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The 9 Best Beach Towels in 2021

Now that the holidays are approaching don’t miss our selection of the best beach towels with the highest quality and at the best price.

With rising temperatures, many people only think about one thing: the beach. That fine sand and that crystal clear water are more than enough reasons to want to enjoy a few days resting.

9 Best Beach Towels

However, precisely because of sand, water, and, let’s not forget, the Sun, in these lines, we bring you a compilation that we have carried out of some of the best beach towels that exist in the market.

Accessories that not only seek comfort. They also seek to be attractive and, how could it be otherwise, have more than competitive prices. Take a good note and find out which beach towel you are going to enjoy this summer.

1. Tectake Padded Mat

Made of polyester, this TecTake brand mat is called to be one of your best allies this summer. And is that thanks to its material, the sand will not affect the least since you can clean it in a very simple way. Now you can welcome those long days on the seashore.

It must also be said that it has some really interesting details. On the one hand, we find that it has a thickness of 0.8 mm. This makes it perfect for carrying and storing anywhere. This must be added because it has an inflatable cushion that will allow you to be comfortable during the morning and afternoon on the beach.

Add that it incorporates a small metal structure that will give it excellent stability. And you will be able to use it as a mat and as a lounger or hammock. You cannot miss an accessory if you are one of those people who like to enjoy the sea in all its splendor.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 150 x 55 x 46 cm
Material Polyester and PVC
Advantages This is an all-in-one accessory that offers great versatility.

2. Utopia Towels Pool Towel

When it comes to the whole family enjoying a pleasant beach vacation, there is nothing better than a set of towels from the firm Utopia Towels. And in this case, we bring you a set of 4 towels with more than enough dimensions so that you can enjoy those special summer days.

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With very fresh and modern designs, this set of 4 towels are made from 2 layers of the highest quality cotton. A material totally resistant to the Sun and water so you can use them throughout the summer. And all this with the added advantage that they offer great durability.

This alternative seems really practical to us since, for a very competitive price, the whole family will have their beach or pool towel. As a finishing touch, a towel can be put in the washing machine to leave it like new.

Weight 2.25 kg (the whole set)
Dimensions 152 x 76 cm
Material 100% cotton
Advantages This is a package of towels that has a really cheap price.

3. Neego Anti-sand Beach Towel

If there is a problem that you can have on the beach for towels, it is the presence of sand. An inconvenience that will pass away thanks to the materials is those that this towel has been manufactured. Some materials that will make the sand not stick at any time can clean it effortlessly.

Perfect not only for the beach but also for the pool or a picnic, it incorporates a simple system with which you can roll it up and store it again thanks to its bag-shaped system.

With more than considerable dimensions and an attractive price, it is a perfect option. Also, if you get excessively wet, this towel’s material will allow you to dry in no time. Also, the PVC will allow you to clean it very easily to be able to use it again.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 195 x 150 cm
Material PVC
Advantages The dimensions are more than sufficient and the fact that it can be rolled up is also a very positive thing.

4. Hisaysy Beach Mat

There are many occasions when you go to the beach to enjoy a few moments of relaxation simply. Well, for these moments, this beach mat is unique. And is that its material is designed so that the sand does not pose a problem. A resistant material that supports, without any kind of problems, the rays of the star king.

It should also be noted that this beach mat has truly extraordinary dimensions. That way, you won’t have to carry a rug or a towel per person. With this, two people can enjoy a spectacular vacation day. Once you no longer want to use it, it can be folded into a really small accessory.

Weight N / A
Dimensions 210 x 200 cm
Material 100% breathable, quick-drying ripstop nylon, a parachute material.
Advantages The dimensions are very much in their favor since it is unnecessary to carry several towels.

5. Zollner Microfiber Towel

If you are thinking of a towel for the beach or the pool that is easy to carry and with which you can dry in the blink of an eye, this one from the ZOLLNER brand is the one you are looking for. And is that the fact of containing a certain amount of polyamide makes it perfect for drying in seconds.

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It must also be said that it is a towel with a very low price and a system from which we will fold it until we can carry it in a bag. A towel that we can put on the sand since it does not suffer from the presence of sand.

An ideal alternative given its versatility. It will serve you for those vacation days and go to the gym or, why not when you finish taking a shower.

Weight N / A
Dimensions 90 x 180 cm
Material 80% polyester and 20% polyamide
Advantages It can be used both on the beach and in the pool at a really low price.

6. Hooded Beach Towel

This GogoKids brand hooded towel has various designs such as a whale, a crocodile, a fire truck or even dinosaurs. It is made of 100% cotton and is very soft and comfortable. It incorporates two buttons for a perfect closure; this way, you have a towel to stretch out on the sand or a poncho with which you can do other activities while you dry.

Weight N / A
Dimensions 127 x 76cm
Material 100% cotton
Advantages Towel and poncho at the same time.

7. Minions Towel

A perfect towel to give to young children because of its Minions design. Very sucky and with very pleasant touch, it is made of cotton so that it is totally soft in contact with the skin. It is perfect for the beach or the pool, as it is light and bulky, which is not a problem to carry between bags.

Some users complain that it can be somewhat thin, although it is a matter of taste; however, the positive opinion is unanimous regarding the design.

Weight 290 g
Dimensions 70 x 140 x 10 cm
Material 100% cotton
Advantages It is located at a distance and has a very fun design.

8. Strawberry Towel

This towel is not exactly the classic one; it is made to show off at the beach or pool. Its strawberry shape is the most original, but in addition, the BigMouth brand not only brings us this shape but we can also find a pizza or even a donut in which we can sunbathe on top. In size, XXL can invite whoever we want to rest on top of the strawberry.

Weight 454 g
Dimensions 152.4 x 1 x 152.4 cm
Material 100% cotton
Advantages A very original design.

9. Eono Essentials

This compact and light towel is designed for the beach, camping, and daily use on your trips. It has been manufactured with ecological, hypoallergenic microfiber and with special antibacterial treatment.

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It has the characteristic of being very absorbent and quick-drying, which is an advantage for camping use when the weather is not very good. It has three different sizes for you to choose from and comes with a soft, zippered EVA foam carrying case for transport.

How to Choose the Best Beach Towel?

Despite the fact that it is a somewhat simple accessory, it must be admitted that there are many elements that must be taken into account when deciding which is the best towel for our holidays.

Perhaps that is why the best we can do is take into consideration some aspects that help us decide in the best possible way.

Dimensions Are Basic

Above all, when you go to the beach or the pool, you are looking for comfort. A fact that leads us to understand that the dimensions of the towel are essential. More than anything because it is about being able to lie down without having to worry about space. Hence, if a towel is large, it has a lot of ground gained from our point of view.

What Material is It Made of?

It may seem trivial. But it is not. Absolutely. The choice of material can be very important to know if we can dry with it, to know if it is resistant to the passage of time or to know, simply, if it is affected, in one way or another, by sand.

Takes a Lot of Space?

When we are on our way to the beach or return from it, space is essential. Something that makes us highly value those beach towels, mats or rugs that incorporate some type of system that allows us to roll them up and be able to go to our favorite resting place somewhat more comfortable.

Our Verdict

For us, two towels bring together everything we may need. On the one hand, we have a pack of four towels. With a really attractive price, the whole family can have a traditional towel covering all the needs.

On the other hand, we have a perfect microfiber towel for lovers of water and sand. Perfect to dry in a matter of seconds, with a very economical price and with great ease to be able to remove the remains of sand; this is a really practical and comfortable towel, even more so when we can roll it up in a comfortable bag.

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