,  ride horses, play tennis, read and try the best churros on the coast. If you have a little budget you can rent a cabin by the sea and leafy pines.

Other activities that can be practiced are golf and if you like sandboarding or fishing, do not forget to arrive early to take advantage of the best of summer days.

10 Not Enough?

Well keep reading to discover more incredible beaches in Argentina

11. Mar de las Pampas Beach (Buenos Aires Province)

Anyone who likes to see the sunrise in front of the sea or a starry night by the waves should visit Mar de las Pampas, located in the coastal town of Buenos Aires. A natural setting that is visited annually by thousands of tourists looking to enjoy sunny days and divine cocktails.

The Parador Soleado is on Virazón street, where the fishermen congregate. In Mar de las Pampas you can taste fresh Corvinus, the classic breakfasts of fat biscuits, coffee with milk and fruit. During the summer, tables, tents and umbrellas are set up on the beach.

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Mar de las Pampas is one of the cheapest Argentine beaches for the whole family, surrounded by cheap hotels,  and if you are looking for more exclusive accommodation, the best option is the cabins.

12. Claromecó Beach (Buenos Aires Province)

Claromecó, in the district of Tres Arroyos, is considered one of the best beaches in Argentina for vacations. It covers about 100 kilometers of coastline surrounded by large dunes, golden sand and gentle waves, which allows the practice of water sports such as kayaking or canoeing from Puerto Mosquito

The  Claromecó lighthouse, 54 meters high,  provides a privileged view of the coast. It is an Argentine beach with multiple services such as restaurants, inns, artisan squares and guided horseback rides, video game houses at a reasonable price. It also has a comfortable parking lot, lifeguards and seven waterfalls for a few days of immense pleasure.

In Claromecó the accommodation offer is varied, it includes hotels, houses, cabins and chalets at various costs and very friendly people who will recommend Don Vicente’s churros or Pinocchio’s ice cream.

13. Bull Beach (Black River)

Playa del Toro, in Bariloche, is considered one of the best Argentine beaches. To get there, you must leave from Puerto Pañuelo, on the shores of the picturesque Llao Llao peninsula. It is reached in approximately 30 minutes through lake navigation.

This beautiful volcanic sand beach is not easily accessible as it is located on the thousand-year-old Victoria Island, with native flora and beautiful landscapes that can be seen from the pier.

It has Wi-Fi services, a swimming pool, spa, restaurants and gym, pets are also allowed in the hotels near the bay. This Argentine beach is ideal for vacationing with children, due to the comforts it offers to tourists.

14. Quequén Beach (Buenos Aires Province)

Among the Argentine beaches of Buenos Aires is Quequén, in the center-east, exactly to the southeast separated from the city of Necochea,  a beautiful and natural resort, without pollution, with tall buildings with dirt streets and cliffs that give it a touch special and an incredible view at sunrise.

It is considered a warm and sparsely populated area; with a port to which it owes its name. This quiet Argentine beach is perfect to visit alone, as a couple or with the whole family and practice water sports.

An incredible area to relax in Quequén is Bahía de los Vientos. As accommodation options it offers cabins, hostels, houses and apartments at affordable prices, it also has some of the best restaurants in Argentina, with varied cuisine.

15. Varese Beach (Buenos Aires Province)

One of the best Argentine beaches on the map is Varese, with the busiest seaside resorts in Mar de la Plata, thanks to its excellent location. Located on Boulevard Peralta Ramos and Avenida Colón in a curved bay, it is made up of two stone breakwaters between Torreón del Monje and Cabo Corrientes.

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Varese is characterized by being a highly urbanized area, with a large influx of people.  The most attractive thing is its moderate waves and its beautiful golden sand with little vegetation. Being a spa with pedestrian access, it has security and surveillance and rescue equipment.

Games for the whole family are played there and during the summer it hosts the radio station “Los 40 Principales” from Argentina. If you want to get to the spa on foot from the hotel, you can do so and taste delicious seafood and play sports.

16. Las Toninas Beach (Buenos Aires Province)

It is an Argentine beach to go to with children because of its family atmosphere without any frills. This spa is located in the city of Las Toninas, near the Partido de La Costa. It is an important point for the country because the submarine cables that allow connection with the rest of the world through fiber optics are anchored there.

In Las Toninas what most attracts tourists is its fine sand and calm waters with little depth.  It differs from other spas in the area for its leafy dunes populated with tamarisks.

The beach is perfect for walking and walking pets. The services have some limitations, but it has restaurants and hotels to stay and have a good time.

17. Puerto Madryn Beach (Chubut)

Puerto Madryn is a quiet Argentine beach with peaceful waters on the shores of the Golfo Nuevo in the heart of Argentine Patagonia. It is the perfect place to enjoy authentic summer vacations relaxing in front of the sea.

The temperatures in the area are changing, depending on the time of year, in January it can reach 40°C, but by March the heat decreases. If adventure tourism is your thing, you can practice kayaking, diving or snorkeling with sea lions on a sunny day.

Puerto Madryn is one of the best beaches in Argentina for vacations due to  the presence of whales and penguins,  which can be seen from the different inns : Coral, Popeye, Sara, Los Colonos, La Hélice, Municipal PMY, Yoaquina and Náutica Bistró. del Mar. You can also enjoy fairs, sporting events, open-air shows with free access, restaurants and comfortable hotels.

18. Brava Beach (Neuquen)

Playa Brava, in Villa La Angostura, is an Argentine beach that allows you to connect with nature. Here you can contemplate the myrtle forest from its viewpoints that impact any traveler.

During the month of April, there is little influx of tourists. If you want to go with friends and embark on a great adventure, you must visit the towers. The clear waters of the beach are surrounded by vegetation and many stones, so the use of footwear is recommended if you are going to visit it.

Playa Brava, surrounded by cabins both in the lower part facing the sea and in the upper area, allows you to take the best photos of Argentine beaches due to the striking landscape. You can also enjoy boat rides and horseback rides or walk along the pier.  Best of all, you can arrive in your vehicle and rent the hotel that best suits your budget.

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Argentina: More Than You Expect

The beaches of Argentina with their names are destinations of beautiful natural landscapes, where various activities can be carried out for the oxygenation of the spirit.

Tours in Argentina include water sports, fishing, whale watching and outdoor concerts.  Without a doubt, sailing through the waters of Bonarense enriches the soul of those who visits them.

The existence of all-inclusive hotel networks, aparthotels and cabins are accommodation areas that adapt to all types of budgets. Appreciating the whales, turtles and beautiful elephant seals up close generates pleasure and satisfaction for tourists, who do not miss the opportunity to take selfies as a souvenir of these beautiful beaches.

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