Best Areas to Stay in Miami

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Do you want to know which are the best areas to stay in Miami? The best areas are South Beach, Bel Harbour, and Downtown. Each one with a very different profile. In addition to these, others are also a success. Keep reading and discover them.

First of all, you should know that Miami is divided into two large areas: Miami, which is the city itself and is located on the mainland, and Miami Beach, a set of islands located in front of Downtown Miami and connected by several bridges. . Miami Beach is the most well-known and tourist area and where South Beach is located.

Best Areas to Stay in Miami

Miami is an expensive destination that requires you to book far to find affordable prices. The most expensive months to stay in Miami are from January to April, coinciding with the season with the highest influx of visitors; while from June to September the best prices can be found.

Still, even in the low season, the constant influx of tourists makes it hard to find good-priced accommodation if you’re short on time.

A stay in this North American city is not suitable for all budgets. The price of a double room in a decent but no-frills hotel in a popular area is over $100 a night.

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To this price, you must add 15% for fees and taxes that are often not included in the price offered.

For tighter budgets, it is necessary to give up quality and location and opt for hostels, where you can find a bed in a shared room starting at 15 dollars.

The Best Areas to Stay in Miami

Miami is not a cheap destination, but it has a wide variety of accommodations. For this reason, it is important to be clear about what budget you start with to start looking for a hotel in the most suitable area.

You should keep in mind that it will be almost impossible for you to find accommodation for less than 60 dollars a night in South Beach while in Coral Gables with luck we can find a minimally decent hotel for that price.

If you have a comfortable budget, your option has to be South Beach. It is the most interesting site without a doubt. Nearby areas such as Bal Harbor and its surroundings are also an excellent alternative to sleep in Miami.

1. South Beach, is the best area to stay in Miami

South Beach is located across from Downtown across Biscayne Bay in the southern part of Miami Beach. This district is the image that we all have of Miami thanks to television series and movies.

It is the most interesting area, the one that is most fashionable and where the main tourist attractions of Miami are concentrated. It is without a doubt where you would like to sleep in Miami if your budget can afford it.

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Sin South Beach is the first place to look for your accommodation if you want to enjoy the beach, admire its Art Deco architecture, eat-in modern restaurants, do shopping marathons, party… you have it all!

It is a district at the forefront of everything where leisure options are abundant: fashion boutiques, elegant restaurants, infinite possibilities for practicing sports, a very active cultural agenda, very exclusive bars and nightclubs, etc. It is impossible to get bored in this area.

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A typical day is spent enjoying its magnificent beach, playing volleyball in the sand, or being seen in one of the trendy cafes on Ocean’s Drive. At night, there is nothing like enjoying its lively atmosphere and discovering one of the most famous pubs in Miami, such as Nikki Beach.

South Beach’s nightlife is legendary (and expensive). In few places in the United States will you find a more lively night than Miami.

South Beach also has cultural attractions. It is known as the Art Deco District as it has the highest concentration of this architectural style in the world. Much of its colorful buildings have been converted into shops and hotels, where it is a real pleasure to stay.

As it is not necessary to leave South Beach to enjoy the essence of Miami, it is the most sought-after place, and one of the most expensive neighborhoods to stay in Miami. If you want to stay in this area and not go bankrupt, you’d better book accommodation several months in advance.

2. Bal Harbour, near South Beach, is very exclusive and quieter

Located north of South Beach, the Bal Harbor area stands out as an affluent residential neighborhood with a more laid-back vibe than its famous neighbor.

Bal Harbor allows you to enjoy uncrowded beaches, have some tranquility, and enjoy good avant-garde restaurants and exclusive and elegant shops. All this is near South Beach, so if your budget can afford it, it is one of the best areas to stay in Miami.

In addition, its accommodation offer is one of the most important in the city, offering all kinds of hotels, luxury apartments, and some motels.

A few years ago it was possible to find better prices than in South Beach, but now a large part of the cheap hotels that existed before have been converted into luxury accommodation, leaving fewer and fewer options for the tightest pockets.

Although in South Beach you can practically forget about finding cheap accommodation, in Bal Harbor and especially in its surroundings it is still possible to find something that is at affordable prices in the mid-range. Of course, it takes a lot of searching and margin time to find a room at an average price.

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3. Key Biscayne, to sleep in Miami in an elite area

Are you looking for luxury and exclusivity during your stay in Miami? The small island of Key Biscayne is what you are looking for. Located south of Miami Beach off the coast of Coconut Grove, this enclave is one of the most elite places in Miami; where you can find houses and mansions for vacation rental at exorbitant prices due to its privileged location.

This small forest island offers its inhabitants fantastic views of the city and excellent almost virgin beaches without the overcrowding of tourists, as well as lush forests where you can enjoy a picnic or other outdoor activities.

If you choose one of its few super-luxury resorts to sleep in Miami, you will have the best possible tennis courts, golf courses and the best restaurants in the city. The hotel offer is very limited and is only suitable for Premium budgets.

4. Downtown, central and well connected

Downtown Miami faces Biscayne Bay, to the west of the busy neighborhood of South Beach. It is a business area, very commercial, with many museums, and it is very lively during the day, while at night when the offices close, it becomes too quiet.

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During daylight hours, Downtown is filled with tourists who visit its many tourist attractions such as the Bayside Marketplace, the Miami Art Museum, and the Miami Heat stadium, among others.

However, it is not a recommended area to walk at night (not that it is very insecure but you have to be careful) with the small exception of the area around NE 11th Street. There you will find nightlife that is quite good.

Don’t let the latter scare you, Downtown is not a bad option to stay in Miami, far from it. It is a very practical area that, in addition to concentrating some of Miami’s tourist interests, is very well connected to other popular areas of the city. In addition, it has much more affordable prices than its neighbor South Beach.

5. Little Havana, to enjoy the Cuban and Latin atmosphere

You arrive in Little Havana and you have the feeling that you have traveled to another country: its noises, flavors, rhythms and its people will transport you to the Cuban capital. It is ideal to immerse yourself in Cuban culture without having to set foot in Cuba.

Head to Calle Ocho, where you can visit the shops, cafes, tailor shops, restaurants and cigar shops to buy products from the old capital, with salsa and merengue as background music playing in any corner of the neighborhood.

During the day it is an incredible place that you should not miss, but at night it is advisable not to go through its streets unless you are accompanied by a local who knows the area well.

At night it has security problems and its limited accommodation options do not make it a recommended neighborhood to stay in Miami.

6. Wynwood and the Design District, to stay in Miami in a bohemian and creative area

The Wynwood neighborhood has the popular Design District among its streets, an area much appreciated by tourists and locals. Many companies related to art, decoration and design have settled in this area offering the most modern and creative side of Miami.

In addition to the art and sophistication of the Design District, another of its attraction magnets is its nightlife. You can enjoy bars, clubs and restaurants that attract a very ‘hipster’ and cosmopolitan population.

The accommodation offered in Wynwood is not one of the widest in the city, but it does offer more competitive prices than other popular tourist neighborhoods.

You won’t have to worry as much about your budget as in other areas as long as you book in advance, especially if you want to stay in the Design District. It is an interesting alternative to Downtown and South Beach to sleep in Miami.

7. Coral Gables, accommodation in Miami with good value for money

Located between Downtown and Coconut Grove is one of the least known areas among tourists: Coral Gables. Created in the 1920s, this neighborhood has a marked Mediterranean spirit, something that you can notice in its architecture and walking through its tree-lined streets and squares with central fountains.

You will not find the same level of tourist attractions as other areas such as South Beach, but you will find an interesting vision of the city outside of the more touristic and well-known Miami.

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Coral Gables is not a common area for tourists, however, it offers very good hotels with good value for money, restaurants led by top international chefs and luxurious shops that could perfectly compete with those of Bal Harbour.

It is an ideal accommodation option for those seeking affordable luxury and tranquility.

8. Coconut Grove, stay in Miami in one of the neighborhoods with the most cultural and leisure offer

The Coconut Grove neighborhood is characterized by its endless entertainment offer, which attracts both locals and tourists. Neighborhood festivals, terraces, open-air concerts, art museums, cultural exhibitions and an almost endless agenda of events.

In addition, in Coconut Grove you can enjoy a wide variety of bars and restaurants; but also shopping and leisure spaces such as CocoWalk.

The hotel offered in Coconut Grove is not one of the most varied in the city, but it is perfect for middle-class visitors who want to enjoy a modern Miami without fanfare.

Hotel prices are around 100 euros per night, although you can get better deals if you book a bit in advance.

9. North Miami Beach, cheap accommodation in Miami

On the mainland in the North Miami Beach neighborhood and more specifically the Aventura area, an elegant residential neighborhood that mixes apartment buildings with family homes.

Although this neighborhood does not have the tourist attractions of South Beach or downtown Miami, it has shopping centers, golf courses and restaurants of all kinds.

The hotel offered in North Miami Beach is not as large as in other areas, however, it is one of the most recommended for those tourists who do not want to spend too much on accommodation.

It has the lowest prices in the city (at least of the areas that can be recommended to stay in Miami ) and a respectable quality thanks to the offer of 3-star hotels.

Cheap Accommodation in Miami

Although Mimi is one of the most expensive cities in the United States for tourists (especially South Beach), it is also possible to find cheap options for tighter budgets.

It is possible to find cheap accommodation in Miami in any neighborhood, even in South Beach. However, in the most sought-after places, you will have to book months in advance.

The cheapest you’ll find are beds in shared dorms starting at $15, and budget hotels offer double rooms starting at $60. If you book in less touristy areas, you will find these prices relatively easily in the low season. In most tourist areas, it is really necessary to book months in advance.

Rent an Apartment in Miami

A highly recommended alternative to traditional hotels is vacation rental apartments. Accommodation in Miami is really expensive and an apartment can be the ideal solution so that your budget does not suffer so much, especially if you are traveling in a group.

There is an abundant supply of vacation rental apartments that allow you to stay in Miami in good areas at more competitive prices than hotels, with more space, and that also allows you to save some money on lunch and dinner and if you do not want to go out everyday restaurants.

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