The 10 Most Beautiful Places in France

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10 most beautiful places in France – this is my personal selection of those places in France that struck me, and left such a bright mark on my soul that I want to return to these places again and again … I can’t say that I’ve been right everywhere, so Perhaps over time this selection will be adjusted.

Beautiful Places in France

However, being in several dozen French cities and villages, in different regions of the country, I would love to return to these places again:

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The 10 Most Beautiful Places in France – in My Humble Opinion

1. Paris

Paris was one of the first cities in France that I had a chance to visit. After Mulhouse. And, to be honest, both cities were initially disappointing. Paris is very much idealized, so when you arrive and see not the most attractive side, then, involuntarily, you get upset.

However, this city continued to beckon with its rich cultural heritage. And having come here a few more times, I fell in love with Paris. This is a complex city, with a large number of immigrants, and crooks of all stripes, but, nevertheless, everyone will find here what he likes.

And especially the charm of the city manifests itself in good weather, in summer, when you wander along these green boulevards, or sit at a table in an open cafe, slowly enjoying life … However, in winter the city can be beautiful, with its magical fogs and soft winter light …

2. Strasbourg, Colmar, Alsace villages

If we talk about my favorite region of France, then it will probably be Alsace. On the one hand, it is located closest to where I live, so I can go there often. On the other hand, it is impossible not to fall in love with Alsace. This fabulous postcard half-timbered houses, these quiet medieval streets, this magnificent Münster cheese Tartiflette, these wonderful white wines, this magical Cremant d’Alsace …

The picturesque ” Alsace wine road ” passes through many wine-growing villages, one more picturesque than the other. And both major cities in the region – Strasbourg and Colmar – boast incredibly beautiful historic centers with postcard views of half-timbered houses and canals.

” Little France” in Strasbourg and “Little Venice” in Colmar are from the category of Must see. In addition, you should definitely stop by Eguisheim (my favorite place in Alsace ), RiquewihrKaiserbergRibeauvilleObernai and Celeste.

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But it’s better not to call in Mulhouse. Although there is a beautiful central square and the largest car museum, but … at times it seems that you are not in France, but somewhere in Africa or the Middle East …

3. Dordogne, Perigord

Although this region is not so popular outside of France (at least, in my naivety, I didn’t really know anything about it until I started exploring the surroundings of Toulouse ), having been there, I realized that I fell in love.

This is an amazing combination of many of the most beautiful villages in France, ancient, still Romanesque, architecture (and not only cathedrals!), These fantastic landscapes, caves … Toulouse itself left a very, very pleasant impression as an interesting, intelligent (there is a large university) city, where you feel safe and relaxed while enjoying the outstanding architectural heritage.

But if you go north from Toulouse to the area of ​​​​the Dordogne and Perigord, then you plunge into such true France as it was centuries ago. And landscapes… These incredible landscapes, with sheer cliffs…

After spending a week there, I did not have time to see even half of what I wanted. And, it seems to me, another week is also not enough – there are so many beauties there. And, what is good, this is a great place for families with children. So if you are thinking about where to go with a child to be beautiful, interesting and safe – I think this is one of the best places!

It is definitely worth a visit here: Rocamadour (this is an incredible place, there are simply no words!) And nearby the Padirac cave (even after a dozen caves, this one made me completely delighted!), Beautiful villages near Rocamadour – HauteuarLa Roque GageacBenac-e – Kaznak , the Romanesque city of Figeac, the pilgrimage center of Conques (an amazing place !!!), Corday-sur-Ciel and the episcopal city of Albi. Of course, these are not all beauties, but what I managed to visit and delighted me.

4. Carcassonne

Also not so far from Toulouse, the fortified city of Carcassonne: I still don’t know a person who would not be delighted with him. Well-preserved fortress with a castle and stunning views of the surroundings. It will be interesting for both children and adults!

5. Bonifacio, Corsica

Anyone who has ever come here is unlikely to forget these fantastic landscapes: the city literally hangs over the sea on a sheer cliff. Hardly anywhere else you can find something like this.

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Although the historical center of Bonifacio is not very interesting from an architectural point of view, the atmosphere itself, the cuisineCorsican wines – all this catches you, and you want to come back here again and again. Be sure to take a cruise to the islands to admire the city from the water.

By the way, also in Corsica, but in the northwest of Bonifacio, there is a unique reserve Scandola, also with fantastic landscapes of red rocks.

6. Verdon Gorge and the lavender fields of Provence

The lavender fields of Provence have become the hallmark of France. Every romantic girl dreams of capturing her beloved against the backdrop of these lilac endless fields. The round trip from Nice for only 3 days remained in my memory as one of the most striking trips to France: Grasse – Castellane – Verdon Gorge – Valensole Plateau – Moustiers-Saint-Marie – Manosque – Aix-en-Provence = a perfect “cut” of Provencal sights.

With lavender fields, the main thing is the right time and away from the crowd. Beginning – mid-July – the most ideal time when lavender blooms everywhere. And then you can just roll in the car and choose the field you like. Where there will be no crowds of Chinese tourists.

However, there are not many such places. And it’s worth stopping by Grasse, the perfume capital of France, to complement the “fragrant tourism” with a free tour of the perfume factory. Well, the Verdon Gorge, up to 700 meters deep, with huge eagles smoothly circling above it – this is what you should definitely see in Provence!

This is complemented by all the small villages and towns, not as monstrously crowded with tourists as on the seashore ( this does not apply to Aix – it is always popular).

7. The Villages of Luberon and Les Baux

Another part of Provence also left a vivid impression: this is the territory of the Luberon Reserve with its many villages among the most beautiful in France. Photographs of Gordes, a typical Village perche, have become one of the most popular postcard views of Provence, along with the nearby Abbey of Senanque, with Provence’s most famous lavender field.

And nearby are many no less worthy villages: MenerbesOpped-le-VieuxRoussillon with its incredible ocher canyonBonnieLourmarinLacoste… Although Lacoste is not among the ” most beautiful “, it seemed to me just one of the most picturesque and memorable villages, with its old streets and the ruins of the Marquis de Sade castle at the top.

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Another highlight of that trip was Le Beau. Awfully many people, not even in the summer. Literally can’t get through. But when in the evening, at the closing of the castle, you stand on a rock above, and behind the mountains, the sun slowly descends, illuminating everything with soft light, and you look, in peace and tranquility, at these incredible landscapes, you can already forgive these tourists and the crush in front of this. Just stand and contemplate the beauty!

PS But Avignon turned out to be a disappointment for me personally. But then who cares.

8. Abbey of Mont Saint Michel

Who doesn’t dream of visiting this fabulous place, Mont Saint-Michel? I can’t even believe that such beautiful places exist in reality and not just an illustration in a fairy tale book. But just like with Les Baux, the payoff for popularity is monstrous crowds of tourists, at least in the summer.

A village where you can hardly find a place in a restaurant in the evening if you do not book in advance. Literally traffic jams of people on the streets, in the evening the bus leaves packed, in the city itself the hotels are monstrous, the restaurants are also quite expensive.

But it all pays off with those incredible beauties. And when you sit on the terrace of the restaurant, admiring the endless coast and how the water quickly fills the lagoon at high tide, drinking a refreshing rose with the most delicate oysters, it seems that life is good!

9. Dinan and Brittany

Brittany is a particular region of France, with its own special culture, and love for buckwheat pancakes and cider. The fantastic landscapes of the pink granite coast will not leave you indifferent – unless, of course, you are lucky with the weather and everything is not covered in the fog … So it is better to come here in the summer.

Not only is take more likely to have good weather (and the rains here have become literally a symbol of the region), but you can visit the Breton music festival. I was lucky (quite by accident!) to see such a festival in Morlaix – an unforgettable sight and enjoyment of beautiful music and songs!

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