Beaches on Elba Island

The 20 Most Beautiful Beaches on Elba Island

Most Beautiful Beaches on Elba Island: A little paradise off the Tuscan coast, rich in history and natural beauty is the Island of Elba in Italy. Choosing one of the best places on the Island of Elba is a real challenge because you cannot exclude small corners that are a true wonder, such as its beaches. Your holidays will be particularly rich in culture, gastronomy and nature, but above all, sun and beach.

The 20 Best Beautiful Beaches on Elba Island

What are the 20 most beautiful beaches on the island of Elba? Let’s find out together:

1. Beach of Lacona (Lacona)

Between Capo Fonza and Capo Stella, in the landscape of the deepest gulf of Elba is the wide Playa de Lacona, with all its splendor. It is the second-largest beach on the entire island, with its 1,200 meters of sandy coastline. It is, among other things, very famous sand, golden in color, facing south and located in a natural environment of great scenic value. Only here, in fact, is it possible to observe some areas of dunes that are home to the sea lily (Pancratium maritimum), with its characteristic white flowers accompanied by an intense perfume.

In the water, towards the open sea, the rock and the seabed of Posidonia oceanica represent an ideal observation point for diving. But this beach not only attracts divers, it is also an ideal place for younger tourists, considering the many stretches of free beach and the possibility of practicing water sports. Obviously, families also find a cozy place with shallow waters where children can play quietly. In addition, the green pine forest that is located on the beach allows a natural relaxation in the shade of the large trees.

2. Cala Giovanna (Pianosa Island)

Just 7 nautical miles away, the island of Pianosa is the closest to Elba in the Tuscan archipelago. Half an hour of sailing from the port of Marina di Campo is enough to disembark in what has been a prison for a century and a half. Today, however, the doors are open to visitors and it is fortunate because it is a unique environment for the many beauties that can be found here, from the colors of the sea to the extraordinary rocks, from what remains of the prison to the uncontaminated environment. The island is completely flat and preserves a true naturalistic and archaeological treasure.

The only area where swimming is allowed is Cala Giovanna, where you can discover the underwater wonders of marine flora and fauna. It is also not uncommon to find ancient amphoras and red corals, fish such as snappers, groupers or aquatic Posidonia, sea bass or giant mullets. This is precisely why anchoring, fishing and sailing are prohibited on the island.

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The beach is located north of the Teglia promontory, with fine white sand and a crystal clear sea like that of the Caribbean. Behind it is the wall that General Dalla Chiesa had built in the 70s when Pianosa became the headquarters of the maximum-security prison, reserved for terrorists and gangsters.

Today the beach connects the small town with the archaeological site of Bagni di Agrippa, where the ruins of a luxurious 1st-century Roman villa are still visible. It was the residence that belonged to Marco Vipsanio Agrippa, Augustus’s nephew, who was exiled to Pianosa. Among the remains are also some steps of the circular theater, as well as other rooms such as the pier, a fishmonger, the sea bath and the spa. In some rooms, you can see the decoration of the marble floors, statues and beautiful mosaics.

3. Beach of Marina di Campo (Marina di Campo)

A beach that stretches for 1,300 meters to the small port of Marina di Campo, in front of the Island of Montecristo. From the granite rocks of Monte Capanne, the fine golden sand is created, while the sea descends little by little and you can have fun with activities such as playing rackets. The proximity of Marina di Campo favors tourism for all ages and needs.

There are long stretches of the free beach but there are many equipped bathrooms, with excellent quality bars and restaurants by the sea. The wildest part coincides with La Foce, where a pine forest offers refuge in the hottest hours when the sun is at its highest point. From here begins a rocky coastline that hides charming inlets and coves up to Capo Fonza, it can be reached by footpaths or by the sea with a pedal boat. The beach is protected from the winds and the water is often clear and calm, so much so that it has recently been chosen by Caretta-caretta turtles to lay their eggs.

4. Beaches of the Gulf of Stella

The Norsi Beach, which overlooks Capoliveri in the Gulf of Stella, has dark pebbles and seems very peaceful. Four hundred meters long, immersed in a typical family atmosphere and Mediterranean climate, it has intense aromas and soft colors. It can be easily reached by car, parking in an accessible area near the sea or following a 5-minute walk.

The beach is completely free and stands out for its wild appearance. A panorama of great charm, also guaranteed by the fact that it is not a very frequented place: it is difficult for there to be more than ten people on this beach, a detail of great value. The sea is turquoise, stained with blue.

Nearby, the point that separates the Gulf of Stella from Lacona is high and rocky but has pebble coves, exposed to marine storms, accessible by sea. beaches of Margidore’s dark gravel beach overlooks the gulf. Much better known and appreciated is the beach of Lido di Capoliveri, at the deepest point of the Gulf of Stella. The beaches of Barabarca is very beautiful, sandy and protected by two points under the promontory of Calamita, surrounded by a green tuff cliff.

5. Beach of Procchio (Procchio)

The Playa di Procchio stretches down to the small beaches of Guardiola. A golden arch of fine sand caressed by the blue sea with emerald tones that is often flat when the south winds blow. In the past, it was called Cervinia and was an important copper and iron processing center, as evidenced by the discovery of a smelting furnace and the hull of an ancient Roman ship with a perfectly preserved shipment of amphoras.

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The beach is very well equipped: access is also allowed for people with disabilities who can take advantage of two “job” chairs and special cabins and bathrooms. You get here from the village of Procchio, along a path reserved for pedestrians.

6. Beach of della Guardiola (Procchio)

To the right of the Gulf of Procchio, Playa de Guardiola, a small pebble and sandy beach, is a destination chosen by those who go on vacation with their dog. There is enough space and a calm atmosphere. Walking along the coast, you reach a beautiful cliff just in front of the Guardiola military building. The environment is wild and the clear stretch of sea invites you to snorkel and spearfishing.

7. Beach of Sansone (Portoferraio)

We are seeing an impressive beauty: the  Playa di Sansone. Once you get there, you will be thrilled by the tall white cliffs that surround it and the blue sea. One of the white beaches near Portoferraio, cut in two by a landslide that keeps it separated by a smaller beach, that of Sorgente, as well as a large cliff often surrounded by canoes.

8. Beach of Felciaio (Capoliveri)

The beach Felciaio, not far from Capoliveri, is characterized by some rocks a few years ago that were placed in water to form a small port for boats of a villa. This created a kind of very suggestive natural pool perfectly inserted into the environment. A part of the beach is contradicted by the stones and heaps of Posidonia oceanica that cover it.

9. Beach of La Padulella (Portoferraio)

Much loved by the inhabitants of Portoferraio, the high white cliffs behind it make it fascinating. The Playa della Padulella, a beach of small pebbles of smooth gravel, is located on the edge of the Scoglietto Marine Reserve of biological protection. This particular area also includes the beaches of Ghiaie, Viste and Cala dei Frati: the sea is rich in marine fauna, near the white cliffs of Capo Bianco.

10. Beach of Cavoli (Cavoli)

Among the most famous beaches of Elba, kissed by a fantastic microclimate that allows to obtain golden tans even out of season, is the main beach of Playa di Cavoli. Its sand is grainy and glides on the skin. The beach is inside a cove in the middle of the maquis and protected by long cliffs. To the east of Cavoli, you can discover the beautiful Gruta Azzurra (also called Gruta de Mare), which can only be reached by boat or pedal boat.

11. Beach of Cala dei Frati (Portoferraio)

Another very small beach, in the municipality of  Portoferraio. The Cala dei Frati  is bordered by the beaches of  Ghiaie  and  Padulella . It cannot be reached by land and that is why it is never crowded, even on the hottest days of summer. The pebbles and the rocky ridge behind it characterize it as one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

12. Beach of Forno (Scaglia)

In the Gulf of Biodola, there is a small beach, half of which is golden sand and the other half is mixed with pebbles and grains, similar to the one in Cavoli: Forno Beach, in Scaglia. It is distinguished by a large solitary palm tree and a series of colorful little houses that blend in perfectly with the surroundings and overlook the beach.

13. Beach of Sant’Andrea (Sant’Andrea)

Entering Sant’Andrea is like crossing the threshold of an unexpected reality where the granite sand bathed by a turquoise sea really makes a difference. Even getting to Playa de Sant’Andrea by car is an experience that must be lived, because the provincial road that goes from Marciana to Marina di Campo crosses an area from which you can dominate the beaches and coves below with a glimpse of impressive sights.

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14. Beach of Fetovaia (Fetovaia)

The Fetovaia beach is located in an extraordinary context between wonderful colors of granite, where the beach is protected by the wild promontory of Punta Fetovaia. Beach protected from all winds, only the sirocco on stormy days ripples the sea. The whole area is covered with vegetation, typical of these areas, the water has a turquoise hue and the environment as a whole is truly paradisiacal.

15. Beach of Vetrangoli (Capoliveri)

Even Vetrangoli Beach can only be reached by sea: it is another unspoiled little gem without the crowds of the more touristy places. It stands out for the variety of colors linked to the diversity of minerals with fine gravel sand and an oasis appearance. A promontory divides it from the beaches of Remaiolo, making it protected and difficult to reach. It is the ideal place to relax until the magical hour of sunset.

16. Beach of San Giovanni (San Giovanni)

The San Giovanni Beach, more than a lido, is a landing place for the boats that later move to Portoferraio. The seabed is shallow, the beach is gravel mixed with sand just in front of the town of San Giovanni, after the small wall and the square. The view extends over the pier and Portoferraio, crowned by the fascinating Medici Fortress. However, it is a good point of reference to make a short stop and then organize some direct excursions to the beautiful coves of the north coast.

17. Beach of della Lamaia

To get to Playa della Lamaia there, you follow the path called Sentiero della Salute: an encouraging prospect. On both sides of the beach, the two cliffs that stretch out over the clear sea are ideal for snorkeling or fishing in peace. A path connects it with the beaches of Procchio , passing through the Cala de Porticciolo. Around it, the green dominates, in low season, it looks like a private beach: lonely, secluded and beautiful.

18. Beach of Biodola (Scaglieri)

One of the most fascinating gulfs of Elba opens up to visitors as they leave Portoferraio for Procchio. The beach Biodola is a kind of natural amphitheater formed by the reliefs of Capannone, Serone Colle delle Cime and Pecorara, covered by a thick forest of scrub and scrub the Mediterranean, enhanced by the view of the Monte Perone and Capanne. It is spread over six hundred meters of golden sand. The Biodola takes its name from a particular reed that grew in the dunes.

19. Beach of Scaglieri (Scaglieri)

beaches of Scaglieri is very similar to Biodola’s: it is no coincidence that it is considered a bit its younger sister. It passes over the gulf itself and is exposed to light until the sun dips between Elba and Capraia, coloring the sky in all shades of red. It is truly a sight not to be missed.

20. Beach of Viticcio and beaches of Pinetina

The beach Viticchio is actually a series of small beaches, two of which are “larger” distributed along the coast near Portoferraio. They are gravel but are distinguished by the characteristic grayish reef with clear quartz inserts. beaches of Pinetina, slightly to the north, is situated in an even more relaxed setting, reflecting the transparency of the sea.

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